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We offer 40 menus, including Choose a Crust, Toppings - Meat, Toppings - Veggie, Sauce and Cheese, Tuscani Meaty Marinara, Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo, Tuscani Tuesday Deal and so on.
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Pizza Hut reviews

By Sharday J. at 2014-04-18

Lets be honest only reason I gave 3 is for location convenience otherwise I would give 2 . Always a wait . On line ordering is a joke , what is the point of ordering on line if you have to wait for a call from pizza hut ? The staff is there .. and that's it . nothing more nothing less.

I ordered a pizza with half chicken and mushrooms and half pepperoni and sausage , needles to say it was not split out evenly . I informed the staff of me not eating pork and she replied " well the pork juice will slide over anyway " :( . while waiting another woman complained about her wings tasting as if they had been cooked coated and dropped back in the grease ..WELL SHE WAS NOT LYING THE COOK ADMITTED HE HAD DONE SO .

Point blank if you want a rushed pizza stop here if you are in a rush do not stop here

By Christina R. at 2016-09-19

Will never eat from here again. The workers seem like they don't want to be there. When preparing food one of the workers didn't have any gloves on. We ask the cashier why is the worker not wearing gloves while preparing food she said since the food is pre- cooked they are only required to just wash their hands. I never heard of no such thing.

By Brian H. at 2016-06-02

Where do I start...

Poor service... mostly concerned with discussing their personal lives, than paying attention to customers.

Poor Food Quality... The pizza was not completely cooked. I mean, it wasn't done. I had to take it home and put it in the oven.

Unclean Location... They really need to do something about that store front.

I'll go back if the reviews improve.

By Tonja M. at 2015-06-28

Swear if I could give zero stars I would. How do I tell you my order THREE TIMES and u still ruin it????? Let's not get into the unprofessionalism either..... They should just go on ahead and shut this location down.

By Michelle P. at 2014-06-20

I wouldn't bother. This place smells like old mop water. The staff is really young and they dont want to be there. Its never clean in the back and they never have on gloves when they are prepping your pizza. Dont call the order in. They will put you on hold for 30 minutes before they answer. I personally wouldnt bother going here. Until they hire some real adults.

By Kevin B. at 2013-11-26

It's a shame that I can't give a no star review. This place would be my first recipient. This place may have officially made me swear off Pizza Hut. I ordered this pizza online at 4:00pm. It was supposed to be ready at 4:16pm for pickup. Because of traffic I got here at 4:40. The stuff still wasn't ready. But I sat and watched one guy on the Internet in the back, one girl on her cell (arguing with her boyfriend), and a bunch of folks waiting on orders in the lobby. I finally got my order at 5:42 pm

By Dawn S. at 2013-11-09

Placed an order online. Received online confirmation of pickup time. Drove 15 minutes to pick it up. Was told that it was cancelled because they called my house and no one answered. Had to wait for them to make what I ordered and they had the nerve to run out of stuffed crusts. Never coming back here - ever. Would have given them zero stars but I guess that's not an option. :(

By Elle O. at 2011-10-16

I live in this area, and I still expect decent service. They employ a ton of teens. Whenever I call the person taking the order is having a full blown conversation with others while i try to speak my order. Almost always get the wrong order and end up coming back to complain. I stopped going recently after finding a roach in my Chicken Wings, and Hair on my pizza before that! I wish people in SE would see the need to clean up their act and provide decent customer service! I understand it's probably cheaper to higher teens for pay reasons but these kids are quickly running his place into the ground! I think they need to save themselves a lawsuit and get their shyt together as soon as possible.

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