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We offer 36 menus, including Pick a Meat or Tofu, Add a Soup or Salad, Penne Rosa, Pesto Cavatappi, Pasta Fresca, Whole Grain Tuscan Linguine, Tomato Basil Bisque and so on.
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Noodles & Company reviews

By Alison P. at 2016-12-29

I really liked the Bangkok curry with shrimp. That was pretty good for a chain restaurant. In general though, it is always really cold in this noodles. We all left our coats on and I know even in summer we have had to do the same because they crank the air.

By Violet V. at 2016-01-04

This place is the worst Noodles and Company I have ever been to. Service is terrible just like others mentioned. AWFUL!!
This place used to be much better several years ago. I don't really know what happened.

How wrong can you get just mixing sauces that are prepared already and warming up the noodles that are frozen.
Service is so slow. Just like another review said I also have ordered ahead over the phone several times and they still dont have my orders right. Waiting 30 min might be average here. Other Noodles and Company, on a busy day, you might wait max 10.

I had called once and they put me on hold for so long that I had arrived by the time the lady came back on the phone. This place always have at least 6 or 10 people working but still, nothing gets done right. I think the problem is the "Manager". She has no clue what she is doing.

Advice - Order ahead. Pick up your food and eat there.

We love Noodles and Company but not this one.

By Andrew K. at 2016-03-16

Visit: 3/15/16 - 7:17p.m. - Very Dissatisfied!

Ordered online ahead of time today. We arrived a little early and they were almost finished with our dinner. We were met promptly and paid for our food. The girl at the register said they were just finishing up the parm crusted chicken and it would just be a minute.
Another customer was helped who had not ordered ahead and this person received their food before us.

Approximately 5-7 minutes had elapsed and we had by received our food. We had glanced at the two girls behind the counter and eventually the one who had originally helped us came over to us and asked if we were waiting for something.... REALLY....? I stated "yea we had the order for pickup" she appeared confused and let me reiterate (we had spoken to her 5-7 minutes ago) also key point they were not very busy, only two other customers were waiting for food.

When we finally received our food we got home to find the Chinese Chicken Chop Salad had kalamata olives which is not correct... And the salad dressing was missing. My penne rosa had ample amount of cheese but lacked sauce. Overall the chop salad was a huge disappointment and the penne rosa was mediocre.

This was the first time at this noodles and it will be the last.

Very dissatisfied.

By Audrey G. at 2015-11-24

I came primarily because I had a free e mail bowl. It was rather busy for a Monday at 1:30 pm during thanksgiving week. The service was rather poor. The girl practically " dropped / thrown " my lunch onto the table and grabbed the number and ran off. But then what do you expect from this type of restaurant. Personally it's an overpriced fast food pasta establishment unless you belong to the E Club.

By Allie K. at 2016-01-17

This location was disgusting. Nobody had cleaned the tables off in hours, the floors were covered in food and paper scraps, and the woman at the register was extremely rude and unpleasant. She didn't have change in the register and left for 5 minutes to find some without explaining to us. Needless to say, it will deter me ever coming to this location again and from visiting noodles in the future.

By Terrance D. at 2016-03-10

The manager reached out to me and offered a free meal. I didn't have to wait as long this time but there is still a flaw with the online order system. It never even popped up at the restaurant until I got there.

By Michelle S. at 2015-07-21

I work nearby and have given this location many chances. Today was the last straw. Normally I call in my order around lunch since I know it will be busy and they almost always still do not have it ready. Today I made a last minute choice to go here for lunch. I ordered one small spaghetti and meatballs. I ended up waiting 30 minutes for my order to be delivered to my table. When I asked the server if I could now get it to go because I just sat through my entire lunch waiting, he said he would bring out a box and a free meal coupon. I waited for another 5 minutes for him to return. When I could wait no longer, I had to walk my food up to the front counter to ask for the box. After finally getting it to go, I had to ask again for the coupon. The employee had to ask their manager which created more waiting.

I get it. It was lunch time. It gets busy. But I didn't order something super complex. Noodles & sauce. Plus 3 meatballs. That's it! When I got back to my office to eat it. It was cold. The meatballs looked like they had been sitting out for a while and were dry. To top it off, there was barely any sauce. I didn't even eat most of the dish it was that bad. I don't even want to use my free meal coupon, I want my money back!

By Steven T. at 2014-07-18

I had the Pad Thai today. I don't usually go to many chain restaurants but I wanted to try them. I added the steak to the meal. It was fresh and hot . It was good but I think I will stick to real asian places for asian noodles.The meal was kind of bland and the cilantro was most of the flavor. I felt it needed some spice or a little kick to it. It's geared to the masses and I can see it's appeal. It's a nice change from all the usual lunch places. The menu has many styles of noodles and could be five different restaurants in one. This will appeal to pasta people for sure. See my pix of lunch.

