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Monty's Blue Plate Diner

Monty's Blue Plate Diner
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Estimated average consumption of $7.45 - $14.9 per person. We offer 78 menus, including Chopped Cobb Salad, Sesame Chicken Salad, Mediterranean Platter, Grilled Vegetable Spinach Salad, Nana's Chicken Noodle, Vegetarian Chili with Cornbread, Soups of The
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Monty's Blue Plate Diner reviews

By Donna A. at 2016-07-28

Food was really good! We were able to eat outside which is a plus when traveling with a dog.

We had breakfast for dinner. Biscuits were amazing and I highly recommend the Florentine.

By Justin K. at 2016-12-22

Monty's Blue Plate Diner is an overall good diner with a little bit of a hipster spin. They have good sandwiches and breakfast items you'd expect to see at a diner like burgers, montecristos, or french toast, but they also do a lot with vegetables to keep thing interesting like their sweet potato hash or the caponata and pesto omelet. They also feature a lot of classic dishes with international inspiration, and they bend over backwards to meet dietary restrictions. They have lots of pie and other desserts available, reminiscent of the late Bluephies (RIP). Throw in a full bar featuring boozy milkshakes, and you have a solid brunch spot if I've ever seen one.

I went with a salmon hash because i was in the mood for something different while still getting my hands one of their biscuits. I found the salmon scramble to have a tame amount of fishy salmon flavor that fits in well with the potatoes since they finely chop the potatoes and salmon into the same size. I was hoping for dill or some other herb, but I didn't notice any.

The biscuit was pretty nice. It's big, warm and pillowy with a relatively neutral flavor. I prefer a crusty, hard, and flaky biscuit, but this was nice and really satisfied my craving for a good biscuit.

Because of the gaudy display of desserts, I couldn't resist getting something sweet. I went with a sprinkle doughnut and a boozy mudslide milkshake. The doughnut was good enough; nothing amazing but not bad. The milkshake was pretty great. It's big and will probably give you a stomach ache from all that ice cream, but it's real good if you like tasting booze in your shake.

Overall, I didn't find Monty's to be a favorite, but I will probably be back for some boozy shakes at brunch.

By Mekdela T. at 2016-08-01

Customer service....AMAZING.
I can't stress how great the customer service was.
I came here with a group of about 7-8 people for breakfast, and for some reason some of the cousins I came with decided to be a bit picky from the beginning, and our server was so good at dealing with it!
The restaurant is pretty spacious inside, and they also have outdoor seating. We didn't have a wait or anything.
There were a lot of options on the menu, which brings me to another great thing about this place, they had vegan food, that was so tasty! Two of my cousins are vegan, so it was great that we found this place.
For starters we had the donuts, which are freshly made daily, SO GOOD! We had the ones with sprinkles!
We all tried to get different things so we can try each others food. I tried the banana walnut pancakes, so so great, probably one of my favorite entrees. I also tried the omelette, we substituted bacon for chicken, and it turned out so good. My least favorite was the burrito, I wasn't too crazy about it, but it was still decent! My all around favorite items for this place were the breakfast potatoes and biscuits, wow. I normally don't get potatoes during brunch because I really don't like them that much, but these potatoes are seasoned so well, we all couldn't stop talking about them! Another item we really liked were the biscuits, I had 2 biscuits with butter and jelly, and I am not ashamed!
If I ever come to Madison again, I'm paying this place a visit. Amazing service and food!

By Cory D. at 2016-07-25

I want to slap 2014 me in the face for only giving this restaurant 3 stars.

There was a time that I ate here almost weekly, primarily ordering the same couple of things: the chicken pot pie or their breakfast sandwich.

The chicken pot pie is served with mashed potatoes and a yummy roll, and the pie itself is stuffed with tender cubed chicken, lots of creamy gravy and an assortment of fresh veggies. The breakfast sandwich is uniquely served on spicy grilled jalapeno bread, with goat cheese, applewood smoked bacon, spinach, egg and tomatoes with a side of fried potatoes. It's a messy sandwich, but deliciously so.

