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Penny Lane Pub

Penny Lane Pub
  • Street 421 E Franklin St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 780-1682
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  • Raging (168)
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Penny Lane Pub introduction
Estimated average consumption of $9.81 - $19.62 per person. We offer 42 menus, including English Garden Salad, Bleu Wedge Salad, Spicy Spinach Salad, Soup, Cottage Pie, Bangers ‘N' Mash, Fish ‘N' Chips and so on.
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Penny Lane Pub reviews

By Jim T. at 2016-12-05

Great Food and Friendly Service

Two couples taking advantage of a Groupon. The girls ordered the Cottage Pie, and the guys got Fish 'n' Chips and Beckham & Owen. The Pork Sausage Roll & Beef Cornish Pastie (Beckham and Owen) were very tasty. The pastry was flaky goodness. I am not a huge fan of Shepard's Pie, but the bites I had of my Spouse's Cottage Pie was delicious. The fish looked amazing and was rapidly devoured by my relative who reported it was really good.

The beers were all wonderful and the service was fine for a busy Friday night. Based on our long wait for the first round of drinks and the absence of wait staff during most of the meal, they probably could have used another wait staff in our section. When she was there, she was very friendly and helpful - albeit a bit forgetful since our water order took two reminders.

I am definitely going back - especially if I can use that Groupon again!

By Save T. at 2016-10-18

This is a must go spot when in the rva. Food is delicious. Try the cottage pie! Yum! There are so many things I want to try on the menu that it's hard to decide what to order. The French onion soup is best I've ever had. The staff are so much fun! It makes for a great meal all around and I never leave there without a smile. I also like that they have been offering discounts on groupon.

Tried the chicken wings at lunch yesterday. Delicious with blue cheese. My boss had the French dip sandwich, he had never been and he said it was great.

By Donna C. at 2016-09-05

Great atmosphere, solid pub fare.

This is one of those places that makes me glad to live in Richmond. I loved it in the original location, the current spot is even better. You walk into a courtyard, a cool setting. Just inside the door is a host stand, where they will seat you promptly. The interior is fun and eclectic mix of UK paraphernalia. My friends like the beer menu, I'm a fan that this is the first place in town who carried cider and still do.

Once again, my go-to menu item is their grilled cheese, an excellent sandhich that they broil with cheese on the top so you get a lovely, crunchy, cheesy goodness on the outside and a wonderful ooey-gooey cheesy inside. Win win! Their poppers used to be a favourite of mine before my dreaded jalapeño allergy.

Friends from the UK and Australia both like this one, the Aussies even made us take them every single night they were in town.

Good food, good service, great atmosphere make this a pleasure for locals and out-of-towners, too.

By Arun M. at 2016-12-22

The fish and chips is not what it used to be when I started coming here years ago. The fish and chips has changed the batter was a little too thick and the fish was bland. The chips were good but I wish they had mushy peas instead of whole peas. The place still has a pretty cool feel if you can overlook the Old cigarette smell. Overall I wouldn't mind give me another try to see if things of gotten better but this time around I was disappointed.

By Patrick B. at 2016-12-08

Yelp Peeps, I must admit, I am so blessed to travel the world to see the most amazing places. I love to find rare "out of place" gems in "out of spot" locations. When I ran upon the Penny Lane Pub in Richmond VA, I indeed did just that. Wow this is a real English Pub in Richmond......Legit European beer selections. authentic English Pub food, and the decor to match are all the reasons this is a five star pub. Rarely to you get that trifecta affect to complete a pub. Staff was friendly, and of course a English soccer game on the telly.....So with all that said, do yourself a favor and check out this real deal pub in the heart of Richmond. You can thank me later.......

By Rachel I. at 2016-10-29

Stopped in for quick lunch break and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this quick meal. My boss and I both ordered the quiche and salad combo. I got the veggie quiche and he got the one with meat. They were surprisingly delicious and total time was approximately 40 min. Cost about $10/person. Quick, affordable, and delicious...what more could you ask for? I will be back!!

