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Mirch Masala

Mirch Masala
  • Street 449 State St
  • City Madison
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53703
  • Telphone (608) 442-7293
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Mirch Masala introduction
Estimated average consumption of $10.55 - $21.1 per person. We offer 135 menus, including 12 oz. Can Soda, Bottle Water, 16 oz. Bottle Arizona Green Tea, Mussels, Crispy Shrimp Pakora, Chicken Pakora, Fish Pakora and so on.
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Mirch Masala reviews

By Albina O. at 2016-11-05

Good, authentic Indian food. Wide selection of dishes to satisfy the herbivores, omnivories, and carnivores.

Tip: They have a 5-level spiciness rating system. Unless you comfortably cook with ghost peppers as an ingredient, order one level down (less spicy) than what you think you want.

By Athonia C. at 2016-09-14

vegans: this is actually a vegetarian friendly menu and a V/VG indicates the status in print. There's nunerous vegan & vegetarian items on the buffet and they're well marked. Wow! Dal, curries (there's a dark red condiment type sauce to make it hot as you like) and tandoori vegetable. don't miss the eggplant curries & noodles on the buffet either‼

awesome. Don't you love the ethnic food options we get in these progressive college towns?

By Cami T. at 2016-06-29

Very clean! Buffet looked great, especially since the buffet closed in 10 mins from when I got there. They didn't have old dishes just sitting.

I ordered off the menu. Veggie masala and samosas. Both were great! Samosas were nice and crispy and the filling was delicious. I eat a lot of Samosas, and these are in the top 3! The curry was well flavored and veggies were fresh!

I was very happy I stopped here.

By Molly R. at 2016-12-02

Mirch is my goto Indian food restaurant. I get the tikka masala and it is a good size and consistently tasty (I go here pretty often). I will say on Friday or Saturday nights it can get busy and the service is slow at those times... but understandable and my service has always been polite. They also charge for naan, which kinda sucks, but this seems customary in this area. It is always hot and fresh. I recommend maybe getting two orders if you are sharing and really like naan.

By Aditi G. at 2016-11-26

The food is Ok not that great.. I guess it has a very big advantage due to its location.. hence d goid rating..I have been here only because I was in downtown and wanted to eat Indian..

By Pat D. at 2016-03-07

We arrived promptly at 11:30. Our hostess/waitress seated us and took our drink order. She was friendly in a quiet manner. We watched them bring dishes out to stock the buffet until @11:40 when our waitress told us we could help us ourselves. They continued to bring out new dishes until @ noon. We made several trips to the buffet so there were new dishes to try each time we went back.

It's not the largest buffet but there were many choices and I really enjoyed most of the dishes. The chicken vindaloo was delicious; fairly mild curry w/garlic. It made me think of butter. The goat dish was fantastic; spicy and I particularly liked that I didn't find any bones in it. The naan was plentiful. I enjoyed the biryani, it was fluffy and tasty. The samasos were fragrant. The only dishes I was disappointed by were the chicken tikka and the rice pudding. The chicken was much saucier than I prefer. The pudding was thicker and not as sweet as I'm used to. That may be how they are supposed to be prepared, but I was not a fan.

We'll definitely go back, but next time we'll wait till at least 11:50 so they have time to prepare.

By Cherry L. at 2016-01-25

I used to go to the Mirch Masala on the square very often for a good chicken tikka. They have moved to this location since then, located above the well known bubble tea shop on state street.

They have a pretty good generic Indian dining menu which is expected. From the popular tikka, tandoori, samosas, pakoras to any "curry" dishes that people like.

However, they do a $9.95 buffet supposedly 7 days a week. I went there for Sunday lunch and was offered that or a regular menu and decided to try the buffet. The buffet selection was decently sized with a number of good selections for both vegetarians and meat lovers. There were soup, samosas, pakoras, 3 vegetarian curry dishes, goat and chicken options, tandoori chicken, rice and nan. Bonus is the the selections of chutney and also papadum! Also if you are into Indian sweets, there are the classics as well! Very good value and tasty food at the same time, will definitely come back again!

By Laurent T. at 2016-10-23

Food was good, but extremely spicy (we asked for very spicy...). Super fast delivery on a weekend night.

By John G. at 2015-05-23

Well hello there! Tucked away in an upstairs balcony just off State Street is a nice little Indian treat. I hadn't heard of Mirch Masala before but have had various Indian places in town and around the country so I am always game for adding another to the list.

The fact that they are not directly on State (albeit mostly on State) is nice because it kept the environment relaxed and allowed us to snag some seats outside for a comfortable lunch on a beautiful sunny day. Both my wife and I had the lunch buffet, which along with a couple of sodas was only $25 for the two of us. Good price for a weekend buffet, and the food was great. While not the best in Madison by any means, I would definitely eat here again, as they had a fairly solid variety and the signature dishes were tasty. Tikka Masala, Paneer, Pakora, Samosa, Biryani, Goat and Tandori, etc.