Monty's is always the go to spot when I have family in town. It's perfect for the picky eaters, or vegetarians/vegans. Everyone can find something to enjoy here.

Don't even get me started on their desserts.

By Ka S. at 2016-12-23

The food is delicious! The seating isn't the best, but they make due. The wait isn't too long, but Sundays are always busy. There are many options for what your "belly monster" is screaming for..... I enjoy the liquor options. Staff is awesome.

Only complaint, lack of parking.

By Dorcas A. at 2016-07-17

Monty's Blue Plate Diner in Madison, WI

This place is one of my new favorite Madison spots! I love that immediately when you walk if you are greeted by a wall of desserts! I knew at first sight that this place was for me. I had visited a few times in the past just for the desserts and let me tell you... the dessert is amazing!!!! I have had the caramel walnut dutch apple pie a al mode twice now. I have also had the snickers pie twice and french silk. I just can not stress enough how important it is that the world experience these desserts. They are life changing!

The dessert is good but I don't say that to down play the other food. This last time I ordered the meatloaf stack. I think you can guess that I loved it as well. This place can do no wrong in my book. My meal looked like a tower of delicious beauty! The foundation was a modest slice of bread uplifted by the glorious meatloaf cooked to perfection directly on top of it. The next layer was the mashed potatoes. Now these taters were divine--seasoned and buttery followed by the crispy shoestring onion rings with the most lovely batter providing just the right amount of crunch and texture to the dish. The icing on the cake, wasn't icing at all (obviously) but the most delicious brown gravy I have ever tasted. This dish couldn't get any better. However, I do hope to try a few other items on the menu next time I visit. It shouldn't be long before I do again.

In terms of the environment, of course the waiter we had was just the most precious little thing. He said he started in October and we were his first guest to tend to outside due to construction forcing the location to close their outside seating. The construction is still going on, but the seating is out for patrons to enjoy a meal or a quick dessert.

If you want great service, great food, and absolutely great dessert... go as soon as you can to Monty's Blue Plate Diner!

By Susan L. at 2016-10-07

We ate dinner there today and we loved everything about it. The food was *delicious* (my husband had the broiled cod entree and I had the roasted spinach salad. His came with seasoned home fries & steamed broccoli and mine included eggplant, quinoa & mozzarella cheese. The vinaigrette dressing was particularly good, too). The prices were *very* reasonable, the portions were generous, our server was super-friendly, the manager was very pleasant (I complimented him afterwards), we liked the interior and the restrooms were very clean. A great experience in every way!

By Michelle D. at 2016-06-14

Monty's Blue Plate Diner is consistently good. They use fresh and local ingredients; they put a lot of thought in their menu. It is always hard to decide what to get when I stop by.

I found myself here the other morning before the Marquette Waterfront Festival and enjoyed the Eggs Mornay. It's their take of the Eggs Benedict but instead of a Hollandaise sauce it's the cheesy cousin, Mornay. The eggs were poached nicely, sitting on top of a thin but hearty slice of ham and English muffin. The fried potatoes are seasoned with a tiny kick and slightly crunchy on the outside but soft enough to cut easily.

I topped the meal with a cup of coffee. My server was very attentive with a water or coffee refills (almost to the point where I was going to hide my glassware). But I would take that kind of service over never seeing a server. I tipped her well for her efforts.

By Eric K. at 2016-12-01

This place has the best atmosphere and freshest food I have ever had!!! Please mark this spot on you "to do list" -the staff is super friendly and the food makes us think we are at grandmas house! I got the Zucchini potato pancakes (an awesome breakfast idea) and she got the blue plate omelet -fantastic!!
Be sure to say hello to Sarah ! she rocks! She Has the best personality that we have come across yet!!
Much love -E&A

By Michelle F. at 2015-11-13

I just love Monty's for breakfast. I've taken the parental units there twice, and they agree. The ambiance is great (if a wee bit noisy): a throwback to a classic, 50s-era diner, with the requisite neon lighting, "lunch counter", and bar stools. The portions are huge, so this is truly "brunch"! So far I've tried the chilaquiles and the breakfast burrito (yes, I like my Mexican/Southwestern fare!). Both were fantastic, especially when paired with a Mimosa. The menu is extensive: from humble "bacon & eggs" selections to omelets and elaborate ethnic creations.

