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Miyabi Sushi

Miyabi Sushi
  • Street 1712 E Main St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23223
  • Telphone (804) 225-0125
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Miyabi Sushi introduction
Estimated average consumption of $9.62 - $19.24 per person. We offer 243 menus, including Soda, Hot Green Tea, Crab Don, Kani Salad, Sashimi Appetizer, Sushi Apppetizer, Tuna Tataki and so on.
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Miyabi Sushi reviews

By Ashley S. at 2016-10-21

Finally ordering delivery at my new place! On that note, who doesn't want sushi delivered to your door?? Miyabi sushi had a an array of rolls and other entrees to choose from on their lunch menu. My roommate and I were literally drooling waiting for our food to come! It took about 30-45 minutes which was understandable. The food was packaged SO nicely and they provided us sauces, napkins, utensils, soup, and salad. For what you pay, the food and service was great and I can't wait to order in on another rainy day. Overall, I would give my experience a 4/5.

For the taste, the sesame chicken, spring roll, miso soup, salad, the sushi rolls, and fried rice were satisfying and fulfilled my sushi cravings. The hibachi was too sweet for my liking and the crab Rangoon had too much cream cheese vs. crab meat. Nothing tasted horrible, it's just that those weren't my cup of tea and I am probably not going to order again. I will definitely gravitate towards always trying something new on the menu and cannot wait to order delivery again or actually sit down and dine here.

By Lia G. at 2016-12-04

I was very excited to see a sushi restaurant with 4 stars that was reasonable priced and delivers! The food was okay but the sushi was great! The spicy tuna roll was fantastic. I also tried the steak hibachi. Definitely not the best hibachi. The steak was very small and kind of resembled dog food.

The delivery man was SO rude. He knocked on my door so I came downstairs as soon as I heard. I open the door with a friendly "hello!" And he yelled at me and said "I called you twice. Next time you need to answer your phone!!" And then shoved the food at me and turned around to walk away...

I came back upstairs to see what time it was and my phone said 7:15 and I checked when he called and he called twice at 7:14. I could maybe understand if he called earlier because he couldn't find the place or something. But I'm sorry, rude service is something that I have a hard time getting past.

I would maybe order from here again if I only ordered sushi and if I had my phone on me so I could answer it so that the delivery guy doesn't get mad at me again.

By Garrett W. at 2016-11-22

The sushi is PAPER thin, cheaper than a napkin or 1-ply toilet paper, ESPECIALLY for the inflated price.

Delivery man told me to "hurry up and come out" and that "hes busy" i went down and he wasnt there will 5 min later. He threw the food out and drove off. (Sadly had already tipped online)

Also ate in the restaurant once. Food was lackluster and the waitress couldn't speak a single word of English making the atmosphere and comfortable and cringe worthy. Do not come here for a nice restaurant experience.


By Sara H. at 2016-11-16

So the food was great. They made me sushi rolls without rice! It was wrapped in cucumber and was delicious. The reason for 3 stars was how everything came out to the table. I went with 3 friends on Halloween after the parade. We all ordered at the same time. My one friend got her soup brought out. Then she finished. Then her entree bento box came out. Then my other friend got her soup?? Why not soup at same time? Then her entree came right out. Then they brought sushi for bento box. Meanwhile I got 2 rolls and am still waiting. 10 mins later I got my sushi. Seemed like it was not very organized in terms of bringing out the food.

By Linda R. at 2016-12-04

The ordering was the easy part. The delivery was a mini fiasco, first off some random guy calls me and says to me "I am here at your condo". I am at a hotel and really did he want me to come down or what? He then said a bunch more things in a different language that I didn't understand. So I called the restaurant. So.I eventually meet the guy at the elevator.
My food was very good though it was all covered in some sauce that popped open in transit which basically covered everything in the bag. No receipt. The added bonus items of miso soup and salad were welcome additions. I am just disappointed in the communication problems and the saucy goo all over everything in the bag.

