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Estimated average consumption of $13.59 - $27.18 per person. We offer 54 menus, including Flavor Of The Day, Black & White, Chocolate Chocolate, Chocolate Hazelnut, More, Red Velvet, S'More and so on.
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By Ella C. at 2016-10-26

I live very close to More so I frequently stop in to pick up cupcakes when I'm having a sugar craving. I'm a huge fan of the chocolate chocolate, chocolate hazenut, and other chocolate varieties. The cashiers are always so friendly and never mind providing descriptions of all the treats. I much prefer their selection over Sprinkles cupcakes which is nearby.

By Bobbi H. at 2016-10-04

This place is ok. I was in the neighborhood and decided to pop in on a whim. Good cupcake but not worth the poor experience.

I had the chocolate caramel cupcake and it was really good. Moist, gooey, rich. Chocolatey but not too sweet. I do agree with other reviewers that the cupcakes don't have distinct flavor based on their names. I never did figure out which part of my cupcake was supposed to be caramel.

There are some major downsides to the store and overall experience that will keep me from coming back.

1. Absolutely no where to sit, nothing to sit on, nothing to really even lean against.
2. Cupcake is wrapped up in a box but there are no napkins and no place to put your trash if you do decide to stand awkwardly in the store and eat your cupcake.
3. No explanation of what the cupcakes are. Just the name is provided. Near the register there is a huge list of cupcake flavors but again it only lists the name. BLT cupcake anyone?
4. The cupcakes are displayed on a clear shelf that extends all the way to the ceiling. Shorties like me can't see more than two rows of cupcakes.

What saves this place is the Starbucks next door and their awesome outdoor seating.
My advice is to get a drink at Starbucks to go with your cupcake and you have somewhere to sit and eat.

By Kelly O. at 2016-07-12

First of all, let me say that this should really be a 3.5 star rating but that's not an option. Husband gives this 4 stars and I give it 3 stars and truly the issue was inconsistency in quality of product among the two flavors we ordered.

Very cute shop. Staff was friendly and helpful in describing the cupcakes as many have special names that aren't necessarily descriptive. Packaging of the cupcakes is some of the best I've seen, very secure for transport without sacrificing style.

Flavor choices for the day were impressive, 16 flavors were available not including the gluten-free version of their "more" cupcake.

Chocolate hazelnut cupcake was the star, Nutella-like filling but with a thinner consistency, cake was not as moist as I would like but was still good. Overall frosting to cake ratio was good and the brittle decoration was on point.

I got the "favorite" which is their take on a black and white. It was supposed to be marbled cake but was really just a layer of chocolate cake and a layer of white cake in the same mold (probably forgot to swirl the batter after pouring I'm assuming) and the cake was honestly pretty dry and crumbly. Frosting was a chocolate buttercream with a nice softer consistency than many. Frosting to cake ratio was off on this one with way too much frosting but I'm going to ignore that because it was for the sake of presentation.

Overall, I'll be back but I'm going to skip the "favorite" and try another flavor that has a filling and less icing. Hopefully next time I can bump this up to 4 stars!

By Sarah B. at 2016-12-24

Absolutely horrible service. We waited behind one customer who was selecting 24 cupcakes for 15 minutes without being acknowledged by the 4 other workers standing behind the counter, and no one else in the store. When we asked the girl at the register if we could order or if we had to wait for the customer in front of us, the worker snapped at us. She blurted out the total, and didn't say another word to us. Will never go back just because of the horribly rude service.

By Ashley D. at 2016-05-17

I like my desserts. Scratch that, I love my desserts! So whenever I travel I try to find one or more cupcake shops to cater to my sweettooth. While in Chicago, a few weeks ago, I looked up cupcake shops in walking distance that were open on Sunday. More was close and I decided to walk their way.

When we walked in there were two employees. Neither looked up from texting on their phones to greet us (and judging from the messy appearance of the very small shop neither had been on cleaning duty either). I thought the cupcakes looked good. I asked a question. They still stared at their phones. I almost re-asked, when one of them very-grudgingly looked up and told me about one of the cupcakes. If they all had normal names and explanations I wouldn't need to ask questions, but since there were no descriptions for any of them I wanted to find out what each kind was (Valrhona specifically and I asked what the flavor or the day was). I ordered my cupcake and they took my payment and got the cupcake for me and put it in a box to go. The entire, transaction made me feel like they did not want me or my money. They gave me my cupcake but no napkin. My friend and I opted to stay there to eat the cupcake so I didn't have to eat and walk. It tasted really good, but I would never go back because of the terrible customer service. Absolutely awful!

By Yanie A. at 2016-12-13

More has great cupcakes. My most fav here is the salted caramel cupcake. In general, their cupcakes taste great and look beautiful/fancy. But what I like the most from this company is because they are generous. A lot of time, they gave free cupcakes through the social media.

By Ana G. at 2016-02-19

My family's favorite cupcake place in Chicago--they're delightful. We always want more!

