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Mulberry Street Italian Restaurant

Mulberry Street Italian Restaurant
Mulberry Street Italian Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $15.61 - $31.22 per person. We offer 146 menus, including Eggplant Rollatine, Eggplant Parmigiana, Sausage, peppers and Potatoes, Penne With Escarole And Beans, Ravioli With Spinach Sauce, Veal Parmigiana, Veal Sorrentino
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Mulberry Street Italian Restaurant reviews

By Michael S. at 2016-08-20

Average prices, but every type of pizza is probably the best (flavor, texture, consistency, size) I've had around here. Good selection of on-demand slices available.

Decent, not unfriendly service. There's always some guys hanging out in there shooting the breeze with the main pizza...chef(?) and eating some food. Something about that tells me it's authentic, but I could be wrong. It's got a good feel with lots of places to sit because it's also a sit-down restaurant.

By Manju S. at 2016-06-27

What a great place. I've had the grandma slice, regular slice and garlic knots and I was not disappointed with any of the food. Definitely worthy of a try for comparison for those in the area. It's easy to miss as its in a obscure location but once you find it you will happy you didn't go pass it :) something with the tomatoes and cheese that make the slices pop and really stick out from the rest. I hope they are around for a long time.

Also the staff are very friendly and always have a smile on their face. Great customer service!

By Kaitlyn D. at 2016-12-05

Delicious hot cheesy pizza! My cousin and I stopped in for a slice durning my lunch break, and we were super impressed. We walked in and a Sicilian pie was just being taken out of the oven. We both ordered a slice of it, and split a pepperoni pinwheel. It was all delicious and totally hit the spot. We will be going back!

By Kenton W. at 2016-10-30

The crispness of the bread, slight astringency of the tomatoes, and mellowness of the cheese have always harmonized into a consistently amazing bite. The only downside is that the inside of the restaurant is rather dark and not all that unwelcoming. There is always parking.

By Anthony S. at 2016-08-22

I really like Mulberry Street. In an area where there's no shortage of really good pizza joints, this spot will not disappoint. Some of my favorite slices are the upside down slice and the marinara slice. Their sauce is a little on the sweet side, which I prefer, and the staff is always fast and friendly. Their calzones and specialty slices are very good as well. They have plenty of booths inside and I've never had a problem finding a seat.

By Lizzie T. at 2016-03-01

This is my family's go to place. Tho they have had problems with an order more than once the owner always makes sure it is done correctly. Recently when we went for my moms birthday and the order was messed up he insisted on redoing the WHOLE order because he knew he messed up. Then gave my mom a free cannoli. They really take care of their customers and the pizza is out of this world. I can honestly say it's the best pizza I have had in my life.

By Lily T. at 2016-07-24

No awning for this place, but it's right off of N. Broadway. Went in for a quick dinner with the kids and it wasn't busy at all. Ordered a couple of regular slices for the kids, a grandma slice and a sicilian and the only thing that stood out was the grandma slice. Skip the sicilian.

By Scott S. at 2016-10-20

The food was excellent, I am leaving 2 stars for the customer service. I ordered delivery using their menu from their online menu- one large white pie and one cold antipasto salad. White pie- 13.95. Cold antipasto- $6.95. They charged me $21.00 for the Pizza and $10 for the antipasto salad. When I called the next day to straighten it out the gentleman on the phone said "oh yeah, we gotta take that menu down, it's old." I said ok, so how do you want to fix this? He said there's nothing he can do. Really? I wonder if he knows "bait and switch" is illegal, even if it's accidental. False advertising is false advertising, and they should have offered to make it right. I won't order from them again. It's a shame because the food was very good.

By James D. at 2016-07-30

One of the best kept (italian ) secrets on the island. Food = excellent. Nat and Vito =old school. Cannot go wrong with this place. I give it 4 meatballs.

By J C. at 2015-11-08

Excellent Spaghetti with while calm sauce.
Also the chicken Parmesan is very juicy.
Large portions

By Suzanne L. at 2015-08-21

Should you find yourself in Hicksville out on Long Island, run, don't walk, to this little nondescript gem. It's tucked away in the corner of a strip mall, across the road from a diner that no doubt attracts more traffic, but is dishing out some of the best Italian food I have ever tasted. Ever! That sounds very dramatic, so to tone it down some, how about I say at worst, it was in my top 3 of all time. Of my entire life! And I've been around a while and been to Italy 4 times, so let the gravity of that sink in.

I had garlic and olive oil pasta, my friends had shrimp fra diavolo, and fettuccine alfredo. I tasted theirs too and they were all exceptional. My co-workers happened upon it a while back, which is how I eventually ended up there, and they revealed to me that they actually schedule meetings in this area several times a year just so they can go eat at Mulberry St. Pizza. That's a big deal given that they work in Manhattan.

By Denise D. at 2015-07-20

Great grandma pizza and get a fresh made ham and cheese calzone it's sooooooo good !!

By Sumit K. at 2015-10-21

They have the best garlic knots I have ever had, seriously.

Pizza is pretty good too.

By Baker T. at 2016-04-03

The Grandma pie, the broccoli pinwheels, the spinach pie...the list of goodness goes on and on. But the best reasons to go are the brothers, Nat and Vito! They know every single person who walks in the door (that's how loyal their customers are!) They're funny, warm and generous. Great pizza and great people. Yeah, yeah, tell me all about the fancy pizza oven you hauled over from Italy and the artisanal oil you use...yeah, yeah, I've heard it before.
Great pizza and great does not get any better!! AND THE GARLIC KNOTS!!!!!

By Mary M. at 2016-03-28

I've been going here since my husband and I moved to the area almost 10 years ago. Nat and Vito are awesome, and make you feel like family. I highly recommend their baked Tortellini and their Garlic Bread!!!! Also, they have a Rigatoni a la vodka pizza that's truly delicious!

By Julie L. at 2014-10-17

I placed an order for delivery for lunch . The phone skills could be improved by being more welcoming, but my order was taken nonetheless, and pretty quickly. My wait time was estimated at 30-45 minutes. I waited an hour and twenty minutes. When I called an hour late to check on my food, they were very apologetic and blamed it on a traffic accident.

When my food came, it was piping hot, fresh, and delicious. The penne pasta with meat sauce costs $9.95 and could serve 2-3 coworkers easily. The mozzarella sticks as a side taste like freezer-section generic brand.

Besides the long wait time and rubbery mozzarella sticks, their pasta is excellent. And if you split with friends, it's quite the steal. I'll order again from there, so four stars from me because their positives outweigh their negatives.

By Sushant C. at 2014-10-17

We got the pizza which was huge but tasted okay and was pricey at 23 bucks..

I am not sure why there are two businesses that show in yelp at the same address. Vinnie's Mulberry St Pizza is the same as the Mulberry St Pizza. They are both listed at the same address.

By John C. at 2016-04-06

Yesterday stopped in for a slice or pizza with a friend of over 30 years. As we walked in were told that a Grandma's pizza was coming right out of the oven - WOW! It was as if there was cocaine in the pizza - melted in your mouth! The young lady at the counter was personable and this place should not be missed if you are in the neighborhood. Have eaten dinner here a few times and food is great and portions very generous - thanks!

By Mark D. at 2016-06-26

Great pizza... I'm from out of town and was looking for delivery. I couldn't have pick a better place. Thin pie at a great price... Make sure you are hungry if you ordered the large.

By Dann S. at 2016-01-07

I can not say enough good things about Mulberry Street Pizza.

The food is very good and ownership is accommodating and seemed to care a lot about the customer needs while maintaining the integrity of their business.

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