The hostess (and owner I believe) was a nice friendly lady who served us, but there was a bit of a service lag and some confusion. She was walking around randomly a bit, and we had ordered some sodas that I had to go remind her about after they didn't come for a while. Even after this they didn't get there until we were halfway through our meal, but it wasn't that big of a deal. The other knock was that when we got there around mid lunch time they were running out of food, but they eventually restocked and the new stuff was fresh and extra delicious. I'm thinking they had probably just finished with the lunch rush and since there weren't a lot of people there they may have just not been rushing to get stuff out. I wish I had seen the tin full of naan, as both my wife and I missed it yet others on Yelp had mentioned it is very good.

The patio is worth a visit alone, great place to people watch and take in Downtown Madison. Combine it with the good food and friendly staff and you have a Yelp sleeper in the works

By Vicki T. at 2015-12-17

I came here with high expectations but turned out feeling just ok with the meal.
Nothing special, and the food portions were very small.

By Sneha S. at 2016-04-03

Loved loved the food!
Everything was just too amazing!
For $10.50, I think it's one of the least expensive buffet I have ever had :)
Very impressed

By Joellen S. at 2016-08-12

This was a really nice place with a plethora of choices. As a vegan there were more than the usual Aloo Gobi for me to have. Service was good and seating was easy.

By April B. at 2016-07-17

Went with my son,husband and very picky MIL with our dogs. Sat outside. Food was very good. We had chicken tikka, goat curry, samosas, naan and saag paneer. Everything was amazing and fresh. Mango lassi and good beer too! Knocked one star due to bathroom.

By Sam L. at 2016-01-29

Not the very best Indian food I have had, but is delicious nonetheless (technically it's Indian-Nepali here). I have been for the lunch buffet only, which is a fantastic deal, especially with $1 off for showing a student ID. The naan is always delicious and the spread is very consistent. Usually multiple meat curries as well as multiple veggie dishes and a salad station.

You can't miss the gulab jamun for dessert- moist, sweet balls of dough in a rose honey sauce.

By Jay A. at 2016-02-04

Extremely disappointed with the food here. The service was great and the atmosphere was nice, but it doesn't make up for the terrible food. The biryani here was inexcusably terrible. Corners are cut here it seems. Not only was the food very overpriced, but the quality of was very disappointing. Anyone looking for decent Indian/Nepalese food should look somewhere else. 14$ wasted.

By Tracy B. at 2016-07-20

We were very happy with the quality of the dishes and it satisfied our taste for Indian food. The Beef Vindaloo was spicy and flavorful, the biryani fluffy, and all the sides were yummy. They offered mango ice cream for dessert, along with pudding and some hot items, very good. Great price, well worth the stop :)

By Rebecca J. at 2015-10-22

Mirch has a great student lunch buffet with a pretty decent variety of foods (including the classics such as chicken tikka masala) at a good price (and student discount)!!! My main caveat with this place is that the food is toned down compared to other Indian food that I've eaten. I'm not sure if this is to cater to the diverse student body, but for more flavor and/or spice, there are better Indian restaurants in the area.

By Yining D. at 2016-01-01

The lunch buffet is soooo worth it. If you're a college student looking for a decently priced, delicious meal, I definitely recommend going here! The curry selection is great and the tandoori chicken is made really well.

I wasn't too impressed with the desserts. Overall, definitely worth going to!

By Esther Y. at 2015-02-03

Excellent service, delicious food, happy customers. Came here on a Sunday for the lunch buffet around 2pm, an hour before the buffet closed. The owners were so nice, and they cooked more food when they saw us come in. Everything here is absolutely delicious, especially the naan. I've never enjoyed a buffet as much as Mirch Masala.

The samosas are amazing when hot, and make sure to mix the sweet chutney with the cilantro chutney together to make a sweet and savory sauce for the samosas. And the tikka masala? Amazing! I can't have dairy, but I couldn't stop eating it after I had some. Mixed on top of the white rice and eaten with naan... Worth it so much. I need to find a lactose pill that'll work for me so I can enjoy this every day.

Servers refill water often, and they didn't turn people away coming in for the buffet close to when it was closing. Space is very large, and the decor is very calm and neat. Parking is everywhere (street and a parking lot a block away). Just rememeber to pay at the front when you're done!

Love it here, and I plan on coming back when I feel like eating like a king.

By Michael W. at 2015-01-01

I wanted to love Mirch Masala. I really did. I tend to hate buffets as I love my food prepared to order. In this case, the food actually had pretty good taste and flavor. The problem? Most of it was cold. Not luke warm, but actually cold. There were four of us and we all had the same complaint.

This was the real downer of MM. We were also well into their lunch service at about 12:30, so it wasn't like we marched in as they opened. The service was pretty mediocre too. If I go back, I'll order off the menu and skip the buffet.

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