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Level Sushi & Bar

Level Sushi & Bar
  • Street 2007 W Broad St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 353-8885
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Level Sushi & Bar introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.91 - $21.82 per person. We offer 133 menus, including Edamame, Fly Wings, Peking Duck Wrap, Gyoza, Level Style Calamari, Mt. Fuji Shrimp, Fuji Wonton and so on.
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Level Sushi & Bar reviews

By Dani B. at 2016-10-14

Decent prices in comparison with other sushi restaurants in the area. Service is DEFINITELY lacking,and they have weird hours. The one waitresses told me it's because she has to "pick up her brother" in the middle of the day, so they close for like an hour in the afternoon. The food and the drinks are good though.

By Andrew D. at 2016-10-30

We went here on a Friday, and the place was completely dead. Sure, it was hardly during the dinner rush, but you're doing something wrong if your bar has one solitary dude watching the World Series on a Friday night. It comes down to atmosphere.

You've got high ceilings, breathy trip-hop piped through the speakers, and dark walls. Ok, you're going for a loungy vibe. But the bright lighting kills it. It felt like someone spruced up a high school cafeteria. You've got candles, so why not use them? Menu was a no-effort print off stuck inside a dirty plastic sleeve like I had in a gradeschool notebook.

The food wasn't that great, though that's to be expected for a sushi joint anywhere in the periphery of VCU. Sake was delivered with a wet paper napkin tied around the neck of the flask. For the work you've put into the place, I'd have hoped the food could stand up. After reading the articles on the wall in the foyer praising the sushi chef's ability and tasting the near-room-temperature offerings, something here just doesn't match up.

Service was rather casual, but otherwise little else to speak of. I asked for hot tea, and got a diner mug with a teabag. What kind of sushi restaurant doesn't have proper green tea?!

I hope the cocktails are the real draw of the place, and we just happened to miss a gem to be found here.

By Kici C. at 2016-07-17

You know how you pass by certain restaurants all the time and wonder the food is? However, you never quite make the time to go? Okay, so this is how I feel about this place.

Today I was craving sushi and decided to give it a try bc I noticed that it had such a high rating. When my sister and I pulled into the parking lot, there was only one other car. I'm one of those people where if I don't see anyone in a restaurant, I assume the worst. So I lowered my expectation and walked in.

Let me say these three syllabus. Am-bi-ence. Wow. This place is truly gorgeous. Chocolate and blue themed with creative light fixtures. I really thought it was well put together.

I'm very basic when it comes to sushi so I ordered the cali roll ($4) and the "Fly wings" ($8) with Asian zing sauce. The roll was DELICIOUS. I really enjoyed it. The wings however were kinda bleh. They were battered with tempura which isn't really my fav so I didn't enjoy them as much.

Our waiter was such a sweetheart. She was VERY attentive and checked on us often(which I appreciate).. I'm not sure why this place was empty on a Sunday but I will be back very soon to try more rolls!

By Aubriel R. at 2015-12-09

Tip 1: 1/2 off starters with purchase of an entree on Tuesdays.

Tip 2: touch their cocktail bar! It's an interactive LED light up bar.

Why haven't I tried this place before?! Level is a must try. Their ingredients are fresh, each plate is a masterpiece, and everything is delicious. In addition, the atmosphere is a great place to grab lunch or relax and wine down for dinner. Their menu is so extensive and the food and drinks are so good, every visit ought to bring new experiences.

As a starter, we tried the Mt. Fuji Shrimp; shrimp lightly battered and topped with a tangy sauce. Menu states it's "spicy" but it wasn't for me. To each, their own.

We then ordered the spicy tuna roll ($5), eel & avocado roll ($7), the Fall in Love (tempura fried eel, avocado, cream cheese, spicy tuna, and topped with more tuna and tobiko) roll, and the Spider (soft shell crab tempura with cucumbers, avocado, tobiko, and eel sauce) Roll. Fall in Love ($17)and Spider ($12) are their special rolls and each are big enough to leave your average foodie satisfied. In other words, don't over order! As much as you'd like to try everything, leave it for your next visit.

