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Estimated average consumption of $12.38 - $24.76 per person. We offer 43 menus, including Rib Tips, Half Slab Ribs, Shoulder Sandwich, Beef Brisket Sandwich, Chicken, Turkey Leg and so on.
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By Steven T. at 2016-12-02

Ok I finally got over to check out the BBQ and it took a while because I have a lot of book marks. You drive by and the truck is smoking away which is actually the the unofficial store front sign that pulls you in. With all the conflicting reviews which always amaze me I never have any idea of what of what I'm getting into so I wonder if it's the particular people or the particular time that they came by because I experienced none of the three stars or lower review issues.

The place is carry out only and you have to place your order through the microphone in the bullet proof glass and when it's ready it is sent into a bullet proof turn table where no matter what position it's in there is no way to shoot into the place, this might turn some people off but please don't let it because it's worth a stop. When you walk in the place is a little ghetto looking with all that bullet proof glass but you are instantly smacked in the face with the smell of smoke and you know my theory, if you smell smoke it's going to be good and lack of a smoke smell has always been not that good. There is cheap cafeteria chairs by the front window to sit while you wait.

The menu has the BBQ usual meats and sides, dinners and trays for larger groups. While waiting the man from in back came out with a tray of one bone ribs to give everyone a complementary meaty rib to try, OMG did I come to the right place because I was going to grab a rib dinner for lunch and left overs for dinner. I really wanted some back ground on this BBQ place after the sample rib but that glass barrier set up kept me from any conversation with the staff.

I ordered the $13 rib dinner which was a 5 big meaty bone with two sides and I chose wisely, greens and beans no frys or potato salad because I wanted to taste how well they do the harder sides. The guy asked what sauce did I want and I stopped him and said no sauce on the meat because that sample rib stood tall on its own so I got regular on the side.

My first bite of the ribs were with the sample and oh man were they seasoned well with a nice smokey flavor, the whole room was saying the same thing which was how good they were and seasoned well. I found this to be very cool because I was experiencing the same thing with a room full of strangers at the same time because we were all saying how good they were, we were like a room full of cats that were just given cat nip.

My rib dinner came out faster than some people's food who were there before me. Wow when I opened the box and unpacked everything it looked fantastic with nice looking ribs, greens and beans and one piece of white bread that gets complained about. The ribs were seasoned very well with a tasty rub that played well with the smokey flavor. The meat was very tender/moist that pull clean off the bone with nice texture, this definitely was not laying around very long.

The greens were very tasty and should be called ham and greens because they had lots of big chunks of juicy pulled ham. The beans were sweet and ok with meat in them also but next time I think I will do my two sides as greens only. Now the sauce which most I don't care for and this was one of them because it was very tangy which hi jacked the flavor because that was the overwhelming taste of the sauce.

Overall I like the freshness and quality of this BBQ which earns them a spot on the upper end of good Milwaukee BBQ. BBQ styles change from place to place and I don't even know what style this place is so I can only judge on quality and taste and this place is putting out some decent BBQ. I'm going to have to put them in the category of known good BBQ places on this part of town. I will be honest, the great greens is what got the fifth star because great greens are not easily found and the generous amounts of pulled ham was a great touch that got them over the four star bar.

By Gerard T. at 2016-05-14

I have come here many times before but always forgot to do a review. I usually get the same order every-time because it hasn't failed me yet. The simple concept of go with what ya know . Today was no different, I go with the two meat combo with two sides.

The meats that are available for the combo are ribs, tips, beef brisket, and pulled pork shoulder. The sides available are seasoned fries, coleslaw, baked beans, potato salad, spaghetti, and BBQ spaghetti. I get the double brisket two meat combo with creamy coleslaw and seasoned fries. They also have a new BBQ sauce variation. I went with the Kansas City Sauce.

