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KJ's Curry Bowl

KJ's Curry Bowl
  • Street 7005 Tree Ln
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53717
  • Telphone (608) 841-1005
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KJ's Curry Bowl introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.34 - $16.68 per person. We offer 48 menus, including Soft Drink, Milk Shake, Potstickers, Satay, Quesadilla, Nachos, Asian Chicken Salad and so on.
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KJ's Curry Bowl reviews

By Sumesh K. at 2016-07-18

Great food and service.

Spice levels higher than usual. .just ask for one level lesser than your usual.

By Christina C. at 2016-07-13

I'm not sure if I agree with the other Yelp reviews, but I've only had one experience thus far and I ordered take-out.

I got the Chicken Curry, ordered it in medium, proceeded to die of spiciness after eating a few bites. I can't even begin to imagine what hot or extra hot would have been like and I like spicy food. I decided on medium after reading the other reviews. So, there wasn't much chicken in it... Also, the chicken itself wasn't anything special.

The thing that threw me off was the sticky rice - is this Sri Lankan? I'm used to Basmati rice from similarly ethnic foods. I liked it at first, but wasn't sure how I felt about it a few bites later. Of course, this is just personal preference.

I also got the Watalapan dessert, which someone else had described to be like flan. I disagree. It's not quite like flan, unfortunately. It has too much cinnamon for my taste.

Maybe I'm just really uncultured and I have no idea what Sri Lankan food is all about - somebody teach me! I'm definitely open to trying this again, after I discover some more restaurants in my new home.

By Danielle K. at 2015-12-29

Every time I go by KJ's Curry Bowl I'm reminded of the episode of "Seinfeld" where Jerry hopes for the restaurant across the street to succeed, though it's in a location with a history of restaurant failures. The variety of cuisines, menu changes, pleasing host/chef, it's all too familiar!

Through my two years I've only had KJ's Teriyaki Tuesday take out (steak and chicken) and a pleasant surprise of Taste of Madison something Sri Lankan, a layered veggie thing. That at the last day of Taste they recognized me (after a half dozen restaurant stops, so I wouldn't say I'm that much of a regular) speaks to the service level. This husband and wife duo do it all and the food tastes good. They aim to please and that is to be commended.

Ample parking, convenient location five minutes off the beltline for those traveling from anywhere but the west side, quiet atmosphere, would be great for booking off site lunches for work and groups!

My only negatives resulting in one star off is for a bit small portion sizes for the price.

By Gina N. at 2016-02-15

Kj's has the best Sri Lankan food anywhere!
There's a buffet or you can order from the menu.
We love the chicken satay with spicy peanut sauce for appetizers, and I always seem to get the chicken and potato curry and my boyfriend gets the beef teriyaki bowl. Both never disappoint.
The owners are so polite and welcoming you feel like you're in their home.
The first time we went I asked about some of the tapestries and art displayed and they put a beautiful documentary type of movie on the tv for us to get a better understanding of the celebration taking place in the art.. Wow!
They were so nice and the food so amazing we will always come back again and again!

By Erica R. at 2016-09-06

Super delicious! My vegan friend ordered one of the eggplant dishes (I can't remember which) and it was slightly sweet (a natural sweet from the veggies) and delicious. We went here on a whim, so I didn't realize it was Sri Lankan until the waiter suggested I change my order from the Chicken Masala (always an easy go-to for Indian food) to the Chicken and Potato Curry. He was right and I was very glad I did! It had tons of flavor and a lot of depth and was definitely a Sri Lankan curry as opposed to Indian. Portions were large, but we both finished our plates... leftovers for people at home/lunch tomorrow be damned! Sadly this left no room for dessert, so no comment there.

As for spiciness level... We both ordered mild to be safe and there was no heat at all in either dish. The waiter recommended I try Mild+ next time since I was looking for more heat. So that sounds like heat level is super customizable depending on your palate, which is always great.