By Audrey P. at 2016-08-01

With the sheer amount of sushi restaurants in Richmond, LEVEL doesn't quite measure up. For me it's the kind of restaurant that kind of slips through the cracks - it isn't memorable in either a good or bad way so it gets forgotten. The interior and atmosphere is very nice and the prices are on par with other restaurants. This may be a good place to dine at for groups that have members that would appreciate a more broad menu that includes non-sushi dishes such as fried rice, kung pao chicken, pad thai noodles, etc.

By Tahrikh L. at 2016-03-07

From the moment you walk in you're greeted by a spectacular ambiance. It was romantically lit and the ceiling itself was a feature to adore.

Shortly after my date and I were seated we were welcomed by our server, Annie (hope I got get name right). She was wonderful. She was a great help in assisting us with evening selections and we were not disappointed.

My date sampled their Miso Soup and Salad to start. He let me taste the soup and it was perfection. I do believe it was my first time having Miso Soup and it was a great first experience. Shortly after, the entrees were ready.

I ordered the the Dynamite Roll and a bottle of Soju. It was every bit of delicious. I love the plethora of flavors that sprang forth as I devoured every roll. I especially liked the hint of spiciness. It was just right; not overpowering and not mild. The Soju actually taste a bit like sake to me. I enjoy both. ^_^ My date was also very happy with his meal of Chicken Hibachi and Red Wine.

If you haven't been here, make plans. Right now. Lol. You won't be disappointed.

By Kimberlee Z. at 2016-04-07

This is by far my favorite place to get sushi. I've been there about 4 times in the last month and a half. I've tried the hibachi various times and it just keeps getting better and better each time I make a visit. The meats are cooked perfectly and the veggies are grilled just right.

Everything on the menu tastes great and the ambiance is very relaxing. Definitely recommend!

By Cait A. at 2016-06-02

I have been here a few times before, sat at the bar, ordered to go food and last night my boyfriend and I got a table. There seemed to be only one server/bartender on, although it wasn't too busy so she had no problem taking our order in a very timely manner. The bar filled up and a few tables walked in and the server got a little flustered, but did her best to pay attention to everyone. (They were down a server, which happens all the time in restaurants) Food was great, got a basic ginger salad, Tofu side pocket appetizer, and a few rolls.

Don't hesitate to go here, I would like to see there be more business! I am pretty picky about my Asian food having been to Seoul, S Korea and Toyko, Japan and this food is up there for good Asian food in Richmond.They have a pretty good happy hour and specials Tuesday-Thursday!

By K K. at 2016-04-11

Recently went here for a girls dinner when I was visiting Richmond. I was intrigued by the LED bar reviews on Yelp before and I dragged my friend here, who had never heard of the place before. She is a Richmonder and hadn't been here and needless to say, she's a convert now!

We sat at the bar and loved the LED feature, something fun and different then any other place we have been before. The ambiance was very trendy and hip and the bartender was very friendly and helpful. The menu looks extensive and we started off with some Sake bombs and spring rolls (which were delicious!) We both came here primarily for Hibachi but when looking around, I saw the sushi presentation was beautiful. Our hibachi was excellent, the shrimp weren't over cooked like a lot of places do it, and my friends chicken hibachi was perfectly cooked as well. Overall we loved this place as it was trendy and not too greasy/portions weren't too large, which are big flaws in a lot of other Hibachi places I've been to.

Will be back here again next time I am in Richmond!

By An D. at 2016-04-24

I would give this place a 4 stars due the decent kitchen food and good service! However, the sushi didn't impress me at all. Ordered the Alaska roll and I see just this tiny little piece of salmon in there. Kitchen food was good and staff was friendly.

By Shiori S. at 2015-07-25

So after moving to RVA from California, I was on the hardcore hunt to find some GOOD sushi...

Well, I would say Level gave it a good run but it was no trip to authentic Japanese sushi :)

I ordered the Godzilla and the Philly that night and overall good. The rice was not as packed and prepped like other sushi rice I've had in the past. As for the fish, it was pretty good...I was neither impressed or disappointed. The price for the basic rolls were really affordable but some of the "special" were two money signs worthy. However, you get the same amount of rolls from both categories.

The ambiance of the place was awesome! Definitely go at night and if you happen to sit at the bar, you will get entranced by the colorful, interactive lit up bar top.

