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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
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We offer 49 menus, including Drumsticks, Popcorn Chicken, Extra Crispy Strip, Capri Sun, Juice Drink or Small Drink, Sargento, Light String Cheese and so on.
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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken reviews

By Stacy V. at 2016-03-08

If you really want kfc then be prepared to wait nearly 30 mins for someone to take your order. They never have things ready, you always have to wait extra for something without fail. There isn't anything great to say about the place. Just save your time and money and go somewhere else.

By Bob B. at 2015-12-18

Horrible restaurant, on 12/18/2015 after waiting 20 minutes in the drive-through line I placed my order, I got to the pay window and they tell me they are out of original chicken. Why didn't they tell me that when I placed my order.

By Rover642 H. at 2014-09-27

Disgusting quality of food, disgusting preparation of food, scary unidentifiable meat.....filthy restaurant.

By Jennifer D. at 2015-05-09

Slowest drive thru I have experienced - it was unbelievable and I immediately regretted going in line but couldn't back out since someone was behind me.

By M A. at 2014-05-27

Sometimes I think people are overly negative about the reviews of restaurants, but in this case, I would say the previous reviews are fairly accurate. I just went to the drive-through, and was told that they were out of biscuits and it would be a 12 minute wait for more biscuits. It appears that planning and preparation are not critical components of this KFC's operation.

By Frederick J. at 2014-04-11

I was just here, 20 people were in the lobby and they said they didn't have any breasts, fried, grilled, any at all and it would take 20 minutes to make some. The place cleared out in under 15 seconds. As I was driving away, people were leaving the ordering box in the drive through with out ordering, new customers were being told as they were parking, all in all over 30 people left. Can't believe their management, this on a Friday night at 7pm.

By Joshua H. at 2013-10-20

If you would like polite service, the right food, and the right quantity of what you ordered then I would not recommend that you eat here. We did not get what we wanted and they didn't even give us enough chicken. Also we called ahead to make sure they had what we wanted and when we got there they told us they ran out within the 5 minutes we called.

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