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LongHorn Steakhouse
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We offer 137 menus, including Mixed Green Salad, Caesar Salad, Steakhouse BLT Salad, Strawberry & Pecan Salad, Fresh Steamed Asparagus, Steakhouse Mac & Cheese, Loaded Baked Potato and so on.
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LongHorn Steakhouse reviews

By Chrisna S. at 2016-12-07

This is my favorite longhorn location, been coming here for years. Service is always good, food is always delicious, I'm never disappointed here.

By Marqus R. at 2016-10-21

As there isn't much to Tucker, Georgia, I ended up stopping by LongHorn Steakhouse. I've been to other LongHorns before and was never very much impressed. Here. however, my service was good and the food I had, being salad and a steak with fries was rather decent. . Certainly nothing exceptional but better than I would have had at other LongHorn locations.

By E F. at 2016-12-23

LH is my go-to steak place. This Tucker location has been around for a long time and has had its ups and downs. Went for lunch on 12/11, got seated at the bar and had a nice meal. Service was great. All 4 flo's filets were completely consumed. Only complaint is that I just saw on my bank statement they over charged me $2. Not worth fighting but really annoying. I take pictures of all my receipts so there is no question.

By Wileyeugene H. at 2016-09-09

The staff was doing their jobs, but they moved so fast. It kinda felt like a feed and go, so they could get someone new in your table or booth. It is my birthday, I thought Longhorn Steakhouse gave the birthday person something special like desert, but I didn't even get that. I will go back to Longhorn Steakhouse, but not that one.
I can say they were nice and the place was clean, and the food came out quick, but they didn't say anything off the script.

By Nicki K. at 2015-07-11

After the wonderful Yelp Elite experience at Longhorn Snellvile I was ready to take my family there to taste the food. I was so close to going to the Snellville location but opted to go to Tucker since it's closer to home. Plus I want to use my $25 gift card.

We got there at peak hours, around 8 pm and it was packed. People were on the waitlist. Host said it would be around 20 minutes. We decided to wait. It wasn't that bad. We got seated in around 20 minutes. We got a booth and waiter came to us right away and asked us what drinks we wanted.

After getting our drinks, he came back with the complimentary bread appetizer. He was really busy but told us he will be back to take our order. After taking our order, he noticed that we salvaged the bread and said he'll be back with more, which he did.

Hubby ordered the Garlic Steak with grill asparagas and mashed potatoes. Daughter ordered the Citris Salmon. I ordered Parmesan Chicken with grilled asparas and fries. I shared mine with daughter cause I still wanted the salmon but try the chicken.

We all were very happy with our food. Everything was on point. My chicken was juicy and flavorful. We were so full at the end of the night. Service was great and attentive. I would definitely come back again and again. This just shows that no matter which Longhorn's I go to, I will get excellent service.

By Joe S. at 2016-11-06

Reservations and still 40 minute wait. Service very slow and sent back 2 orders way undercooked. At least beer was cold.

By Ron G. at 2016-04-06

Very nice!
I would recommend coming here for the steaks.
Perfectly cooked and our waitress was very attentative.
Thank you!

Ron & Val

By William M. at 2016-02-06

Dad likes this Longhorn location and I take him here often when I'm in town. Fact is, this has always been one of the best of any Longhorn franchises I've visited.

The place is very popular and rarely empty. The staff is usually very friendly and fairly attentive. The food is always good. I tried something new today with the Sweet Chili Calamari and it was a good choice, very good. As for my steak it was a quality cut, cooked just as I ordered and I enjoyed it. Good job Tucker Longhorn!

By Ellen W. at 2016-01-26

I was absolutely impressed from the start with our server. Unfortunately, I can't remember her name. She was so quick and attentive.

The food was excellent. I started out with a chopped salad with ranch dressing. They make the dressing in house and it's delicious. The salad was not too big or too small and came with assorted greens, chopped tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, cheese, and croutons.

For my entrée I had the Flo's Filet and a side of sweet potato casserole. Note: the casserole is only available at certain times during the year. The steak was cooked perfectly (medium rare) and the casserole was delicious. It costs a little extra for the casserole but it's worth it.

All in all, I had a great experience and I'd like to go back again soon!

By John E. at 2016-01-08

While Longhorn may not be in the same league as Bones, they still serve quality steaks at very reasonable prices. Had the chance to come by the other night and as usual the place was packed. Waited about 20 minutes for a table. The service was very good as was the steak - delish!

By Heather S. at 2015-11-15

I saw my father for the first time in 4 years, and we decided to go out to dinner. Being as there aren't many options in this area, we ended up at Longhorns.

They were out of prime rib, which they only found out about half an hour AFTER we ordered, and they never brought out my mushrooms that I ordered to go with my steak. The waiter brought out the steak, told me that the mushrooms were coming, and wandered off until we were ready for the check. Meanwhile, I'm sitting here waiting, steak growing cold, expecting the rest of my food. He didn't bother to mention this until he brought the check. Since my dad and I hadn't seen each other in ages, I decided not to bother with saying anything. They did comp our appetizer, but that doesn't really make up for not telling me that something was never coming out.

At any rate, the food we did receive was good. Though my steak was cold by the time I gave up and ate it, it was perfectly tender and juicy, cooked just the way I asked for it, as was my father's.

