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Magic Wok

Magic Wok
  • Street 2044 Atwood Ave
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53704
  • Telphone (608) 244-7869
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Magic Wok introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.84 - $17.68 per person. We offer 164 menus, including Can Soda, 1 Egg Roll, 2 Vegetable Spring Roll, 8 Crab Rangoon, 6 Steam Dumplings, 6 Fried Dumplings, 6 Fried Chicken Wings and so on.
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Magic Wok reviews

By Hannah P. at 2016-10-12

I've tried a few Chinese places in Madison until I found the one I liked, Double 10. I was sad to hear Double 10 closed recently, so I had to search for a new place to go. This place had decent reviews on Yelp so I decided to give it a try. The only downside to this place was that it's a 20 minute drive from my place.

They have an online ordering website for easy ordering, except they have a small fee for processing your order online (lame!). So what did I do? I called them instead and it didn't cost me a thing. They are quick! They said my order would be ready in 10 minutes. We came half an hour before they closed and they had everything set to go for us.

We ordered the Chef Special #1: sizzling pork belly with red chili in black bean sauce. Chef Special #10: walnut shrimp. Vegetarian 200: Szechuan style green beans.

The sizzling pork belly was something new for the both of us and we were pleasantly surprised with how good it was coming in with only the thought that it sounded good. Thank goodness we chose right! It's something we order over and over again each time we go back, and we also ask for it to be made extra spicy. The walnut shrimp was also really really good, except we were really really sad at how small the portion was. It left us wanting more. Finally, the Szechuan style green beans were absolutely awesome! We also asked for these to be made extra spicy, just the way we like it. The green beans were still crunchy and not soggy and soft. The Szechuan sauce is fantastic.

All in all, this is the best Chinese place that we have found in Madison so far. We make that effort to drive the 20 minutes to pick up the food here and it's so worth it.

During later visits, we have ordered General Tso's chicken, eggplant with hot garlic sauce, and double woked pork belly, to name a few. Everything is delicious!

By Chelsey T. at 2016-08-06

Better than your average China Town/Kitchen take out, but not 5 star dining.

The chicken egg rolls didn't feel home-made to me (fairly generic) and the crab rangoon contained a small amount of filling (lots of cream cheese with barely any crab).

The shrimp lo mein was definitely better than average with very little grease and a nice amount of shrimp. The general tso's chicken was spicier than most I've had. The chicken was good quality. The breading was quite crispy, which I liked.

Overall service was good and prompt. Would visit again.

By Amanda B. at 2016-12-11

Chinese food exactly how you would expect it. Tonight, for 2, we ordered spring rolls, crab rangoons and the seafood special. All were great. I really enjoyed the vegetables in our main dish. These two apps and the entree was just the right amount of food. Delivery did take a little over an hour to be delivered on a Sunday night. I would order here again.

By Ami R. at 2016-06-10

Here I am back again two years later. I eat here sporadically ( so many options) and I feel compelled to update my review.

The last two times I visited Magic Wok I found the food and service to be superlative. Crispy chicken egg roll, Mongolian chicken, Stir fried, pan fried noodles, hot and spicy vegetables and oh, those amazing Szechuan green beans! I am also a fan of their vegetarian hot and sour soup. Each dish has a personality of its own. Servings are generous and the waitress has a great memory as to what we eat and how we like it... Medium hot, no MSG, mustard with the egg roll.

The restaurant is often empty or there a few folks scattered about. The take- out flies out the door and that seems to be their bread and butter. I see that the building is for sale. I hope Magic Wok will stay and that the restaurant would get a facelift. A liquor license would also increase their eat-in devotees.

Eat-in or take- out, either way you will be pleasantly surprised.

By Angie M. at 2016-12-06

Finally a delivery chinese cuisine, both, my husband and I could love! Crab Rangoon and sauce were awesome! The general tso chicken was our fave!

