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Nisa Thai Cuisine

Nisa Thai Cuisine
  • Street 118 S Belvidere St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 343-1113
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Nisa Thai Cuisine introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.6 - $15.2 per person. We offer 180 menus, including Thai Iced Tea, Thai Iced Coffee, Pineapple Juice, Unsweetened Iced Tea, Hot Tea, Young Coconut Juice, Can Soda and so on.
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Nisa Thai Cuisine reviews

By Yohan S. at 2016-12-10

Ordered Beef with Basil, Yellow Curry with Chicken, and Sweet and Sour Beef.
Beef with Basil came properly spicy with chilli, not an overly oily sauce. Can come less spiced if that's your preference (but I really like spicy food and asked explicitly).

Yellow Curry is creamy and delicately balanced. Flavors are subtle with a good portion of chicken and amble gravy to pour over a generous portion of rice.

Sweet and Sour Beef is UNLIKE it's Chinese equivalent. Pan seared with a delicious pineapple sauce. Good with beef, but would be stellar with Chicken or pork.

By Jessica T. at 2016-11-17

Nisa Thai put it's twist on the term "Asian Fusion" for sure! Their options being Thai, Viet, Chinese, and LAOS (WHAT??? Never seen that option before)

We got the pad see ew and dumplings which were good but what really stood out to me was their pho! Skeptical when I first got it because of the fairly clear broth and slices of TOMATOES (Whatwhat didn't know that was a thing) but it was SO GOOD. OH MY- Getting butterflies in my tummy just thinking about it mmf. The tomatoes weren't over-dominating but still gave the overall dish a nice kick (or shrug because kick sounds like an over-dominating word) OH and it is served in a boat by the way So extra, I know. I actually had to eat it with the boat facing me vertically/short ways instead of how one would normally eat from a boat dish. No real complaints tho.

The ambiance is fairly nice and calm, I went there for lunch with my friends; it's a nice, quaint, little hang out spot. Service was nice and punctual as well.

I'll definitely be back! If not just for the pho then to try the rest of their wide-ranged menu(:

By Jenna C. at 2016-10-07

I have come to Nisa a few times now since it has open. I've had a positive experience every time! They are great for dining in or takeout. All of the standard Thai dishes (Pad Thai, drunken noodle etc) are large portion and very good. Nisa is a really great place to go when you are craving Thai food. They also have sushi that is decent quality and for a fair price.

I'm really glad they opened and have free parking in the back. It is much easier to get to than other Thai places in the area.

By Victoria N. at 2016-12-08

Solid cheap thai and japenese food here! So glad my cousin took me: I had the beef basil fried rice (which was a WHOPPING portion), cousin had drunken noodles, and her bf had the wings (cheap and delicious). The prices are so low in comparison to NOVA but the portions were humongous! And 2$ thai iced tea, unbeatable. They also have laotian food which I was too nervous to try. And really cheap appetizers. Next time I visit her this would be a great winter takeout place!

By Allison I. at 2016-09-09

Pretty dang great! It's an asian fusion place to say the least and the taste and quality of their dishes are amazing. I love thai food so I instantly wanted to try this new trending place. Their prices are fair and are more expensive during dinner just as many places but they only go up by less than $5.
I loved my vegetarian pad thai and quite possibly the BEST I have had in RVA. I have no clue why I always order vegetarian when it comes to noodle dishes, yet I love meat so much. Oh! vegetarian dishes are sometimes more expensive than the ones with chicken yet I can't seem to conceive why. My dish had a ton of carrots, cabbages, noodles and only 2 tofu slices SO it shouldn't be more expensive. I guess it's more work for them to use a new wok and base ....... ehhh so I guess it makes sense. Who cares, what am I even complaing about! This place is great, forget what I said. Haha

Con: orders kind of take a bit longer than other thai places. It's okay, the flavors make up for it.

I seriously can't wait to come back!!

By S L. at 2016-09-24

Worst food and experience ever.

We waited over 2 hours for our order and then it took 3 times for the delivery driver to get us our entire order. On the 3rd time the driver dropped a can of soda on my girlfriends foot and without apology briskly walked away.

