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Estimated average consumption of $5.63 - $11.26 per person. We offer 36 menus, including Bottled Beverage, Morning Glory Pita, Awakin' with Bacon Pita, Ham and Eggs Pita, Meat of the Day, Steak and Eggs Pita, Soup and so on.
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Pita Pit reviews

By Paul M. at 2016-08-06

I don't post often except when customer service is exceptional!

Durrell was so great to me and my girl! I asked for his opinion seeing as it was my first time there and he offered all kinds of tips and it was amazing! We could tell he put a lot of care into making our meal!

It's going above and beyond like that which makes the experience worthwhile and he has a lot of passion for making customers happy!

Thanks bro!!! They're lucky to have you!

By Holly H. at 2016-12-15

Placed a phone order for delivery the next day. Fast, professional, friendly service. Ensured the food exceed my expectations. Delivered on time and then order was perfect. 32 satisfied people enjoyed the Mediterranean Lunch from pita pit-great variety.

By Brad S. at 2016-12-15

Tried Pita Pit for the first time and had the Meat of the Day with grilled vegetables and I will go back just for that. Service was very good and very clean.

By Jc C. at 2016-06-11

I love pita pit. Used to go to the one in East Lansing and now I go to this one. Always quick, you can LOAD UP on veggies and fillings and the staff is always happy to stuff your pita

Tons of good sauces...sometimes I get two and have them out the sauce on the side for one and take it in for lunch the next day. Love it.

By Beverly S. at 2016-09-11

We ordered 3 pitas and 1 smoothie from here a few weeks ago, and it took 2 hours from when I placed the order (at 7:30pm) to receive it (at 9:30pm). Their delivery time said 1 hour. I called 1.5 hours after, and they said our order was on the way so we couldn't cancel it. Had they been honest in their delivery time, we would have ordered food elsewhere or walked somewhere for food, but at least they would not have lost our business for life in this instance.

Aside from the lack of customer service, the food tasted like cardboard. The smoothie tasted like orange juice with a hint of strawberry, as though they cheaped out on making it with the proper ingredients. Everything had clearly been sitting out for the entire 2 hours.

Very disappointing quality, service, and overall experience. The three of us will never go to a Pita Pit ever again, and recommend you do not either if you don't want your food to taste like cardboard.

By Laura W. at 2016-08-28

Never. Again.

Roommate and I order from the same places every time, so we decided to change it up and try Pita Pit.

Bad choice.

After ordering on GrubHub (and excited to get our order), we were estimated delivery around 9:10. Not a big deal - we can wait an hour.

9:45 rolls around, and we were getting hangry. I called Pita Pit to find out if they would be delivering soon - busy signal- couldn't get through to anyone.

After cancelling our order through GrubHub, "our" Pita Pit deliverer calls at 10:30 (2 hours after we ordered?) and says they are here.

We explain that we cancelled our order because they were unreachable and it had already been far past delivery time. He gives us the food anyways (SWEET, Free food!)

Allow me to tell you. THANK GOD it was free because even a dollar would have been too much for what we received. Neither pita was correct. One pita contained truly JUST chicken and a heaping amount of onions. I enjoy onions... I do. But I'm not exaggerating when I say that my whole hand reeked of onions after holding the pita (still unopened in the wrapper).

Pretty grossed out. Guess I'll go back to the "same places", that deliver on time and the correct order.

By Patrick H. at 2016-08-25

I've eaten here maybe three times now. I've never had to wait very long and the employees have been very nice and friendly! I'm addicted to chicken Caesar pita with hummus, myself. As others have said, it's a great option, especially if you want something quick and on the lighter side.

By Angie O. at 2015-03-21

Pita Pit is pretty awesome. It is similar to Subway but a lot healthier. The meat and falafel is grilled fresh upon ordering. The various pitas I have ordered have been amazing!

I feel the prices are reasonable for the quality of food and the size of the pita ($7ish). You can also make any pita into a salad. They offer a few different vegetarian options as well as breakfast pitas.

The customer service is always great. It's usually 2 college-type kids working but they are attentive and nice.

They are open late (until 3am on Fri and Sat nights), likely due to the fact they are located off North Avenue. But it's great to have another dinner option when I'm working a late shift.

Keep up the good work Pita Pit! I'll definitley be returing :)

By Kayla P. at 2016-05-08

This place is amazing. Like Subway but waaaaay better. Was in town for a concert with a friend and as a total we ate 5 pitas in one night. Absolutely fantastic and I am so happy to find out there is one back home, too. 1000/10 would recommend and I will definitely be coming back.

By Angela M. at 2014-11-24

You know when you're in the mood for fulfilling food, but have no desire to sit down, or you're in a rush but don't want to eat total garbage.. Well, go to Pita Pit.

Pita Pit offers freaky fast service (pshh, move over Jimmy John's, you're so overrated) with quality ingredients. Don't want that nasty, processed deli meat?? Pita Pit offers much better meats than your typical sub place, but if you're like me, I get overly excited when there's diverse vegetarian options. Here you can find falafels, spicy black bean burger, and so many veggies to chose from instead of your standard green pepper and onion.

You basically pick the base of your pita and then add whatever toppings/ingredients you'd like. And afterwards, you're actually full. Their prices are pretty cheap as well, which is always a plus.

Don't waste your time at Subway or Jimmy Johns, go to Pita Pit.

By Carrie G. at 2014-10-04

My experience here was a bit of a surprise, and a good surprise it was.

I was looking for a quick weekday afternoon bit before a volunteer shift at the Film Festival. Enter Pita Pit conveniently located right next door to the Oriental Theater.