By James N. at 2016-12-03

This was a very good delivery choice. The general Tso was very good tasting and of good quality ingredients, but I ordered it spicy and it was not even close to spicy. Not even a little spicy. My wife order the kung pow which was much better than the general tso. It was perfectly spicy and had a great blend of ingredients. Overall the price was ok. There is certainly a lot of competition for asian delivery places in the area, so its a toss up with some of my other local favorites.

By Chris H. at 2016-11-13

We had delivery on a late Friday night and we had high hopes based on the Yelp reviews here but were pretty disappointed. Not much flavor and everything was a bit overcooked and dry. Won't be ordering again.

By Nikita L. at 2016-02-20

I usually order Asian kitchen for late night take out, but I was referred to magic wok and decided to order some nummy food for late night take out.

For this order, I got the Kung pao chicken and the triple combo lo mein (beef, chicken, and shrimp). The Kung pao was your standard nuts, chicken, and green/red bell peppers with rice. It wasn't out of this world good, but the portion for late night take out was very large. I was still eating my late night takeout for lunch and dinner the day after, which was very nice.

Likewise, the lo mein also came in a very large portion. I ended up getting more meat than noodles ( which I'm not complaining about ). The quality of the meat wasn't cheap and the steak was seared very nicely. Even so, the noodles were pretty greasy and lacked any certain flavor.

The take out delivery was prompt and way earlier than expected.

Overall, good takeout. A step above AK

By Cameron M. at 2016-06-02

Disclaimer - I'm from SF originally, so I'm pretty much a Chinse food snob. I gave up on ever finding really good Sichuan or Hunan or Hong Kong or even Mandarin food in the Midwest long ago. That said, this is pretty darned good!

I was feeling poorly and wanted some comfort food delivered. I ordered the Sichuan String Beans (spicy) and the Pork with Scallions. The food came quickly and was hot and fresh. The string beans were almost spicy, and if I had ordered "very spicy" I probably would have been satisfied. I realize that most of the Asian restaurants in Madison cater to the bland midwestern palate, so I don't blame them for that. More importantly, the beans were FRESH and CRISPY and flavorful. The Pork was also very Umami and garlicky in that greasy comfort-food way that Americanized Chinese food can be.

In sum, I wouldn't choose it over Ichiban or Zen Zen Taste for serious chinese dine-in. But the comfort food dpartment, it is first rate!

By Michelle H. at 2016-05-17

One of the more decent Chinese places that offers delivery. Food came about 35 minutes after I ordered. Their crab Rangoon did not have much filling. I ordered their beef with broccoli and General Tso's Chicken, you are able to get it mild, medium spicy. I ordered medium, could have used a little more heat to it. Both were tasty. Would likely order from them again.

By Brian J. at 2016-02-01

Only came by for take-out, it was fast,correct, parking was not a problem on this day and it is close to Players bar if you need to kill some time! The egg foo young is good! Thanks for the tip Chy.

By Natasha S. at 2016-03-31

Former Orient House team resurfaces at last! Atmosphere is under sparse, but that's good, because your food deserves your undivided attention. You should eat here right now. And come back often.

By Sha L. at 2016-08-06

I'm traveling from NY where the best new Chinese food is found in Flushing, this place didn't disappoint! I really enjoyed the hot and sour soup, shrimp lo mein. Hot and sour soup has quite a kick!

By Diane D. at 2016-08-05

We were hot, tired and hungry... Was looking for some place close, but hit the delivery button instead. We had fried potstickers, fried rice with chicken, bbq pork and shrimp and sesame tofu (our faves forever). The order arrived within 30 minutes, steaming hot, and at least $5 less than any other place!

The dumplings seem to be homemade and perfectly chewy. The filling was was very tasty and not greasy at all. There were 2 meals worth for each entrée, plenty of meat in the rice and the fried tofu was some of the best I've had in Madison. Next time we'll try dining in and maybe at lunchtime. Definitely under-rated, especially for the $5/serving.

By Sarajane L. at 2014-12-06

Confession: I am most likely to seek out Chinese food when I'm sick, or feel sickness coming on. So today was the perfect day to try a new place.

