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Original Mexican Restaurant

Original Mexican Restaurant
  • Street 6406 Horsepen Rd
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23226
  • Telphone (804) 282-7357
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Original Mexican Restaurant introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.01 - $16.02 per person. We offer 184 menus, including Spinach and Cheese Dip, Chorizo Dip, Guacamole, Cheese Dip, Nachos Fajitas, Grilled Steak Nachos, Grilled Chicken Nachos and so on.
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Original Mexican Restaurant reviews

By Chandra J. at 2016-08-18

I can add the Original Mexican Restaurant to a very short list of good Mexican food restaurants I have tasted east of the Mississippi. I walked in and was quickly seated to a table by a host. The waiter brought out these fabulous chips and salsa. The salsa is not as thick as I personally would like, but it was full of tomatoes, green peppers, and red peppers, which is my fancy. I decided to order the guacamole dip. I was not expecting the portion size to be so small especially compared to the price, but it was very good, creamy, and thick.

For my meal I ordered a soft chicken taco, chicken enchilada, and rice and beans. Everything flowed together very well and was full of flavor. The chicken was not too greasy or runny and the cheese in the enchilada and beans was just exquisite! Everything was very fresh and authentic.

The service was on point as well with both the host and waiter helping me. I got to practice my Spanish as the host's English was not the best. He was very sweet though and let me practice--which I needed to do. (Smile). The host and the waitress allowed me to sit and watch the Rio games. It was a very relaxed and calm place to eat and chill.

I definitely recommend the Original Mexican Restaurant for some original Mexican food!

By Christina P. at 2016-08-31

I am always driving pass the Original Mexican Restaurant and recently decided to give it a try, especially since I only live a few blocks away. We walked in and were immediately seated. The decor and atmosphere is like any typical Mexican restaurant - a little dark, themed, with red, green, and white decorations throughout. As soon as we were seated, we were given chips, salsa, and water. The salsa looked liked it was poured straight out of a jar but was still quite tasty and had a nice little kick to it. We ordered and food was delivered promptly. The portions are not huge but very filling. I'd definitely come back but not sure if Original Mexican Restaurant would be on the top of my list of places if I'm craving Mexican.

By Pamela A. at 2016-10-18

Very disappointed in the restaurant....from the watery salsa to the unseasoned partially burnt chicken fajitas...there was nothing redeeming about this meal.

By Hannah G. at 2016-01-05

I'm never jazzed to go here, but some of my college friends still love it. Location is convenient and parking is easy, if you don't go at peak hours. Nothing too special here, just standard Mexican fare...

By Jon S. at 2016-07-28

You are getting what you expect: good, quick, mexican food.

Perfect food for the price, quick, good environment, and cheap.

By Venkatesh G. at 2015-11-25

We went in on a Monday when they had their 1 dollar taco deals. So I can't say anything about their regular food/service.

The tacos were hard shell tacos. Ok size. Tastes good for a dollar taco. Beer was pretty reasonably priced.

The place was packed. Service was prompt. If you feel like a taco, but don't want to splurge, go for it.

By Andrea V. at 2016-05-12

Amazing service! Fast, and very good food! Arroz con pollo was delicious! Great deals on margaritas as well! Overall very fast and polite service! Will definitely come back.

By Ed C. at 2015-02-27

Certain exactly blame this on the staff or ownership the restaurant but I stopped going there years ago. The reason that I stop going there is because people in this restaurant let their kids run all over the place make a mess around it's awful.

Also gotta say that the food is not stellar I mean its ok and the service is okay but when everything else is just not great and then you can pay on that with the bad atmosphere from the parents who don't take care of their kids I don't enjoy going there.

By Kristine K. at 2015-08-08

Below mediocre Mexican food. I got the steak nachos appetizer literally came with nacho chips, some melted cheese, and shredded beef slapped together-- no tomatoes, shredded cheese, beans, guac or anything else. I normally like to take pictures of dishes to post on yelp but this one looked too scary. Some other people (in our table of 10) ordered beef nachos, some tacos, and etc. but not a single person was impressed with their dish.

Ambience was meh too. They have couple tv's and specials (margarita nights on Thursdays). Service was alright but food was so bland I probably won't even come back for the drink specials.

Tip: After you get the check, you go and pay at the front register.

By Josh H. at 2015-08-18

The ingredients they use in the guac salsa and pico were really fresh. The beef in the chimichanga could have been seasoned a little bit more, but being from Louisiana all the food up here could use a little seasoning so I won't take anything away from this restaurant. Prices for lunch more than reasonable.

By Jeff H. at 2013-10-27

The fajitas were a lunch special, and the portion was huge. I had beef, and the meat was tasty. Really nice beans and rice. Very tasty salsa with a lot of cilantro. This dining room is always pretty busy, and I can see why. The menu is diverse, the service is good, and the food is good.

By Erin P. at 2015-07-18

Our favorite! We love the food and the staff!!! It's our home away from home! You will find us here for lunch or to enjoy a family dinner for $1 taco night!

By Natalia V. at 2014-08-19

DOLLAR TACO MONDAYS & Jumbo Margaritas for less than $5.00 every college students kind of restaurant. I love the staff and the crowd of people it attracts. They recently got tv's so now that football season is around the corner you can watch Monday night football while enjoying dollar tacos. Thats what i call a win, win situation.

