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Khalifa Indian Restaurant & Hookah Lounge

Khalifa Indian Restaurant & Hookah Lounge
Khalifa Indian Restaurant & Hookah Lounge introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.23 - $20.46 per person. We offer 76 menus, including Mango Lassi, Masala Chai, Soda, Lemonade, Powerade, Iced Tea, Voss Still Water and so on.
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Khalifa Indian Restaurant & Hookah Lounge reviews

By Nick K. at 2016-12-04


It was great, we had the mixed Grill, lamb stew, shrimp salad, chicken fried rice and samosas chaat. The food is bursting w flavor, the decor is simple and clean and would be s good place to take a date. They also have a hookah area and full bar. Sadly i don't live anywhere near here so I can't frequent this establishment as much as I'd like but if I'm in the area I will make sure to come again

By Shannon K. at 2016-09-24

Excellent service and food. A wide variety and many levels of spice. I highly recommend the Indian Ocean cocktail and samosas.

Be sure too ask the opinion of the server. He/she will not steer you wrong! I hope to be back many times.

By Jack M. at 2016-07-23

This is the MOST enjoyable Indian food that I have EVER eaten!!! Not sure how authentic it is, but I don't care, for the pleasure of my taste buds is not dependent on authenticity. They were delighted by the food that passed over them during this dinner.

I fail to see how my girlfriend's lamb qorma and my kashmiri roganjosh could have tasted any better.

The service was great; even the owner stopped by our table and talked for awhile. .

If I were ever to return to Fayetteville in the future, I would look forward to dining here again.

By Sanal S. at 2016-12-21

Hidden gem in Fayetteville. We tried chicken 65 and hyderabadi lamb biriyani. Both were full of flavor. We would definitely recommend. JD-the owner was also very friendly.

By Steve S. at 2016-12-23

This is the best Indian food in the area. Very simple menu that never disappoints and is always filling. Prices are very modest and the service is excellent. Very clean atmosphere with tasteful decorations.

By Tiffany B. at 2016-04-04

I have been coming to this restaurant since its opened! They have constantly and consistently changed and upgraded their menu. The food is very flavorful and always tastes fresh. It's comparable to other Indian food I have had in other states.

Some days it is very crowded but most people are in and out to take there food home. It's very much like comfort food so I often do the same. My favorite dishes are the Chicken Tikka Masala, Butter Chicken, Tandoori Chicken and Samaso Chat. I haven't had anything here I didn't like and everytime I invite a friend they end up coming back on their own.

Every now and then service will be a little slow but they always come around and check on you and apologize if there is an issue. The servings are plentiful and I think it's enough for two meals sometimes depending on how heavy you eat.

This place is definitely worth a visit and a return! Definitely try the buffett during lunch and on the weekends if you would like to sample the menu. So glad to have a place like this close to home.

By Linzer T. at 2016-12-18

My daughter and I frequent this restaurant and are sad to say this is our last visit. Prior to today I would have trusted any dish coming out of the kitchen regardless of my taste. This place was THAT good. Something has changed. Either the chef called in sick or quit because the "heart", the "passion" for flavor that keeps you driving miles for this place was nowhere present this evening. So unfortunate. I won't go into the rude nature of one of the staff. Sad day indeed.

By Marina S. at 2016-08-21

Our first visit to this restaurant and it was ok. We ordered somosas and they were not hot, our coke's were flat and there was only one waitress and the poor girl was running around trying to serve about 5 or 6 tables. And the a/c had the place freezing.
Our main course was good, I guess we went at the wrong time, but we are willing to give it another try.

By Mai Tran L. at 2016-02-05

I just moved to the area and I thought to search Groupon ($19 bucks and $35 off) for any restaurant that might be good. With four star rating I was enthusiastic to dine in for lunch. They have the 9.95 for buffet but I skip the option and order the food from the menu.

I was so disappointed with the service and the food. I order a $20 bucks worth for the entree and the portion is so tiny and tasteless . It come with a plate of rice, the rice was dry and really bad. I order the mango juice the owner recommend but it was too sweet and thick. I did not finish it, I knew I had better one at another restaurant in the north area. I also order Chicken 65, it was dry and tasteless. Seriously did they run out of salt? Or just forgot to seasoning it? They did gave us the sauce but it didn't help at all.

I never feel so unwelcome in a restaurant, the server had an attitude. The boss was arkward and rude to us. If you want authentic Indian food, you need to visit Atl area. No wonder why the restaurant have tons of deal going on in yelp and Groupon.

By Rebekah N. at 2016-10-12

This place is a total disappointment. I came here with recommendations from the locals. I was extremely excited to try this place after reading the reviews on Yelp! This place is hard to find because it's hidden in the back. When you see the building with its name on it, it looks huge! Inside, the place is nicely decorated and doesn't have a strong curry odor. The reason I am giving this place one star, I wish I could give less, is because of many things combined...

The servers were extremely rude. They do not place importance on customer service. I am a paying customer. I am not eating here for free. If I have to ask multiple times for refills or get my table cleaned from previous customers, then I might as well eat at home. When I dine out, I expect to be stress free and to be able to enjoy my meal. Not only were the servers lazy, but they were very rude and argumentative. The restaurant wasn't busy at that time so why does it take longer to get service?? I don't know if our server was having a bad day, but his mannerisms weren't exactly very welcoming. He would grunt, ignore us, and his tone of voice was very attacking when he spoke to us. Dude, do you not want a tip??

