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Pei Wei

Pei Wei
  • Street 1901 Towne Centre ÊBlvd Suite 145 B
  • City Annapolis
  • Region Maryland
  • Postcode 21401
  • Telphone (410) 573-5060
  • Opentime
  • Raging (54)
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Pei Wei introduction
Estimated average consumption of $1.16 - $2.32 per person. We offer 46 menus, including Mongolian, Noodles, Add Extra Vegetables, Kung Pao, Pei Wei Spicy, Ginger Broccoli, Honey Seared and so on.
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Pei Wei reviews

By Karen J. at 2016-11-10

Haven't found a dish I like yet. Only my second visit, but not a good sign. The dishes are nothing like I imagine them when I read the description. Probably won't come back of my own volition. I do like the atmosphere and service. I'm not a fan of the style in which the dishes are prepared.

By Karen D. at 2016-06-29

I really wanted to share a rave review as I have had great experiences with Pei Wei in the past.
I really, REALLY wanted to leave a good review because the atmosphere was nice and the service was quick.
I reeeeeeee-hee-heeally wanted to leave a 4+ review, but things like food safety concerns and poor customer service can really throw a monkey wrench in those plans.
The chicken had that nauseating crunch of undercooked fleshy bits, so I set it aside and waited until I could discreetly bring the issue to the employee's attention. When I raised the issue, I got an "I'm sorry" and that was it. No statement that the issue would be corrected or any action to demonstrate that customer safety matters at all.
To be fair, this may have been a lack of proper training for employees, but, to be honest, I don't feel like gambling on my food.

By Tanzina I. at 2015-12-01

I had gone in right before the evening rush. I ordered the Chicken Pad Thai but when my order arrived at the table, it was a Chicken-Tofu Combo Pad Thai. I didn't feel like sending back the order but that's really poor customer service, if you ask me. The fact that when we walked in, the place was literally empty, I would think there would be minimal distraction in order taking.

By Brandon B. at 2016-03-12

My wife and I wanted to have a quick dinner meal that we didn't have to sit down for if we didn't want to at a reasonable price. We've been PF Cheng fans for quite some time so we figured we would like this place.

Overall, the service was great. Everyone was respectful and attentive. Nothing over the top, but nothing bad either.

We ordered two different types of sushi rolls and each got different types of entree dishes to go with it. Overall, we were stuffed and it was for a reasonable $25 price tag.

By Nancy A. at 2015-04-09

I went back and forth between 1-2 stars for this place, but then I thought, if I am even considering 1 star, it's probably only worth that.

We had a party of 6, each of us ordered meals separately and paid separately. This part was the best experience of the night.

Out of 6 ladies, 3 of our entrees were wrong - either the completely incorrect meal or some portion of the meal was improperly prepared compared to what was ordered. I had the veg/tofu thai dynamite. What in the world is the story with this tofu?? It is unrecognizable as tofu or any soy based product I am aware of. I thought it was mushrooms. The texture, even for tofu, was very odd and not appealing in the least.

Not to be a stickler, but I specifically ordered a vegetarian dish without snap peas. Not a huge snap pea fan. Well, my meal was basically tofu, snap peas, some carrot slices and 3 pieces of broccoli. Definitely not what was listed on the menu.

At some point during the evening, a woman ordering take out was watching her meal being prepared by a person with no gloves on and she made a tiny scene about it, to which the cook replied, YEAH BUT I JUST WASHED THEM! *side eye*

I cannot see myself returning unless I am under duress.

By K R. at 2016-03-01

Compared to PF Changs, the food at Pei Wei seems to be a bit lower in quality. In talking to a friend who has tried both, the friend thought the food was exactly the same.

I noticed a difference in the ingredients and thought it was different.

These places aren't really high quality food, and if you wanted more authentic chinese there are better places to go in the anne arundel area.

By Rob B. at 2014-02-05

Very disappointing. We ordered take-away selecting Caramel Shrimp, extra shrimp and vegetables. Ginger beef also extra beef and vegetable. Dan Dan noodles, and the Chinese chicken salad.
On line ordering was easy and great, though it was not ready at the scheduled pick up time. What impressed me most were the very small portions. The rice or selected noodles comes in the bottom of the container and the entree perched above it. Well, we pretty much got $13 rice entrees. I cannot imagine how small a small portion would be without any extra anything. The salad was tasty and fresh, the dan dan noodles were any thing but dan dan noodles.
Aside from the very nice reusable carry-out containers, there really nothing to "take away" from this experience.

