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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
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We offer 19 menus, including Original Recipe Chicken, Extra Crispy Chicken, Spicy Crispy Chicken, Extra Crispy Tenders, Popcorn Nuggets, Go Cup, Chunky Chicken Pot Pie and so on.
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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken reviews

By Bill C. at 2016-12-18

This is the experience: Original recipe...nope; thigh...nope; greens...nope. We ordered a 8 pc family meal with half original and half crispy/spicy. Ended up getting ALL Spicy which was disappointing for me and awful for our 3 yr old...1 breast, 3 legs and 4 wings. We also paid for an additional side order, which we didn't get. I won't be going back and I advise that you avoid it.

**fast forward several months later and we visited again. All was good. 4 stars for this visit. I'd give them 5 for great customer service.

By Kai S. at 2016-10-26

The tall girl behind the counter would not take an order to a handicapped customer. A fellow customer took him his Chicken. I believe KFC should take the Handicapped Sign off the front door and the Table. Shameful.

By Ghazi B. at 2016-11-13

They had nothing but original chicken. No sides, no fries, no tenders, nothing. And the guy taking the order is too sensitive smh

By Sangho L. at 2016-04-11

Pretty bad experience here.
First of all, I was standing at the front to be helped and ignored even though employees contscted my eyes 3 times. I had to raise my hand to get them in front of me, and he gave me why-are-you-here-I-dont-understand look. I had to tell him back "what do you think I'm here for?"
Second of all, I ordered chicken, they looked like at least 2 days old.
Thirdly, they didnt put utensils in the first place, that was fine, but when I asked them for those, they were extremely annoyed by this. Plus, napkins were out but they dont seem to fill that up till now (I'm still sitting inside)
Other than that, interior is pretty cozy considering fastfood restaurant and bathroom was clean.
I also tried drive through the other day, I remember that I was pretty happy 1:00 in the morning.
Overall, Didnt hate it so much, but wasnt happy either.

By Suzanne S. at 2015-11-30

The most ridiculously expensive fast food I have ever eaten. $5.46 for three pieces of chicken the size of my thumb!!

By Vena K. at 2016-04-23

Negative 5 stars!!! They NEVER have grilled chicken, employees are rude, corporate doesn't care when you complain, it costs too much considering...

By Paul C. at 2015-08-10

They gave our food to some random homeless looking woman who never made a purchase.
They didn't ask for her receipt. But asked for ours which they never gave us when we asked for our food or a refund.

By John C. at 2016-05-30

Horrid. 1/2 an hour to fill a bucket of chicken order. The place needs an overhaul with better trained employees.

By Josephine D. at 2015-09-13

Save your time coming here. First they forgot our order and the food tasted like it was a week old. The buns of the BBQ chicken sandwich were hard as a rock. As you can tell I didn't eat half of my food.

By Angie N. at 2014-05-05

Went in on a random night, three hours before closing time. (Drive-thru).

Okay, not only did they run out of chicken but every time you try to order something it was a "hold up, let me check if we have that" which would explain why the drive thru line took so long.


Anyways... when we finally got the chicken it was soggy, you could tell it was sitting out for a while.

Never going back there again, I'd rather make an extra effort to head over to Popeyes or Church's Chickens.

By Edward H. at 2014-06-29

Been here twice since I moved to Berkeley. The first time, my GoCup wasn't in a cup but a box ("we're out of boxes") and was woefully short on potato wedges (maybe three). The second time, my Famous Bowl was in a container about half the size of the one used by every other KFC, with half the food. There will not be a third visit.

By Glenn W. at 2015-05-03

Just got a pot pie it taste like it's a week old 4wings just didn't taste right not even worst going to get my money never will i go again.......

By tillithz t. at 2014-09-21

Very POOR service by the Manager. Dont be surprised if this location closes since they cant get a good review to save their jobs other than a review on the taste of the food. Way to shine and show how good your service is by having piss poor service but taste food (which you have no control over since its all the same at every KFC)

Also, dont be surprised if someone gets so mad that you shorted them or were so disrespectful that it costs you your business. People do care that yelp reviews are negative. To the owner, you should remove the female manager who's name begins with the letter M. Theres plenty of people out there that can do a better job.

Someone should post the contact info for the owner so we may communicate more directly that the service is unacceptable.

By Milton R. at 2014-07-02

Come here regularly, today I went through the drive thru, Had a coupon went to pay my meal the girl that was there didn't acredit my coupon. first: said I should have told her before. second: I asked for my receipt she said she threw it away, I asked her to print another one out she said she couldn't do that, she closed the window, I called her again told her if she can please give me my receipt she said no I can't and handed me my coupon again. Never coming to this place again.

By Jamie F. at 2012-10-25

In a word: fat

On Mondays they have a $2.99 special- 2 pieces of chicken, a biscuit, mashed potatoes (with gravy ooOOoo), and corn!!! Bomb. and cheap. I can see why over 30% of America suffers from obesity...

(I feel weird about giving 4 stars to a fastfood joint, but I really can't resist raving about this amazing deal.)

By Victor G. at 2010-07-27

Kfc coexists with taco bell here. since kfc had the leg & thigh special(.99),
i went with that.
-nice sized leg and thigh, kind of greasy, meat itself pretty bland, taste came mostly from skin. (tuesday special only)
-politely turned down many attempts by cute latino to upsell drinks, sides, ......
-limited on site parking spaces.
-friendly, cheerful servers.

By Diana L. at 2013-08-03

I got 5 hot wings and a chicken taco (as this KFC has a Taco Bell attached to it), and it took ~10 minutes for the "fast" food to be ready. The chicken taco was flavorless, the hot wings weren't even hot, and the wings were almost meatless :( I just wanted big portions of some delicious, unhealthy food! Was that too much to ask for?

By Kathleen W. at 2009-09-28

On one hand they were very friendly with taking my order ... on the other, after I walked to my friend's house with all the grub, I was pissed that instead of the 10 piece hot wings I ordered, I only got 6. I was too cold to make the trek back again (it was cold, I still wet and I was hungry) ... but luckily I have friends who returned and demanded compensation. We got 3 extra pieces.

It's cool that the KFC and Taco Bell are together ... since feeding 12 people is never easy ... at least this offered a bit more variety. As with any fast food, check your order.

By Woggles M. at 2013-03-15

Zero stars. Lipstick on the outside and inside of my filet's box.

Also, we ordered a 3 strip meal and they made us park and wait 5 minutes after waiting through the whole drive through line. So much for fast food -- this is probably the third time this happened to me ordering chicken and I've been here maybe 5 times. One of the times they were OUT OF CHICKEN!

Waste of time and money, if there is another KFC close to you go there unless you like eating someone's lipstick and waiting twice. Never coming back after this foul incident.

By T'sters M. at 2010-04-06

Recently went through the drive-thru around 10PM because I was hungry and wanted a quick bite to eat. The lady at the drive-thru said they were OUT OF FRIED CHICKEN for the night because the chicken fryer was gone for the day.

How can Kentucky FRIED CHICKEN be out of FRIED CHICKEN?
Massive Fail.

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