By Marissa B. at 2016-05-18

Good sushi! This was for a delivery order. My coworkers and I ordered a very large lunch order for the office. The staff were nice and friendly, and delivered the food in a reasonable time. I ordered the 2 roll sushi lunch special for $8.95. It's a great deal since it comes with soup and salad. Not many places in the city do a lunch deal like that, so it's great that there's one downtown.

I had a shrimp tempura roll and spicy tuna roll. The shrimp roll was flavorful and the sushi rice had a good consistency, but the spicy tuna lacked a little in flavor. It had that awesome creamy red color that spicy tuna usually has, but the sriracha didn't seem very prominent. Maybe if there were a tad more sriracha, maybe a little sesame oil or green onion, it would bring that tuna to another level.

Other than that, I was satisfied with my meal. There are a ton of other rolls you can choose from in the lunch special [you can also get 3 rolls for $11.95 instead of the 2 roll deal if you'd like!] There were also a variety of bento lunch boxes for $9.95, so I think I'll try something different next time. All in all, good value if you're craving sushi or Japanese food, there aren't many in the area that offer delivery so this is a nice option you should try at least once.

By Emily M. at 2016-09-27

Got a sushi delivery on a weekday. It took about an hour which is somewhat long in my opinion. I think 45 mins should be the limit on delivery time.

The sushi came and the pieces were bigger than usual which made them harder to eat. The portion of rice to inside ingredients was off. There was a ton more rice. However the food was good overall.

By Isrra K. at 2016-07-30


It only took them 20 minutes and the food was so hot and fresh on arrival. I could cry.

By Pallavi M. at 2016-12-07

The sushi is pretty good, but the delivery man is extremely rude. I missed a call at 8:03, called him back at 8:05, and rudely told me to pick up my phone next time because he's "very busy."

I understand that he is busy, but so is everyone, and a two minute delay is to be expected sometimes when making phone calls.

He also didn't get out of the car and wouldn't even help me identify which car he was driving so that I could go to him and pick it up. After asking about ten different questions and getting about five answers, I finally managed to pick up my food.

Like I said, the food is good, but only order delivery from here if you're ready to deal with inefficient and extremely rude service.

By Jeff F. at 2016-04-05

My 1st experience wasn't the greatest but alas, you guys just opened and I gotta expect some hiccups right? Right?
I tried to like this place but as of now I think I'll give them a few more months to get it together. The service was friendly but difficult. Our waitress spoke broken English and by broken I mean VERY LITTLE! We resorted to pointing at things on the menu. I asked for tuna and got white tuna. I ordered again and even said "ahi, red tuna, not that (pointing to the plate of white tuna sushi I had just consumed)" she said no, that they didn't have it, and I gave up. After she walked away I went to the sushi bar and ordered with the sushi chef who spoke way better English. Finally got my tuna! The sushi I did have was delicious. The fried tuna app however was not. It was coated in a stringy gluey substance. Did not eat but 1 piece. The shrimp dumplings were a disgrace. There was literally 1 piece of shrimp in each one. A little bigger than a pencil eraser. I'm not joking. I even showed our server and she just nodded and smiled and said "yeah shrimp dumplin". (She had no idea what I said)
I want so bad for this place to be better but right now they need to tighten up. I'll try back in a few months and this time sit at the bar.

By Angela H. at 2016-08-19

Very friendly staff and good quality sushi for a good price. Friends and I split a super sushi and crazy salmon. For the same as Sushi King you might not get a buffet, but it's much better quality. You will feel more full and not have to over eat since your craving for sushi is fulfilled!

This only reason I'm not giving this place a 5 star is due to the difficulty in finding parking. Overall, the food quality is high and I would definitely recommend!

