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  • Street 338 South 1st Street
  • City Milwaukee
  • Region Wisconsin
  • Postcode 53204
  • Telphone (414) 271-7546
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O'Lydia's introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.02 - $12.04 per person. We offer 17 menus, including Homemade Fries (Full Basket), Homemade Fries (1/2 Basket), Homemade Chips (Full Basket), Homemade Chips (1/2 Basket), Blue Chips (Full Basket), Blue Chips (1/2 Basket
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O'Lydia's reviews

By Jamie M. at 2016-11-19

The service, food and drink are always great here. There are a nice number of seating areas that all have a different feel. Good times place to hang with friends. My wife is my best friend. We love it here

By Lauren S. at 2016-07-23

O'Lydia's is a standby for reliably good bar food in Walker's Point. The neighborhood certainly isn't lacking in fancy (read: $$$$$) and innovative restaurants, but sometimes you just want reuben rolls. And sometimes you don't want to spend all your money.

Tip: Walk up to O'Lydia's to use your Milwaukee Brewing beer token after the tour or open house. Or save your token for later if you overindulged on the tour and turn your focus to greasy food to sop up the booze.

Apps are good, sandwiches are good, Bloody Marys are good, even the salad isn't bad. Add a spacious patio to the equation and you're good to go in any season.

I've had one or two not-so-great service experiences here (and one monumentally bad service experience post-Summerfest, for which I cut them a bit of slack). Other than that, I don't have a bad thing to say about the place. Keep on keepin' on, O'Lydia's.

By Rachel F. at 2016-04-11

O'Lydias: a juice joint in Walker's Point most everyone can agree on!

This spot is part sports bar, part Irish pub, part neighborhood dive and part casual restaurant.

Swing by and belly up at the bar for some reuben rolls or for a burger, drop in with friends and grab a high-top table for the big game, head over for weekly trivia or stop by and cool your jets on their large back patio (just know you'll have to pause your convo when the train rolls by).

They do a casual but well-done bar brunch as well.

O'Lydia's boasts a pretty solid tap and bottle beer selection. Their Bloody Marys are on point. It's exceptionally fun to watch Packer games here.

Also: suuuper convenient location and solid weekly food and drink specials, too.

By Tasha H. at 2016-04-01

My experience here was okay at best. Forgettable food and snobby service.

I came here with a (I admit, rather rowdy) group on Friday night. Throughout our meal, the server did a good job, but she had such an attitude. I get it, we were a rowdy bunch, but what can you expect late on a Friday night?! She had friends seated next to us and I could see her complaining about our table and rolling her eyes with them.

The food was just... Meh. The bread on the sandwiches were the kind of crusty that absolutely destroy the roof of your mouth. I'm usually very sensitive to salt, but even i felt that the fries lacked seasoning. Overall very forgettable. (Not to mention the bread on full display was totally moldy... Yikes) Overall, go somewhere else if you can.

By Annemarie D. at 2016-12-01

I ordered O'Lydia's via GrubHub. I didn't get the ranch I paid extra for. And the Irish dip sandwich was practically inedible. It was so fatty and gross. So not worth the money.

By Amber Z. at 2016-04-20

Found this place after searching "potato skins" on yelp and I'm glad I did! The tater skins are big and have red onions and irish beef which you don't find on most. They tasted good but not as good as I was expecting, although I may have too high of standards when it comes to potato skins :/

Also ordered the chicken dinner and Holy Mackerel! it came with a lot of food. It came with a fresh salad with a bunch of veggies (or you could order soup), 4 pieces of fried chicken, your choice of potato (fries), seasoned, grilled veggies and garlic bread. I think it's the most food I've ever gotten at a restaurant for $10.85.

All the pretty skeleton artwork hanging up is a nice touch and is available to buy. May even get myself one!

By Jennifer R. at 2015-04-30

I was introduced to O'Lydia's by a good friend of mine. This is a very nice corner Irish pub & restaurant located in the Walker's Point neighborhood in Milwaukee. The building itself is a Milwaukee classic from the late 1800's, right down to the cream city brick in the front dining area. The former sleeping rooms upstairs have now been converted into a party room for up to 60 people.