By Amanda W. at 2015-02-24

Meh. That about sums it up. Meh.

I got the sesame vegetables & tofu. They deep fry their tofu or something. I didn't realize what it was at first. The taste and favorable texture were lost. The sauce was not remarkable but the veggies were cooked well so I ate it.

Pros about pei wei: crab wontons are good. They have touch screen soda machines and two awesome flavors of fresh tea. I had some mandarin green tea. The service was prompt and friendly.

By Elaine S. at 2015-06-13

Dirty, dirty, dirty! The tables were dirty and un-bused and the floor wasn't any better. We ordered our food, but despite the fact that there were plenty of 4-tops available, we couldn't sit down b/c all of them were covered with the remains of other's meals. We finally got a table bused (and I had to dry if off with napkins from the drinks bar) for our party, but the rest of the 4-tops stayed covered trash for the entire duration of our meal.

The food was good, but it was hard for me to really enjoy it with the state of the dining room. As a person who's experienced with restaurants knows, cleanliness of a restaurant is a reflection of the food safety standards of said restaurant.

I won't be back.

By Nancy C. at 2015-06-19

Just like any other pei wei food and menu wise of course since they are a chain. Every time I have been the service has been good and everything comes out fresh and timely. I feel like they have changed the recipe of my favorite orange chicken, there used to be orange peel shavings in it and now I don't get that, anyone else feel this way too?

By Rachelle O. at 2015-11-08

Great, courteous and polite service. Food was delicious and the cashier even suggested a smaller portion for me (I didn't know that was available and always end up taking home over half my dish)

By Thane P. at 2016-02-05

I used to love this place. When it opened years ago the food was fresh, hot and delicious. (5 stars!!!) I've been three times in the last year. Their quality of food has really declined. I'm sorry to say, but I'm not giving this place another chance to disappoint me.

By Janet K. at 2015-04-25

I really like the concept of this place-fast fresh Asian inspired dishes that are custom designed. And the food itself is pretty darn good-especially compared to other fast food choices around.
The (serious) downside is an overriding sense of mismanagement--problems with orders, confusion, and an atmosphere I can only describe as giving up...
I suspect this is a terrible location-the Saladworks a couple doors down just closed and I got the same impression of having given up the last several times I was there.
And, believe me, I am going to miss those salads...sigh.
I hope they can keep this going--and I think with some management involvement and maybe some advertising to bring more customers in, it could be a major asset in this area.

By Bianca A. at 2015-12-09

I love this place. The staff are very pleasant and the food is pretty tasty. Their crab wontons and lettuce wraps are delicious and the sushi is pretty good also, although I wish they had more sushi rolls to choose from.

By Michael J. at 2015-09-05

I was introduced to this chain by my business partner. I had the pad thai which was average. I've had better but I would be willing to come back and try other dishes. Given the small number of customers at the time, I would have expected my food to have come a lot quicker than it did.

By Robert R. at 2015-01-09

Food is always fast and hot. Much better then other fast food asian chains. Basically same food as sister company PF Changs at a lower price.

By Cheri C. at 2016-02-19

so I tried the sushi here and it seems as though it was pre made because it was cold. wasn't freshly made at all. maybe I will try one of their rice dishes next time but no more sushi from here

By Jud M. at 2015-07-11

Great Mango Sushi tons of fresh shaved ginger, yum. Best lettuce wraps, huge portion and crisp fresh lettuce! Cheap Eats! Delicious!

By Lisa Z. at 2015-12-03

We got take out--our first time here. The service at the front was great--very friendly. The cooks, however, seemed grumpy and malcontent in general. The portions were small, certainly not worth the $10 a pop. And under-seasoned. We should have just gone to our stand-by Chinese take out place. Won't be back.

By Christy F. at 2013-03-05

I'm baffled by the reports of bad food in some of the reviews. I've eaten here 3 times and each has been pretty delicious with a great volume of food and a good price. My sole complaint is the parking situation, which is horrendous because you have to go to the end of a long, narrow lot with no space to turn around if there are no parking places.

The eggrolls are really, really good. And the brown rice has always come out perfectly cooked. I've tried several of their different dishes and I've been impressed -- definitely seemed to me to be up to PF Chang's standard with the price of Panda Express. It's my go-to Chinese restaurant right now and I'm always pleasantly pleased with the dishes...if I can find parking.

Also, they take PF Chang's gift cards, so if you want to stretch that buck from a present, here's the place to do it!

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