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  • Street E 40th Ave & Chambers Rd
  • City Aurora
  • Region Colorado
  • Postcode 80011
  • Telphone (303) 371-8800
  • Opentime
  • Raging (17)
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Qdoba reviews

By Spencer H. at 2016-10-19

At this point, this place is better than Chipotle. The items are slightly different but similar, but the quality at Qdoba is more consistent.

This time I got a taco salad in a shell. All the items I had were fresh, the beans, rice, lettuce, veggies, and queso. The shell was also good -- it was not overfried or underfried or too oily, it was perfect. I'm not a regular here, but the scoops could have been slightly larger, but it's fine for a light meal.

By Tom M. at 2016-06-26

If you want to be treated like #hit go to this Qdoba.
The costumer service from the manger down to the wait staff are the worst I've "EVER" had.
That's really to bad because I like the food.
Guess it's going to be my last time going to this Qdoba.
A couple of year's ago it was great not sure what happened but it's really bad now.

By Labdhi P. at 2016-03-27

This place has horrible service. I did not like this location. Me and my roommate went to chipotle but they were closed because of easter so we ended up deciding to go to Qdoba. I absolutely prefer chipotle any day over Qdoba grill, but even if I do have to eat qdoba I will not go this location again.
I ordered a veggie burrito bowl with a tortilla on the side. The staff there was in so much hurry that they didn't heat up my tortilla properly. I let that go. Their fajitas were gross and soggy. When I asked the server to add guacamole and sour cream she didn't listen. I had to ask her again and she was completely rude to me. If we are paying 8$ for a bowl they better listen to whatever we want to add to our food.
Not going here again!

By Joe P. at 2014-05-08

This was my first visit to a Qdoda ever, and I was pleasantly surprised. The menu was a little confusing at first, but I made my way through it with some help from the friendly staff (probably thanks to my deer in headlights look).

I went with the shredded pork for both instances that I stopped at this location. The pork tasted great and went well with all of the accompaniments. I was glad to see that they had more vegetables in addition to peppers and onions. They have grilled zucchinis as well. I really enjoyed the cheese sauces that they had (probably not good for you). I tried the spicy one which added a little bit of heat and a nice flavor to the burrito. The guacamole is included (if you buy meat-if I remember correctly).

Overall I enjoyed eating here and would go back to a Qdoba. Everything seemed very fresh and the staff was quick to get the food out. The seating along the wall in this particular location is a little awkward, but I am guessing that is because they don't really have that much space for seats.

By Doug G. at 2016-03-19

I found it interesting as I approached the cashier,he was trying to overcharge the person paying their tab, and then when I was checking out they did the very same thing to me. They charged me full price for my entree, when they knew very well I had handed them a 1/2 off coupon.
It gives me no faith whatsoever in this location, and I will never return here.

By Nicole B. at 2015-09-04

One of my factor fresh food places and the fastest one in town. For a neighborhood that doesn't have lots of fresh food options I'm surprised it's not more busy. So glad to have the place so cost to my work on this side of town. Service with a smile every time.

By Kai W. at 2015-05-16

I've been here twice. The first time I ever tried Qdoba and the most recent. Both times were amazing. Friendly staff, immaculate food. I've tried other Qdobas in the city, none have come close. This one is well worth the drive!!

By Mike M. at 2013-08-31

This place got three stars simply because of how slow they were. The food quality is the same as every other Qdoba that I have visited so my rating has nothing to do with the food. I love their burritos, and they are very filling.

My review has everything to do with how slow they were. I constantly had to repeat myself and they still seemed to not understand what I was saying. And then when I finally understood what I was ordering they moved in extremely slow motion. Almost as if a pack of zombies took over the restaurant. Yes, the zombie apocalypse is finally here and it has started here at Qdoba.

By John B. at 2013-01-28

I'm not sure what came first, Qdoba or Chipotle but Qdoba is just as good, or maybe better...

Different seasonings make everything taste different from Chipotle but it's the same assembly line format employed there. The fact that both black and pinto bean choices at Qdoba are Vegetarian unlike Chipotle earns them my business if I had to choose between the two.

I wish there was one local to me. The closest one is in Reno, yes I already checked.

Next time I'm in the area, I'm definitely making it my go-to lunch spot for the duration of my visit.

By Joe J. at 2013-07-14

Busy today, but the service was still quick. The food was on par for good Qdobas. If you speak Spanish, definitely use it. You'll get larger portions. Not only did I notice that the two men in front of me got larger portions, but so did the two ladies behind me. I could rate it less because of that, but..... I probably could have tried to order in Spanish myself.

Meh, good food, good service.

By Steve C. at 2014-10-02

Guacagoo, thats what they are now serving instead of Guacamole. Qdoba is the only fast serve place I frequent and I may have to find a new one. They established themselves on fresh mexican but are reverting to "Fresh, kind of". Changed Chip manufacturer, poor quality. Canned preserved Guac instead of made fresh. Burrito was consistant, thats the only reason they received 3 stars!

By Le Meow C. at 2014-12-21

I was here and ordered some queso and found a long hair in it which was the opposite color of mine. I brought it up to the manager, who went to inspect it and didn't even apologize (she didn't believe me) and she wouldn't give me a refund. Instead she gave me a coupon. I was pretty disgusted since the hair was really long. I noticed the employees had their hair up but the fact that there was a hair in queso makes me wonder, 1. How long it was there, 2. Why was it even there and 3. Why they were still using the same batch of queso after I brought it up. I like Qdoba and am disappointed that they didn't take me seriously and that they continued to serve their customers out of the batch the hair was in.

By Wellington C. at 2013-02-26

So its pretty much like a Chipote. Pretty simple, tacos burritos and salads. Service here was pretty fast since there wasnt many people in the restaurant. Unfortunately not much really to say about this place, not bad but nothing really stood out either. I did like the fact that they serve your choice of brown or white rice.

By Dean S. at 2012-08-03

2 stars for the food being awesome. -1 star for it being about 25% more than it should be in cost. -2 stars for the inconsistent, rude, obviously prejudice employees.

The fact is that the food will always be good but getting from point A when you walk in and point B when you eat your food has the chance to become unpleasant, especially at the cash register. $9 for nachos doesn't sound quite right.

By Jackie N. at 2011-11-14

This is a really convenient location for me but almost every time I go in the employees are very unfriendly with me but chatty and smiling when speaking Spanish with other customers... I don't mind the Spanish I just always feel like my business is unwanted. My other beef is that they are so stingy with the ingredients- the burritos are 8-9$ but mine is always as skinny as the 1$ Taco Bell special. The one time I asked for more shredded beef, please, the lady stared at me at picked up one- exactly one- piece of meat and put it on there then continued. Gee thanks.

Wish there was better service here but I'm assuming most of the customers aren't regulars since it is so close to I-70, the airport and all of the hotels.

By Joseph M. at 2014-03-20

Off to a rocky start with poorly trained staff working the line, I quickly recognized who was in charge. The man got enraged with my order and even threw my taco shell out when all I wanted was a tortilla shell to replace the hard shell of the taco salad. I asked the same man at the end of the order for the same tortilla shell and never got one...

By Pam B. at 2012-07-17

I could eat here often! Fresh ingredients, made fresh. people were friendly to me when I asked questions. But I understand what Jackie means. No matter where you eat you want the servers attention when you are buying their product.

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