If weekend brunch is what you have in mind, I'd suggest arriving early--as in, no later than 8:30 a.m. After that, you'll likely have a long wait. (In the meantime, you can ogle the impressive bakery case.) The staff are friendly, and the service is fast. Despite its location in the busy Atwood neighborhood, I've never had issues finding parking at Monty's. The only slightly negative comment I'd make is that the booths, although they can accommodate 6 people as far as width is concerned, are a bit on the tight sight with regard to the distance from seat back to table. I'm a thin person, so I can imagine that this might be uncomfortable for those with a stockier build.

Monty's is my new go-to breakfast joint. I highly recommend it.

Be sure to check in on Yelp for a free bottomless coffee!

By Dan M. at 2015-09-25

Monty's Blue Plate Diner is my current breakfast based obsession in Madison. The atmosphere is delightful, food is well curated and prepared, and the prices are very affordable. Easily the most well rounded "American roots" style breakfast we've had around town so far.

We ended up at Monty's on a Saturday morning after the farmer's market because we didn't want to wait for a table at any of the downtown options. We walked in and immediately got a seat at the bar. If you're a Yelper make sure you check in to get a free bottomless coffee!

For a main course I ordered the sweet potato hash, which came with assorted fruit, a biscuit, and eggs cooked to your liking (scrambled with copious amounts of cheese please). The was cooked to perfection with just the right about of browning on it. The eggs were not wet or overcooked. The biscuit and fruit, well, you can't really mess that up. They were great too! The coffee was about what I expected from a diner. It wasn't Starbucks (don't you dare have that expectation, you Yelper-McSnooty face), but it got the job done.

Our service wasn't AMAZING, but it was acceptable. The diner was absolutely slammed at the time because it was brunch hour so I'll let it slide. I wasn't left waiting long enough that I was hangry, and my coffee was always topped off. As far as I'm concerned service gets a check-mark in satisfactory from me.

We enjoyed the meal so much that we returned Sunday morning for brunch with an out of town friend. The second meal I had almond milk French toast with cinnamon swirl bread. The toast was perfectly dipped and not soggy with the right level of crunch to it. Unfortunately, I was still quite hungry after this plate. The portion size seemed much smaller than that of the hash the day before.

I am looking forward to my return trips to Monty's for brunch, but we absolutely need to come back to try the pumpkin bourbon cocktail shake! Cheers!

By Ali E. at 2016-02-02

We love Monty's! Our son has egg and dariy allergies and we love all the vegan options they have. Breakfast is the trickiest meal for our son because almost all breakfast foods contain eggs and dairy. But there are several options for our entire family. Our son's favorite is the tofu scramble with their potatoes. Come early on a Saturday or Sunday the wait can get long but worth it.

One of my favorite things is the blue plate special omelette with bacon, avocado, cheese and salsa on top. I also really enjoy the vegan hash and in not even vegan!

I also like to come for lunch. Their meatloaf is delicious and the vegan sandwich with portobello mushrooms, avacados, and lemon tahini dressing.

I'm just sad Monty's isn't closer to our house.

By Allison F. at 2016-03-24

Monty's came onto my radar after reading an article that listed this Madison diner as home to the best milkshake in the state of Wisconsin (and the unofficial cocktail). It made my Sunday brunch pickings pretty easy.