By Jeff C. at 2016-04-07

I was really looking forward to my visit to Penny Lane, but the bartender really lacked essential customer service skills which ruined my experience. I had asked if they had Miller Lite on draft and replied, "We save our taps for real beer." I realize he was trying to be cute and funny, but it came off more snarky than cute.

As for the decor of this English pub, it was at first very charming, just what I expected in such a highly ranked pub. I'm sure that this pub rocks at night, but I did detect a funky odor coming from behind the bar. Now, it wasn't as bad as a dead raccoon, but it was strong enough to keep me guessing as to what was going on behind that bar.

What was excellent about Penny Lane was my order of mozzarella sticks; these beauties were crunchy perfection and cheesy goodness. Seriously, I think these mozzarella sticks rank as some of the best I have ever had. Sure, I know that most of them are just frozen food, but so many places botch deep frying them... Not Penny Lane. Delicious mozzarella sticks all day long ;)

By Casey J. at 2016-09-10

server was very friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. She recommended a beer on nitro tap and it was delicious! We both had the fish and chips. Delicious with the malt vinegar our waitress recommended. I will definitely be back next time I'm in town.

By Julie G. at 2015-12-20

Maybe it's just my affinity for soccer and stained glass, but this place earns its own special place in downtown Richmond, at least in my book.

Its eclectic atmosphere gives it a solid combination of homey yet lively, making it a spot you could take anyone from a girl friend to your boyfriend to your dad and have a good time.

Great beer list, but also no judgment from the waiter when your post-sorority friend who hates beer asks for a vodka cranberry. Their chicken has a tendency to be on the dry side, but their steak and vegetables are always on point. And those sweet potato fries!

Fair warning, the owner (while a wonderful man) is a Liverpool fan, so on game days just make sure you're not rooting for any of their rivals!

By Mary Ann Keogh K. at 2016-12-01

We stopped for dinner after the Capitol tree lighting. The service was very good. I had the steak and Guinness pie which was hot and delicious. My hubby had the fish and chips The fish was fresh and lightly breaded. All in all a very good supper

By Joseph S. at 2016-09-10

It's a great place to just allow yourself to hangout and have a good time chit chatting with others around you. I recommend having the cottage pie off of their menu, I can't find a better place to have such a wonderfully made meal. I will definitely come back again for a good time!

By Robbie B. at 2016-10-29

Stood at the bar for about 10 minutes before a bartender came to help.
There was nobody else waiting, just me....

I asked "hows it going?" - he looked at me with an angry look like I had two heads.

Poured a nice full pint so that's why Im leaving two stars I guess.

By Craig H. at 2016-06-09

My friend visited from England and of course i took him to Penny Lane Pub because that is where my Chelsea FC friends congregate to watch games when they're on. Paul the bartender at Penny Lane treated my friend like he was human trash for basically no reason at all . I have never been so embarrassed that a local establishment that i used to trust would be so rude and act in such a way to my friend who travelled 10k miles to see RVA .... Ill never set foot in Penny Lane again as long as i live.

Terrence , we were there Saturday the 28th of May , in the early afternoon , Paul was the bartender and he was WAY out of line . Honestly I am not sure if i am going to come back , Paul ruined the experience we were having and everyone at the bar was shocked that he could act in such a manner . My friend didn't do anything wrong and he was just harmlessly joking around. We were so embarrassed to be treated like that.

By Heather M. at 2015-12-13

I think I had one of my first legal beers at this bar back in the day!

My best friends graduation was this Friday so she made reservations for about 15 of us to sit upstairs. The owner and his son were SOOO nice and accommodating, they set us up a couple tables upstairs with the dart boards and billiards. My boyfriend and I didn't eat much, just had a few Hardywood gingerbread stouts, and some curry fries which were really good, but I can definitely attest that their French dip is DA BOMB.

The bar is quaint and looks like what I would imagine an English pub looks like, it's really cute! It was definitely an older crowd there on Friday, but it wasn't too crowded which was nice. Service was pretty good - there were a few times we were without drinks but I'm gonna chalk it up to the fact that we were the only table upstairs.

