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We offer 88 menus, including Top Shelf Combo Appetizer, Authentic Spinach & Artichoke Dip, Southwestern Chicken Quesadilla, Spicy Jack Cheese Wedges, Southwestern Twisted Chips, Chicken Tenders, Overloaded Potato Skins and so on.
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By Janos J. at 2016-12-10

It seems like this O'Charley's is really a hit or miss depending on the day and time when visiting. I've came here twice now on Tuesday nights around 8pm with my son for dinner and both times have been perfectly fine. As soon as we entered we were greeted and sat promptly. Our server came to our table within a minute to take our drink orders and during this last week's visit my appetizer came within about 5-6 minutes. Our entrée took about 15 minutes (grilled chicken and fish).

The service was good. Overall the food was great, though their broccoli could be cooked less, as it tends to be overcooked here. Their Prime Rib, Fish, Grilled Chicken and French dip are great choices here.

If you have young kids, they offer a free meal per paid adult. I love this, as my kids do not eat that much and it prevents waste.

[Review #408] (55th Review of 2016)

By Wayne C. at 2016-08-27

Had 1.honey smothered fried chicken - very crunchy, not much honey - broccoli was great
2. French Dip - was just as good as normal (come here about every three months)
Wait for food was longer than any other time I've been here.

By Amanda P. at 2016-07-13

Went here tonight was told a 20 to 25 min wait which ended up being 50 mins. I knew it was free pie Wednesday so I let it go. As soon as we sat down we were told they were out of the French silk and lemon pie which sucks. We had ordered the spicy fried cheese as an appetizer and it was just ok nothing I would order again. Our waitress was friendly but was wicked slow. There were so many people waiting outside but a lot of open tables. After we ate our dinner we were told they only had Cherry pie left. How do you run out of EVERY pie? This event happens every week it's not like it's new, common now! The only reason why I gave them a two instead of a one is because we asked the waitress who brought the Manager over and we were able to trade out two pies for a brownie to share which was big and pretty good.

Most likely won't be returning anytime soon

By Elyse T. at 2016-06-21

Despite the alarmingly bad reviews, I decided to try this place out for lunch. While I had my own little issues with this place, I definitely didn't have a horrible time like so many others did.

It was pretty busy for lunch, but I was able to get a booth quickly. My waiter was warm and friendly and had my beer, fried pickles, and rolls out in no time while I decided what to order. I ended up ordering a rare sirloin, coleslaw, and french fries.

The fried pickles were crispy and not overly greasy, but that was the only really notable thing about the meal. The coleslaw was fresh but bland, the fries were underseasoned and flabby, and I had to send the steak back because it was shriveled and nearly burnt from oversearing. I could hardly cut through it. Luckily, my waiter had no problems taking it back and my new steak was cooked much better.

I might eat here again if I was in the area, but probably wouldn't go out of my way otherwise. It's nothing to write home about, and you'd probably be better off driving a little ways down the road for something better at Texas Roadhouse.

By Dan D. at 2016-02-22

I live close to Ocharleys and it's often thrown into the restaurant mix out of convenience. Unfortunately OC is kind of run of the mill place in Snellville. This visit we were greeted at the door and asked to sit at a table instead of a booth and that completely threw off the greeter. She didn't know what to do. No thinking outside the box with her.
After being seated we waited approx 7-8 minutes before our server showed up. She took out drink order and we told her we were ready to order our food and she didn't want to do that. She said " let me get your drinks and get my pad to write down your order"
Well ... About 10 minutes later she came back with out drinks. I was just about done at that point and really was ready to take a walk and go somewhere else.
We waited it out ... Bad decision ... Wrong salad brought to table. Then my ribs were crazy dry.
My glass went empty a few times.
Over all just not a good visit. I can't say I won't be back but it will be a tough decision.

By Jenna F. at 2016-07-31

Pepsi products only :( The wait for mediocre food was very long. Flies were buzzing around our heads, and then I looked down to see a trail of ants crawling by my arm at our table. The cheddar potato soup was not good. Also, they pushed two tables together for our party of 6 and our heads were under lights that should be hanging over the table. When we got up to leave, I hit my head on the low-hanging lamp that was hanging a foot above my head the entire meal. Walking out of there with a giant lump on my head. There is nothing good about O'Charley's, in my opinion. I won't be back!

By Kathryn H. at 2016-08-28

Went in today to just get an appetizer and side salad. Terrible service. Plenty tables available but couldn't be seated for 30 min. they said they only had one server.
Ordered the chicken tenders, they came out probably 30 min. later only 4 skinny and one very small tender overcooked. Salad was limp and old lettuce.
You would think with all the new restaurants opening they would up their game. I predict they won't make it and will close soon. Pitiful

By Shanice I. at 2016-11-11

Ive been to a few OCharleys in Gwinnett but I must say that the Snellville location is my favorite! Every time I go I ask for the same server, Devin. He is awesome! My food is always fresh and cooked in a timely manner. He constantly checks on me no matter how many tables he has (that place can get very busy!) and always has a smile on his face. Would definitely recommend all my friends and family to this location!

