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Estimated average consumption of $9.16 - $18.32 per person. We offer 135 menus, including Cha Gio (1), Cha Gio Chay (2), Goi Cuon (1), Bi Cuon (1), Pork Dumplings (4), Vegetable Dumplings (6), Banh Xep (4) and so on.
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Mekong reviews

By Amanda B. at 2016-11-19

Let me say first, this place is AMAZING for beer, craft beer, hard to find rare beer, speciality beer, seriously all beer. The fat they also have pretty darn good Vietnamese food helps but in all Honesty, you're here for the beeer.

This place gets most of its high ratings for the crazy and extensive beer selection in draft but the food does not disappoint either. It's standard fare, nothing out of the ordinary, and they do all of it well. You could probably have better food somewhere else but you would not find anywhere in Richmond or Virginia with a Better tap list.

Service can be a bit slow but this place also can get pretty darn busy at random times. The staff is friendly and inviting, engaging them can make your time spent here that much better. :)

Every time I drive by or through Richkkd, I stop here. I
Love it. It's that simple. When it comes to quick and diversified Vietnamese food, Mekong knows where it's at.

By Amy R. at 2016-11-03

The food is good, pretty typical Vietnamese cuisine. I usually go for one of the tofu dishes and it has never disappointed. The Pho definitely isn't the best in Richmond, but it's decent.

The beer is the real strong point of this place. All of those Belgian beers are amazing! You could spend an entire day in there trying them all and never get bored.

Definitely a relaxed and casual atmosphere that's great any time of the week. I will definitely continue to come back here.

By Brooke K. at 2016-09-20

I love Mekong! My husband and I go here often to meet up with friends, celebrate a special occasion, etc. The food is fantastic and relatively inexpensive. I must say though the service is so-so, you will not get that warm fuzzy feeling from your server here...they take your order, drop food off, and sometimes refill your drink.

I come back for the food and beer only.

By Daniel K. at 2016-12-21

Got takeout with my friend last night. $20 for two orders of both Chicken Broken Rice, and Rolls! I asked for extra red pepper relish and they did not skimp! I love this place! There lemongrass chicken is also pretty good!

By Kandis R. at 2016-11-29

Before moving to Philadelphia in 2013, I lived in Richmond, VA for 11 years and this was one of my much frequented haunts. I came back for the first time in almost 2 years for a visit and so I HAD to stop into Mekong before I left. I ordered from the "grill" section jasmine rice served with two pork chops, meat pie and a sunny side up egg (which I ordered well done, I know it's wrong, but...I just can't do the "runny yolk thing") along with the rocket shrimp for the appetizer. I was surprised to find that they DO actually carry Kriek, a cherry flavored beer that I discovered while visiting Belgium. The food was AMAZING as usual!!! I actually ate my food so fast that I forgot all about taking a picture, lol! The food at this place rarely, if ever disappoints. I did give it 4 stars instead of 5 due to the very slow service. Other than that, Mekong was one of the highlights of my weekend!

By Maryann D. at 2016-09-07

Ok, ok. I feel bad talking smack about Mekong in a previous post. I was comparing it to the nearby pho restaurant, Pho So, which blew me away.

My family from out-of-town was visiting and requested Mekong. I thought I would compare it to Pho So the whole time.

Instead, I was reminded why Mekong has always been one of my favorites and why I missed it when I lived in Charlotte: lively atmosphere, laid back bar scene, friendly staff, and delicious crispy spring rolls.

True, Pho So may have the better pho, but Mekong makes up for it in other ways.

By Jen S. at 2016-12-09

Amazing tap list, amazing food. Can't visit Richmond without stopping by either for lunch or dinner. Love this place. Amazing food and great service.

By Stewart V. at 2016-11-29

We visited Mekong for Ericas birthday party and we were not impressed. Im not a beer lover but I love Vietnamese food. Im not really sure sure why people like this place so much as I didnt care for the food, or service. Reservations were made for 30 people and there was not enough room to accomodate without being packed in like sardines. When my brother grabbed another table to bring over the surly waiter stopped us called over a manager. They argued for a bit and finally allowed it. The staff seemed overwhelmed, disorganized and annoyed. My wife felt uncomfortable asking for utensils to eat, so I went and got them. We ordered beef and rice dish the waitress recommended. The food was ok but not as good as the other vietnamese places I have had in Richmond or Vietnam. After the crappy service and mediocre food, paying was ridiculous. They wouldn't give seperate checks or any check at all. You had to go up to a register individually and let her know what you ate. The line was 20 deep and took forever. I felt like I was Black Friday shopping. Im surprised they are still in business working like this. With the mass confusion you can easily walk out and not pay.

By Chelsea M. at 2015-11-07

This place is a must stop in Richmond. Not only is the pho out of this world, but the mead is fantastic.

I ordered the fat rice noodles in chicken broth. My noodles were cooked perfectly, and my veggies were crisp as they should be. The seafood in my pho was real crab meat, not the imitation crap. My shrimp had tail heads on it, but that was fine.

If you drink mead this is a great place for you. I had the Good Morning Mekong mead. It was not overly sweet. Usually I like mead sweet, but this awesome. There were notes of a spicy nature that only be found in Vietnamese cuisine. This was brewed here.

The staff is kind and loves soccer.

The bathroom is very very clean. The soap smelled good and the stalls had extra privacy on the doors. I love good food. I love clean bathrooms even more.

By Connie C. at 2016-10-31

Food was decent. The beef in the beef and vegetables was a bit hard to chew through. The staff was not very friendly and ignored us most of the night (I think it's because we're Asian-they were nicer to non-Asians). I sat at a table for two and the table was a bit small and too crowded for our dishes. Overall, I didn't feel welcomed which hindered my dining experience.