By Betsy S. at 2016-10-03

This was an odd experience, and I think what we realized during was that this is really a takeout/delivery place and not so great for dine-in. It was so hot in the restaurant that we were all sweating! The service was incredibly slow, which was disappointing. When we finally did get our food though, it was great! My husband and I split an order of crab don and swore to try to recreate it at home. It was delicious. We all got the lunch deal, which was a great price and a LOT of food. The sushi was actually very, very good. I would go back if I were in the area.

By Sherry D. at 2016-11-20

We ordered delivery from Miyabi and it was AWESOME! Food took about 45 minutes to get to us, but it was well worth the wait and completely understandable. Our food was very well prepared. Sashimi delux was very well prepared. Fish was fresh and nicely put in each of the boxes. Spicy tuna handroll was nicely packaged also. Two item bento box was also very well done. The teriyaki salmon was perfectly cooked as well as the hibachi chicken. It was a lot of food, but it didn't feel heavy. Ginger salad dressing was good as was the soup. Huge servings of soup. All in all, I'm really looking forward to ordering from Miyabi again. Everything not only looked great, sauces from various dishes wasn't muddled, it was nicely packaged in the paper bags, food tastes great, sashimi was fresh.

By Elona A. at 2016-11-05

Solemn service, but very well prepared Sushi. Brooklyn Roll was very unique and tasted great. It also had a good atmosphere.

By Hongyang C. at 2016-08-07

This is one of the best sushi place in Richmond I ever had. I went to Miyabi sushi on a Saturday night with my friends. I had couple of their Miyabi special rolls, and they are so good and over my expectation. I highly recommend this place for dining to have good sushi. their salmon are also very fresh, I personally like the salmon sashimi and The good thing is that they have both salmon in entree combination and singular order. Definitely will come back very often :)

By Esther E. at 2016-06-10

Good sushi place, but not too sure about other dishes. I ordered donkatsu (which is usually a deep-fried pork cutlet) but it tasted almost like shrimp tempura. I enjoyed it though, so it wasn't a big issue. However, they might have to do something about that in case a diner down the line expects to eat donkatsu. My guest ordered from the sushi menu and said it tasted great. The overall atmosphere of the restaurant is nice and clean, and there are plenty of seating areas. They also deliver!

By Amanda S. at 2016-08-22

Hit and miss. The hits are good, the misses are bad....First off, I can't begin to describe how HAPPY I am that this place does delivery downtown. I know there are a ton of options around but not everyone delivers, and I can't always leave my office. The delivery was also very fast, but I think, from reading other reviews on both Yelp and GrubHub, that was a fluke and may have been a product of the fact that I usually order lunch delivery between 11-11:30 because I anticipate a wait.

That being said, I can only give 3 stars because Miyabi wasn't *bad* it just wasn't that great. First, the good - The food arrived so hot I couldn't eat some of it. My vegetable gyoza were probably the best I have had anywhere. Just delicious, well cooked, and flavorful. The rice was perfectly sticky, and the chicken was tender and had just enough teriyaki sauce to be good but not overpowering. The delivery container for the gyoza was also beautiful. This is probably going to seem trivial, but I love bean sprouts and can never get enough, so I was also really pleased that my teriyaki chicken came on a huge bed of bean sprouts. Kind of made my day :) The portion sizes are also perfect for lunch.

Now, the bad. So...I get that Richmond is a food lovers paradise. We have gotten all kinds of well-deserved recognition for our restaurant scene and the prices are slowly but surely creeping up because of it. However, a $15 minimum will probably deter me from ordering from Miyabi as often as I would like. For dinner, I get it, but for lunch I think a $10 minimum would be fine, especially considering the combos starts around $11+ anyway. I loved the gyoza, but I only intended to order the chicken until I realized it wasn't enough. $21 after tax and gratuity is pretty pricey for one person for lunch. I wouldn't have ordered at all if I hadn't really wanted to try the place and had a hankering for sticky rice and miso.

