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Lady N'awlins

Lady N'awlins
  • Street 2329 W Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 355-4746
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Lady N'awlins introduction
Estimated average consumption of $9.73 - $19.46 per person. We offer 27 menus, including Fried Oysters, Gator Bites, Southern Fried Chicken Strips, Hush Puppies, Crab Dip, House Salad, Caesar Salad and so on.
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Lady N'awlins reviews

By Taelor P. at 2016-11-18

Went for brunch on Sunday and I ordered the shrimp and grits very tasty. But needed more sauce. In my opinion cheddar grits can be very dry and there fore needed an extra ladle of sauce at the bottom. Very tiny but quaint and I love the fact that it's purple. HARD TO MISS! But it could stand some more bourbon st. deco in my opinion. The French toast with apples and bananas was also very good. Waitress was nice but busy but that's expected at Sunday brunch around 3 in the afternoon.

Ok so I was quite disappointed on my first visit here. But in my 2nd? I've seen the lady nawlins light! I'm so glad I gave this place a second chance. I strolled in here late on a Thursday night not anticipating great things but I was wrong. The crawfish boil was AMAZING adorned by hot butter and a brown sauce. Please do yourself a favor and dip in each. Lobster mac and cheese was tasty and red beans and rice just WOW. Beware The red beans rice side is seasoned with bacon. But our wonderful waitress did alert us before hand. She also brought us a snack that included jalapeño pepper jelly , jalapeño cream cheese and crackers .

By Cami R. at 2016-09-18

My husband and I rarely get a chance to go out on dates. Today we decided to venture out and eat somewhere new. We decided on Lady Nawlins.

Let me set the scene, there were TWO people at the bar, and one other party in the back room. We chose our booth and were quickly given water. That is where our good experienced ended.

After disturbing the waitress' own mea,l that she was eating at the bar, i asked her if they were still only serving brunch (it was 2:40) she informed me that was the case. I was a bit disappointed but decided to continue. I chose the chicken and waffles, my husband ordered the jambalaya hash.

As we waited for our meal, a group of the waitress' friends came in. They got a bit loud and rowdy about the football game ( not usually a huge deal, but at this point i was already irritated by the poor service)then heard her announce that they could order from the dinner menu because it started at 3.... The time was 2:50. I wish she would have told US that... I still wasn't even passed off yet. I didn't get upset until we received our meal.

My food was fine, it was tasty. His was more than disappointing. It was described as having chicken and andoullie in it. I thought maybe it was hiding under his eggs... There was NO meat in. It was potatoes and rice.... He picked at it until he got so fed up waiting for her to come check on us so I could tell her, that he handed me his wallet and stepped outside.

Finally the waitress pulled herself away from the football game and her dude-bro friends, long enough to see that I was now sitting alone, looking directly at her. She came over and asked if everything was ok, I explained that I was not one to complain, but my husband's dish had zero meat in it, and that I shared my meal with him instead. I asked for only his meal (which sat there uneaten) be taken off my bill. She refused. She offered to take it back to the kitchen to have meat added. This was not a solution to the issue, we had been there an hour, my meal was gone and my husband was upset. Also, I have worked in kitchens before, I'm not sending the food back to he reserved.... we know what happens in the back when someone complains.

Finally after she stood her ground about the bill we just wanted to get out of there. We paid the bill. And STILL left her a measly $2 tip, because generally we are not jerks.

I will be looking for another Cajun/Creole spot in Richmond, because I will not be returning here.

By James T. at 2016-07-06

Food = 4
Price = 2
Experience = 1

Great voodoo burger... not so great experience.

This was the oddest service vs food quality I've experienced in a long time. We felt like we had to play good cop bad cop with our bartender. First she treated us with obvious disdain and condescending arrogance.

When I asked for our burgers to be medium...She said "we'll try, but we're backed up?" When I pointed out that she served me a lukewarm beer, she just shrugged it off and ignored me??? Of course, she got our order wrong and we had to wait 15 more minutes for it to be corrected.

The food was actually great, but not enough to overcome the arrogant attitude from the bartender.

To top it all off... we ordered bread pudding to go. IT TOOK 35 minutes for them to produce it??? When we asked about the delay, she looked us in the face and told us that they had a big influx of new customers and they were backed up... REALLY? These guys obviously don't get it and think their customers are stupid.

By Chequess B. at 2016-10-28

Not forth worth it please go somewhere else... I wanted to try the beignets, but what I got were nasty hard small little balls along with gator bits that are to salty!!! Spent 30 bucks on something I couldn't eat... O and to mention the fruit I got with my "beignets" had mold... Take heed to the reviews don't come here

By Christie C. at 2016-03-12

Sunday's are my favorite day of the week because I get to spend it at brunch with an exceptional waitress. Still 5/5 in my books! I have been all about their Fruit Crepes for the past few brunches and honestly I can't get enough.