My friend and I stayed a long time after we finished eating and they were very nice about leaving us alone but refilling our waters.

Great place - I'll definitely be back!

By Eric W. at 2016-10-01

Do you want good food? Of course you do and KJ Curry delivers. The staff was friendly and the atmosphere was open and welcoming. And then the food. It was all delicious and offered many vegetarian options. KJ's Curry is definitely going on the list of restaurants we will be returning to.

By Telge P. at 2016-05-23

I had a chicken Kothu roti at KJ's. It was absolutely excellent. If you are interested in eating something different in Madison, this is the place to be. I think it tops any Asian/Indian restaurant around. Sri Lankan cuisine is one with so much flavor and spices, it's a must try. If you can't handle spicy, they can make any dish mild as well. I really enjoyed the ambiance and the friendliness of the management and staff. It seems like a family run restaurant, which adds even more flavor and that home cooked touch. Enjoy!!

By Jonathan O. at 2016-11-19

Taste was good but really skimped on the ingredients. I could probably count the number of pieces of chicken in my stir fry on one hand. Not plentiful on the veggies either.

By Dan K. at 2016-04-03

This place is now my favorite restaurant in Wisconsin, which is saying quite a lot!

Specifically for the buffet, available Friday and Saturdays for lunch.

This past Saturday I really liked the jack fruit curry, asparagus-beet curry, eggplant dish, and spring rolls on the buffet.

There was an extensive selection of fun foods that were new to me.

I really like the husband and wife whom I presume own and run the restaurant. They seem to really care, and take the time to share their culture, and Sri Lankan cuisine with people interested in learning.

For example I asked "what is that", pointing to the yellow squares in the jack fruit curry. The woman told me about jack fruit and said it was pretty good. It was actually really good. Later the man told me about a well-known rock in Sri Lanka, when I asked about it in a poster near the cash register.

KJ's Curry Bowl is well worth discovering. It's something I think all adventuresome eaters in Dane County should experience.

I would go there probably every other weekend, if I lived on the West Side. It is that delicious, and welcoming!

By J.D. B. at 2016-09-17

Been several times ALWAYS amazing! The coconut roti special was fantastic. It was my wife's first time there, she had potato chicken curry and thought it was the best curry she's had, "the depth and balance was exceptional."

By Tim H. at 2015-07-21

KJS is not going to be your typical Indian food restaurant. This is genuine Sri Lankan food. The tastes are much deeper, flavors are quite a bit more difined and the use of actually curry leaf is there.

This is a special treat found ony on the coasts of this country. I know most have not tried Sri Lankan curry, but this is the real deal. If it is your first time to have curry, particularly, Sri Lankan curry, you really should try going during the buffet on Friday and Saturday at lunch time.

As for the portion sizes mentioned in other reviews....huh? This is typical size portions for Indian/Sri Lankan food. The 3 of us went, got three orders, overate, took home lefovers.

By Emma S. at 2016-10-17

This place is a total hidden gem. You have to check it out now! I have to admit I was skeptical by the sheer weirdness of the combination of items on the menu. But we went here specifically to try the Sri Lanken dishes. And boy, they did not disappoint. We ordered the chicken and potato curry, the green bean curry, the Dal curry, and a sweet and spicy eggplant dish that was exquisite. All dishes were interesting with layered and complex flavors. I have to say that one week later I am still dreaming about this food. You should absolutely go, and check out this amazing place. We also devoured our leftovers. One word of warning, we ordered everything medium spicy, and it was almost too much for us, even though we can usually handle a lot of spice. Next time we are going to order a mixture of medium and mild spicy dishes.

By Samantha S. at 2015-05-11

Tried out the buffet at this place after hearing people having enjoyed dinner here.

One first look this place looks like any other Indian buffet but on closer inspection they serve dishes I had never tried before so it was a nice change of pace.