We went on a Friday night and it wasn't packed at all. However, just as a FYI, they do stop serving sushi earlier than the actual closing of the place.

By Aaron M. at 2016-05-25

The food was way better than I had imagined. I went there on a first date. She was very pleased with the food also. The waitress could have been a little more knowledgeable about the sushi, i think she was pretty new. I will definitely go back.

Make sure you touch the bar when you visit this place!

By Justin S. at 2015-09-07

Level was a great sushi bar. There sushi was elegant and very good. The bar setting was very casual and relaxed. I think it's location is unfortunate, but outside of that, everything was great. Now, I have severe ADHD and I say this for a reason. The entire experience was made even better by the bar that lights up when you touch it. I had way too much innocent fun with the bar.

But yes, the sushi was really good and the cider on tap was great. Price was a little much, but as expected in Richmond.

By May S. at 2016-03-31

First time here and loved it. Will return again. We ordered edamame, sushi rolled (I forgot the name but we took picture), and chicken Lo me in noodle. Overall it was great we loved everything there. The restaurant atmosphere is perfect. Service was great very attentive.

By Sonia C. at 2014-09-11

I first went to Level for a Yelp event and decided to return as a regular customer after reading the rave reviews about this trendy sushi spot. Let me just say that the sushi here is delicious, but the overall experience was slightly diminished due to a loud event we did not realize would take place at LEVEL halfway through our meal. It was INSANELY loud with the music (our plates were actually shaking on the table) as we munched on delicious noms of edamame, Spicy Yellowtail, Eel Avocado roll, Shrimp Avocado roll and, Special roll Angry Dragon (spicy tuna and crab salad).

One of the employees clearly felt bad and while I realize that a business does not want to turn down its regular customers, I wish LEVEL would have mentioned that a huge event was about to take place before we sat down.

Nevertheless, I do plan to return to LEVEL for a future sushi fix, hopefully when it's a bit quieter.

By Cece B. at 2016-01-17

This place is so nice. I love the decor and it also has a cool light up bar. It turns purple or yellow when it is touched or when u place something down on it. My bartender was the sweetest girl named Annie and I will definitely be coming back to visit her! The sushi was great! Really fresh and made quickly! In had two martinis and both were very delish!

By Morgan M. at 2016-07-24

The inside was surprisingly very nice despite the poor curb appeal. Service was very slow, but everyone in my party was overall satisfied with their food! Good place to visit for a sushi date night

By Chelsea Leigh P. at 2015-06-01

Happy hour is awesome at Level! Danny was our bartender & our chef recommended the Tofu Pockets that were only $4 on Happy Hour! (I believe it's 4-7?) Tofu pockets were the best thing I've ever tasted! Deep fried Tofu, salmon, crab & sushi rice with a tangy sweet sauce! Great beer selection, lots of local brews. Atmosphere is also great, they have an upstairs dining overlooking the bar which could be used for private parties. Fresh fish for the specialty sushi rolls & everything is plated beautifully!

Location is easy to miss, it's a small white building right next to the 7-11 on Broad & Meadow. Little parking, about 10 spaces in their actual "parking lot" but you can find street parking close by! Don't pass by, instead stop by, you won't be disappointed! :)

Oh yeah! we had the Mochi ice cream (mango was my fave) & the fried ice cream. HIGHLY recommend the fried ice cream!!!

By Elona A. at 2016-03-24

I wouldn't recommend for lunch. We were the ONLY people there around noon on a Saturday. Waitress was visibly annoyed at every interaction. Sushi was very loosely rolled.. Also, $18 for a California roll with spicy tuna on top?? Not so sure about that idea. Maybe lunch specials would boost business midday. This place might be better for dinner/ drinks at night but there's plenty of better options for a sushi / Asian fusion lunch.

By Will R. at 2015-08-10

It's a shame this place appears empty more often than not. They have awesome food and a huge selection of various asian dishes. I will say the interior is a little different and they have a really cool bar that lights up different colors when you touch it. Crispy honey chicken is a great dish to get for takeout, but make sure you sub in fried rice, it's 100% worth it.

I have to say if this place had a better location, or maybe even a sign that didn't make it look like a cheap chinese place they would probably do a lot better.

Take out is always quick, and service is awesome if you dine in. I prefer this place over Fat Dragon although both are good.

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