Turns out I got their a little late and they only had enough for a single order of brisket so I asked if they could add the smoked turkey leg. Mister bbq. Smoked bbq turkey leg, smoked beef brisket with seasoned fries and creamy coleslaw. Bbq drizzled with Kansas City sauce. I'm almost glad it turned out that way. The meat was so tender it literally disintegrated in your mouth and the seasoning was like no other. The KC sauce was a little spicy but no too much heat. All the sides were delish as well. The seasoned fries were excellent and the creamy coleslaw was a good compliment to the BBQ sauce and the well seasoned meat. It's a carry out only spot and the BBQ is made with a lot of LOVE!! I want to give them 4.5 stars. As always I'll be back again. They also have food trucks coming this summer as well.

By Charetta E. at 2016-05-09

Went here on Friday 5/6/16 craving BBQ. Got a plate of slop. :(

I asked a few of the customers waiting in line how they thought this place compared to say Famous Daves? Many said it was their first visit. One girl, who had on her WalMart uniform, said it was great! I should have know then. But I anticipated a delicious meal so I ordered big. I ordered the 3 meat plate, ribs, tips and brisket for $21. In which the cashier told me they did not have any brisket. Why is it on the menu then, I don't know? So I switched to shoulder instead. Regardless, I even ordered extra meat on the tips for an extra $2 and a hot polish for $3. My order was about $30 total!!! Pretty pricey I think for one plate and a polish. But I thought if it tastes good it will be worth it.

Well it was not!!!! The meat was all bunched up in the front of a small foam to-go plate. I did not get any shoulder at all! I didn't notice that until I was well away from the restaurant and I was not going back that way. The ribs were very overcooked to say the least. So yes, they are tender but its because they are so overcooked they fall to pieces and looked the same as the tips, crumbling. And it was hard to tell the difference. Then there was the Memphis sauce pool at the bottom of the box. Very runny. Also the sides were basic. And it came with 1 slice of bread. Again, 3 meats and 1 slice of bread. Really!

Yep, that's the food. Next, the atmosphere.There were several male workers and a female cashier. Which is fine, nothing wrong with that. But the constant walking in and out of the restaurant by the male staff from the kitchen was insane. They have to walk through the lobby to get outside. I thought this was not secure as they left the doors open and it also lead me to think are they washing their hands every time they return to the kitchen? I find that hard to believe because every few minutes someone and many times the same person was walking in and out of that security door you see in the lobby. This is not normal. Many of them talking very rudely to one another.

Overall, this was not what I would consider good food or a good business. I agree with Stacie E. My meat was fatty and the tips actually tasted like propane gas. I will not return for the BBQ. They actually don't even have St Louis spare ribs here only baby back so I'm not sure what Cathy H is talking about. And the best thing I had was the hot polish. So maybe I might get that if I ever go again. Which I doubt it. So don't waste your money here. Go to Famous Daves where you can actually differentiate what it is on your plate and have sides with flavor that come in there own containers. I don't know where the photos here came from. Must have been staged for this site. Yuck!!!!

By M. A. P. at 2016-05-07

I don't know what these low star giving ass mofos are talking about.

This place is fire.

By Alicia N. at 2016-09-03

No seasoning
Nasty barbecue.

Waste of money!!! Still hungry and irritated

By Franchesca S. at 2016-02-06

Great barbecue and friendly service. We took our rib dinner to go and my husband and I both enjoyed the different barbecue sauces we chose. This meal was perfect for a cold day. I wish I would've taken a picture but I couldn't wait and I ended up finishing it so quickly! They have a very extensive menu including barbecue, sausages and pizza. I highly recommend this restaurant.

By Brad F. at 2016-05-25

I have had BBQ everywhere - KC, Memphis, the Carolinas, the Austin BBQ belt - I like Wisconsin supper club BBQ but always longed for the real slow smoked taste of the greats, and then we stumbled onto Mister BBQ, drawn by the smoke in the parking lot smoker. Guys in line said order the beef tips - we did a 3 meat combo with tips, brisket and ribs - the young gentleman at the counter had us try some of the sauces and we went with the Kansas City which was phenomenal. All 3 meats were fantastic - smoky, tender, with the right amount of searing - I have to say, though, that I was floored by the baby back ribs - seriously about as good as it gets - yes, the tips were great, the brisket was nice too (although I think no one does brisket like Austin tx joints) but the ribs with the KC sauce is off the charts. This place should be famous for those ribs - I will be back ASAP - thank you guys!!!