The staff here is phenomenal. They are very friendly and make sure that everything goes smoothly during your visit.

The food here is absolutely delicious. The menu ranges from authentic Irish dishes to traditional pub food, such as burgers, soup and salad, and sandwiches. On our most recent visit, my husband and I tried the Irish Potato Skins appetizer. Oh. My. God. These things were the biggest potato skins we have ever had. They were loaded with shredded beef, bacon bits, red onions, cheddar sauce, and sour cream. Mmmm!! For my meal, I had the Hangover burger. It is made with 1/2 pound Angus beef, cheddar cheese, bacon, and topped with a fried egg. It also comes with lettuce and tomato, however I was able to substitute that for avocado. What a phenomenal burger!

O'Lydia's has an awesome happy hour from 2-6pm Monday thru Friday and all day on Sunday. They also have brunch on Sunday that starts at 10am.

By Kelly L. at 2016-03-18

This is my WDIVA FOOD FRIDAY REVIEW and I chose to dine here for the Fish Fry.
The meal was delicious and I would've given them 5 stars if I would have gotten my apple sauce with my fish or if they had a better dessert selection; oh well 4 is better than 1. My server was very pleasant( I didn't get her name, so I'll call her Shelly) and timely. The place looks small from the outside, but it is very roomy and also has an outdoor patio which I'm looking forward to enjoying come the warm weather. I will be going back several times to enjoy more items on the menu. Please check out my review my youtube page to be more enlighten on my experience:

By Chris B. at 2016-05-08

On any occasion, Olydias is always a great choice! And I'm so glad I live a stones throw away. Friendly service, good food, good beer selection! The kitchen is open late and they have some of the best food specials in the city! I've been here in a suit and tie, and I've crawled out of bed with a massive hangover and came in wearing sweats for a Bloody Mary and I've always felt welcomed. They have a really large patio, just be weary that the train my interrupt your conversation.

The GM Rick is a great guy!

By Nancy G. at 2015-01-18

Haven't been here in many moons, or, like 4 previous businesses ago. Seemed a lot larger then, but I was also a lot smaller.
I don't know how to describe it.....not hipster (thankfully!), not old school, definitely not biker, just a decent, homey type bar.
Hubs had a couple of Spotted Cows and I had a double amaretto sour. We settled on the blue chips appetizer as a snack. All were very good. If you don't like blue cheese, then the chips are not for you. Homemade potato chips smothered in blue cheese dressing and crumbles!
Being Saturday night, it was a little loud inside but not so much as to make your ears bleed. Our bartender was very nice and recommended that we come back sometime to try one of their sandwiches. I look forward to doing just that!


By Maggie I. at 2015-07-15

My man friend watches a ton of home improvement shows, so we often find ourselves at Restore. After spending time digging through scrap wood and checking out the old lady couches, we need a drink. Conveniently, O'Lydias is right across the street.

The patio is dope. Beware of trains, as they will be noisy and right above your head. Still worth it to sit outside. Additionally, I don't mind sitting inside either. Makes me think of a bar from sitcoms in the 80s.

Service is okay. I've never had good or bad. Always just in the middle.

Mild beer selection, prices are okay. I would not recommend the bloody, as mine was not mixed very well and fairly watered down (the garnish was good though).

I've never ordered anything but appetizers here because the entrees are way too expensive for bar food, in my opinion. I always get the chicken tenders, thinking maybe they'll upgrade them but they always taste and look like they came out of the freezer aisle at the grocery store.

I'll still be a customer, but I always leave thinking I've spent too much for a sub par experience.

By Angela W. at 2015-01-20

Always a great place to stop for a quick, reasonably priced dinner. Lots of hot sandwich selections, tons of salads and a few entrees. Have to have the homemade fries, perfect.
The ambiance is nice, it's a tin ceiling Irish place with ample seating, friendly service and super clean bathrooms (ladies... This is a huge plus for us).
Tonight I had the BLT and it was perfect! Bacon was extra crispy and the bread lightly toasted. Tuesday's is also $2 domestic bottles, who can argue.