Some advice for fellow Monty's Brunch amateurs:
(01) Come before 10:30 AM on a Sunday. We were getting "the eye" by waiting customers by 11 AM. This is a coveted spot for sure.
(02) Order breakfast "appetizers" to start aka a pecan roll and zucchini muffin. Both tasted like home, which is the way baked goods should always taste.
(03) Include an order of potatoes with your main. The seasoning makes them the best side.
(04) Don't fret about there not being options for your vegan friends. There's an entire menu devoted to them. In fact, four out of the five of us had either the vegan scramble or the zucchini pancakes. Of the two, I would recommend the scramble.
(05) Decide on the salmon omelette if you want every bite to be a fishy bite.
(06) End your meal with a Fat Elvis milkshake aka the best in the state. Vanilla ice cream blended with fresh banana, peanut butter, and chocolate sauce is the way to go, brunchy folks.

To sum it up, Monty's is a solid spot for Sunday brunch, and folks must save room for the Fat Elvis milkshake and a baked good or two!

By Christina G. at 2015-08-09

Was staying on UW campus for a wedding so decided to venture a bit off and check out what else Madison had to offer.

When we got to montys there was quite a crowd so must be serving up some good stuff. Our group of 6 only had to wait about 15 mins so not bad! The menu was really varied and had something for everyone. I ordered the wknd biscuits and gravy special, really tasty. The gravy was on the untraditional side with southwestern flare featuring red and green peppers in it. My bf got the guac blt with waffle fries and others in the group got a Reuben, the country breakfast, and a burger. Oh and of course some yummy spicy bloody Mary's.

Service was quick and friendly and were in and out in less than an hour! Definitely recommend.

By Vicki T. at 2015-09-02

The food is amazing!
It was my first time here. Saw the food ordered by the people next to us. That biscuit and gravy looks so good and so creamy~
I ordered the Wisconsin Salmon Hash (in the breakfast item). It's like having hash browns but with LOTS of salmon in it. Never thought that they could mix so well together. For every bite, you get that smell from the potatoes but at the same time you get a mouthful of yummy salmon.
My friend ordered the turkey sandwich with waffle fries, which also tasted very nice.
The pies and cakes from the front desk also look so yummy. But we were already too full to care for dessert :( will definitely try that next time!

By Gina N. at 2016-02-02

Always great! I love breakfast and breakfast is ALWAYS great here! Giant pillowy biscuits, fresh organic eggs...had an omelette with spinach, feta cheese, and mushrooms, fried potatoes and coffee, my boyfriend had the meatloaf of the Gods... Oh my... You've got to try this!
There's usually a little wait for a spot on Saturday but it's well worth it.
Even walked here by myself once and sat at the cute little diner counter and felt completely comfortable and got just as good service.
Then there's dessert... For that sweet tooth you give in to on the weekend...great cookies, cheesecakes, and bars- shakes and ice cream. Can't wait to come back!

By Zeb L. at 2015-12-19

I always associate this place with the airport in Madison; I always eat here either when I arrive or when I leave. It's a greasy spoon kind of institution, but done really well. As an example, biscuits and gravy is one of those dishes that's good just about anywhere, but Monty's manages to kick it over the top by including marinaded peppers or the like that give it a little extra flavor. All of the dishes are like that: fresh ingredients, nicely spiced and seasoned, etc. The prices are also very reasonable, so you basically get the low prices of a typical diner, but the food is actually really good.

Honestly, the only downside seems to be the wait for seating: I don't think I've ever gotten a table right away, but I can't fault them for being popular.

By Drew G. at 2016-07-10

Iconic Diner and true Madison experience. Great for breakfast or brunch if you can get a seat. The only reason I am dissuaded from going is the wait, which speaks volumes about popularity. The menu choices are wonderful.

By J M. at 2016-08-18

Two thumbs for a great vegan menu. The vegan hash was really good. The vegan milkshake was delicious and huge.
Fast and friendly service. Also kid-friendly.

By Emily E. at 2016-05-01

Monty's is still one of my favorite breakfast places!! Breakfast food is consistently delicious. My most favorite dish is the blue plate special omelette with salsa, cheese, avocado and bacon. Bread is from Madison sourdough, I think? Lots of breakfast options for meat lovers and vegetarians. Coffee is fantastic. Service is usually great. It's breakfast food that is wonderfully homemade with fresh ingredients. It's not a hole in the wall greasy breakfast joint, but it's equally as good!

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