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We offer 40 menus, including Choose a Crust, Toppings - Meat, Toppings - Veggie, Sauce and Cheese, Tuscani Meaty Marinara, Tuscani Creamy Chicken Alfredo, Tuscani Tuesday Deal and so on.
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Pizza Hut reviews

By Margaret T. at 2016-09-22

Pizza hut has a great price on their pizza bar at lunch, No complaints! it was clean, staff were friendly, they had salads,very fresh. The cottage cheese was delicious too, considering it was a salad bar! (Fresh) pizza was hot, drinks were icy.

By Jarrod C. at 2016-03-07

You obviously don't go to pizza gut, erm, hut expecting the most amazing pizza you've ever had. You do at least expect a level of acceptability for a quick meal for a night away from home for work. This Pizza Hut apparently has delivery drivers who would rather be filming the next fast and furious than delivering pizzas (I mean, who wouldn't?!). Count 'em not 1 but 2 pizzas with toppings slid to one side. Pizza 1 was a tragic avalanche that I'm fairly certain smothered a small alpine village. Pizza number 2 was only slightly less catastrophic. Here's what's best about this: pizza 2 was meant to be a replacement for the aforementioned natural disaster of a pizza. However, like FEMA, pizza 2 left me disappointed and only marginally better off than before.
When I called the store to report the disaster, a polite girl answered and began listening to my problem... But right smack in the middle of my sentence she exclaims "OH WOW 5 COP CARS JUST WENT BY IN A CHASE! OH WOW AND 2 MORE!". While I love me a great traffic crime involving multiple officers in hot pursuit, I just wanna get some dinner before I inevitably starve to death.
I get it. It's just Pizza Hut. But maybe, just maybe, next time we can avoid this by taking just a little more care in handling food in transit. 1 extra star added for decent customer service when it came to a replacement pizza and refund.

By Dezeree H. at 2015-05-22

A pizza hut is a pizza hut. You know what the food is going to taste like. I can't complain about the quality of the food.

The one good thing about this location is the lunch buffet. However, the buffet line is not usually replenished often enough. When you are located right across the street from several state offices you would think that the lunch buffet would be tended to a bit more frequently. If that were to improve, I think it would be better.

By Troy K. at 2015-12-28

Came here for lunch today. $4.99 lunch buffet. I arrived 30 minutes after they opened. Though it looked like the floors had been cleaned, the rest of the store was very filthy. The ice tea dispenser didn't look like it had been cleaned in well over a month. There was dried food particles all over the glass covering the buffet. None of the tables were being cleaned. The buffet itself was not well stocked. The selection improved only slightly during the course of the meal. Some of the pizza was undercooked and not sliced all of the way through. For a downtown location over lunch, they were not very busy. I could see why they would not get return business. Two stars might be generous.

By Alex A. at 2016-01-07

"Yesterday's pizza today!" Should be their slogan. Or maybe "Little C's "quality" pizza, at twice the price!" or maybe rename the locations "Deep Dish Disease" for how filthy everything is. Chairs are filthy, tables are filthy, sneeze guards are filthy, the menu at the counter was also filthy. Dirty West Memphis gas station bathroom comes to mind, and I'm referring to the dining area. Or even dare I say it, a dirty Bourbon Street alley, not that Bourbon Street is by any means clean.

Now for the "food." We opted to do some deal where you get two medium square pizzas and one side and breadsticks for $19. We added two fountain beverages and one extra side, made it $30. It took 10 min for them to even help us, meanwhile the grimy greasy menu was disgusting, so I wiped it off with a moist towelette, which came up black. When they finally took our order, we were told 15 min and they would bring it out. Rather than that happening, they hot boxed it, and it wasn't till 25 min and someone else who came after us got their order that some other staff asked if we were waiting for an order. What we got was worse than a $5 pizza from LC. Almost no cheese, sparse toppings, and what tasted nearly like a fluffy sourdough bread for the crust. The breadsticks were clearly OLD, like way old, like tough as leather to bite through, and disgustingly the room temperature garlic butter on top was room temperature! The wings were old, but the best part of the whole meal, despite being barely sauced. The mozzarella sticks were acceptable.

Nearly the whole time the staff ignored the persistent sound of the BiB pumps for the soda dispensers, they all just ignored it continually ticking. I had to ask them to either replace or disconnect the bag that was related to that pump. Why I would need to tell them to do that more than 30 mins after it had to have started (before we came in) is beyond me. They're just wasting CO2.

The whole thing was absurd and disgusting. While a reader might not believe me, they're lucky they got me on a good day. I had gone in hoping to restore faith in pizza I had lost interest in, and unfortunately it is actually much, much, much worse than ever! I should have gone to a gas station for food, it would have been better!

Note: Clearly a lot of these images are aded by someone who works there. Or are pulled from promotional material. Many do not represent what you will get at this location. And the dinning room image is out of date, there are no booths anymore.

By Tatyana T. at 2015-12-15

I was on my lunch break which is 30 minutes. I got at pizza hut 25 minutes early before I had to return back to work. I waited 20 minutes for them to put down 5 minute wings. I waited 20 minutes for my wings that were still in the freezer. I asked for a refund and I stil didnt get a full refund. I called and manager refused a full refund. Not a good place to eat pizza #DOMINOS

By Brad E. at 2015-02-19

No plates, no pizza at noon. Guest using napkins for plates. 2nd review I've done and it's not getting better. Terrible location for lunch.

By André E. at 2015-08-29

Staying in a hotel nearby, one evening we found the teenage boys short on food and the adults wanting some salad, so for something easy, we went to the Pizza Hut/Wing Zone to bring some food back to the room. Little did I know it would be a full-size restaurant, and although it was a Friday evening there were only a few patrons at the seats but a small steady flow doing walk-up to the counter. Good news was they had a salad bar from which we can make our own to-go box. The bad news was it had gotten over-chilled and the salad fixins were half-frozen. The best news is that the young man at the counter was going to do whatever it took to get what we needed and was very cheery and responsive about our whole order. We were able to get decent salads, pizza for the boys, and a super awesome warm brownie for everybody. Would definitely recommend giving them a try for dine-in or take-out, and would certainly consider a weekday lunch buffet, which they seem to have.

By Carol G. at 2012-09-01

Spacious and clean, with a lunch buffet during the week, this Pizza Hut is a favorite.

Tips: These are the details of the Pizza Hut, This restaurant is located in 2007 SE 29th St, Topeka, KS
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