Speaking of miso, the soup is kind of....odd. It separated and looked questionable, and doesn't taste quite homemade. Additionally, for $11.25, I expected WAY more vegetables, My "teriyaki" vegetables consisted of 3 raw broccoli florets and 3 raw baby carrots. Are you joking? Give me a proper portion, and at least steam them and toss them in some sauce, something! Finally, the delivery was a little off. I selected the option for "no napkins forks etc." because I have things here. They included them anyway - whatever - except for the fact that my chopsticks were open and only had one stick! Also, as I mentioned before, I can't always leave my desk for lunch, which is why I get delivery, so when I put very detailed instructions on how to get to my office- park out front, 9th floor, right off elevator, business name, etc. - I don't want the delivery driver calling me to come down instead of just coming up. If I could leave my desk and walk out, I would just go out and get lunch.

Miyabi is aaaaaallmost there. I may try them again in person, because most of the food was delicious and I know growing pains can be tough on a restaurant. But, with a few tweaks they could be much, much better.

By Lisa G. at 2016-07-16

I give 1 star because the BF really enjoyed the Saba. 1 star for the cute containers for our sake. And 1 star for service. In other words, these are the redeeming qualities of this place.

Tatsuta Age - I guess this is there version of McNuggets and ranch sauce. Who serves this dish with no traditional katsu sauce??

Crispy Rock Shrimp - though it was to be serves with a spicy creamy coconut sauce? It was Sriracha mayo. Don't lie to me!

Yaki Ramen - asked for it spicy too. my bad? I thought Ramen meant it would be broth based. Even though it came on a plate, and I misunderstood, I have to say, there was no heat, no salt, no flavor. Not even drenching the plate with soy sauce would erase the bad taste of bland.

Life is too short for this. Save your time and appetite for somewhere else.

By Jinah C. at 2016-06-02

So I been here twice and ordered delivery once.

1st Visit: Restaurant was fairly empty, maybe 2 other tables. was greeted by a man in the front and seated. A girl came up to our table and asked us what we wanted to drink. She seemed to not know english and had no training. I asked her for a lemon with my water and she said no lemon. Later to find out there was lemons on my sashimi plate as garnish. We ordered the sashimi deluxe platter. The girl looked confused and spent about a minute looking through the menu in front of us not saying anything. Finally she said they have no such thing, then asked us to show her what we were talking about. Food came out, reasonably priced and pieces were cut a decent size.
First impression: food was fresh, decent price, waitress needed way more training and needed to learn the menu, need more servers(especially for the size of the restaurant)

2nd Visit: They hired another server, yay! ordered a 3 maki roll combo with a substitution of spicy tuna instead of regular tuna, sashimi deluxe. A little disappointed in the sashimi because they were cut super thinly and about half the size it was the first visit. They also gave us regular tuna and charged us extra for it. Also the new waitress seemed to be lacking training as well. We were ready for our waters and order to be taken but she was just standing by the sushi bar chatting away instead of greeting us or handing us drinks.

I live about 4 blocks away so didn't take too long. free delivery is always a plus! I ordered 2 lunch combos with the 3 sushi rolls. Guy on the phone didn't know the menu or how to use the POS system. He didn't know any of the rolls I wanted which were all in the same LUNCH column, and kept asking me what was in it. He also took about 15-20 minutes trying to put it into the POS system and kept deleting the items?? not sure what that was about. When the food arrive, some of the rolls were wrong which was pretty disappointing.

Overall, good price, free delivery, very close to my house. Employees could use more training

By Rebekah B. at 2016-08-12

What a wonderful little sushi spot! Decor is adorable and appropriate, service is friendly and attentive, and the food is incredible for a good price. I got the vegetable roll and my boyfriend got the spicy salmon roll. I don't eat fish. About once a year I give it a try hoping that my taste buds have changed and I never like it - but today that all changed. I had a piece of the spicy salmon roll and it was fantastic. Opened up a whole new world for me. We will definitely be back.

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