I am now sitting in the damn ER while my GF gets stitches in her foot. When I called the manager he called me a liar and demanded I send him pictures and called me a multitude of names before he hung up on me.

Stay away from this business. For the love of god stay away. I have never been treated so poorly in my life. God damn...I have less faith in humanity simply from dealing with this place. May god have mercy on us all.

Please take your business elsewhere. There is such better Thai food at other establishments without the fear of bodily harm.

By Rachel I. at 2016-09-20

Football Sundays call for takeout or delivery. When you get tired of greasy pizza and wings, sometimes Thai hits the spot. The cool thing about Nisa Thai is that they offer a variety of Japanese, Vietnamese and Thai food. I do love the idea of delivery pho since it is a scientific fact that pho is one of the best hangover or illness cures ever. You can't beat a good pho. We were in the mood for Thai though so the pho review will have to wait.

We ordered the Nisa crispy duck in chili sauce, pad Thai, and crying tiger. Everything was delicious. We ordered everything American hot and it wasn't spicy enough for us, so we'll probably go to Thai hot next time. Beside the lack of spice, the flavors were on point. Pad Thai had enough sauce and noodles were cooked perfectly. It was a little skimpy on the chicken but delicious nonetheless. The crispy duck was fried chicken meets Asian heat. It was served over a bed of cabbage, broccoli and carrots. Since we got delivery this time, they were thoughtful enough to put the chili sauce on the side so the duck stayed crispy. Everything arrived hot (temperature-wise) and took about 30 minutes. We appreciated the ability to order online.

A great new delivery options for vcu and fan area residents! Perfect for when you can't agree on what to order.

By Sab D. at 2016-12-12

We ordered for delivery from this place. The delivery took 30 minutes which isn't that bad. The food was awesome. We ordered Basil Fried rice with chicken and drunken noodles with veggie and tofu. For the price, the quantity was good. Definitely got 3 meals out of two dishes. We did ask the owner to add eggs to our fried rice, and while he said Yes on phone, I suppose he forgot to tell the chef the message. The spices were on spot with right amount of spice level. Definitely recommend this place and will order again soon. Only wish again would be the person who takes order delivers the message to chef regarding the special instructions. That would be really appreciated.

By Katrina G. at 2016-12-10

BOMB food. Spicy, fresh, and flavorful. I loved my meal here and can't wait to come back.

By Heather H. at 2016-07-31

This new Thai restaurant is pretty much on VCU campus! Across the street from the VCU Business & Engineering building, as well as the Cary & Belvedere dorms. The restaurant has a clean interior and has a welcoming staff. The menu boasts a variety of options, ranging from Vietnamese pho to Pad Thai and sushi. As a person who regularly satisfies their Pad Thai cravings at Elephant Thai, also a nearby Thai restaurant on West Cary St, I would say that this new spot could also become a big contender!

I decided to try the Chicken Pad Thai, hot. The food was well seasoned and not as sweet as many other Thai restaurants I've been to.

Whether you're looking for pho after a long night out or even wanting a place to hangout with some friends, I would give this place a try!

By R R. at 2016-12-15

I dined in and ordered delivery and I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of the food. I am certainly not a thai food expert but I can say this place is one the tastiest thai places I have been to. The prices are reasonable, excellent portion and nice service!

By MT T. at 2016-09-26

First of all, anything that delivers to Northside is already a winner in my book!

My husband and I were wiped out Sunday evening and were craving sushi. I remembered hearing this place delivered sushi and we decided to give it a shot. So glad we did! My husband in particular was extremely skeptical about delivery sushi, and even I wasn't really expecting much, but it was wonderful! The fish was very fresh and very generously portioned. Both rolls and nigiri were well formed, with properly seasoned rice that hadn't been packed too hard or overcooked. If you like scallops, you MUST try their scallop roll - it was delicious and beautiful to look at, too, like a flower.

In addition to the sushi, we ordered crying tiger, miso soup and dumplings. My husband had the crying tiger and really liked it. The miso soup was tasty and had bonito flake, which was a nice addition. The dumplings were some of the best I've had in town! Highly recommend these - they are homemade and really, really great!

Bottom line, we really loved this place! We will definitely be ordering again (especially delivery!) and can't wait to try the Thai/Lao dishes as well.