By Bradley G. at 2016-09-29

I've been here tons of times but can't seem to go with more than 3 stars. It's a solid place for a drink and a bite but it's a bit dark and gloomy. If you're trying to watch a soccer game, it might just be your place. Just had the bread pudding today and it was great. Staff is friendly and walls are covered with catchy memorabilia following the British Beatles theme. Cheers!

By Keegan Z. at 2015-03-30

Penny Lane Pub is a good place to find some unique food offerings of English origin, or to drown yourself in an impressive selection of draft beers.

Came here with a few friends to celebrate a 21st birthday (not mine, too darn old for that) and I was very impressed with their food offerings. While I opted for a not-so-British grilled cheese and chips, it was amazing and plenty filling. My friends ordered other sandwiches and were equally pleased. The variety of draft beers is quite good, although in Richmond there is no shortage of places with this quality. I treated myself to a Devil's Backbone on this occasion, always a pleasure.

Service was on the mediocre side. I think our server spotted us for college students and consequently decided to make infrequent (and stoic) callbacks. She was efficient in getting us our food though, so I won't make too much of an issue out of it. Still, take it from a former server: treat every table like they're going to tip you well and you are guaranteed to end up with more money than if you pick and choose who you're going to give good service to.

Two negative things here: expense and parking. Parking is challenging to find at any hour of the day, and the one way streets often make it difficult to search for them; you may end up having to opt for a garage. The fare here is quite pricey, which keeps a restaurant like this a special occasion only affair for many. If you're of the moneyed variety though, both these problems cease to be a factor.

Overall: 3.5 stars
- Food is excellent and many of the items are pretty unique to the establishment.
- Draft beer selection is good and a solid place to knock back some beers with friends.
- The ambiance is definitely that of an English pub, interesting decorations.

- Parking is difficult unless you're willing to pay for a garage (not cheap).
- Prices are high for food and drinks alike.
- Service could have used a little more effort.

By Chris L. at 2015-11-17

About as authentic a British pub as you will find in Richmond. It has a lot of character inside and out (great courtyard). I have to say I have been here a good many times but have yet to eat here. But my recommendation stands for a fun pub and I'm sure the food is the typical pub fair.

** Reply to Owner below - yea I really need to actually look at the menu next time really. Anyone reading this review please don't take it as anything negative at all about the food. I just haven't tried it to review it - - yea I've just come for the pub! :) And they have that part down pretty great!

By Vinny N. at 2015-10-22

Exactly what it claims to be. Great food, great beers, comfy decor, and good service. I will come by here again for a Guinness and some Fish N Chips.

By Dawn C. at 2015-09-22

This place had a casual atmosphere, great for meeting a friend for a drink in a pub. We went here for dinner, however, so I have to base my review on that experience.

I ordered the blue wedge salad with french onion soup. The wedge bacon bits were clearly purchased pre-cooked, and the salad dressing was most definitely not a traditional blue cheese. It was like they put blue cheese chunks in Italian dressing, and the outcome was not good. The soup was fine, although I found it strange that they just put a piece of swiss cheese on top and melted it. I was expecting a more traditional preparation. My companion had the french dip and thought it was good.

This place gets a second star for the beer selection and eclectic decor (which is in need of a pretty thorough deep cleaning).

By James M. at 2016-08-14

Okay, three visits with three great experiences is enough to earn my Yelp Woohoo rating! After struggling to visit Penny Lane for the first time around the holidays last year (they were closed one visit and having kitchen trouble on another attempt) I finally made it. I'm so glad I was patient and persistent because this is what I imagine a pub should be. The bar has a friendly vibe but not bubbly friendly like some wannabe pubs are, I would guess they have their regulars who like things to stay the same with each visit, and I'm fine with that. All the staff has been welcoming and forthcoming with the banter...a quality I love in a pub. The food has been tasty each time, whether I've gone for the more traditional pub fare or the more common bar food. The portions are good, the Guiness is perfect and the selection of scotch and whiskey seems to be the best I've seen in Richmond. I look forward to becoming more and more of a regular at Penny Lane.

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