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Estimated average consumption of $8.38 - $16.76 per person. We offer 69 menus, including Special #1, Special #2, Special #3, Special #4, Special #5, Special #6, Special #7 and so on.
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Mario's Original reviews

By Sean C. at 2016-11-20

I think that the reviewers leaving negative comments are people who think that corporate chain pizza (e.g. Dominos, Papa Johns) is the apex of pizza-making art. They're probably not happy because the crust at Mario's Original is thin, the sauce actually has flavor, and the cheese isn't laid on like a thick, gluey-rubbery blanket. If that's what you like, you won't like Mario's pizza.

On the other hand, if you like pizza that actually tastes like pizza, you'll love Marios. I've had pizza from just about every place that'll deliver to Roland Park and nearly every pizza joint in Hampden, and nothing comes close to Mario's Original pizza. Delivery almost always arrives faster than the estimate (I usually use OrderUp, although you can order directly from Mario's web site) and when it arrives, it always knocks my socks off, whether it's just plain cheese or the topping-laden Godfather (my favorite). Great, great pizza and definitely on-par with some of the other best pizza places in Baltimore (Two Boots, Joe Squared, etc.).

By Timothy D. at 2016-10-02

The godfather pizza is tasteless. The chicken wing are pretty good, steak sub too wet, but i will try something else.

By Jonathan P. at 2015-11-01

Despite the great reviews, I'd have to say I'm not a fan of their pizza. I ordered the godfather pizza. The onions were not caramelized. They were thrown on the pizza before it went in the oven along with the peppers. It would have been nice if they were at least sautéed. The cheese tasted low-quality. It didn't taste good the next day. Maybe I came on an off day, but I probably won't be back.

By Bob G. at 2016-08-27

Mario must have had his fingers in the salt cellar a little too often when making up this sauce. That and a lifeless, frozen pizza-tasting crust make this place a poor choice.

By Andrew G. at 2016-06-27

Service was great. Young lady behind the counter was very professional and polite. Ordered a large meat lovers...was excellent. Came up from Canton to eat as I was looking for a NY style pizza. Very clean. Check out the comic book store next door when you're waiting for your dine-in.

By Sheryl T. at 2015-07-11

This is some of the best pizza that I've had in a very long time! Plus the convenience of online ordering is superb! The food is delivered quick and it's always fresh! The delivery drivers are very nice, professional and courteous! Maybe one day I will go to Mario's and get the entire experience to include some Italian ice!

Now, I love wings...I was kind of disappointed that I didn't order any last night. But the wings here are scrumptious! They are not small at all. They have lots of meat and are loaded with tons of flavor. Only thing is I wish they gave more sauce for dipping. This will be my go to place until my Baltimore days are over! Wish they were open now because I would def order some buffalo wings with blue cheese dressing!

By Linda R. at 2016-06-07

Now I had to really think about giving this restaurant a good review. I had placed my order at 4:30pm for a future pick up of 7:00pm. As I'm pulling up at 7pm I was told that the fax machine was out of paper and that they did not receive my order. I was told the wait would be 5-10 minutes. I waited until 7:20 before getting very frustrated with the service. I waited 20 mintues for an order that should have been ready at 7pm!

I immediately got up, very upset and ready for voice my frustration. The owner was very kind and diffused the situation immediately. He was extremely courteous and explained the situation very well. I had come the day before and food was superb. Although I was upset the customer service was excellent and the food was splendid!

I recommend calling to make sure your food is ready before you pick up to avoid any waits. Aside from the excess wait everything else was perfect.

By John T. at 2016-04-09

Ordered a pizza with capicola. Showed up 20 minutes late, cold, with slices of regular ham.

Disgusting. I've never had service this bad. And I can't even call them to complain because no one is answering the phones. Busy night or not, this is unacceptable.

Be very careful ordering from here.

EDIT: Got in touch with the manager and he was cool about it. Refunded the cost of the pizza, so they do take responsibility.

By Kevin B. at 2016-06-01

Don't order delivery from this place using Eat 24. Though I doubt this review will be seen because Yelp is in business with these restaurants now. I ordered from this place and received a confirmation via the eat24 app and email that my order has been recieved. After waiting and hour and 15 minutes I messaged Eat 34 who assured me they had talked to the driver and the food would arrive in 5-10 minutes. Of course that never happened. I messaged them again and they told me that driver was probably lying and that they would refund my money. That's all well and good but I'm still hungry. I dont know who Marios has working for them but either they or Eat 24 has some dishonest people working for them.

By Nick C. at 2016-04-20

Awesome Pizza shop with great New York style pizza. I picked up a salad and pizza the first day we lived in the neighborhood. When I called to place the order, they were the nicest folks at a restaurant I have ever talked to. When I picked up, they were again the nicest folks. Ben seemed to be the manager, and his father is the Mario who started it all.

The pizza was very good; New York style so large slices with a soft dough, but not too soft. At first I thought the crust was a little dark like it had been overcooked, but it was absolutely perfect. Sauce was not too sweet like the chains. Mushrooms seemed like good quality mushrooms. Salad was great; only slight negative was their "house" italian dressing did not seem homemade, but it was very good nonetheless.

By Rachel O. at 2016-05-14

Just moved to the area and I am very pleased with Marios pizza. Definitely my new go-to

By Caliabe H. at 2016-04-10

Food arrived quickly and was hot and fresh. Wings were delicious. Pizza interestingly different. Loved it. Great experience. Will definitely return.

By Kelli E. at 2016-09-06

Nice delivery of pizza, much better than the chains around

By Don C. at 2016-09-02

I'm a contractor and recently placed a large order of pizzas and subs for the guys on the job. The order was delivered within 50 minutes. The food was hot and very good. I would definitely use them again.

By Busta N. at 2015-08-10

Amazing pizza & calzones!! I'm very picky w/ calzones, this place does it right (ricotta & sauce on the side). The sauce is amazing, it's not the same old pizza sauce every pizza shop has. I eat here at least once a week, sometimes twice.
Friendly staff, fast & very clean.

By T T. at 2016-08-11

I can't say enough great things about Mario's! Sure the pizza is scrumptious but in a city filled with decent pizza joints what makes Mario's stand out for me is the exceptional service and staff! Seriously the best!!

By Tony R. at 2016-03-17

Ordered subs to go. Subs were good, but the fries were chewy. Also ordered the subs with raw onions and they decided to fry them. A little disappointed considering the price.

By Rudae K. at 2015-08-30

Super quick delivery! Courteous delivery man, decent pricing and the food was good. I will be ordering from Marios again!

By Derek M. at 2015-07-17

I have ordered a lot from here but have not done a review. I have had 1 from every part of the menu. The fries honestly nothing special just regular fries. The cheesesteak sub was delicious. I would say my only grip with it is that I wish the condiments were not top keep losing the tomatoes. The Calzone (meat) was filled with enough to get your money worth. Finally the pizza (cheese) was ok for me the dough was a bit under cooked. The 4 stars is due to everything the pizza and calzone being made from scratch.

By Mario P. at 2016-04-21

Went here because my name is also Mario order Italian ice and pizza. Both turned out to be pretty good.

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