By Ashbeezy B. at 2015-10-21

This is one of my favs but they took 15 minutes to take our drink orders. Smh. It wasn't even busy. It was 4pm on a Tuesday None the less. After getting over that hurdle, I ordered my favorite salad in the universe, the southern pecan with salmon. My boo wanted the spinach artichoke dip so I helped him out with that! Lol. The dip was on point! Creamy & full of spinach. Best of all it wasn't salty. When my salad came out I couldn't wait to dig in. Good thing I didn't dig too deep. THE MIDDLE OF THE SALMON WAS RAW! I stayed calm. Didn't want to create a scene. Today. So I calmly called over our server. He actually took the uncooked salmon & had the chef fire me up a brand new piece! Wow! Talk about customer service! The 2nd piece looked way better than the first. It was also busting with flavor & fully cooked. I was pleased. I will try this location again.

By Tom S. at 2016-10-26

We waited 20 minutes after being seated to have a meal, no waitress came so we left and went over to first watch which is just down the road. Had a great meal, as for Bert.

By King L. at 2016-07-17

The past 3 times I've eaten here its been nearly a 3 hour process from the time of getting seated to the time of leaving. The food is good and the desserts are amazing but every waiter I've had here likes to disappear for 15-25 mins every time they leave the table.

By Tamara B. at 2016-04-16

Service was slow and we had to wait 15 minutes just to get silverware.
The loaded potato soup would be better named velveeta soup. I'm not improve.

I came back a few months later. Much different experience.

By CJ M. at 2016-04-05

If I could give negative stars I would. For starters, when my family and I entered the restaurant no one was at the hostess stand & we had to wait about a minute for someone to come (by that time three other families were waiting behind us)

Once seated, it took several minutes before our server came to the table in which once she did she made us aware that it was her first week there (which was fine because we all have to learn new things right)

Upon giving her our beverage orders, she said it'd be a moment for her to bring them out in addition to the rolls. About 10 minutes passed and then she finally appeared with our beverages and rolls and we placed our food order.

As we were chatting, the server came to the table and asked our guest how she wanted her steak to be done and she told her medium rare (mind you that by this point a good 30 minutes had already passed since we gave her our order which made us believe she was just putting it in the computer)

More time passed and it wasn't until after 7 p.m. That we received our food (which would've been fine had the food come out piping hot) unfortunately, that was not the case as the all the food was barely lukewarm. In addition to her not even bringing the salad out that I ordered.

In total we had been at the restaurant for an hour and a half and had to leave hungry due to the poor food quality and mediocre service. What a waste of time and energy that place turned out to be.

By Jamie M. at 2016-05-28

The service was awful! The appetizer came after the meal and didn't get salads till after the meal was done! It took an hour and 15 minutes just to get the food. The potato soup was awful. I live in Florida and I remember that o charleys was a great restaurant but I will never go back after that experience! If I could choose no stars I would but it won't let me

By Kim K. at 2016-03-26

The food is very good. Chicken tenders delicious perfectly seasoned. Burger nice and juicy! But the wait for the food SUCKED. Our waitress was very nice but 1 of the runners that dropped off our appetizer pretty much dropped it on the table with a little side of attitude. We had ordered our appetizer pretty much soon as we sat down it had to have taken 35-40min.

By B H. at 2016-08-03

Food was good but worst service of any Ocharleys we have visited. Waited on salad dressing correction and forever on desert!

By Linda C. at 2016-01-22

This Snellville location keeps getting worse and worse. We come, don't come back for a while, revisit and its worse. Service is soooooo slow. Salad was gross, slimy and all brown. Salmon was hot and good but the rice pilaf was cold and just a congealed clump. Keep you 20% off coupons. Not even worth a discount.

Update: Haven't been back yet but want to thank Alan, general manager at this location, for reaching out to us to try to make this right. We appreciate his concern for the experience we had and his willingness to take these issues into account to improve customer relations. A rare thing these days! Thanks, Alan!

By Melvin D. at 2016-03-12

Although I don't like sports much, I would like to say I have spent many happy meals, drinks and times at this restaurant, bar and dinner place. The atmosphere is welcoming the staff is always glad to serve. It's kid - friendly and families are seated in large or small numbers. There are private - party areas and the kitchen and wait - staff are very helpful. There is also a to-go service area as well as booths, a bar and dinner seating. We enjoy going for the food and drinks and clientele.

By Tony Y. at 2016-06-12

Came here with my family for lunch. We have been waiting 20 mins (maybe longer) for our food. Even worse, it has been 45 mins since we have arrived. The booth they sat is at still had food crumbs under the table everywhere as if it not been cleaned yet. Waiter staff isn't friendly at all and most of them are very slow. My recommendation? Do NOT come here unless you want to ruin your dinner. Does this place have a manager that cares?

By Paige S. at 2016-07-26

My hubby and I often go here for date night. The service is a bit slow at times, which is understandable since our date night is usually Friday evenings, which are peak times for restaurants. When I go I usually order my favorite which is the prime rib pasta. It is fantastic and the portion is just right. My hubby sticks with either the chicken tenders which in my opinion is average even though you have a choice of several dipping sauces, or the chicken pot pie which is also amazing as well. You get rolls while you wait and they are ok.

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