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Pontillo's Pizzeria

Pontillo's Pizzeria
  • Street 3187 Chili Ave
  • City Rochester
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 14624
  • Telphone (585) 889-2120
  • Opentime
  • Raging (13)
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Pontillo's Pizzeria introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.51 - $15.02 per person. We offer 47 menus, including Side Salad, Antipasto, Garden, Chicken Finger, Eddy Pete K9 Salad, Gnocchi with Garlic Bread, Ravioli with Garlic Bread and so on.
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Pontillo's Pizzeria reviews

By Andrea L. at 2016-09-30

Worked here for 3 years, my sister-7. I will never get sick of their pizza!! Hands down the best dough and ingredients. The owner takes pride in his ingredients and recipe.

By Timothy H. at 2016-10-31

Pontillos is dead to me. Just horrible wait time on the wings. Condescending Customer Service

By Nicole B. at 2016-09-23

I ordered a large pizza and 24 wings. Pizza horrible and wing just ok. Would not eat at the Chili location again. Also told 20 mins pick up time. Ended up more like 50 mins.

By Michael A. at 2016-10-04

Always awesome! Steve, the owner takes pride in what he serves....been going there for years and will continue to do so!

By Amanda H. at 2016-02-27

Just ordered a sheet pizza and 24 wings from this location and waited just about two hours after being told 1 hour. I called twice checking on the status and asking for a discount for the inconvenience on the second call. Their excuse was that it was busy and they should have said longer. They then told me that because they called me back for a credit card error right after my initial order that that was why it took so long. I don't see how a thirty second phone call prolonged the delivery of a pizza by an hour but I digress. So end of story, I get the pizza, barely Luke warm(was told it would at least be piping hot) and no type of discount. The next time I get pizza, especially when I have guests as I did tonight I will never order it from here. Columbinis, marks, delindas-all much better pizza places with way better service. Don't waste your time.

By Michael M. at 2014-12-27

Back in my hometown after 5 years of California sunshine and couldn't wait too get a few pies from Pontillos! It surely didn't disappoint. Called in an order for pickup after a long day of Christmas shopping and ordered a large pep/sausage & a large Hawaiian. Got there early was greeted in typical NY fashion, "what's up Boss?" Told me the pies will be out in 5. Watching them flip dough in the meantime and just knew my pizza was freshly made.
Anyways I get home and nothing but flavor town!

By Ian M. at 2014-07-03

Good pizza, but not great. Great wings---just cooked to perfection, with the right amount of spice from medium to hot (I've tried them all). What sets this place apart is the manager: just a genuinely nice person and this makes me want to give them more business.

I hold back only on five stars because, in my humble opinion, the pizza is good, but not great. However, know that I did live in NYC for a few years, and so I'm probably over-critical and biased if one compares Rochester pizza to NYC!

When they give you a time to pick up, it is always spot-on. Highly recommended.

By Tom M. at 2014-10-23

I used to get pizza at this location a lot, but in the last few years have had nothing but bad pizza so I will not be returning. There are other places on Chili Ave that offer much better pizza. The last time I ordered pizza, it took an hour and a half to be delivered and tasted strange. The toppings were fine, but something was off. We couldn't decide if it tasted like the crust had been frozen, or if they used some rancid oil. The only reason I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 is that I only have experience with their pizza; I can't speak to their other food.

By Candice N. at 2012-06-01

If you've been on this side of Chili Ave you know there are at least eight different pizza places within the vicinity of Chili Paul Plaza. I've tried five of them, they all fall somewhere between the three to four star range.

I think Pontillo's is the only one worth all five stars. They hit the perfect ratio for the toppings. Through covering of cheese, the right amount of sauce (not too little not too much.), and there was a fair amount pepperoni (had enough for almost every bite).

HOWEVER, I'm not 100% sold on the crust. Granted it was the right thickness (or thinness if you're like me and don't like really thick bread like crust that chokes out the toppings). It's too soft in some areas and the rear crust had absolutely no flavor. Personally I like a thin crust with an outer crunch and inner chewiness (sounds odd but it's possible to achieve, I've done it with homemade pizza many times).

Despite the crusts minor flaws the overall pizza was exceptional and possibly the best in the vast cluster of pizza joints at this end of Chili Ave. Going to be my new regular.

WARNING: They only accept cash and check at the moment.

By Chris T. at 2011-01-18

Amazingly consistent pizza and wings anytime. My favorite pizza joint within Chili. I even missed this pizzeria while living in NYC. Great friendly customer service. We usually opt for pick-up and chat with the owner rather than have it delivered.

It would be great to see a mix of the traditional as well as more artisanal pizzas (e.g. wood fired, gourmet ingredients) to differentiate itself a bit more from the countless other pizza joints in the area. However, that would probably involve breaking from the Pontillo's chain.

By Evan S. at 2012-11-25

Good tomato sauce, perfectly crispy bottom, fluffy crust, well topped with maybe just a little too much cheese. All around awesome. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars was the decor, but it looks like it was in the middle of a redesign so I'm sure that will change. Yummy

By Robert P. at 2009-03-16

Food is very delicious, and always done right. Everything from Pizaa, Wings, and Subs that i've gotten has been awesome. Service is quick and friendly, and they know what they sell. Go Now, Yes Now!

By Tina S. at 2010-03-13

Ordered a sausage and hot pepper pizza. The service was great. The cheese, sauce and toppings were excellent. I just didn't like the crust, which was kinda tough and hard to eat. It wasn't bad though, and I will definitely come back here because it's near my house.

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