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Lazy Oaf Lounge

Lazy Oaf Lounge
  • Street 1617 N Stoughton Rd
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53704
  • Telphone (608) 442-7293
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  • Raging (2)
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Lazy Oaf Lounge introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.91 - $15.82 per person. We offer 61 menus, including Soda, Bottle of Water, Arizona Green Tea, Chicken Nachos, Beef Nachos, Sweet Potato Fries, Wisconsin Cheese Curds and so on.
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Lazy Oaf Lounge reviews

By Sarah P. at 2013-02-20

The concept is perfect. This business fits a niche. When I saw their advert hanging on my apartment door I was stoked!

Ever tire of the regular delivery joints, and want to eat something from a good restaurant - but felt too lazy to leave home, or too sick, or too pregnant, or or or.....

Well, Straight 2 your door gives you the menus to many different participating restaurants within a certain radius. I live downtown and have delivery options from Whitney Way all the way to Atwood Ave/Monona Dr. There are some extremely good restaurants that participate in Straight 2 Your Door.

Some examples:

El Pastor
Jamerica Caribbean
Mirch Masala
Brass Ring
Old Fashioned
Quaker Steak & Lube
Himal Chuli
Taqueria Guadalajara

Hell, even Burger King

So you go online, and you choose a menu item from any of the listed restaurants, put it in your "cart" and check out. The order goes to the restaurant and to Straight 2 Your Door's dispatch. A fee is charged, of course, ranging anywhere from free (if they are having a special) to 5 bux. This fee, plus a tip, plus tax - adds quite a bit to the bill when you can just trudge to your car and pick it up yourself without having to pay anything but gas money to get there.

I initially gave this business 1 star for their customer service. I ordered online and chose 1 lamb curry, 1 chicken curry, and 3 orders of garlic naan. This ish is pricey, so when it was all said and done I paid 40 bux for everything.

40 bux and the order ended up being completely wrong. So I called the number listed on the advert, and there is an option to speak to a manager, so I choose that option. I tell the guy the issue, and he says he'll send me a coupon for free delivery on my next order, AND he'll either send me a new order or refund me. At first I thought I'd get a new order (left overs, woot woot!), but the "manager" told me they were slammed that night and he can just refund my credit card. I hang up feeling pretty well taken care of.

A week passes and I never received that coupon, nor did I ever get refunded.

So I call again, hit the option to speak with a manager, and Evan answers the phone. Evan goes on to tell me he is not management, he is a dispatcher in another city. He tells me they have no record, no notes about this ordering issue I had last week, it just shows I ordered from a restaurant and was charged.

1st issue, the customer service line says it is transferring you to a manager....

NOOOOOT (in my best Borat voice).....

2nd issue, they can't do anything for me because they have no record of it.

How is that my problem?

Well... According to Straight 2 Your Door it is not my problem, it is theirs - and because of that they have earned themselves a 4 star fan.

I was on my way to a home visit for a client and my phone rings and it is the manager of the Madison location personally apologizing and telling me he will refund my entire bill, and he gave me a code I can use for free delivery on my next order. I check my credit card and BOOM, refunded.

Classy stuff.

By Anthony P. at 2013-08-18

The previous reviewer covered some of the strengths and weaknesses of S2YD, highlighting their wide selection, their penchant for messing up orders, and their willingness to fix the problem. I would agree with most of what she said.

HOWEVER, what's left out in the previous message is that S2YD is so expensive because it charges you more than the restaurant does for each item. claims that each item costs an additional 5% more than it would in the restaurant, and those prices add up, as your bill will reveal. What really bugs me about this surcharge is that S2YD does not tell you at any time that this hidden surcharge exists. I found out only because I tried to order a single item that was typically less than five dollars in the store, and it came out to over ten dollars, when all the taxes and fees were totaled.

While there is no other service quite like this in Madison, S2YD will turn a modest dinner into a bankruptcy if you're not careful. After using the service about five or so times, I have decided that the price simply isn't worth the product.

On a side note, if you do order from S2YD, expect your food to be cold, and be careful with the types of food you order. For example, I once used the site to order from Fuzzy's Tacos, and when my food got here about an hour later, the taco shells were so soggy that the fillings just fell through the bottom. There is a huge time lapse between your order (when the restaurant makes the food) and when the S2YD delivery person picks up and brings the food to you. Some foods, like tacos, simply can't sit for that long without being ruined.

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