I was the only customer at 3:45 pm, and was warmly welcomed. I ordered at the counter, but decided to eat in. I used the restroom (basic but clean, with really nice smelling hand soap) and my food was ready when I came out, moments later. I was invited/instructed to take a seat at a table in the raised front window area, which was perfect.

I first noticed that the hot and sour soup (my cure-all) was served in a real Pyrex/glass bowl, not plastic. Yes!!! It was piping hot and full of very silky strips of tofu, homemade? Not a lot of mushrooms, and light on the vinegar flavor, but full of egg shreds, julienned carrots and plenty of heat from spices. They don't have shrimp or pork egg rolls, only chicken or plain veggie. I got one order of each and they were done perfectly, not greasy, with a nice crunch. I would describe the flavors of everything as comfort food. Nothing too original or interesting, but very enjoyable and soothing. I preferred the veggie roll to the chicken, just my personal preference. The next table's food smelled heavenly when it arrived, I'll get a meal next time I come.

It was plenty warm enough inside on a gray cold day, with a dimly pleasant lighting level and nondescript instrumental background music at a comfortable volume. The interior is basic diner, with a few Chinese items thrown in so you know where you are. A huge red statue of Buddha at the entry is a fun touch. Random, but I really liked the front door. It's clearly original to this historic Atwood building, antique with the patina of age and so many thousands of hands opening it over the years...

The waitress checked in unobtrusively to see if everything was OK at the right time, and it was. My dishes were removed promptly and politely as I finished with them.

Six bucks and change before tip, and I left full, warmed, and feeling better. Can't ask for much more.

By Benjamin T. at 2016-01-27

One of the best Chinese places in Madison!

The Gen TSO chicken is amazing.
House fried rice is different and delicious.
Chicken Lo Mein is also very good!

By Steven W. at 2016-01-08

I've eaten here 6 times, including one time with 7 friends and have been very pleased, as were my friends. I would say this, along with Double 10, are the 2 best Chinese restaurants in Madison and I've eaten at most of them.

They seem to do a lot of take out but they have never been busy when I've been there. This is definitely a great, local restaurant that deserves your support!

By Bridget C. at 2016-01-23

Tried Magic Wok again, and I decided to upgrade my review. We got delivery this time, and it arrived quickly and very hot.

The Hot and Spicy Lamb was the standout. It was delicious, with tons of veggies (mushrooms, onions, green peppers, carrots, and jalapeños) and lamb in a flavorful, spicy sauce.

The Eggplant in Hot Garlic Sauce was also great. Lots of sauce, and not deep fried, which I appreciate.

Beef and Green Peppers in Black Bean Sauce was pretty standard. Again, I appreciated the generous amount of veggies. The Hot and Sour Soup was also pretty average, but seemed homemade and not gloopy with corn starch.

The Crab Rangoons were awesome again, with really good sweet & sour sauce. All-in-all, lots of food for the price, and most of it really tasty. I'm teetering between 3 & 4 stars.

By Amanda G. at 2016-04-30

This is possibly the best Chinese food in Madison. The produce tastes like it just came out of the garden, and the dishes are freshly made. I'm in a bit of a food coma so I can't accurately describe the deliciousness, but do your taste buds a favor and eat here.

By Sarah W. at 2015-08-22

This is the best Chinese I've had in Madison so far. The food can be a bit salty but that's par for the course with most Chinese food. We usually order egg rolls or crab rangoons as appetizers. We've had the general Tso's chicken, moo shu chicken, lo mein, fried rice and chicken with cashew. All are made well. I especially like the Double Woked pork belly and the Stir Fried Pan Fried Egg Noodles. Some of the other Chef's specials look good as well but we haven't gotten a chance to check them out yet. The prices here are not as cheap as some of Madison's other Chinese restaurants but the quality definitely is high. We've never sat down in the restaurant to eat but I've gone in to pick up the food a lot and the staff is very friendly. One of the women even remembered me by what I usually order. They also deliver for a small fee. I definitely recommend this place.

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