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Mi Racherito

Mi Racherito
Mi Racherito introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.51 - $11.02 per person. We offer 120 menus, including Taco, Enchilada Cheese, Enchilada Meat, Chile Relleno, Beef Tamale, Rice & Beans, Taco De Carnitas and so on.
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Mi Racherito reviews

By Davo W. at 2015-08-06

Lots of large, happy families there.
Service was nice.
Don't expect authentic mexican flavors though.
Tacos have no taste. Just roast beef and lettuce.
Go for the enchilada instead. The meat in there has sauce.

By Nicholas D. at 2014-09-12

I went to this place out of necessity. Next time I'll just go hungry. Everything was obviously right out of the freezer. Except the refried beans and salsa, those were clearly from a can. Tortilla chips were stale. The wait staff were nice when they took a minute away from their phones. A 10 year old boy was running the register. I cannot in good conscience recommend this place on any level.

By Rick S. at 2014-04-06

I went here on a recommendation of it being really good... After placing my order it took what seemed like too long... Just as I was about to aske the status of my order a girl asked me "you ordered the #11?" I answered "yes" she said she'g go get it.. when she placed the plate down I noticed right off the plast was NOT hot like all the oither mexican extablishments. I could see the cheese was not stringly but had been sitting for several minutes.. at first bite it was horrible.. the food was not even warm.. it was room temp. and I knew it had been sitting for who knows how long... I could not finish it.. whenI went to pay I told the girl that I was very dissapointed and the food was NOT hot.. all she said was "sorry" she seemed to not care at all.. I will not go here again...

By Emma P. at 2011-03-29

The springs in the booth hurt my tush.
The food was slathered in cheese and no name sauce (the server did not know what was in it.)
And also, the lady at the next table claimed that I was her long lost sister ("What a miracle that we ended up at the same restaurant!")

On the other hand, they were very impressed that we made it that far into town. Everyone else goes to JR Mickelsons!

By Laura J. at 2012-09-26

I actually liked this restaurant. Emily was right though, the springs hurt my tush too!

I do not know Mexican food very well and so asked the server about tostado and something else. She told me, and I went for it. No problem. Free chips and salsa and a pitcher of water on the table. Nice!

The food was good and quick, very tasty. Total dinner for one was under $9.50 (including tip!) I figure with the chips and all the food, I had to bring some back to the motel across the street.

It was timely and tasty, for an extremely small town, not bad.

By Jon W. at 2012-05-26

Worst service ever in Utah!!!!! Food was ok, not great... I where the only ones at first in the place. 10 min after we arrived, several other families started to file in... It took 20 min to prepare and serve 2/3 dinners. The 3rd dinner, my 21 month old's food took 40 mins from the time I ordered all 3 meals until it was brought to our table. My daughter ate btwn my plate and my wifes plate. Now lets talk about my wife's plate. It was suppose to come with rice and beans with sour cream. We got rice, but no beans and sour cream. We requested that they finish the order and bring out the beans and sour cream. over a hr went by without recieving the beans and sour cream!!!! So I dropped money only for the meals and left without a tipping the crappy service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WILL NEVER GO BACK TO THIS PLACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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