In short, good food, inattentive service.

By Kaialaia T. at 2015-09-18

First time eating at Longhorn! Our cute sever Etta it's great amazing awesome and extremely on point she make sure everything was done I felt like I was eating at my moms kitchen even knew when I had a cold and make sure my drink with perfectly made the hot tea with ex love!!!

We've was amazing I ordered the Napa chicken and He had the salmon!!
Only way I'll come back to the Longhorn our server is working because she is the best definitely know I won't get that treatment from any 1 else!!
ETTA is one of a kind !!!!

By S B. at 2016-06-29

My wife and I came in for dinner tonight around 7. There was no hostess when we first came in. Eventually a hostess came to greet us, and she said there was a wait but there was plenty of seating at the bar, so we went to a high top table in the bar and sat down. We waited for a good 15 or 20 minutes and nobody ever came to our table. No water. No drink order. (Also, nobody fully finished cleaning off the table from the prior guests; it was a bit dirty). I flagged down the bar tender and indicated that we had not been helped and she said she would get us a waitress to help us but nobody ever came. We just got up and left because we had no confidence that we would ever be served.

Will not be returning.

By Donna F. at 2016-03-14

Not the best experience at Longhorn...just okay and not the worst. Server, Walter, was over busy! He never made it to ask about the food, which was delivered by a different server. Luckily, my steak was good. Mostly, I suggest, when promoting a limited TOMATO BEEFSTEAK BACON salad, it would be nice to have RIPE tomatoes and more than 3 slim half slices of bacon. The sweet tea was excellent!!

By Caramel A. at 2016-01-17

I was in the area to have my auto serviced on 1/16/16. I left my car at the service center and walked a block up the street to grab a bite to eat at this Longhorn's. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVER......or at least in a very long time (certainly the biggest mistake this year FOR SURE!!) When I walked in there was a thick, foul smelling stinch in the air that was not very inviting but I was hungry WITH limited Mobility and already here so I figured I would go ahead and order something so I let the hostess seat me!
THEN the heat hit me as I entered the donning area! Granted it was a bit chilly, maybe 50 degrees that day but not uncomfortable. However, you would have thought it was 2 degrees outside for as hot as it was in that restaurant. That was strike 2. Then a review of the menu let me know that there was nothing that sounded or looked enticing but I finally settled on a skirt steak, mashed potatoes and a salad with lobster and shrimp chowder and a salad with a glass of water and a glass of red wine. Will the steak was first undercooked, sent back to the kitchen and then OVERCOOKED!!!! The salad, chowder, wine and bread were ok but overall the experience was a zero if I could give it that. Unfortunately this is the 3rd and last time I will visit any Longhorn's because each time the experience and menu selections have always left me underwhelmed.

By Charity D. at 2016-07-15

Really enjoy my food. Just didn't like that water pitcher right behind where people sit at the booth. My steak was everything!!!

By Taylor W. at 2015-12-26

We came in to celebrate my birthday today December 26, 2015. The service was terrible. I would honestly never come back to this location ever again. The server moved like a slug the entire time of our dinner. Literally none of our drinks were refilled or offered to be refilled the entire time. None of our dishes were taken away after clearly they were complete. When confronting the waitress she blamed it on the bus boy not coming around behind her; which we did not see a bus boy at all. This was not a good experience at all. The only reason I gave this two stars instead of one was because the food was some what decent.

By David C. at 2016-02-11

I'm very upset to write this review, let me start by saying that. I came in at 9:25 knowing they close at 10 so I went to the bar out of respect to place a to go order. I work in the industry so that's why I say out of respect...knowing the servers/bartenders want to leave at 10 even though we all know it doesn't work that way. Anyways I place my order, ordering a medium steak with sides. The bartender was friendly and prompt. Waiting on my food they come tell me 15 minutes later they didn't have the desert I ordered so I order something to replace that, she actually gave me two! I come home to plate everything and I cut into my steak expecting that to be what was taking the time for my food to be cooked and the following picture is what I received. I'm a long time longhorn fan and visit this one frequently and was very disappointed. I ordered the steak medium by the way forgot to mention that!

By Dominique H. at 2015-09-19

My family and I came in an hour before closing and the staff was still happy to accommodate us. They cooked and served our food perfectly and in a timely manner, extremely polite and tentative, never rushing us. Fantastic service and good food. Thank you Longhorn!

By Madelyn B. at 2015-01-23

The food here is wonderful. Succulent and satisfying with well-crafted dishes. The service is usually pretty great.

Didn't catch the name of our last server but she was impeccable. She was serving like 6 tables at one time and i can tell you not one table was lacking in attentive non-intrusive service perfection. Love her. Will go back just for her. Lol.

For dinner Mister had...a steak, of course...and he had to give me a bite because it was soo good. I had salmon w asparagus and rice and found every bite full of bold zesty flavor. The asparagus werent quite as freshly sauteed as i prefer but careful selection of the best pieces insured i enjoyed crispy green pieces of asparagus.
Oh and did i mention the service...never had to ask for water OR sweet tea...

We finished off with a dessert so deliciously decadent ive had dreams about it since. Some unbelievable chocolate perfection with vanilla ice cream. O. M. G.

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