Things get worse... While I approach to get my food, I noticed how limited the food on the buffet is. It was my fault to not check the buffet out before I agree to eat here. I assume that a buffet would have many items, right? I feel like paying $10 for LUNCH with limited items on the buffet is insulting! I could've had a nicer lunch at another restaurant. I have been to many Indian buffets and this one doesn't even come close.

The food here is bland. It's not very well seasoned. The sauces are not tasty. The chicken is dry. The curry is mediocre. I felt like I put $10 down the drain and flushed it. I just wanted to get out and go somewhere else. I was mortified by how the people here run this business. Rude servers, and poor choices on the buffet bar.

Final thought, this place had filthy people with disgusting service. As a business, I would expect them to have a business rule and some sort of professionalism. This place is cheap, from the business to the people. I will never come back nor would I recommend this place to anyone. You have been warned. Yelpers beware!

By RaeAnna H. at 2016-06-22

I was very impressed with the lamb masala. The sauce was so flavorful! When I complimented the dish to the server, thanking him for his suggestion, he explained that they toast and grind the spices fresh instead of using premixed ground spices. I also like that they offer Indian beers.

By Merrilyn N. at 2016-10-22

Delicious food! We wished there more of a variety in the buffet but what was available was great. The service was great and if we are in the area again we will be back.

By NhuQuynh L. at 2016-06-21


After hearing great things about this place I decided to give it a try & let me tell you I have completely fell in love with Indian food!

The service is also amazing. Very attentive & kind people!

I got of course the butter chicken & my bf got the mix grill. It comes with a plate of rice & the portions are great. Easily feed 2 with one entree.

We also got the sparkling wine cocktails in mango & green apple. Both delicious!

By Trent C. at 2016-10-16

Read the good reviews, decided to check it out. Asked for an appetizer and bottle of wine. Our waiter stated that he was unable to answer any questions about the wine, he would send for the bartender. We waited for approximately 20 minutes for said bartender. Reluctantly, I went to the front of the restaurant in an attempt to try to locate our waiter or bartender and place an order for the bottle of while I decided on. I waited in line for 5 minutes for the only server I saw working this night, who was also doubling as the cashier and to-go order assistant, and was unable to locate a bartender. I gave up and went back to my seat. When our waiter finally came back to our table, I asked for our check, at which time he apologized for not serving us, and proceeded to blame it on the bartender. Unfortunately, he did not offer to discount our appetizer or offer us a discount on our next meal, or even promise for a better experience during our next visit. We came out of our way to eat at this restaurant, hoping for an experience similar to the others reviewed on yelp. However, unlike many of the other experiences on yelp, ours was a very disappointing experience.

By Caleb W. at 2016-12-01

Worst delivery ever. I placed an order about 4 blocks from the restaurant. The person taking my order told me she knew exactly where I was at. After waiting 40 minutes I missed a call from the restaurant. I called back three minutes later and was told the driver had been "circling for 30 minutes and couldn't find my address". After talking with the delivery driver I offered to meet her out front of the condo to which she replied "I'd rather not go back out there" so here I am without the meal. VERY POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

By Sabee B. at 2016-02-24

I wanted to really like this place, but the food wasn't very tasty. The service was amongst the friendliest I've experienced to date here in Atlanta. The server, supervisor, and owner(?), all came by to check up on me and were a pleasure to speak with....unfortunately, their food was very bland. So very bland.

I LOVE me some Indian's one of my overall faves. Yes, I opted for their buffet and Yes, I'm aware that buffets are usually on the Mild side, but that has nothing to do with there being an obvious lack of flavor/seasoning/pizazz! What I enjoyed the most was their Veggie pakoras...veggies deep fried in a chickpea batter, what's there NOT to like?!! I tried both their Veggie and non-veggie offerings and was sad. The chicken was tough and unseasoned despite being in a curry sauce. How they managed to make curry bland is beyond me.

Needless to say, this did not quench my craving for Indian food. Luckily, I'll be home in a week and will go straight to my Indian go-to, Natraj in da LBC, yo. xx

Normally, there wouldnt be a "next time" from me, but their service makes me want to give them another shot, so Next Time, I will order from their main menu and give that a go, but for now, this rating stands for their buffet offerings (2.5ish) + the amazing, welcoming, service that bumps it to a 3.

By Elizabeth T. at 2016-05-09

I've had indian food in Atlanta and other places, but this place outdoes those places by far. The restaurant is clean, and the flavors or complex and delicious. When you eat here, you can tell that the food is made with care. Everything is delicious, and the service is excellent. There is always someone there to check up on you and refill your drinks. Also, the manager is a very friendly and cool dude and knows me every time I come here. For the chill atmosphere and the great food, you can't beat it anywhere else!

By Clayton L. at 2016-05-28

Returned to this Restruant with a friend. Maybe first visit was on a bad day, this experience was much better. Enjoyed dinner.

By Samantha N. at 2015-12-31

My husband finally talked me into going for their lunch buffet a few days ago. I was impressed. I absolutely love the Chicken Tikka Masala. I tried another type of chicken - it was yellow - and I like that one too. The fact they used a long, thin rice instead of regular rice was a plus. My only negative about the buffet is there was only about 7 things to choose from.

I did get to try rice pudding for the first time. It was pretty good!

By Mrs G. at 2016-02-17

Delicious, friendly, accommodating. We've sampled many of the Indian restaurants around the greater Atlanta area and this one is definitely in the top 3. Bonus that it's on the southside! Good variety. We need to try their lunch buffet! The dishes were all very mild, even the one we asked to be medium. Just need to ask for a bit more. Yum!

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