By Paige J. at 2016-05-20

You can order online ahead of time, but I recommend you don't bother because chances are it won't be done. Add that to them usually messing up orders, I wouldn't bother stopping. Don't waste your time with this Noodles, or most of them. Their service has been steadily decreasing.

By Nick F. at 2015-05-22

Pretty much my "go to" location. Friendly staff, the restaurant is usually clean, Food comes fast and it has the 1000 flavor soda machine (can't remember what it's actually called) Never had a bad experiance at this location, only small gripe is the parking lot kind of sucks.

By Josh S. at 2015-10-23

If I could give this place 0 stars, I would! My fiance and I went there last night (10/22/15 ~ 8:00 PM), and EVERYTHING about it, was AWFUL!!! First, we've lived in Brookfield (just 1.5 miles from here) for the last 2 years, and never had an issue before. It's never really been great, but, it was always a place you could get decent service and a solid meal at an affordable price. Although, from our previous experience there, September 2015, you could tell it was on its way down.

First off, the cashier that took our order, did not look at, nor speak a single word to us (no "hi", "bye" or "thank you"). We asked if they still had "buff bowls" (as they were not on their menu) and she just nodded her head "yes", not stating what they were or what were in them. Next, the kitchen floor was extremely dirty and it stunk as if the 7 employees (3 of which were VERY the point one's stomach was hanging out as she prepared the food and the other's pants did not fit, so her button and zipper were open) had not showered in a week! ALL of the employees were goofing off and talking to each other, VERY LOUDLY! Meanwhile, 3 orders were screwed up, during the 15 minute waiting period of our 2 dishes (not surprising, as again, they were ALL goofing off). The 500 lb manager (NOT exaggerating, and I mention this as he didn't have any regard for his staff or the complaints being made to effort or cares) was eventually called over, as one of the dine-in families noticed their food was just sitting there under the lights, getting cold, as the employees continued to screw around. NO ONE was wearing gloves as they cooked or prepped the food. One girl even wiped her nose and proceeded to touch people's food afterwards (ALL of them actually touched the food without gloves). After seeing all of this, we just walked out without our food, and didn't even ask for a refund, as neither of us wanted dysentery!

This place is dirty, trashy/ghetto, unprofessional and should have the health department notified. If you want clean food and good service, then I suggest you avoid this place like the plague, much like what you'll get if you eat here!!!

Today, Friday, 10/23, my fiance called the store and corporate to let them know about the experience; they were appalled. We will come back in 6 months, to see if they improved on hygiene and manners.

By Joseph B. at 2014-09-24

Always great food, fast service, and very very friendly staff. They also have outdoor seating as
Well. They have a fantastic chicken noodle soup, with generous amounts of chicken. Their Mac and cheese is excellent, but all their food is great.

By MissyLaChance .. at 2016-01-24

I've been going to this location ever since I moved to Tosa a year ago. While I have never had a bad meal, the service can be absolutely horrible. Your service will typically depend on what time you go. It's usually when you go a few hours before closing time. I've been ignored quite a few times and the staff is little to be desired. It's mostly a mix of younger kids who still have a lot to learn or older adults who can't figure it out. I get it, you shouldn't expect spectacular customer service but I would at least like a thank you and a smile when you hand me my receipt. Another thing that really bugs me is that they always seem to be out of the basic things. A few times I've ordered and couldn't even finish before they said "we're out" like really? You are out of cheese? I don't even bother calling in a to go order anymore because they keep you on hold forever. Either they forget about you or hope you just hang up. Even though this location is down the street I will just go to the Brookfield location from now on.

By Laurel M. at 2015-10-03

Service is awful.. food sucks and is way to expensive.. the restaurant smells like urine.

By Brian H. at 2013-01-19

I had never been to Noodles & Co before, and found it to be a pleasant experience.

The portion size was a good value, the taste was great, and the service was quick. I could definitely find myself there again.

I'd have to knock off a star though, because the environment is LOUD at this particular Noodles & Co. I stopped in over lunch, which I'm sure what part of it, but it was still incredibly loud.

By Kathleen B. at 2013-12-22

Pretty fresh-tasting. Asked for some vegetables to be added to a pasta dish and that part of order was completely ignored. The soups here are not as hot as they should be.

By Carol O. at 2012-09-17

Longtime customer... but no more. Try the Pewaukee one instead. They don't have as rude employees.

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