By Greg M. at 2016-11-22

Walked in to find the bar area full of hip looking waiters and staff playing Snapchat on their phones. After being seated our table was not even offered drinks after 5 minutes. Attempting to flag down a waiter was returned with blank stares. Extremely disappointed given the reputation. Walked out slowly with enough time for someone to come over but walked past same 3 hipster waiters still engrossed on their phones.

By Holly G. at 2016-04-03

Great selection of beer, not so great service. Our table ordered six rounds of dumplings (4 come on each plate). They were good, but nothing amazing. Since service was slow, we only ordered two beers. We came Saturday around 3:30 and it wasn't very busy. One beer we ordered wasn't even a full pour. More like they took it from someone else's table after they were 1/4 of the way through it. Went over to The Answer after and had a much better experience overall. I recommend just going straight there to eat and drink.

By Tommy B. at 2016-01-17

I don't really get the hype this place has. It is quite good, but I guess as a person who doesn't really drink alcohol, it doesn't do much for me. The food is pretty good, but I guess I'm more a fan of Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Thai food. I believe this place is Vietnamese, so their menu is a lot more vegetable heavy. I'm not really a big fan of Pho either, what this place is explicitly known for.

I had the spring rolls and their answer to orange chicken with jasmine rice. Both were quite good, but not exceptional.

If you like beer, this is your spot. They claim to have over 100 beers on tap, with even more in bottles. If you like Pho, this is your spot. I'm told it's quite good. As for me, I'll just stick to eating greasy lo mein and beef with brocoli from Fu Jian. B

By David L. at 2016-09-06

I started off with the crispy spring rolls. Maybe because I was really craving for these and pho, I thought it was better than any other Vietnamese restaurants. The service was great and the waiter kept checking on us to see how we were doing. Finally, the pho came out and I was really excited. I tasted the broth and it tasted really like dried rice(nuulungji)... it may have been because I chose to take out the cilantro and scallions. This was my mistake so I can't really blame the restaurant! But make sure even if you dislike the veggies, still get them for the better taste of broth!

By Nicki P. at 2016-08-13

This place is THE ANswer! Awesome beer selection! HUGE menu full of delicious authentic Vietnamese food! Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. Once you're done here - check out Answer Brewing!

By Lizzy H. at 2016-01-24

The rumors are NOT TRUE:

I've heard alot of hype about this place so I had it in on go to list for awhile. I went for my friends Bday dinner which was the perfect place simce it could accommodate a large crowd .

Food wise I dont really get what the hype is about . We got the appetizer sample which had a variety of (FRIED items) which made it very greasy. The dipping sauces that came with was a chili sauce & peanut sauce both were very watery & had no flavor. All you need to know is the food is overpriced and you dont get much , Peter Changs is your best bet on food.The rest of our party agreed that the food wasnt anything special even with the large menu . As far as the beer selection it is very vast like the menu . They have a variety of local beers and really anything that would fit your pallet. I like how the beer menu was organized and easy to find what you would like.

Overall I wouldn't recommend this place if you wanna eat its overrated but the beer selection was good and the staff were very nice. If you cant find parking go to the back. When your done eating all you gotta do is go upfront to pay . I am glad I tried to this place to say I did but I dont think I would be back unless its for a quick drink.

By Ian P. at 2016-06-29

So, we arrive at Mekong just before 10:00pm on a Tuesday night (last night). We hadn't eaten dinner yet and were starving, but the kitchen was closing down so we said we would try to find another place. We asked a man outside walking by carrying some kegs if he knew of a good place to eat nearby. We told him that we had planned to eat at Mekong, and my friend mentioned how this was her favorite restaurant in Richmond and how she had been coming here with her family for years.

Long story short - the wonderful hero of man who we met outside brought us inside, cooked us an amazing dinner (after the kitchen had closed), poured us some fantastic tasting beer, and then brought us next door to top off the night with a brewery tour and more tastings of the best microbrews I have tasted in Virginia. The evening took a major turn for the best and we owe it all to our host. You are the mAN.

By Hunter E. at 2016-12-08

Amazing place that continues to impress. Quy and T keep me updated on all the new brews.

By Katie B. at 2015-05-17

Tony A. is definitely correct in saying Mekong is for beer lovers. They probably have one of the most unique beer selections in Richmond which is saying A LOT. I also respect that Mekong has ALWAYS had this amazing beer menu. They didn't adapt with the trend like other restaurants.

It's important to note that in addition to the beer they also have REALLY fun mixed drink selections. Don't miss your chance to order THE VOLCANO. It comes in a bowl with a volcano in the middle and they light it on fire! If you finish it alone, you might fall out so make sure to share! If it's your birthday, ask for the birthday beet. It's a HUGE glass boot filled with beer. Doesn't get much better than that!

I definitely enjoy the food at Mekong as well. I've never had anything that I didn't like but agree with some of the other reviewers describing it as "ok". On this visit I got what I would describe as chicken and vegetables in a light brown sauce. The menu has authentic names so I couldn't begin to guess the name of my dish. I would also like to note that I've always found this restaurant extremely affordable! In my opinion, Mekong is the fun zone of Vietnamese cuisine in Richmond. (I even started my bachelorette party here).

By Earl C. at 2015-12-29

I've heard good things about this place and decided to check it out. This place was amazing! I wish they had something like this in Michigan! Beer and Vietnamese food, great combination! The pho was great, but I'm still deciding which is better, here or the pho restaurant down the street (?) Can't complain though, if you're in need of a fix-me-up, I would definitely come here for the great food and beer. I'd love to visit this place when I'm in the area. See you until then!

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