By Ashley J. at 2016-07-07

I've been here a few times, have usually walked away pleased with the food. Service leaves a lot to be desired even when one takes into account a small staff. Tried going here today because after a long day at work (in food service by the way)I was just too tired to cook. would of had no problem with waiting but we were totally ignored until we walked out, after waiting ten minutes without even a "hey! Little busy, be right with you guys!" Now, yes at 530 they were busy but the fact that our presence in the shop wasn't even acknowledged. Not even close to cool.Where I work that kind of treatment towards customers, new or regular, would result in a royal and well deserved scolding from the owner (a small privately owned coffee shop and diner. I'm more than willing to give it another try, maybe when I haven't been on my feet all day providing proper customer service without eating all day and have the time to wait so long before even being welcomed to the establishment. I do enjoy the food though. The BBQ spaghetti is great!

By Cathy H. at 2016-01-30

I finally had the spare ribs...Not the dinner, ribs only. I also ordered a small rib tip, both with sauce. St Louise spare ribs, good job Mr. Great way to relax a Saturday night

By Stacie E. at 2014-10-18

I don't know what these other reviewers were talking about. This food was HORRIBLE! We all got shoulder dinners and the meat was greasy and fatty and not only that but without the sauce it tasted like we were eating a sponge!! The sides were plain tasting and the "cornbread" is nothing but a packaged piece of cake. DO NOT WASTE THE TRIP OR YOUR MONEY! Ashleys bbq and Speed Queen are WAY better although more expensive. I guess you get what you pay for. I will NEVER eat here again!!

By Randy A. at 2014-11-07

This place has the worst bbq I've had in Milwaukee ,I've been there twice
First time ordered chicke tasted like lemon pepper,not even a smoked flavor
The second time I ordered the same worse then before
I also ordered a beef brisket ,all fat and chewey no smoked flavor

By Phil G. at 2014-05-20

I work close to Mister Bar-B-Que and have been watching with a keen eye its development and today was the day to stop in and try it for lunch.
They have their recently licensed mobile truck proudly displayed out front with delicious smoke billowing from the smoker drawing would be customers in.. it seems to be working.
Zero Frill on the inside, and you can tell its a work in progress, but everyone was friendly and service was prompt.
I ordered the Rib Tip Dinner, which comes complete with 2 sides and an obligatory pc of white bread for $10.
I'm not an authority on BBQ, but I gotta say this was really good. Nice Portion of meat, fries were tasy and the potato salad fine.
Sauce has a little heat, but a nice sweet undertone - and the crust on the ribs was just the way I like it, with a little crisp.
At this point they aren't serving beverages (so fas as I could tell) and not everything is available at all times, but it wasn't enough for me to dock a star.
Some of the better food available in this area - I'm happy to say that I will be back!

By Nick G. at 2014-07-15

I have driven past this place several times before and the aroma that wafts over the street always makes me salivate. I rode my motorcycle to this place yesterday thinking I was going to dine in. Unfortunately, they were closed and, it is take out only. The owner was inside cleaning and apparently saw me. Today, I drove in about 30 minutes before they opened and saw the truck in the parking lot with the smoke wafting into the air. It smelled so good that I decided to wait. The owner came out and as he was walking to check the grill, he saw me and recognized me from my unsuccessful trip the day before. I ordered the triple meat dinner. I chose: Brisket (the litmus test of BBQ), ribs and pork shoulder (a BBQ delicacy if done right). The ribs were good, the brisket was GREAT! The pork shoulder was AWESOME!!! This guy is the real deal. I grew up in Milwaukee, lived 1-year in Arizona, 17-years in Colorado 5-years in Texas and another 7-years in Colorado then moved back to Milwaukee last year. BY FAR, the BEST BBQ I have eaten in the state of Wisconsin! This place rivals ANY place in Texas and beats everyone in Colorado, except for maybe Nordy's, in Loveland, CO, which is dry rub. Mister BBQ will put the sauce on top for you. And, the sauce is great. I will be back. This has become my "Go To" place for BBQ. Oh, when you eat their food, get a roll of paper towels. Because, you ain't eatin' it right, if you ain't got it all over your face!

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