By Meagan M. at 2016-10-29

More cupcakes initially passed the cupcake test. I bought a red velvet and ate it in the store. This is the best gluten free red velvet cupcake I've ever tried! I ordered a cookies & cream and salted caramel cupcake to go. The cookies & cream was just okay. The icing was good, but the cake was dry. The salted caramel was super dry. I would have thought the two cupcakes (red velvet and salted caramel) came from two different cupcake shops. I would return for the red velvet only. I wouldn't want to take a chance on trying the other flavors unless they were free or they had a bogo promotion. Everyone can't make a good red velvet. For that they get an extra star.

By Jennifer L. at 2015-03-11

I have yet to visit the actual store, but did get a chance to try a cupcake from their truck, which was parked on Jackson and Wabash in front of the DePaul University Law School Tuesday afternoon.

To be honest, my interest in cupcakes has waned ever since I became obsessed with doughnuts/donuts. But, being the sweets addict that I am, I can never say no to a good cupcake.

More has been on my list for quite sometime. I've seen the truck a few times in the Loop, but I never had the chance to stop since I was on my way home, and I don't frequent the River North area. So, I jumped on my chance when I found out that the truck was located super close to my office. It also helped that I was craving something sweet to eat after lunch.

I had no issues locating the truck. However, I had no idea where the flavors were located, since I am so using to seeing a sign or display at eye level. You have to bend down a bit to see the selection, but it is there - sort of embedded in the body of the truck.

The guy I spoke with was pleasant, and he did a good job recommending to me which flavors were the most popular, what they contained and so forth. He suggested either the salted caramel or the chocolate hazelnut. His descriptions of their flavors sounded great, but I wasn't in the mood for them, so I selected the red velvet. It's weird... I sort of base a cupcake place on how good their red velvet ones are, but I digress.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging, which was in a white takeout box. Super cute and secure! I absolutely *hate* when cupcake places don't offer you a box. He rang me up, gave me my receipt and asked me if I needed a bag, which I did. It was a nice plastic one with handles.

As for the cupcake, I quite enjoyed it! The texture of the frosting was just right - light and almost whipped. At first, I thought it was a bit runny, but overall, it worked. The cake was also moist, which is a huge plus. Dry cake is the worst! Lastly, the presentation was lovely, and the cupcake was topped with an edible red square made of white chocolate.

Price wise, it was $3.83 with tax, so pretty comparable to all the other cupcake shops in the area.

The only downsides are that the truck doesn't seem to be on the road as often as others. And, I would have liked to have a fruity flavor to sample from the truck. A lot of the selection seemed chocolate based, which is great, but I just wasn't craving something super chocolaty at the time.

Overall, I'm interested in finding the truck again and trying more flavors. I'd swing by the shop if I was in the area as well.

By Grace H. at 2015-03-26

More Cupcakes is certainly a gem in Chicago. :)

They bake their cupcakes fresh every single day and the workers are very hardworking and kind. They always are so informative and helpful~.The variety of cupcakes is astonishing, and every cupcake is made with care. The fantastic cupcake display is boastful of the efforts of all who work there!

I've tried many of their cupcakes but my favorites are the salted caramel, cookies and cream, red velvet, and valrhona. Others that I always crave are the blueberry (summer flavor), BLT, strawberry cheescake, and pumpkin (fall flavor). I am a huge fan of the lighter cupcakes as well like the lemon meringue. Don't be afraid to ask the people at the front for suggestions, because they will help you find your cupcake. Sometimes they have samples or moresels (get it?) and they are happy to share them with you.

Friday is an exciting day for More because the cocktail cupcakes come out; they are plump with liquor and sugar. Eating one is a perfect way to celebrate youth and happiness on a Friday night! I would recommend trying them out first in their happy hour (5-7) before ordering, because each flavor can be a hit or a miss depending on who you are.

People who judge More by one cupcake need to come back again and try the other flavors. There are soo many!

The cakes are fluffy and fresh every day, and the frosting is very creamy and buttery. Sometimes a little too buttery in my opinion. Try to only eat one if you are mindful of your health, but it's okay to get two I guess :).

Stop by and give More a try !! A small cupcake museum awaits you.

By Jen M. at 2015-10-27

More Cupcake has one of the best cupcakes in Chi town since the inception of the cupcake trend! Passion Passion filled with a dollop of tropical passion fruit cream in the middle, Chocolate Hazelnut is quite a sensation with a dollop of choco-hazelnut cream topped with a hazelnut brittle and an all time favorite... RED VELVET! Simply divine! Very moist, light cream cheese icing. More cupcakes are fresh, not too sweet and you can taste the quality ingredients used in each cupcake. They are medium in size and a bit on the pricier side; however, they definitely offset the cost when they give away a free cupcake if you tag yourself on a More cupcake post on FB or Instagram, and they do post often.

By Tracy X. at 2015-07-30

The establishment is kind of hole in the wall - there's not a single place to sit down (but I guess considering it's a tiny cupcake shop downtown)....

