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Peet's Coffee & Tea
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We offer 67 menus, including Artisan Baked Goods, Simply Oatmeal, Grab & Go, Cinnamon Hazelnut Latte, Sea Salt Caramel Mocha, Peppermint Mocha, Eggnog Latte and so on.
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Peet's Coffee & Tea reviews

By Alexander T. at 2016-08-08

I was afraid to come here. I was afraid that the neverending onslaught of tourists and commuters constantly swarming around this location just steps from the White House and Renwick would make the lines long and arduous, the waits painful and lengthy, and my coffee orders inconsistent and sloppy. I was wrong.

Props to the rock star staff here who every day brightened my mornings with friendly and prompt service, as well as delicious coconut creme lattes. Keep it up!

Fun fact: stop by here enough and you'll run into your share of secret service agents, executive branch staff, and even some dignitaries. But just like for them, they'll remember your regular order just the same.

By Sophia H. at 2016-10-08

Dark chocolate pumpkin mocha was delicious! Sweet but not too overly. Faint pumpkin flavor and very chocolatey.

By AmanS G. at 2016-10-27

Got to try Peet's Coffee finally today and really liked it.Went with family and tried the cappuccino and tea latte.Tea latte was especially very nice with just the right amount of sugar/syrup,so that you can actually savor the taste of tea.Staff was friendly,quick service and not too crowded either being a thur evening.Will definitely visit again to try something new.

By Sandra J. at 2016-03-20

Place is PACKED after visiting the Renwick Gallery yet their service is still quick and they are doing it well. Place just has a good vibe and ample space to sit. Also, $1 off a Havana Cappuccino with Yelp! :) happy 50th anniversary Peet's!

By Niloofar A. at 2015-11-26

Good coffee and friendly staff. Always enjoy my visit at Peet's coffee. I need to try their sweets as well.

By Chhaya N. at 2016-02-12

If you're cold and need coffee after visiting Renwick, come here for a cup and a good atmosphere. Perfect for working and meeting friends.

Plenty of seating. Also if you check in you get a discount :)

By Jim W. at 2016-06-15

I had to come to downtown DC for a short visit and spotted this little coifed shop. I hadn't had breakfast and needed coffee so I stopped by around 10 am. It was crowded. The staff was friendly and the clientele were business types. It's located close to the White House. I got a medium cafe mocha with a egg, ham, n cheese half sandwich. Very tasty! The service was excellent n quick. The coffee was made perfect and so was the sandwich. The total bill was $9.96.

By Vanessa R. at 2015-09-19

Whenever I can get to Peets outside of the West Coast I am there. They tried to find a place in Georgia but chose the wrong location - Alpharetta. Bad choice for a test market guys. You should have chosen Midtown.
So Peets is just the best coffee. It has the most body, consistent baristas. This is some serious training required to get a consistent cappuccino and latte correct EVERY time. They continue to do this as a chain.
Strange thing did happen to me at this location. Inside of the store exiting the bathroom I stepped in a pile of doo doo. Seriously! We debated whether it was human or dog.

I'd still go back. I'm a loyalist.

By Juliet A. at 2016-03-26

I love Peet's! Even though it is a chain, it has solid drinks and food. This location is great - lots of space and the proximity to the White House, Renwick Gallery, and other sights in the area make it super convenient (yet every time I've come, it has never been really crowded). I love the Havana cappuccino - sweetened with some warm cinnamon, it's great hot or iced. Staff is incredibly friendly and service is quick.

By Haj R. at 2015-03-03

The service is great in the mornings. Good selection of muffins and breakfast treats. I come here for an Americano. Very clean sitting area.

Only a few steps away from the White House.

If you need to get your coffee on and you are near Pennsylvania and 17th Street NW, Washington, DC, this is your place.

By Michael O. at 2016-03-16

This location is located very close to the 1600 Penn Ave NW and as you can imagine, this Peet's Coffee is very busy . . . so much so, you will be lucky to find a seat within 15 minutes of getting your coffee. Anyhow, the staff are friendly even with the high volume tourists.

By Commodore M. at 2016-05-12

Their coffee is amazing! ! And they are officially partner's of HomeFront Veterans, a Non-profit organization that I've started to assist veterans returning back into the civilian sector. Thank you Peet for being our 1st sponsor

By Norry H. at 2014-04-21

I made my first visit today at 6am and became one of the first 25 customers to receive 1. A Special edition tumbler 2. Peet's $25 gift card.
I welcome Peet's to this side of the U.S. It's very refreshing.
From my experience today, I could sense a classier customer service than their biggest competitor.
The coffee I had first was the dark roast and I actually liked it more than Starbucks.
The almond croissant was pretty good too!

By Jinsol L. at 2015-03-12

Honestly, in my experience, most famous chain coffee shops like Peets are pretty good and standard across the board, generally with similar qualities of drinks and pastries. Since that makes it somewhat tricky to rate them differentially a lot of the time, I pretty much judge them based on two crucial qualities: bathroom sanitation and number of available outlets.

This Peets wins a 5/5 in bathroom sanitation; they have those spacious one person bathrooms where you just open the door, and you're welcomed with the pleasant breezy scent of cleanliness!

Thus, it was so close to getting 5 stars in my book, but when I moved tables to reach an outlet space during the middle of my afternoon visit, I plugged in my charger to find out that it was a faulty outlet (no electricity flowing). I had to move again, which is somewhat of an inconvenience when you have a lot of stuff with you, and there wasn't an abundance of outlets to begin with.

In summary, thumbs up for bathroom sanitation, thumbs down for easy outlet accessibility.

By Maria M. at 2014-04-07

Peet's Coffee recently took over 1701 Penn - Caribou Coffee's old store. It's a great location, steps away from my work, and I am happy to say that I will return after my first experience during today's opening.

The service was quick, friendly, and seamless this morning as their crowd of newcomers lined up for a morning cup o' Joe. The store setup is very similar to Caribou's, with a communal table in the center of the room and smaller tables surrounding it. The decor is more modern and simple - no more comfy sofas, but rather wooden chairs and tables.

The coffee selection is somewhat limited, but it rotates on a daily basis. They have different coffees for each type of roast (light, medium, dark) as well as their house blend. Good options for teas, non-coffee drinks, and iced/hot drinks.

I was very pleased with the service - they were very chipper and organized, which is refreshing when I think about the numerous crazy Starbuck's experiences I've had.

They are also doing a $1 off deal when you buy a drink - the deal is valid from 1pm to close. Good way to build a custoemr base!

By Tatiana G. at 2016-01-16

For any West Coast Peet's fans, do not expect the same quality of service or taste at the locations out East. I sometimes come to this location when I'm feeling nostalgic for home (I'm from CA), and the Peet's brand just isn't up to par at any of the locations I've been to out here. I've been to this location three times and two of those times they messed up my orders. Honestly, I'm not a fan of Starbucks, but at least they're able to get orders right on a regular basis.

By Jessie L. at 2016-01-03

Meh the service was not pleasant(trust me im from new york. I don't expect southern kindness) and cappuccino- you can make it better. So much bubble on the steamed milk.

By Heather W. at 2016-04-28

Very clean and fast for being so busy. Well stocked on pastries for it being late afternoon.

By Neal E. at 2014-11-11

Visited for an afternoon double shot espresso machiatto with Half & Half - Dry.

Drink was perfectly made and hit the spot! And got the brain cells firing!

By Michael S. at 2016-02-21

Peet's, wherever I go, is usually okay for mass production coffee, but going into anything that requires a barista, and it starts to go to mediocre...which was my experience here. Acceptable, but nothing that calls you back for more.

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