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Mason Jar Restaurant & Cafe
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Estimated average consumption of $9.82 - $19.64 per person. We offer 97 menus, including Soft Drink, Fresh Brewed Coffee, Iced Tea, Cold Thick Shake, Lemon Lime, Flavored Hot Tea, IBC Root Beer and so on.
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Mason Jar Restaurant & Cafe reviews

By Camila G. at 2016-08-24

Whyyyyyy did I not come here sooner !!!??? So I drive by this place almost daily. One of my closest friends always recommend it- but I just never came. I can say that I was missing out !

I got here around 1:00 and there was no wait. Brunch and bottomless (12 bucks) mimosas ended at 3:00 pm so that was enough time. The place is so cozy and quaint. They have a regular menu as well as the brunch menu. I stuck the the brunch menu. From the beginning our waiter Fransisco, who btw was BOMB, was super attentive.

For the food, WOW. I ordered a sirloin eggs Benedict- I'm super picky when it comes to steak but boy was that amazingly cook to perfection with the right amount of juiciness!! My boyfriend ordered the chicken fried steak- trust me, one of the best chicken fried steaks out there. Not too much batter, right amount of thickness to the steak, perfect pepper gravy. The mimsosas had me feeling beyond a slight buzz that I was aiming for. Ha, especially wanting to go work after brunch. Perfect orange juice to Champagne ratio!

Fransisco kept the refills coming, my water was never empty. Fransisco was great. Food was adorable. With tip, for two people- 2 meals, 2 bottomless mimsosas, and tip it was close to $50!! That's cheap for the amount of food, & quality over all. I know for a fact I will choose this place over a bougie place, with a ridiculous line-mediocre mimosas-overpriced food, for brunch. :D

By Natalie M. at 2016-12-22

This is in my top five of the worst meals I ever had! Took 1/2 hour for our food to come then when I tried to cut my Prime Rib the knife would barely cut through the meat. Looked around for our waiter and he was nowhere to be found.

After desperately trying to flag down any waiter I finally caught the eye of one and told them that the meat was to tough to eat and asked if they could get our waiter.

Our waiter finally showed up..... with the bill. I explained to him about the horrible dinner and how dissatisfied my husband and I were. All we got was the most lame apology.

What a waste of $60.

By Craig R. at 2016-12-19

Fading icon should be euthanized.
When to the Jar tonight to say farewell as this place is closing at the end of year. Service n food was not what I remembered. I've been eating here since 1974 as a senior at MHS and with my family later in the 2000s.
Tonight the Cheddar Chopped Lunch was dry and not at all up to what I remember and they forgot the artichoke I ordered when I first sat down. Wife seemed to like her Hawaiian Chicken. Servers know they are out in 2 weeks and acted like it.
$45 for 2 8pm Monday night.

By John C. at 2016-12-05

Love this place. Sad to see it go by the way of Ruby Red's, Cellar Door, and Jo Macs from years ago. Lots of good meals and memories here.
One last artichoke for me.

By Teresa F. at 2016-05-19

Great place for lunch or dinner. I think the ambiance is pretty fun. They've got some old plaster animals hanging from the ceiling and tiffany style lamps... Not as crazy as it sounds, just look at the pictures. They also as you could have guessed serve their drinks in mason jars. It's cute.

I would recommend the spinach and artichoke dip for an appetizer and I most recently had the steak salad which I was extremely impressed with.

I've had the same waitress each time I've been and she was attentive and friendly. From observing the rest of the staff they all seem laid back, conversational, and attentive.

I would classify the place as a casual steakhouse. No need to get too fancy but the food and service is superb.

By Kirk D. at 2016-07-20

I was pleasantly surprised and really enjoyed my dinner. I would give them 5 stars except for 2 things:

1. Slow drink refills
2. The food is a bit overpriced

Everyone was very nice from the front door to the waitress and everyone helping out !!

The pumpernickel bread was great and the grilled pork chops were fantastic. I didn't care for the green beans
But sweet potato fries were good.

My wife liked the chicken fried steak and salad but her favorite was the iced tea.

With some small tweaks this place good become my go to.

By Brian C. at 2016-12-22

What a shame that this place has gone so far downhill. Service and food were not acceptable. The restrooms are not being maintained. There are several great restaurants nearby, and you would be better off to explore any of these.

By Mimo C. at 2016-03-23

Had an overall good experience. It was noisy and seating was off. I ordered a sandwich potato soup lunch with sweet potato fries. Pink limeade was sooo good! Soup was fantastic. Everything is buttered up and greasy, makes you wanna let loose and indulge your inner hog. :U

Update: Hit and miss, sometimes you'll get stuck with a really rude waiter who can't keep her mouth shut from nasty comments. A group next to us, they never brought the man his drink! Burger was extremely bland and fried steak was a bit sloppy..!

By Jenny H. at 2016-06-04


Used to come here a lot 25 years ago. They have the same decorations - and not in a good way.

I had a good side salad with my meal - good lettuce, tomatoes, bacon bits & onions.

I had fish and rice pilaf. The rice dish was bland and dry. The fish was over-cooked and almost rubbery.

My companion had a club-type sandwich and fries. The sandwich looked good and she said she liked it. The fries were almost cold, but good.