By Justin S. at 2016-09-12

This place is new and just around the corner from me and I am so excited! I had the Panang Curry with chicken and my partner had the Pad Thai. The Panang Curry was extremely good and perfectly spiced. The Pad Thai was really flavorful, but was lacking some spice. We could tell when we first got there that they are still getting use to the service aspect, but overall very good and fast service.

I highly encourage anyone to go here! If you love Thai food then you will definitely love Nisa Thai!

By Antony S. at 2016-11-27

Nisa's delivery service has been a godsend, quick and the order is still hot. Their chicken basil, pad thai, and the fresh rolls are my favorite. Also the customer service has been excellent.

By Julia R. at 2016-09-27

Really good Thai with a lot of flavor. Dishes that indicated spicy actually WERE spicy! Usually they come "American hot" for our sensitive palates, and I hope Nisa doesn't adjust for that. I like some spice. I ordered cashew chicken and my partner ordered basil chicken; both were very flavorful and in portions that were well worth the price. The curry puff appetizer is unlike anything I've had before and is complimented very nicely by a slightly sweet cucumber sauce. The rice is pretty standard, but since it's what goes ON the rice that's important, it was no worry.

Delivery took longer than expected, but to be fair I probably am at the very edge of their radius; I hope as they remain open they'll be able to get some faster delivery going. It was about 1 hour 45 minutes before my food arrived. But it was worth the wait.

By Richard Z. at 2016-08-16

I am reviewing their vegetarian options. My wife and I have ordered 3 times from them. First off I want to say their delivery gets an A. They have their own drivers instead of using Zoomer. The food arrives quickly and it arrives hot. Their miso soup is a a bit saltier than I am used to. Their deep fried tofu appetizer is good. Wish they used more seasoning though. Their freshly made spring rolls are excellent. Request that they leave it in plastic wrap otherwise the pieces stick together. My wife likes the pad thai with tofu and I get the fried rice with tofu. The portion size is large. Get two meals with each dish. I would consider it one step up from fast food. Worth the price and delivery is excellent.

By Tiffany N. at 2016-09-09

Okay, so basically whenever I want to order take out, my boyfriend knows that this is exactly what I want.

They are new to the area, and I'm so glad they are right on campus!

Every time I order, they are always really nice and helpful. The prices are really fair and I always get my food very quickly.

The food is great and tastes really fresh. I always get the drunken noodles, pad see eew or the curries. I've always thoroughly enjoyed the food! I love the spice levels as well. Whenever I go to another Thai restaurant in the area, I'm never hit with the spice I want, even if I ask for the hottest spice. Here, I get exactly the spiciness that I've been wanting from Thai food which is VERY spicy.

Their sushi is great as well and SO cheap. Have yet to try their pho or anything else but I'm sure its good.

Also, kind of random, but their Thai tea is the best one I've had in Richmond and something I get every time I order. GET IT. It's sooo good.

I recommend this restaurant to everyone all the time and am definitely becoming a regular here.

By R W. at 2016-11-18

Excellent food and I don't have a complaint at all. It's hot, fresh and delivered in a decent time. The delivery driver is very nice too and he gave me a tip: don't order the food via Grubhub, EatStreet, etc b/c they charge a delivery fee. Order straight through Nisa and save $3.

By Maria D. at 2016-08-19

The sushi was incredibly fresh and had an appropriate amount of rice. The pieces were bigger than most plaves Ive been to around RVA. We also orsered Fresh Rolls and Spicy Chicken Wings, which was also delicious. I highly reccommend! The place is clean and super comfortable! Go here, now!

By Jonah P. at 2016-08-13

Good balance of low price, decent quality and sufficient portions at a restaurant that offers free delivery. We tried a range of dishes, and while none of them blew us out of the water, there were no regrets either. Favorites included larb kai and sesame beef. The mixed vegetable jae wasn't prepared as described, so it turned out to be pretty bland, albeit a nice, vegetable-heavy alternative to the usual options. Noodle dishes were standard. I'd skip the shrimp next time, as they were all overcooked in a handful of dishes, and instead stick with beef, chicken or tofu.

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