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Q's Bistro & Grill

Q's Bistro & Grill
  • Street 5401 Glenside Dr
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23226
  • Telphone (804) 282-2086
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Q's Bistro & Grill introduction
Estimated average consumption of $6.09 - $12.18 per person. We offer 72 menus, including Soda, 32 oz. Lemonade, Cobb Salad, Deluxe Salad, Greek Salad, Caesar Salad, Chef Salad and so on.
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Q's Bistro & Grill reviews

By JoAnne A. at 2016-02-24

Lunch time is quite busy so food must be good plus I got service with a smile. They thanked me for choosing Q's based on Yelp suggestion.
Lamb Gyro was loaded & I loved the seasoned fries. Add soda for their perfect lunch combo for $ 8.98.
The phone was busy - lots if take away, but also about 12 small tables, which I chose cause I love watching how the staff work together. The grill and pizza area are very efficient and appear happy together. I like that. Happy staff - happy customer :)

1 star take away because exterior of the gas station/deli needed picking up. But that doesn't deter me from visiting again.

Thanks for the suggestion, Thomas!

By Thomas C. at 2015-08-04

Q's use to be Nader's Bistro & Grill. The previous Owner wanted to retire and he sold his place. The NEW Management is carrying on the Legend of Good food with the same Menu and some added NEW items. The service is very friendly, and even though they are located in a Service Station Mart, the place has plenty of tables and VERY clean.

Upon entering several weeks ago to find that it was under New Management, I decided to order the Zorba Burger with Feta Cheese. I was NOT too impressed with the burger as it seemed like a regular store bought Burger pattie. I was hoping they were making their own Burger Patti, however this was NOT the case.


I returned last week to order a Large Pizza, as I didn't feel like driving further down the road, and from my previous visits... the Pizzas look good and very tempting... So, I ordered a Large with Pepperoni. Upon returning home, they had added additional spices in small cups, and Garlic Butter. Upon adding the additional items, I took one bite and was AMAZED in how good the Pizza Dough was. If any of you remember the Celebrity Room on RT 1 many years ago, as they were considered the BEST in Pizza in Richmond for years....

Well, I thought I had stepped back in time, as the Pizza Dough and the THICK cheese was making my taste buds scream "WOW"! Their Pizza, is as GOOD as as a Pizza can get. NO Kidding! Their Dough, hands down is the BEST in Richmond, as they must have somehow found the Celebrity Room recipe. The Cheese was thick with LOTS of Cheese. They were NOT slight on the Cheese, and the Pepperoni was fresh.

I am glad I live close by as the price of their Pizzas are also NOT expensive and if you like Pizza, than you need to try Q's Bistro & Grill. I cannot wait to go back as it is THAT good!

By Alex W. at 2016-01-08

Tried their pizza and wings and was not impressed at all. The guy at the counter kept going on about how it was NY style. It was not even close. It was dry and had hardly any toppings with very little cheese. The wings were equally bad. They had no sauce just over breaded fried wings. It's a shame because the people were nice but avoid the pizza and wings.

By Elvis V. at 2016-05-17

Horrible customer service. We ordered a chicken philly and philly cheese steak 2 orders of onion rings and a drink. When the order arrived we received 2 cheese steaks that both had the wrong ingredients than what we ordered and no drink and one order of onion rings. When we called the restaurant they gave us a hard time and the manager made it seemed as if we were lying but we were charged for all the times including the ones we did not receive. After a few hours later we received the additional items but the food was cold. The food is ok but the customer service is horrible and this is the third time within the last year this has happened. Will never order here again as other close by Mediterranean restaurants similar in price and better tasting food.

By Denise J. at 2016-07-01

I've had poor customer service from Q's, which is unfortunate, because the food is pretty good. Not great, but good. I would NOT recommend delivery from here, but take out might be fine. The chicken gyro, philly steak, and tuna salad sandwiches are all good. Pasta salad, caesar salad, and fries (depending on the day) are good as well. The pizza was a let down for me. The first time I ordered a slice, it arrived looking at least a few days old. The second time, I ordered a whole pizza, still was not impressed. It's not your traditional pizza pie. The crust was hard and chewy, a lot of herbs and spices that overwhelmed the flavor for me. The last time I ordered from here, the delivery driver showed up agitated and flustered. He claimed to be the owner, made me very nervous, tried to come inside my house to set the food down, I had to ask him to wait outside. I got the impression it was just not his day but even though he delivered food that was leaking all over my porch and patio furniture as he set it down, he wouldn't refund the cause of the leak - watery spaghetti ($3 is all I asked for back). I think they are very concerned about small amounts of money over good customer service, even when they are at fault. "We'll get you next time", he said. That was exactly what they said last time when there was an issue as well. I don't trust this place anymore, too inconsistent and lacking in customer service. Won't order again. You've probably got about a 60/40 chance of having a good experience.

By Jason B. at 2015-10-17

I ordered delivery from here last weekend. I got a sailor sandwich with fries & a large pasta salad. The sandwich was kinda small. The pasta salad was bad. The noodles were over cooked & it had no seasoning. It did however have a good amount of feta cheese & black olives. I picked those out and threw the rest out. The fries were still hot and tasty. I will try them again but will be wary.

By Ayy S. at 2016-02-10

I got a philly cheesesteak from here and it was so good I just had to try them again but this time I ordered delivery. I ordered a chicken philly and by god it was the best chicken philly I've had in years. Originally being from NY i have already built a habit of being patient for deliveries and this place quotes about 45-60 minutes and it seems thats just what they quote, I got my delivery in about 35 minutes. I don't expect them to be here in 30 minutes or less. Even in NY deliveries took about an hour. As for the prices I think its reasonable. They have tons of things to choose from so thats a huge plus.

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