There is a giant rack full of delicious looking cupcakes. I've tried the "chocolate chocolate" and the "favorite" and both were pretty good. Sweet and delicious but not overly sweet. The frosting is awesome too.

I am especially a big fan of their facebook promotion - if you are the first 50 people to tag yourself and friends in their pictures (they release several each week) you get a free cupcake!

By Linda T. at 2016-07-10

I am a vanilla cupcake fanatic and I must say their vanilla cupcake with white frosting was the best I have ever had and I have tried many other bakeries! Cannot recall the exact name but I purchased this at the food truck event at Arlington park yesterday and wish I had purchased more. Perfect frosting cake ratio as many have too much cake and too little frosting. The cake was light and the frosting was not too sweet and a fluffy buttercream. Can't wait to get more!

By Johnna K. at 2016-08-15

Delicious cupcake - I ordered the caramel cupcake!! Very friendly service!!! Just a short walk off Michigan Avenue.

By Susan H. at 2014-07-21

I first heard about More Cupcakes from the Dean and DeLuca catalog. They had them for sale---and they were super pricey. I'm talking something like $85/dozen! Needless to say, I didn't order any.

During our recent visit to Chicago, I decided to stop into their shop which is in the Gold Coast area. I figured that if Dean and DeLuca would sell them, they must be good---and expensive.

We got there on a Friday evening around 8:30 p.m. which was close to their closing time of 9 p.m. So, the selection available was limited. My husband chose a raspberry vanilla cupcake while I chose a red velvet.

Surprisingly, the cost of 2 cupcakes was a little over $7---much cheaper than ordering them from Dean and DeLuca!

My husband really liked his raspberry vanilla cupcake. He said that it had good raspberry flavoring in the frosting. Even better for him, there was a raspberry ganache in the middle of the cake part.

As for the red velvet one---the cream cheese frosting had good flavor and consistency and was garnished with a decorated white chocolate square that was tasty and not overly sweet. However, the amount of cocoa in the cake part could have been bumped up. Red velvet should have some cocoa flavor but not as much as a chocolate cake. So, what flavor there was had been somewhat overpowered by the cream cheese frosting. Still, the cake had good texture and was moist.

All in all, good cupcakes but, seriously, it's not worth spending $85 per dozen from the Dean and DeLuca catalog! However, if you are in Chicago, I would recommend going to their shop and giving them a try.

By Jim R. at 2014-11-04

A tiny cupcake shop with luchious decadent flavors. Set up like a display in a museum with cupcakes lining the glass cabinet.

We visited as a part of Chicago chocolate tours. We tried a couple little one bite cupcakes including a double chocolate and the "more" cupcake (like a hostess cupcake). On Fridays the have happy hour with cupcakes like margarita featuring alcohol laced icing.

By Sam S. at 2015-06-04

One of their food trucks appeared to me in my hour of need and I was powerless against the call. I got a "Bourbon Chocolate Bourbon" cupcake and thought it was quite delicious, tasted a lot more like a vanilla cupcakes with chocolate frosting. So little hint of bourbon, I wonder if the wrong cupcake got put in the box.
Speaking of the box, the Chinese takeout container is clever but a pain in the ass to get your cupcake out of if you're on the go.

By Ls F. at 2016-04-08

I am obsessed with cupcakes. I just love them. So I gave this place two chances to "Wow" me and it just could not come through on either occasion. To me these are just regular cupcakes with fancy names. I feel like if I am able to remake your dish/cupcake, it's just not special or all that good. The first time I tired the White Velvet. Nothing special, just plain white cake with shavings on top. Not disgusting but just regular.

The second time I tried the Gin & Juice Cupcake and it was rather dry. It actually tasted like the White Velvet cupcake. Plain cake, with a jelly like filling which I presume was the gin filling (If there's no jelly in this, that means my cupcake was NOT cooked thoroughly). I'm really shocked at all of the positive reviews on here. I would say "3rd time is the charm" but I'm not interested in trying for a third time at this point. Especially when there are various other Cupcake Trucks in the loop that will WOW you and actually cost less! I should tell those trucks to up their prices! :) Sorry More Cupcakes, this just was not a hit for me, but wishing you continued success!

By Alison V. at 2015-10-24

Review Update: I'm gluten-free now. I have tried three GF cupcakes in the city and More Cupcakes had the best of the three. So far, I have tried the signature "More" GF cupcake and the chocolate chocolate. Both of them were flavorful and moist. The best part is they taste as good as the traditional gluten-laden counterpart.

By Brittany M. at 2015-01-29

This place is like an art museum FOR cupcakes!! The cupcakes are absolutely beautiful!! The designs are so articulate and look so yummy. Now on to the taste....BAM!!! Like a party in your mouth!! This is one of the most amazing cupcake places I have ever been to!! I personally tried the white velvet (not a fan of chocolate so I cannot review it for you) but for all the vanilla lovers out there....YUUMMMMMMM!!!!

Prices are a little high, but that is what you get for art!

Now Go get you a cupcake!!

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