Some unfamiliar options offered were asparagus curry, plaintain curry, milk rice (like regular rice just a little bit creamier- tasty!), carrot salad, fish and potato fried balls, pork curry, and pistachio pudding. The pistachio pudding tasted kind of like whipped cream, which made me wonder if it was whipped cream and how many calories I was ingesting.

The buffet was good but I don't know that I would crave it. I think I would like to try their dinner at some point since there are some dishes on there that seemed more interesting than the buffet options.

By Chazz B. at 2015-10-16

Finally a subcontinental joint with some spice. They also have the distinction of being a bit different than every other Indian place in Madison. You can still get your chicken tikka, but they have other options for the more adventurous. The eggplant curry is my favorite

The menu is a bit strange and I couldn't tell you about the Chinese or other food they make. I mean if the owners are from Sri Lanka you should probably get Sri Lankan food

Oh and when they say spicy, they mean it. The chef came by and laughed at me for having a runny nose. Joke's on him though because I was enjoying every minute of it

By Amy M. at 2016-04-01

Excellent!!! Everything is fresh and they will customize any dish. Service was great and very friendly. I had the chicken masala with medium spice and it was perfect - we will be back!

By Jody M. at 2013-11-05

Be sure to check in at the front desk. Neat space. You want hot curry--as in SPICY? You got it! Dumplings are amazing. Be sure to order as the appetizer.

If you are expecting the curry with coconut to be somewhat sweet, this is not the case. However, it has a flavor that can be appreciated. I would order it again.

By Jack E. at 2015-10-13

This is my favorite restaurant in Madison, and given the quality of the competition, that is a high honor.

At first I was skeptical, since the menu is a strange amalgam of their specialty -- Sri Lankan curries -- along with teriyaki bowls, fajitas, gumbos, and stir fry. Such an odd mixture lends to skepticism about the quality of the food, but that's not justified here. Actually, the presence of the other items on the menu is a great strength, because it means you can take your non-curry-loving friends and they'll still find something to eat.

The curries are the star attraction. The Sri Lankan flavors are very different than what you'd get at an Indian restaurant (and, from what I'm told by someone who would know, authentically Sri Lankan). My first time there, it took me a little while to get used to it (there's a certain complexity to the flavor that requires some acclimation), but I was soon hooked.

They will adjust the spiciness to order. If you ask for spicy, you will get it; I'm a confirmed spice-lover that orders food spicy almost everywhere else, but I often go for medium here. However, I can confirm that if you ask for your curry mild, it will indeed be as requested, and it will still be very good.

Family-run place with friendly, thoughtul service.

I've always thought this place would do fabulously well downtown; the quality of the curries, and the rarity of Sri Lankan restaurants, would attract a lot of people, while the rest of the menu might appeal to the late-night college crowd. Being on the far west side, the restaurant is too far to attract these people (and living downtown myself, I don't get here as often as I'd like), but it does mean that this is generally a nice, quiet place to enjoy your meal.

By Kim N. at 2016-05-11

Great service, awesome chicken curry and really decent stir fry. Looking forward to returning on a Friday so I can try their buffet (they only do it Friday and Saturday at lunch). We like pretty spicy food (love hot sauce), but rarely can tolerate really authentic "hot" Indian food, so we tried "medium." It was a hair spicy for me to really enjoy it to full extent, but we did eat it all and our mouths weren't terribly on fire. Had to add lots of rice, though. We'd go "mild plus" next time (we should've listened to the nice server).

By Samantha T. at 2016-05-20

Delicious food and very kind people! It's in a quiet area that makes me think you might pass it by - don't! Go in and have delicious food!

By Marina O. at 2015-07-20

To keep it concise: amazing food (try the batu curry!), friendly staff, pleasant pan flute covers on the speakers, efficient + quick seating/ordering, an extensive menu.

Every time I bring someone new to KJ's, they tell me they wish they'd known about it sooner. It's just an overall pleasant experience, and there are always leftovers!

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