The decor and ambience is fast food chic, but don't let that fool you, the food is great.

But first, the service. I was enthusiastically greeted by an employee that was not at all annoyed with my need to read nearly the entire menu as this was my first time here. He took my order and money and explained I would progress to the other end of the counter to choose my toppings.

I ordered the Chicken Souvlaki Pita (6.99). The Mediterranean seasoned chicken was grilled while I waited a few minutes. I chose the recommended toppings of spinach, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, feta cheese and tzatziki sauce.

I know this is fast food, and fast chain food which is usually not my thing, but this turned out to be a pretty darn good sandwich. All the ingredients were incredibly fresh and that's really all one can ask for from fast food.

They earn bonus points for a clean place with great service (I understand this should be a standard, but let's face it, it's not) and for value.

So don't hesitate to get a quick fix from this darn good spot as they may surprise you too!

By Andrew W. at 2016-07-30

Ordered delivery last night around 730p for myself and 2 friends, thru the yelp app. Prepaid and tipped thru the app. Expected delivery 1 hour. We got our cold pitas at 9p. Driver said sorry for the wait. Why were they cold? 1st and last time ordering pita pit.

By Karen K. at 2016-03-04

My first time, I came on a groupon. For the groupon price, it was worth it, but full price, I wont return. Kinda like, subway on a pita.

By Tonya N. at 2016-01-27

The pita sandwiches are good. But DO NOT order the soup. What a rip off and totally gross.

By Merete M. at 2014-01-03

I'm a fan of walking into a place like this and having the option to eat as healthy or not healthy as I wish! Food is quick and delicious. I love the falafel.

We were a little disappointed they were out of soup on a cold night.

They deliver, which I will be taking advantage of for sure!

By Josh B. at 2014-03-31

I never knew this was here, but we stopped before a trip with a few friends, looking for something fast and not horrible for you.

The veggies were fresh, and the portions were huge! The service was ok, we did end up standing around for a while before being acknowledged. They were putting a few orders together, but at least a hello or a head nod would have been appreciated.

There's enough variety that even though my friends and I all ordered the Chicken Souvlaki, we all ended up with extremely different sandwiches.

While I wouldn't go out of my way for it, I'd definitely stop by again if I was in a rush.

By Desmond J. at 2013-11-19

I'm tired of the same old sandwich. Luckily Pita Pit is here to save the day. I'm from Madison, so I was excited when I noticed that Pita Pit had finally arrived in Milwaukee.

Ordered three pitas for delivery; Prime Rib, Falafel and Spicy Black Bean. Delivery time to Riverwest was an acceptable 30 minutes or so, and the pitas were still warm; the Prime Rib was very good with lots of tender meat. The Spicy Black Bean, which my girlfriend ordered, had a nice kick to it and was also a great choice. The Falafel was good considering Pita Pit's status as a sub shop alternative, but as one might expect it isn't on par with an authentic Middle Eastern joint. However it was still plenty good - just nothing to write home about.

Overall, for what it is, I give Pita Pit a 4/5 (would be 4.5/5 if I was able) based on the delivery service and my desire to see them succeed in Milwaukee. Between Pita Pit and Glass Nickel Pizza (along with longtime underdog Erbert & Gerberts), Milwaukee has recently seen some much needed competition emerge on the East Side fast food scene; this is only a good thing, as Pizza Shuttle and Jimmy John's have dominated for far too long.

By Jessica W. at 2014-07-19

I'm a fan of pita pit. For fast food, I think it's one of the healthiest places you can hit up. I've been quite a few times and typically get the chicken souvlaki...which is their Mediterranean spiced chicken. It's fantastic.

I usually get acknowledged quickly though it can be slow at times. This doesn't bother me because I usually need time to decide on what I want to eat.

The portions are huge and perfect for on the go eating. My favorite part is all of the options you get for veggies. They are all extremely fresh, as though they were just cut. Avocado is not up charged which is a bonus. You get to make your own decisions on what you want included which means you can make it as healthy or as sinful as you want. I typically make it kind of like a chicken gyro with cucumbers, feta cheese, tomatoes, olives and tziki sauce. Delicious.

If you need to grab something quick, I would recommend.

By Kelsey P. at 2015-12-05

We placed an order at noon today for delivery, which was supposed to arrive at 12:45. We called at 1pm, having not received our order. We were told the delivery driver's car had stalled and they would send someone else to grab the food and it would be "only a little late" (already 15 minutes late!). Still having not received our food at 1:30pm, we called again. We were told the driver "had called triple A and was waiting" and we could "come get our food or get a refund." We asked for a refund, and they tried to process it but "weren't sure it worked". I'm extremely disappointed in this service--they should be the ones calling us, not us calling them, and they should find a solution for problems like this.

By Claire B. at 2014-01-21

I loved my experience here (that night). I would've given it 4 or 5, but the morning this came rating had to come down (more on that later). I think it's a great alternative to other "fast food" as its:

- Healthy
- Low Cal
- Breakfast avail all day
- Make your own (i.e. subway)

However, I am pretty positive I got food poisioning from this place. The spinach was the bottom of the container and that could've been it? I don't know, but the morning/day after was horrendous. Threw up probably ten times, sore muscles, headache, etc. Wasn't able to eat anything for 24 hours...

I only had Pita Pit and some goldfish to eat that night. It COULD have been the 3 tap beers I had at Vintage earlier...but I doubt it.

I won't give Pita Pit a 1 b/c I don't know for sure. My friends got a chicken slovakia and a regular gyro and didn't have any issues. However, they didn't get eggs or spinach or jalepenos. I do like the concept and may go back, but just wanted to advise the masses to what happened to me.

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