By Nicole P. at 2016-07-19

The breakfast here is GREAT and I love their mimosa's!!!! Kitchen is slow but it's worth the wait . Our waitress could have been more knowledgable about the menu and its dishes.

By Stephanie C. at 2016-09-04

I've never had such a terrible food experience in Richmond. We came here for my boyfriends birthday. We were a group of 8 (2 kids) and they told us we could "figure it out" in the back of the restaurant. They did not help move the tables or anything. The service was truly terrible the server took forever to come to our table to refill drinks, take our order, etc. besides that we were sitting in a booth that was falling apart and had a bunch of dead flies behind it. After, the food took over 30min (even though restaurant was not full at all). I had questions about the ingredients in the dishes and the server took more than 20min and came back when someone in the group asked her to come by the table. When she did come she told me she had forgotten to ask, all this time the food was getting cold. The food was okay, nothing impressive but definitely not worth the shitty service. Never coming back here...

By David S. at 2016-10-26

Went here the other night for a late night drink. Order around 1:40, there are probably a good 30 people in the bar, and it seemed pretty busy. Next thing you know, a very drunk employee comes up to me and my friends at 1:50 saying how it's 2 o'clock and that we have to go. We politely say that we're going to finish our drinks and that we actually have roughly 10 minutes till 2. She then looks at my friend and pressures him to put his drink down and then says 'I don't care who your parents are'. This just seemed illogical at this point so my friend and I confront her and tell her that's she's being very rude and that we will be leaving promptly. The employee proceeds to tell us that she didn't say anything to disrespect us and that if we have problem that we should 'take it up with yelp'. So here I am, letting all of you know that you might want to avoid this place if you're getting a late night drink, there are much better and more inviting options in RVA.

By Latrice R. at 2016-04-14

Let's just say. I was not impressed with this place. The catfish was great. My crab cakes were so so. I went with some old co workers so we ate a little of everybody's food. The gumbo was missing flavor, the alligator bites were ok. The boom boom shrimp had a nice kick to it but could have been better. The spiked ice tea was watered down. When going here you just need to know what to order. I would say go for the catfish, fries and crab cakes.

By Catherine A. at 2016-10-30

Chicken and biscuits are super yummy. I would definitely recommend for brunch for a small group. I really liked that the bloody Mary's could be tailored to my flavor and heat choice.

By Lauren B. at 2015-08-10

I love weekly specials - and Lady Nawlins does it right. As unique as they are to the fan, their menu boast items that are not normally found at most restaurants nearby - or anywhere in the RVA. It was like a slice of NOLA right in the heart of Richmond. Is it Mardi Gras? Because the vibe in Lady N'awlins sure was. Everyone seemed to be having a good time that night, and not just because of the oysters and happy bartenders!

Thanks to RVA Burger week, we came across their weekly special board- which boasts daily specials and oyster "happy hour". So of course we came back for the $1 oysters on Wednesdays and was not disappointed. Between the Cajun Grilled to the Oyeters Rockefeller, and even the amazing buffalo oysters, we were stuffed. The service was on par and the prices were more than reasonable. We have enjoyed it so much, we have brough many friends since on Wednesdays just to experience the vast array of delicious flavors each oyster boasts. If you try nothing else, grab an oyster on the half shell, a pint and enjoy a night out with friends. Lady N'awlins is the place to be!

By Elodie G. at 2015-04-13

We arrived at the restaurant at around 9PM, we took a table next to the window. Not quite the place I imagined, a small restaurant, very cosy and intimate. It feels more like a bar than a restaurant, really. I liked especially the decorated ceiling and the atmosphere inside.

We ordered two draft beers, my Strawberry ale was absolutely delicious.

My partner ordered the crawfish dish with hushpuppies and gumbo and I had the crab cakes with mac'n cheese and hushpuppies.

Our dishes were very big and I could not eat all of mine. I had to ask for a box at the end of the meal.

My dish was overall very good, very spicy though. Even the mac n cheese was very spicy. I am used to spicy food but I did not expect this. It was still very, very good.I really enjoyed the hushpuppies with honey butter. I would also recommend the crab cakes, very tasty!

Overall, it was a good meal and I really enjoyed the restaurant. I would have liked to order a dessert but I was way too full!

By Karen H. at 2015-08-02

Sunday, Aug 2, at 5pm
Was looking forward to a great dinner. Saw many great reviews. Couldn't wait to try it.

Sadly disappointed.

Oysters on half shell - 2 of the 6 were rotten.

Vixen hot sauce -was a little sweet but nor that hot.

Taste of New Orleans platter -no Gumbo served today. Batch was bad so they threw it out. So instead we substituted salad. The only meat in the meal a 2 tablespoon size of jambalaya on top of a tea cup size portion of rice.

