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Oceans 5 Seafood

Oceans 5 Seafood
  • Street 99 Route 25A
  • City Shoreham
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 11786
  • Telphone (631) 849-6414
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  • Raging (51)
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Oceans 5 Seafood introduction
Estimated average consumption of $13.21 - $26.42 per person. We offer 91 menus, including The Classic Hamburger, The Classic Cheeseburger, Cajun Burger, Grilled Chicken Caesar Wrap, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Steamed Little Neck Clams, Mussels Fra Diavolo and
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Oceans 5 Seafood reviews

By Thomas M. at 2016-09-18

Water in a clean glass...check, good service and atmosphere...check, interesting and delicious apps with great presentation ....yep. Delicious main course yep. Great find!

By June D. at 2016-11-06

Just had the linguine & white clam sauce
Take out, Never again, small portion, pasta
Was water down. Garlic was good amount, clams were fresh and goodnight.

By Samuel M. at 2016-06-20

The service at the fish counter is terrible...they are over priced..don't waste
your time.. they won't be around much longer at this rate & when word gets out ..I tried to
be fair and went 3 times and they just keep striking out ! You never see any owners and thats a BAD SIGN

By Emily S. at 2016-12-02

Its great food, great service... But the pricing is out of control. We are surrounded by water and less than a mile away from the sound and a sea bass is 30+? I'll go fish and make my favorites from this great eatery.

By Jackie C. at 2016-09-16

My family has gotten their prepared coconut or almond crusted fishes to go many times and all have been delicious. I have eaten in and service is fast and courteous, seafood tastes fresh and tasty!

By Robert C. at 2016-09-25

Great food (messed up one of the steaks) but the service was probably the slowest I have ever experienced. It took an hour (there were also plenty of empty tables) to get out appetizers. From start to finish, dinner took nearly 3 hours. Painful.

By Nancy W. at 2016-11-16

We've been here many times and when it first opened it was really great. The last few times we went though we had such a long wait in the dining room even though there were not many tables that were full. It was crazy. I looked around and saw just 4 other tables, yet it took an hour and a half to get our dinner. There were 6 of us so we expected to wait a little longer, but everything took way too long and by the time the food came it wasn't hot. Apps, drinks, dinner...altogether we were there for over three hours! The waitress did say some people didn't come in so I guess they were short staffed, but we did give them a chance again after that and still not very good service. The bar however is really nice, small but nice, and the bartenders are great. I would recommend hanging out there, having drinks and ordering food. It comes out faster there for some reason and is very good. The seafood market there is very good and very fresh. It is expensive though but there's not many fish markets here in Wading River so if I want really fresh fish to cook myself I go here and have never been disappointed with the quality.

By Phil S. at 2016-06-03

A hidden gem in Shoreham. I had the surf and turf yesterday and it was great. We also had a delicious combination seafood appetizer. Great place for a quiet intimate upscale dining experience.

By Cono N. at 2016-08-13

Friendly staff with good appetizers but the execution on the main course could have been much better. Entrees could be hit or miss. Good atmosphere with a friendly staff.

By Lisa hennessy kepler L. at 2015-11-01

Luv this place
Fresh and delicious.
Never go to Pj lobster house. Terrible food.
This place is awesome.

By Joe B. at 2016-07-20

Excellent meal and the service was great. Every piece of seafood we ordered was cooked perfectly from the blackened seafood trio appetizer and the soft-shell crab appetizer to the blackened wild king salmon and including the wife's scallop/ shrimp scampi. Everything was fresh and tender. Try it you will like it!

By Erin S. at 2015-08-11

Coconut shrimp 10/10
Tuna Tartar Chips 9.5/10
Fish Tacos 10/10
Fish sampler - 8/10, probably because of the cooked carrots, what can I say?! I'm just not a fan...
Service 10/10
Ambiance 9/10 - the bar tender put on the best background music, classic fun oldies! Great for men watching sports or date night, inflicted fun!

Definitely a great experience, will gladly have another meal here!

By Lenny J. at 2015-08-13

Four Stars for the Seafood Market. 3/4 LB swordfish and 3/4 pound of Tuna. Nice and fresh and cooked up nice. Good friendly service too.

By Richard G. at 2015-11-29

Great food, if a little expensive. However, you can get around the expensive part if you sit at the bar during the week for their "bar-area only specials", especially taco Tuesday. The service is generally good and the drinks are pretty fairly doled out by the capable bar staff. All of their seafood is always fresh and delicious. Highly recommended.

By Natalia M. at 2014-10-01

I've passed this place a few times on my way out east and heard from people that it's good. It's located in a shopping center and really does NOT stand out at all. I am sure they are doing good but I still feel their presentation of the restaurant itself is bad. That aside lets get to the food....

