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Estimated average consumption of $4.43 - $8.86 per person. We offer 97 menus, including Bacon & Egg, Sausage & Egg, Ham & Egg, Grilled Cheese, Steak & Egg, Breakfast Burrito, Short Stack and so on.
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Louis Burgers reviews

By Adelina R. at 2016-12-17

I been coming here for years and I always enjoy every single thing I order!

They serve very tasty breakfast plates (breakfast burritos are my favorite)!

The chicken salads are the bomb! Burgers and fries are also the bomb! When you really wanna indulge get the chili cheese fries!!! Fried zucchini and onion rings are also the bomb! Basically you can't go wrong with anything you order!

Best of all is that they are open until 3am!

It's best to bring cash to avoid fees for using your card!

By Michael T. at 2016-10-28

The cool thing about the Greater Los Angeles area is that there are random stand alone burger joints like this one. They all have the same general menu but the food is generally far superior to generic fast-food joints like McDonald's or Burger King.

Also, in my experience, these places generally have pretty good breakfast burritos. My knowledge of this place (and the area in general) was very limited but I wanted to test the breakfast burrito rule. It had all the hallmarks of such a place - unique signage, old-style drive thru, single location.

Well the rule turned out to be true once again. For about 5 1/2 bucks I got a huge burrito which weighed almost a pound and a half and was chock-full of scrambled eggs, sausage, potato, ham, and general awesomeness. It was way more than I should have been able to eat. In fact it was probably enough for at least three separate meals. But I finished it anyway and didn't eat for the rest of the day.

I didn't try anything else but I would say that if you are in the market for a breakfast burrito you definitely cannot go wrong getting one here!

By Ellie G. at 2016-05-01

All my YES. I love this Louis Burgers. The OG of all the Louis Burgers. So many late night shenanigans w/ the fam including getting lost in a ghetto labyrinth of dead ends/narrow alleys (cuz one time the main street to get there was closed off by the cops) just to get some of their bomba** chili cheese fries. GET EM. Only $6.summin and can feed you, ya momma, and ya baby.

...Honestly, you can just go all out and make 'em chili cheese pastrami fries. (or even buy a large side of pastrami by itself because it's bamb too). $9 summin tho. js.

GET 'EM. #noragrets. This review was supposed to be all bold because this is how i feel about this place...but it got edited by the yelp beings...

Warning: strange characters may or may not appear while you're in the drive-thru (one time there was this random old man who went up to the car and just stared through me to my soul) but that's part of the fun.

By Maurice M. at 2016-12-07

Smh just called this place to get a price on a order to make sure I have enough money to pay for the order with outgoing to the bank..which would have been a larger order for me and my coworkers here at BEST BUY but they won't even give me a price over the phone they lost.....guess we will eat else where

By C B. at 2016-12-05

Didn't get to taste their food, but didn't like the fact that nowhere near the drive thru does it say that if you use debt or credit you'll have to pay 99 cents and they'll take $20 and give you the change.

By Nataly R. at 2016-09-13

2nd time here 1st time I got a burger and fries with a burrito and the burger with fries were he best I've had in a long time!!!! Fries were a little dripping to much grease but they were amazing. Then Today I got the taco plate de Asada ! They were so yummy!!!! Can't complain about that. Next I got a quesadilla with Asada and its vey good just a little on the greasy side for me. But overall pretty darn good! Only reason I give it 5 stars it's because it's a little overly greasy for me. Will come again to try different things

By Strife O. at 2016-11-30

eye gougers. the only place i know you have to wait a long time for your food, and still be charged an arm and a leg .... for separate items. WTF

By Mar R. at 2016-12-21

By far the worst customer service ever I ordered drive thru waiting to get service. But then again the client s that they usually get are rude as well. Had to wait a bit to get my order taken cause they were a busy

By Magie d. at 2016-01-18

Everyone in Compton and surrounding cities know where to go for a good burger. They have the best chili-cheese fries I've ever had at a burger joint. Be bad, don't just go with a cheese burger, go with the bacon-avocado-cheese burger. :-D

Si vas a pecar, peca bien.

