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  • Street 5506 S Lake Park Ave
  • City Chicago
  • Region Illinois
  • Postcode 60615
  • Telphone (773) 955-7680
  • Opentime Mon-Wed: 10am-11pm Thu-Sat: 11am-11pm Sun: 11am-
  • Raging (136)
  • Website
  • Cuisine American, Mexican
Maravillas introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.77 - $13.54 per person. We offer 161 menus, including Huevos Con Chorizo, Huevos A La Mexicana, Huevos Rancheros, Huevos Con Jamon, Huevos Al Albanil, Huevos Maravillas, Chilaquiles and so on.
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Maravillas reviews

By Mel D. at 2016-09-17

I love this place. I have been coming here for years. Everything is good especially the guacamole which is important to me. I usually get the shrimp fajita dinner. My guy had a chicken and steak fajita combo. They were both super delicious. We couldn't really decide on what we wanted to drink and the bartender came over, made suggestions and ended up making us a speciality drink that was amazing. Friendly laid back atmosphere. Kid friendly too.

By Brittany T. at 2016-09-17

This place sucks for the following reasons :
1. When me and my coworker were trying to order, the guy who claims he was the manager when it came time to complain, Walked away from our table mid order.
2. He was also very short when my coworker was trying to find out about ingredients, and he didn't even take our order.
3. Don't get the chicken, and the rice it was nothing to write home about.
4 there was an issue with the food, took a few bites of the chicken, and felt nauseous like it had a very crazy taste. The manager guy at driest told us that he could make us something new but we would still have to pay for the gross chicken burrito. Olympic when we said that we would leave a bad review did he change his mind.
5. When we got our bill, there was an 18% gratuity added to both our bills. UMM no, there was only 2 of us at that table, while they took it off, I will never be back.

By Martha R. at 2016-12-04

This is my second time here. I enjoyed a steak burrito the first time, so I went back for another. This time around, the service was piss poor. My order was wrong, and he said that I was lying about what I asked for on my burrito. When it did get fixed, I took a bite, and it was still wrong. Once I took a bite, I bit into something hard, and it was a staple. Do NOT eat here!

By Juli A. at 2015-12-23

I've been here a number of times and never experienced a problem. There's never a shortage of dine in, takeaway and delivery customers keeping the staff busy. Nonetheless, service is always quick and courteous. Portions are generous and everything I've tried has been really well prepared. Highly recommend their carne asada and al pastor - the tostadas are piled high with meat and balanced toppings for just the right amount of warm, cool and crisp texture.

As far as some of the comments are concerned, if you're biggest problem is that you can't get buzzed off of two margaritas, that's not really a poor reflection of the restaurant itself. As far as guacamole portions are concerned, many places charge market price, as if it was lobster or steak - the price of avocados fluctuate from day to day, which is likely reflected in portion sizes.

By AB G. at 2016-10-06

How should I start? Super expensive, food taste old. Never ordering food again. Torta de hamon dinner $18 dollars. Are you serious?

By Linmayu A. at 2016-06-22

I always order carryout here as the restaurant itself has a weird vibe, I've never felt the desire to eat in even though the place is attractive enough and the staff are nice enough.

Yeah, the prices are a bit high but I usually get 2-4 meals out of a dinner order, depending on what it is. The chicken tacos, sopes, and enchiladas are all delicious, I like their beans and rice too. Spiciness level is enough to keep this Indian girl happy, without burning off all my taste buds. Overall, it's par for the course for Hyde Park: not the best food you've ever eaten, but good enough to go back. Well, at least for me with my iron stomach. If you're prone to foodborne illnesses, might be better to go elsewhere, per some other reviews.

By Jerrita W. at 2016-10-04

This place use to be great they changed management some time ago & now have the worse customer service ever & they could care less about losing cutomers. The cashiers are all rude & they now have all these new rules. Food is good but I will never spend another dime in this place.

By Patrick A. at 2016-01-17

What a change several years can make. I was a big fan of Maravillas back in its divey hole in the wall days, so it's weird to see that the decor and the prices have gone a bit upscale when the food has pretty much stayed the same. It's still the best horchata in Hyde Park, but at what cost, my friend? At what cost?

By T Yvette H. at 2016-04-06

After my 3rd visit, I will NEVER go back to this restaurant. I am just leaving the emergency room after eating at this place. Almost immediately after having the Birria I was ill; vomiting and diarrhea for 6 whole hours. Stay away from this restaurant

By Celena C. at 2016-05-05

I've been frequenting Maravillas for 20 years, since my high school days. My family loves the food, but the portions have remained the same and sometimes smaller, while the prices have increased significantly. My favorite meals are the shrimp fajitas and chicken a la mexicana. It costs over $30 just for 2 meals now! That's absurd! Although the newer restaurant is a nice, clean, welcoming environment, we don't go often anymore. I'd prefer Chipotle, where I know what I'm getting, it's delicious and the prices are reasonable.

