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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken

KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken
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We offer 49 menus, including Drumsticks, Popcorn Chicken, Extra Crispy Strip, Capri Sun, Juice Drink or Small Drink, Sargento, Light String Cheese and so on.
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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken reviews

By Paul F. at 2010-10-15

I should come here more often. Today I got 3 pieces of chicken, two side dishes, and a biscuit for $6. Ain't that a deal? And it's great chicken!

And BTW, the building has been remodeled and is very spiffy both inside and out.

By Bill M. at 2016-01-25

Everyone knows what KFC is so I've avoided a review till now. The desktop yelp doesn't let you add tips, so I'll add here that the new Nashville Hot chicken is good! I tried the tenders this Jan 2016.

By Dawn W. at 2016-04-25

New manager or assistant manager Ibrahim cannot get it together. He cannot keep chicken supplied. I guess I thought it was a chicken restaurant. Hank is great. Still the food is great. It's KFC.

By John Q. at 2011-05-07

According to the two reviews on google maps they gave it a 1 star. I also think this is one of the worst KFCs.

They serve mountain dew but not diet mountain dew and are pretty limited in their drink selection. Only diet drink they have is diet pepsi.

The staff is slow and the food quality is not up to par with the other KFCs I have tried.

Also they have one of those old fashion drive through set ups so when you are ordering there is no computer screen to verify your order.

Three stars simply because it is KFC and the prices are reasonable.

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