By Carol K. at 2015-07-05

I love Milwaukee neighborhood bars, and O'Lydias is just that. Located in the historic Walkers Point neighborhood, I bet this old cream city brick building could tell some interesting stories if the walls could talk.

Plenty of beers on tap and a friendly bartender who will send you out to the patio if the weather is "patio worthy"!

And don't forget that O'Lydia's has shuttle service to all the fun events in Milwaukee. We took it to and from Summeriest the other night and it certainly made things a lot easier for my group!

They also have a pretty good happy hour which starts at 2pm (yep, you heard me right, 2!) Crazy, I know but good for anyone who is able to "day drink" on a regular basis! Ha!

Nothing fancy (but what Irish bar is?) Just a good crowd, friendly servers and a menu that beckons me to order even though I usually have already eaten by the time I get here!

Check it out!

By Mark S. at 2016-07-23

Great neighborhood Irish Bar. Good homemade Bloody Mary's especially when made with Tito's. Great nightly specials, wonderful wings. Good brunch on Saturday and Sunday's

By Christine L. at 2015-05-31

Love this place! Great GREAT food, excellent service, and good drink specials. Happy Hour is on Sunday's too- bonus! Check out the weekend brunch menu. Just ordered twin steak tenders and salads; hubby and I are splitting. Giving the potatoes away to a friend. Eating low carb these days.

By Donnie R. at 2015-07-06

This Walkers Point neighborhood pub offers a good selection of beers. They also whip up a tasty lime margarita. On Monday nights they offer all you can eat tacos for $5.99. They do charge a small fee for extras beyond cheese, lettuce and tomatoes. There is also a $1 up charge for the optional chicken tacos. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating.

By Pamela M. at 2014-07-04

Update for O'Lydias:

After further deliberation, they deserve five instead of my previous four.


1) I've lived in the area long enough now to better judge

2) they still have some of my favorite cheese sticks in Milwaukee

3) they have a Yelp coupon when you check in

4) they actually HONOR the Yelp coupon

5) they sell art prints. Cool looking art prints.

6) the staff has always been nice an accommodating. Rick is here a lot, cool dude. Seems like he cares and likes his job.

7) one of the hardest things for Yelpers to do (in my opinion) is review a place for what it's trying to be. Not everything is the Ritz Carlton. Because they aren't trying to be. Because not all consumers want to go to the Ritz, either. This is a just a corner bar. And in terms of corner bars, this place goes the extra mile considering the points aforementioned. I like it here. I go to a lot of establishments and I still really feel good about coming here. There's a lot of options and O'Lydias is one of those on the top of my list for decent grub, nice bar atmosphere and worthy specials.

By Russian P. at 2016-07-31

Place is awesome. Visited for a night, got drunk thanks to Rick. He is awesome. Gave us some free drink chips for bloodys in the morning. Brunch was good, had the corned beef hash. Bloody was spicy as I like em. Would recommend.

By Joe P. at 2015-05-16

Descriptive phrase: friendly Irish pub.

O'Lydia's has a nice space next to the train tracks in an otherwise-industrial corner of Walker's Point, with seating inside, in a covered patio, and an outdoor patio. It's not fancy, but it's comfortable.

They have great beer deals, and on this night both of us got unique craft brews for $3/pint. Pamela M. was not lying when she said their Mozzarella sticks (4 for $8.25 = perfect for 2 people) were great: they're my wife's new favorites.

The two of us split a Combo Fish Fry ($15.50), which again was plenty for 2 people and a great deal at that. It's a dish of 3 shrimp, 2 bluegill, 1 perch, and 1 cod all deep fried on a bed of fries. The shrimp was a little off but okay, and the perch and cod were standard. But we were not a fan of the bluegills. Not terrible, but just not as good the rest.

Overall O'Lydia's was a nice pub spot worth coming to for a fish fry and a beer.

By Colin R. at 2016-07-27

Fish fry is decent. Can't go wrong since it's a block away from my place. Decent place to sit down and have some beers and play bar dice. Bartenders are all very nice.

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