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Popeye's Pizza

Popeye's Pizza
  • Street 118 S Belvidere St
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23220
  • Telphone (804) 716-1460
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Popeye's Pizza introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.72 - $15.44 per person. We offer 22 menus, including Plain Cheese, Popeye's Special, Chicken BBQ, Spicy Chicken Buffalo, Meat Lover, Veggie Lovers, Hawaiian Special and so on.
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Popeye's Pizza reviews

By Daniel H. at 2015-08-12

As promised this is a follow-up on my previous review of a couple of months ago; I tried both the burger/fries/soda combo and G/F got the Philly/onion rings/soda and they were awesome, I even asked ab the spices and was told it was an old Mediterranean recipe that amongst others had MINT too.
We also tried the Baklava since it was only 2.50 and the Robert highly recommended it; it was delicious and helped calming my sweet tooth...
We tried uploading few pix but for some reason Yelp kept turning-in an Error :-/

By Melanie C. at 2015-06-10

I ordered a Stromboli and got a few pieces of cut up bread with cheese and no sauce. The "gyro" was on a sub and not an actual gyro. Called them up and they offered a 5% off discount for my next order. Lol what a joke. Don't eat here...

By Sriharsha S. at 2015-04-22

Very long delivery time, the pizza was cold, a good part of the crust was just burnt, and I didn't get any chicken on a spicy buffalo chicken pizza (this is what really irked me).

When I called, I got offered a 25% off on the next order, but I was so angry with the pizza that I gave it to my neighbor after eating a slice. It's times like this that I wish I didn't waste extra money on a tip.

The last time I ordered I got soggy fries and the cheeseburger literally was the bun with a patty with cheese on top. I thought it was a one time thing, but this time the experience was even more annoying.

A bunch of my friends say they like the place when they go to get slices, but I'm definitely not following up on the 25% off.

By Peter G. at 2015-04-16

I hate to give a bad review, but the food I got delivered was absolutely unacceptable.

I ordered pizza in the past, the pizza was good, not the best but no complaints there. I also appreciated the reasonable price of their 2 liters(and the fact they are delivered cold, not warm) and their red bull. These are the positive things I have to say about Popeye's. I would have given them more stars if the next experience I had wasn't so offensively bad.

The second time I ordered, I decided to try the cheese steak, fries, burger, jamaican beef patty, and cheese sticks.

-Cheese sticks were cold, like all of my food. The first one I bit into was literally empty, it was an empty shell of crust. I am not even sure how that is possible, it's not like it leaked out, there were no holes in that one.

-Fries. The fries inspired me to write this review. They were the worst fries I have ever eaten. They were undercooked, literally no crispness at all, the potato was basically raw on the inside. I tried to eat some just because I was hungry and it made my stomach hurt, and I'm not being dramatic. Also, they weren't salted. The deep frier clearly was not at the right temperature to cook fries, they should have called me and told me they couldn't cook them instead of delivering the worst excuse for french fries I have seen in my entire life on this planet.

-Cheese steak. Very small, cold, nothing special, no onions or pepper, just crap they put through the oven. I would be satisfied with this if it was $2.99, but it was $7

-Jamaican beef patty with cheese. Cold, nothing special. Buy your own in the frozen food section for $1 and microwave it, it will be much better.

-Burger. It was made in an oven. Bland, dry, and rubbery.

-Delivery. The first time was fine, the second time took 1 hours and 15 minutes.

I really wish I had made a few $0.40 frozen burritos in the microwave instead of ordering from here, it would have been much better quality of food.

Bottom line: If you choose popeyes, order pizza, not any of the things I ordered.

I feel bad giving this bad review, but they should feel bad delivering me these poor excuses for food, especially the fries. There is no excuse to serve those fries, I know the owner or employees would never eat those themselves, it would make anyone sick to eat that much undercooked potatoes. I'm guessing they don't usually serve the fries that way, it was very late when I ordered(50 mins before they closed, they take orders online up until the closing time, if that is a problem for them they can change the ordering hours on eat street and grubhub), maybe they had shut down their deep frier and started it back up and that why the oil wasn't hot enough to cook the fries. Either way, they should have not served those fries. I wonder what Jon Taffer would say to them.

By Mena T. at 2015-06-12

Exactly what your neighborhood pizza place is supposed to be. Tasty, made from scratch pizzas at incredibly low prices. They make them right in front of you. A medium pizza is 6.99 and is more than enough for two people.

The owner is super friendly and the pizza took little more than 5 minutes to be ready. They are under new management which I think might explain the 1 star reviews. I was pleasantly surprised.

By Cameron B. at 2013-10-02

Over all it's good pizza and the dough taste pretty fresh. The price is great too. It will run you about 2.75 a slice.

Also the staff is super friendly. If you are on campus or close by give this place a shot you won't regret it.

By L P. at 2014-08-16

First time ever eating at this place, ordered my food after 1am and was very impressed with the freshness and quality of the food. A single slice of pizza could easily feed two and the wings were definitely hand-made. Looking forward to eating here again!

By None O. at 2015-06-09

Great restaurant, good food and friendly owner. It's a lot cheaper than other restaurants around the area and gives you your moneys worth.

By Duncan H. at 2013-10-24

Good and cheap. Surprised more people in the area don't know it. They handmade my pizza while I sat there and I absolutely loved it. I'm picky about my BBQ chicken pizza and killed a whole pie by myself it was so good. One odd thing is that the staff seems inconsistent. The first time I went by with a friend and it was open but locked with no one inside. The mailman said that they do that sometimes. Not a great business practice as they missed my 2 pm pizza purchase. They were lucky I gave them a second try.

By I know whats good z. at 2013-05-19

Jumbo slices for a good price. Jamaican beef patties are good also. i'd say best place on vcu's campus to pick up a slice. check it out

By McKinley W. at 2013-12-04

This pizza is no joke. Been a while since I had a good custom pizza that did not cost an arm and a leg! I will be back for more!

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