By Austin M. at 2015-01-17

This place always delivers never had the same thing twice. The server had my drink and chips refilled over and over. I ordered a quesadilla with taquitos. The taquitos were a little over cooked but everything tasted really good. I really enjoy coming here and will come back again.

By Heather L. at 2014-10-16

Aww man...if you had asked me 5 years ago to rate this place it would be 4 stars for consistency, taste and value. However, the last time I went there I was so incredibly disappointed that I will not go back. I ordered the fajitas del mer (or something similar) which was essentially shrimp and scallop fajitas. In the past the amount of seafood was generous for the price, and the size of said seafood was decent. This last time when I received my meal I looked at it dumbfounded......where were the scallops??? I looked and've got to be kidding me. They were on there after all, just cooked down to the size of pencil erasers and about the same consistency. It was horrendous. We called the waitress over and asked what the heck they were and she looked sad and said "yeah those are our scallops now". I was flabbergasted. When we brought it to the manager's attention she grudgingly agreed to take half off our food, but it was a total joke. If you don't want to buy the same size scallops just make them shrimp fajitas and knock a couple of dollars off! Completely ridiculous. I give two stars only for the margs. I know their sour mix is all sugar but I love their dark green sour mix. Tasty.

By Jamie D. at 2013-03-01

Add it to the list of your standard Mexican-American fare spots. You know the ones I mean; those that satisfy the craving for unhealthy but tasty burritos/tacos/fajitas/chips & salsa, but don't boast anything remarkable. At times, the perfect hangover food.

I've only dined here once, but I've noshed on take-out a few times. Most recently I ordered veggie fajitas to-go and, as always, the fillings portion was huge but the tortillas were lacking. This isn't a problem specific to this Mex restaurant; in fact, I often find this is the case when ordering fajitas at a place like this. They give you crazy huge American-sized portions of veggies, beans, guac, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sour cream, yet they give you two measly little flour tortillas. If you're gonna give me all that filling, then at least give me something to wrap it in! Never do I finish the fajitas (I think I would burst if I even attempted to eat half), but it would be nice to have tortillas for my leftovers. But enough about that rant. I've also tried their bean burritos and tacos with no meat (my typical order at a Mexican joint like this), and both are totally decent.

Located off of Broad on Horsepen, the interior is pretty dark with the expected Mexican restaurant decorations and obligatory Corona/Margarita posters. The one time I dined in, my friend ordered a margarita and it was the most neon colored marg I've ever seen. He said it was good, I passed on trying it. For quick, filling Mex cuisine without any frills, give this place a go.

By Darden T. at 2014-11-14

Probably the worst mexican I've had in Richmond. I would definitely say mediocre at best! The complimentary chips weren't warm, the salsa was watery, and my food was super lukewarm. I should've just went to chipotle or qdoba. Definitely won't eat here again!

By Andrew B. at 2012-04-30

I know this type of Mexican restaurant and I love the ones in college towns:
VATech - El Rodeo (Favorite.)
SCarolina - San Jose Restaurant chain
Wake Forest - Mi Pueblo

I loved them all. Big margaritas, cheap taco platters, cheese dip, refried beans, and the best combo deals around. These places get crowded and everybody expects OK service but some damn good drinks and burritos are available to all.

THIS place, however, failed to meet that college mexican food harmony that I dream about. Now that I think about it, MEXICO RESTAURANT failed to meet any expectation.

I went with a few friends and my lady one night and everything was terrible. Service was slack. I usually sympathize with these people because the clientele are usually crap but our waitress was horrible. Eye rolls because we just sat down and don't know what we want? WAT?!

Weak, old mix tasting drinks. Cold cheese dip. Horrible taco quality. If you stray from the cheap, crap food you are going to spend a ridiculous amount of money here.

Stay away. There are so many other options out there.

By John C. at 2010-03-23

BEST ITALIAN FOOD IN ALL OF RICHMOND!!! Great Lasagna & Tiramisu! Wait... No... This place is as authentic MEXICAN as they come - the electric sign outside is a GIANT FLAG of MEXICO - - - it cannot be missed!

The food is tasty here (including the sizzling fajitas & the creamy queso dip) but really everyone I know just comes here for the great times to be had with friends & for a margarita or two... I think two would be the max though. ;) And if you need it, they will even call you a cab! (Disclaimer for the kids: Don't Drink & Drive - Stay in School)

This is truly "Where Family is First!"

(for the serious Yelp reader, the prices are cheap, the food is tasty, & the service is great as well - 4 stars b/c it is above par in the Standard Mexican Restaurants in Richmond)

By Casey C. at 2013-09-25

Me and my bf went here Sunday night to try their dinner for two, which includes a guacamole or cheese dip appetizer, 2 combination plates, and a fried ice cream for $18. Yum, yum and yum! The guacamole was creamy and a good amount too. By the end of dinner, we got so stuffed on chips, salsa and guac alone!
As for the combinations, there's so many to choose from! I got a cheese enchilada with a chicken quesadilla and both were delicious. My bf got two beef hard tacos with rice and beans and he cleaned his plate. At this point, we weren't sure if we would be able to eat anymore, but after seeing the ice cream topped with whipped cream and a cherry, we had to try it. Talk about renewal through dessert! The cinnamon flavor in the friedness was my favorite part, seriously delectable.
Every dish came out very quickly and our waiter was always on top of things until he dropped off the bill. We had forgotten that we had to pay at the front and didn't realize it until the waiter motioned us to the front after standing around for five minutes. All in all though, I will be back another Sunday for another cheap, delicious meal.

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