By Andrew C. at 2016-09-14

Prices are too high for what you're getting. Many of my friends and I have had issues with food quality here and I probably wouldn't come here if you have a weak stomach. Skip this place for some cheaper tacos in Pilsen instead; better quality and lower prices are sorely needed here.

By Tracy L. at 2016-03-15

The Carne was very good. I LOVED the Pico!!!! I will come back just for this. So hot it burned my tongue. The salsas were mild, probably for people who aren't familiar with Chicago's Mexican food scene. It's a nice clean place and we enjoyed our dinner. The tortillas were right on, authentic sized and probably handmade. We didn't sit in the bar area so I can't tell you about that, but the dining area nice.

By Deja E. at 2016-04-23

This place use to be pretty good about a 2 years ago but the quality has been less than great. The prices have inflated like crazy and the literally charge for EVERYTHING! There are much better restaurants in the area them at are priced more reasonably.

By Ian L. at 2015-02-03

Value for money: 3
Food: 3
Service: 2

Order wisely at this place; I ordered 2 of the lengua tacos and they were really delicious, well-seasoned tongue with the grilled juices complementing the taco. Taco's themselves were not impressive though, chewy and relegated to the forgotten heap of memory.

The guac was extremely stingy even for $5, it was tiny.

At least the maravilla special (tastes like a fruity pina colada) was decent, but at $8 is not a steal. It's pretty weak too, providing less buzz than a regular beer.

By Asenath N. at 2014-12-29

Came to dinner with one of my friends here and I was not impressed. The place is old and was just not inviting. The food was just ok. The salsa was spicy which I liked. The service was slow. Took forever to get our drink order and to get it. After we were done eating it was another 30 mins before we got the bill. I don't plan to go back.

By Harold B. at 2015-05-19

Definitely a cool, lowkey spot to eat delicious Mexican food. Nothing extravagant about the place on the inside at all. The motif is definitely "minimal and get the job done"! Great for folks that want the company and good food minus any pretensions. Also a plus that there's a bar with televisions where you can listen to a game, on request.

The portions are hearty enough. Most likely, a to-go box will be required. Added plus qus that its not bad as a reheated leftover! The prices work and greatly works when on a budget or in between paychecks. All in all, nit much to be worried about when dining here.

By E W. at 2015-05-05

Your prices have spun completely and totally out of control, yo! With no visible improvements or changes. I get it: you know that I know that you know you have a monopoly on Mexican food in HP. But really doe? $14 for three tacos, beans and rice? Not cool. Then skimping on chips and salsa on top of that?

By Niques P. at 2015-10-13

Every time I come here my experience gets worse and worse and I loooooove Mexican food..... The other day I sat and drank 2 margaritas and theyyyyy sucked I mean come on now who orders margaritas at an authentic Mexican restaurant and don't even get buzzed????? I'm over it ...... Go to pepes around the corner I promise u u will get the better bang for buck I'm talking quality and quantity. But wha kills me is that it's one of the very few Mexican restaurants in Hyde park and it has the potential to do soooo much more business...... The owner needs a little advice he obviously doesnt gave the same vision as his customers because instead of leading ppl in he's scaring them away

By Dianta T. at 2016-02-27

Came here and I wasn't too impressed. I had the chicken taco dinner. The chicken had good flavor. The salsa they give you was spicy but had no flavor. The frozen strawberry margarita had no flavor but the lime margarita on the rocks was good. The waiter came & took my empty glass then brought back the check. He didn't ask if I wanted anything else. I found that to be rude. I probably won't be going back.

By Natalia C. at 2016-04-07

Food Poisoning Twice!. I've ordered delivery from them about 3 times mainly because it's the only Mexican food restaurant that delivers in Hyde park. On two occasions I ordered steak- First time steak burrito and second time , last night, I ordered their steak fajitas --- BOTH times I got terribly sick to my stomach- bad food poisoning!!! The first time I ordered from there I wasn't too impressed , meaning the food I ordered wasn't as good as the price I paid for it. This place is way too pricey for being standard traditional Mexican food. I get way better food (without being sick) at cheaper prices in Pilsen or even the downtown loop ! But nonetheless I ordered from there a second time and got bad food poisoning- I gave it an honest third chance, a few months after that incident, that perhaps when I got sick it was a fluke? NOPE! I got sick AGAIN off eating their steak! And this was months later so this tells me they do not follow best practices in restaurant food storage and hygiene! Worth noting . stay Away!!!!!!!!

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