By Nostalgia X. at 2016-09-27

Terrible service. They took forever to bring my chicken strip combo out, so I went up to the counter to see if they had called my number yet. The cashier made a confused face and turned to the one of the cooks, asking for a chicken strips order. He also looked confused.
"They'll be ready soon" she lied.
So I sit back down and a few minutes later, my order is ready. The chicken was cold yet the fries were freakishly hot. How does that happen?
Never coming back here again.

By Noemi S. at 2016-11-15

This is the bombest place in town to get burgers and chili cheese fries..nothing compares to Louis....They have the best thousand island ever..Yes,over the past few years they have raised up the prices, but it is totally worth it! It is usually really packed even past I suggest you call in your order and just pick it up..and you will be in and out in no time.I live right next to it..and you bet I have it all day everyday..unless I get tired of it ,but Believe me I always come running back to it

By Rayshawn W. at 2015-06-30

This has been a go to place for burgers and fries since I was a child. I love Louis Burgers!

Like the other thousands of burger stands here in L.A...this place serves up the usually cheese burgers, fries, chili cheese fries, pastrami sandwiches, milk shakes, etc. The thing that keeps me coming back is the chili. I don't know what it is about there chili but it is damn good stuff. Not only is the flavor great but majority of the chili is pure meat which is a plus. With that being said, the chili cheese fries are my favorite here but I do switch up from time to time with a pastrami burrito or bacon cheese burger...assuming I'm not order chili cheese fries to go along with it.

Not much more to say but to say Louis is awesome.

Dinner 6/20/2015

By Hector S. at 2016-10-26

This will be my first and last visit to this burger spot. There was a line of cars in the drive thru and shortly people started coming in to the dining area. I was under the impression that the food should be wasn't. I ordered two cheese burgers and chili cheese fries to go. The burgers were DRY...even the buns were somewhat stale. Like they have been sitting there for a while. Chili cheese fries were okay.

By Rob G. at 2016-10-15

Bought a burger and chili fries and within an hour I started feeling sick. Sure enough...I've had the bubble guts since.

I've had burger fun here before but this was the first time I had the chilli...I think that was the culprit.

By Julius F. at 2016-05-23

This have always been a favorite burger stands of mines. If you haven't had the chilli fries, your missing out. One of the best ways to have them is with pastrami. The chilli is by far the best around.

The place is always Crowded.
I love that they stay open really late.

Down sides:
The customer service could be a little more friendly but they turning out orders fast.

There's always someone or multiple people in the parking lot bagging for money. I personally don't like that.

If you pay with debt. You have to pay to the next 20 dollars. I hate that... and they charge 50cebt. So if your order comes up to 16.50. They charge you 20 and give you 3dollars back. And the biggest around the building know this.

I was in the drive thru and was asked for change I said I didn't have any and I was using a card. He replied that I was going to get charge back. I go inside now ...

By Efren M. at 2016-02-01

I grew up on their burgers and fries. It's nice to see that even years after their quality has not dipped. If you can try out the chili cheese fries or carne asada tacos. Their burgers are what you would expect from a local burger place.

The only reason why I don't give it a full 5 stars is because of their drive thru. The menu is so full with items that it seems daunting to order if you're new to the place. Also the drive thru takes forever. Expect a long wait if you decide to take the drive thru. Other than that, try the place!

By David M. at 2016-07-07

Great little find. I had the breakfast burrito and it was amazingly large for just under $6 and it was extremely delicious. I will definitely stop by again and try their other good looking burgers and fries next time around!

By Hau L. at 2016-10-15

Was driving around at night when I saw this little joint on the corner. With a not too long drive through line at 1AM, next to Carl's Jr. and a park. I drove up, ordered a double cheese burger, fries and a drink. The cheese burger was dressed just right, the fries were fresh and the service was fast enough. Oh, they have mexican food as well.

By T A. at 2016-10-07

I love this place!! It's definitely Compton 's finest. Everything is good, I've never had an item that I didn't like!!

By Ominy Karess J. at 2016-05-14

I don't care how much of a food snob I become.

A chili cheese fries (easy chili) with a strawberry soda from here will ALWAYS have a special place in my heart and belly. as will fried zucchini. as will pastrami anything. my God the pastrami.

Been coming here since I was like 7 and will keep coming every time I visit fam in the city.

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