Service was fast and friendly.

By Kathryn H. at 2016-08-23

My fiancé and I come in here ALL the time. It's amazing. Super cozy quaint place easily accessible. It has a very laid back atmosphere but gourmet food! When you are craving a home cooked meal but don't want to cook this is the place to go. Karen is a very friendly efficient server I saw her chase a patron down because he left his phone. We will continue to come to this establishment. Five stars

By Tim B. at 2016-07-02

First time here with my girlfriend and This place is outstanding. Our server told us about an off the menu prime rib sandwich. He highly recommended it and it did not disappoint. Great atmosphere and very kind and prompt waitstaff. My girlfriend had the tilapia salad with the champagne vinaigrette. She really enjoyed it as well. Bloody Mary was on point as well.

Ask for Marvin. He'll take great care of ya.

This will now be a regular spot for me!

By Devin G. at 2016-04-29

I've come here a few times as its close to work and an easy lunch spot. The first time I came here, I was very skeptical especially once I walked in. While the ambience and design of a restaurant is key for many, disregard it here or you will miss out on good food. There are animal statues hanging from the ceiling along with ivies. Definite eclectic design.

I've only come here for lunch, so most of my choices have been from he lunch menu. The food here is good. Can't pass up the lunch combos, especially with the soup. The soups/salads are very good. I forgot the selection of soups available. I'll update this post the next time I return. I got the hamburger today with waffle fries (option of seasoned, waffle and sweet potato fries). It was good and cooked to order.

The service is always good and today was no exception. Taylor was a good waiter and offered some recommendations that my coworkers enjoyed. He was attentive and responsive to anything we needed.

By Roni B. at 2016-05-30

Great service!! The girl with the blue eyes and glasses went above and beyond!! Our first waitress had an attitude so we requested another one!! She was awesome!! The Hickory burger was the bomb!!! I would recommend that dish!!

By L M. at 2016-04-10

Cheeseburger and fries on a wheat bun was excellent.
Crisp pickles, fresh lettuce and tomatoes, perfectly med cooked.
Moist and fresh.
Ice cold beer.
Excellent service.

By Ronnie M. at 2015-10-12

I was not impressed at all. I ordered a simple burger, my two friends, a salad. The burger was greasy and lumped with cheese. I had maybe three bites before I couldn't stomach any more. The decor was quite old and "homey". The service was good though.

Maybe it was my food choice but even my friends didn't enjoy their meals. I'd normally give any place another go but they allow smoking inside and that just puts me right off any meal.

By M C. at 2016-09-24

I love the whole Artichokes.
The steaks are great as well as the rainbow trout.
Excellent Prime Rib.
Great small salads with eggs and bacon pieces.
Green beans need butter and seasoning as do the mushrooms.
The carrots have tooo much sugar added to them.

By Cohen C. at 2016-06-29

It was definitely not as good as I remember it from the late 80s and early 90s. The food was overpriced and overcooked. There was definitely something wrong with my old-fashioned. It was bright orange and had a lot of floaters in it- what looked like the membrane of an orange segment without any of the fruit or the peel. The seating area was cramped and the air was a bit stale. I ate there a lot in my youth, but this was not a pleasant dining experience. I had chicken fried steak and the meat was tough and overcooked. The mashed potatoes were not good & neither was the cream gravy. Even the artichoke was a letdown. $40 for nostalgia & a so-so meal. No thanks.

By Elissa S. at 2016-03-26

I live in the area and have drove past it hundreds of times. A friend wanted to give it a shot so I obliged. Terrible. That's the only word that comes to mind.

The decor is just weird. Fake plastic animals hanging from all of the walls and ceiling?

My waiter also obviously hated his job and should be working as a stock boy somewhere so he doesn't have to interact with the public.

The food was the worst. The best thing the 4 of us had was the chicken friend steak. It came with squash casserole that was also good if you like comfort food. I had a grilled chicken salad. It literally had 4 little strips of chicken on it. I've read other posts about the "homemade" dressings? I am pretty sure mine was hidden valley ranch. It was literally just lettuce and A piece of tomato. I asked for some other vegetables to put on it and he brought me a side of hot steamed vegetables? My other friends salad was the same was
way except she got 3 pieces of bell pepper too. $58 dollars later and I should have just went to Sweet Tomatoes.

Never. Again.

By Beth P. at 2016-02-10

We LOVE the clam chowder at the Mason Jar. It's made fresh in house and in 1984 when we started going here there was a sign that read "Clam Chowder Made Fresh Daily and when we are out, we are out until tomorrow." Well it may not be made fresh daily but the recipe has not changed and it is still good. We had a wonderful waiter and now they are A 100% SMOKE FREE ESTABLISHMENT!!! No more smoke wafting from the bar area. We also had a grilled chicken sandwich with Avacados and crispy fries that were perfect. This is an oldy but a goody and their new smoke free status will make a big difference!

By Anne S. at 2016-11-10

This place is wonderful. Absolutely wonderful. I am heartbroken they are closing. Awesome staff, terrific food. All good. Love it! Such a far superior place compared to Pappys next door. Pappys staff is wretched and lousy food. So sad they are closing. Boo.

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