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Estimated average consumption of $5.49 - $10.98 per person. We offer 38 menus, including Bottled Beverage, Minute Maid Juice, Bottled Water, Vitamin Water, Morning Glory Pita, Ham and Eggs Pita, Awakin' with Bacon Pita and so on.
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By Ryan A. at 2016-12-11

Haven't had Pita pit in a few years, and this experience reminded me why. First of all, the employee was VERY friendly and helpful through the process and provided some great recommendations that I wouldn't have thought of on my own. So kudos to her. But the food itself just wasn't that great. The meat was a little cold by the time I got it, the pita itself tasted like it had been lying around for a while and someone just picked it up and decided to sell it. The store itself looked big, but was empty and a little dirty - I wasn't particularly impressed when I walked in. There didn't seem to be a lot of quick places to grab food within walking distance of where we were staying, so it does have that going for it -- it was the best option for where I was and the amount of time I had -- but I don't know if I'd make the same decision again.

By Daniela C. at 2015-06-05

This review is sort of a mix of various deliveries and then one stop in to the restaurant for breakfast.

When I was only getting delivery, I was happy for the most part with the quality of food I was getting. The individuals that delivered have always been super friendly and I love that they draw things on the bags they deliver. I've ordered the morning pita with steak multiple times and my only complaint here is that the eggs felt rubbery. When I finally stopped by to visit one morning, I figured out why.

The restaurant has a grill, and underneath it there are a few freezers with frozen eggs and meat in it. They basically reheat the meat and eggs on the grill, but do seem to have a fresh assortment of veggies out to include. I'm really disappointed in the grilling of frozen foods part, if I knew that they were frozen I wouldn't have ordered from here. This is a let down considering that they do advertise that their food is fresh.

Given that there are other alternatives, with actual fresh ingridents, I probably won't return.

By Cassandra F. at 2016-02-11

I ordered yesterday and the order arrived cold and w/o sauce which made it even worse. I called and spoke to a young female that answered the phone. She was very apologetic and gave me a credit for yesterday's order.

I called this morning and spoke to the manager who was also apologetic and very accommodating. The first driver in brought me a new was hot.....with sauce.....and very DELICIOUS!!!!!

Thank you

Thank you for the cookie also....nice touch. I'll be back and I think I already have the office hooked! :)

By Erin B. at 2015-08-22

Friendliest pita pit on earth! I used to go to this chain all the time in college and this one is by far the friendliest. I told the person working (asked his name, Benjamin) that we were dying of thirst and he gave us big water cups. The chicken pita was delicious and the veggies very fresh. A million times better than the veggies at subway or Jimmy johns. Yum!

By Helen B. at 2016-04-11

If you're looking for a quick respite downtown, this place is a refreshing fast food option. Friendly and helpful staff was the first plus I noticed. There is plenty of seating, all of it much cleaner than the last sub shop I've been to. I would say the food quality tastes slightly higher than Subway and I'd expect that level for the price. I found the cars and people strolling down Wisconsin Ave to be a cheerful view from the location's surplus of giant windows. My only regret was not splurging on a cookie.

By David S. at 2015-01-29

I simply love pita pit. It was a staple in my college years and I am glad Milwaukee finally as one of its own. Not to over simplify it, but you start with a pita, add lettuce, veggies, sauce and a flat-top cooked/warmed protein of choice. They have added quite a few more sauces since I've know it last. The standard order is a chicken caesar (means with bacon here), but i also recommend trying out the buffalo chicken with some boom-boom sauce, which is a spicy thousand island type of sauce.

If you're really hungry, go for the double meat.

By Julie F. at 2016-03-30

I didn't have a yelp account until now. I had such bad service from Pita Pit at this location I was so angry enough to make an account and write a review.

I just ordered delivery from Pita Pit on E Wisconsin. I work about a 10 minute walk from the location, I could not go pick I up myself. It took almost 2 hours for it to reach my work. I called the first time when it was about 20 minutes late to check on my order. The line was busy. I tried again and the women who answered the phone didn't even state that I called the correct location, all she said was "hello," what your customer service should say,"Thanks for calling Pita Pit how can I help you?" or something along those lines.

After about 20 more minutes I called back again and explained my situation and the young man said, "the driver is on his way." I explained how long I have been waiting and that I was unhappy about my experience with their customer service and that next time I would take my business to another place, one of their competitors, and he responded with "Okie Dokie." If you want to make someone even more mad thats the way to do it.

Pita Pit on E Wisconsin retrain your staff on customer service. This isn't rocket science, being polite goes a long way.

By Kent K. at 2016-06-24

Stopped in with kids while wife was with a bachelorette party. Restaurant was clean and service was helpful and accommodating. A great healthy options for those avoiding the bar scene or with kids. Quality of ingredients was up to par with all the others I have been too.

By Alex H. at 2016-03-09

This pita pit is 1 minute drive, 3 minute walk, from my job, I would've picked it up myself if I could but I ordered delivery since I couldn't. I had to wait for a hour and a half to get my nice and cold pita.

By Latasha L. at 2015-09-17

The food is okay but unfortunately the delivery sucks I have ordered from here 3 times and it has been horrible. Never again!

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