Crab cake sandwich -very salty. Not impressed.

Coleslaw - original recipe, very tasty.

Mimosa -very good.

Service- ahh. If you ask for ketchup, you won't get it at the beginning of the meal.

So for a $75 tab, we will try another place next time.

By Trey B. at 2015-09-01

This spot is an excellent choice for Sunday brunch. Service was good, the food was very tasteful, and the choices were awesome. I had the eggs rockefeller and it was amazing. The prices weren't bad for the food, but I think maybe the biscuits could have been free :-) good, but who doesn't like free bread? The only complaint I had was that during brunch there are no appetizer options besides the donuts, which were sold out. Next time, hopefully I will get to experience how those are

By Jess S. at 2014-01-31

The only time I don't care for this place is when it's packed with bros (brahs?) who got tired of waiting to get into FW Sullivan's across the street. Other than that, this is one of my favorite places to go in Richmond.

I've never had a bad meal from here. I've never had a 'meh,' meal from here. I've never had a meal that wasn't short of plate licking good. It is always to my dismay that I realize that I've cleaned my plate because inevitably I want (and sometimes order) more.

Dishes you need to check out: Grilled Cajun oysters (get extra bread--trust me!), fried pickles, Cajun catfish bites, any of the poboys, crab dip, bread pudding. Actually--you'll be all set with any of the ways they do oysters. They're consistently sized, the staff knows where they come from, and they're shucked better than some other places where I've paid double for the same amount of oysters. And speaking of paying--they have oyster happy hour. I don't recall the exact deal, but it's an absolute steal.

Grab a seat at the bar and chat with the staff--friendliest (and surliest) bunch in Richmond.

You're welcome, dining public.

By Jasmine C. at 2016-01-30

Brunch was awesome! Super cool environment and set up. Ordered the Big Easy (fried chicken, biscuits, andouille sausage gravy, and potatoes.) it was amazing!!!! Server Jacky was full of life, attentive, and pleasant. She gave great suggestions and we loved them all. We will absolutely return for dinner soon!

By Christie T. at 2016-02-17

I went last Friday with some friends. We went right when they opened, so it wasn't busy at all. Our food was amazing! We had the crawfish boil, crab and crawfish dip, jambalaya pasta, and the jambalaya supreme. When I tell you that it satisfied my craving for jambalaya pasta... It went beyond satisfaction. Everything was delicious, the service was great, and we even called the cooks out to thank them for seasoning our food perfectly. Last Friday was our first time going, and they have just made new regulars

By Lisa G. at 2014-03-02

Came here for a second visit last night specifically because it is Mardi Gras weekend and a friend who I've been to New Orleans with twice and I were wanting to celebrate. We mainly wanted Sazarac and gator.

Unfortunately, the Sazarac here tasted nothing like it's made in New Orleans. This Sazarac pretty much only tasted like rye. I couldn't taste absinthe at all. Miss.

We also had some gator bites. Big hit. They're really good here. Finally, we tried fried pickles. I don't get the hype. If you're a pickle lover (I'm not), then I guess they would've been good, but it just tasted like... fried pickles. To each, his own.

I almost forgot... we also had the bananas foster for dessert. This was a joke. It was cut up bananas with ice cream drizzled in what tasted like maple syrup (but is supposed to be butter, brown sugar, cinnamon, dark rum, and banana liqueur). Not served with the flame. What a joke. It was not good... a waste of calories.

Service was okay. Not a standout experience. Really nothing very New Orleans about this place other than the name.

By Av G. at 2016-04-18

A failed attempt at Cajun food. The jambalaya doesn't have any flavor besides just spicy and the service was horrendous. Save your time and money! Also never order delivery from this place it took them 2 hours to get food out.

By Alida H. at 2013-01-14

3.5 stars. Lady N'awlins had me at $5 po boy Mondays.

I came here for a late night meal with some friends for the $5 po boy special (all day I believe?). I initially ordered the gator po boy, but to my dismay, it was exempt from the deal along with the oyster po boy! But all was good and I was still feeling happy from happy hour, so I ordered myself a shrimp po boy.

The sandwich came out in what felt like 10 minutes. Eh not too bad of a wait, but I was starving, and chomped into the sandwich right when it got to the table (well, right after I took a picture of it of course). The sandwich was delicious. lightly battered shrimp hugged by a lightly toasted roll with some lettuce, tomato and mayo and a side of fries. Best $5 you can spend on a monday night. Definitely more well spent on this, than a platter at cook out (although I do love their corn dogs).

Service was meh (via a laidback hipster-looking girl), opened late night until 2am, sandwich was good, price was awesome, but fries were disappointing. you know the fries are a bit soggy when your friends wont even finish them for you. But I would definitely come back for a $5 seafood sandwich, even if it means lonely soggy fries on the side.

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