So this is a seafood shop as you walk in. You can get anything you want to go home. Everything is very fresh and presented well. On the other side is a little restaurant and in the back there is a bar area. They decorated really well, it's simple, romantic and cozy.

This particular time we set at the bar and were asked to move down a seat and were given free drinks! I thought that was awesome and showed high customer service standards. I was ready to move without a free drink because it's not a big deal. But they gave everyone who shifted a seat a free drink. Thumbs up!!!

Food: Well it's simply delicious and fresh. Obviously get the seafood since they have all sorts of it, and fresh. I got the Ocean 5 sampler (the only thing was that shrimp was overcooked). I let it slide this time LOL I also had the lobster bisque which was amazing. In the past i've had oysters MMMMM MMMM MMMM

You will not be disappointed with food here. Service is excellent as well.

Review by Sassy Natty

By Terence W. at 2015-09-06

Very bad customer service. There's 4 table empty and they want us to wait for very long time. Tried to order food and nobody is responding and keep saying" give us a minute", with a bad attitude. Will never go to this restaurant again.

By Dana L. at 2015-04-09

Food was amazing. Was able to get my boyfriend to try new things and he actually enjoyed them, which is a real challenge normally. Our server was very professional and knew the menu extensively. Great experience, we will be back soon.

By Tracey F. at 2014-05-26

I like that it's a market,restaurant and bar all in one.
I have never been here before and decided to stop in after a friend told me about oceans 5.
I went to the market side and was pleased with the selection not too much not too little.
I bought the crab cakes and scallops. Both were yummy. I'm happy that I found a new fish market.
I look forward to trying the restaurant as well as the bar.

By J R. at 2016-05-25

My experience here was disappointing. We came here for dinner last night. Ordered Apps, drinks and entrée's for 2. I think the dinner was a bit overpriced for the quality we received. I ordered a Surf n Turf. My Filet was over-cooked and lacked taste. My boyfriends fish was just OKAY.
But my real issue began after we asked for our check. We sat and waited 20 minutes until someone came up to our table to let us know they were having issues with their credit card machine. Then another 15 minutes when they finally said its getting late , took my number, and said they would let me know if the payment went through or not. I received an unprofessional text message saying everything went through fine. It wasn't until the next morning that I logged onto my online banking and found that I was charged twice for our dinner. Whatever issue they had with their system caused approx. $270.00 to come out of my bank account. No one called me to talk about the issue. I made about 4 unanswered phone calls to the restaurant. When I finally spoke to a manager I was told they charged and voided 1 of the transactions-- I would be reimbursed my money in a few days. I'm not sure what the level of incompetence is at this place but for some reason no one thought an additional $135.00 leaving my bank account was an important detail to share with a customer. Maybe they didn't think I would notice? I was also told- it got late and they didn't want to bother me with the details. When your billing mistake interrupts my checking account --- I want the details. I was never offered anything for my trouble- not a percentage off of my bill, not a gift card, not a free drink- nothing. Customer Service is clearly not of importance to them. They had no problem keeping us there waiting to ensure they got their money- but didn't feel offering any type of compensation for the large inconvenience was necessary.

Although our food was not up to par-- we would have returned to try other things--but Chances are we wont be returning. Ill be impatiently waiting for half of my money to drop back into my account..

By Barbara M. at 2015-06-15

This was our 4th or 5th visit to Oceans 5. We went because our previous meals had been excellent, and it was my husband's birthday. Oh dear. Yes, our appetizers were quite good, but then the salads came. A half-assed Caesar salad: no croutons, no parmesan or asiago cheese, no anchovies, and probably no egg, just a cloying artificial dressing. We managed to eat only half. My husband's and daughter's entrees were fine, but the taste of ammonia in my sole a la francaise was so strong that even the lemon sauce couldn't mask it. That's a sign of old fish, inexcusable in a restaurant attached to a fish market. Also, at the prices they charge, they should be striving to complement each fish with the most appropriate vegetable, rather than resorting to the cafeteria style, one veggie for everyone, point of view.

It's my fault that I did not send my fish back or complain at the time, but I didn't want to ruin my husband's celebration. However, I did come back a couple of days later and spoke to our server, Kathy, who seemed to be in charge that day. I told her of the problems with the salads and fish, and she admitted that the salad probably would be taken off the menu. She was clearly skeptical about my sole, but she took my contact information for the manager. It's been several weeks, but I never heard from him. So much for customer service.

Okay, so we won't be going there anymore - not to the restaurant and not to the market - and yesterday I spoke to a couple to whom I had recommended Oceans 5, and they commented that they'd been disappointed by the mussels they were served there recently and about having bought tasteless salmon at the counter. So now, given the sizes of our families, there are more than a dozen people who will be going elsewhere for seafood. Easy come, easy go.

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