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Estimated average consumption of $3.65 - $7.3 per person. We offer 54 menus, including Honey Mustard Chicken, Raspberry Chipotle Chicken, Classic Cobb with Bacon, Chicken Caesar, Steak & Bleu, Chicken Taco Salad, Pan Asian Salad and so on.
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Quiznos Sub reviews

By Kyle H. at 2014-08-24

This Quiznos is similar to most others and is well maintained.

The reason I am writing this review however is to applaud the staff that work here. I think this is probably the only fast food place I've ever been to where the staff are friendly, make your food quickly and correctly, and seem to actually care about your presence. I've even been offered discounts by the gentlemen at the register a few times without even knowing that my meal qualified for them.

By Chris H. at 2015-06-24

So, generally, I don't go to Quiznos because I just don't think it's that good. (Disclaimer: I'm a pescatarian so I have limited options. I assume that some of the dishes with meat are at least decent). I've visited Quiznos recently due to multiple coupons being offered.

I always get the same veggie sandwich and although it was made just as I asked, it's just not that good. I don't entirely know what it is, but even Subway sandwiches just seem to taste better. The avocado was my favorite part, but the pretzel bread was a close second. The sandwich itself isn't *bad*, and I always eat the entire thing (which says something), but at the end of every meal I'm always wondering why I chose to go to Quiznos again.

This specific Quiznos actually has pretty good service. They're generally friendly, prompt, and make my sandwiches right.

If you actually enjoy Quiznos, this is probably the location for you.

By Diane X. at 2015-07-29

Not a guy into fast foods but the lobster series is good actually. Recommend. Haven't tried other stuff yet.

By Melanie Z. at 2014-08-14

Gah, I am officially done with Craig St. sandwich places. Stopped in for a quick sandwich en route to school, and requested that my sandwich be made without cheese. Lady calls it out (correctly, without cheese), then the sandwich (which she made) proceeds to come through the toaster with cheese on it. The girl wrapping sandwiches points this out, and the lady ignores her. I ask her if she can take the cheese off of it, and she says that this one won't be mine and that they'll remake it (yay! or so I thought...). The lady making the sandwiches disagrees and tells her to just scrape it off. The girl obliges her, without making any eye contact with me, and I am told to pay for my sandwich without apology from anyone. At the point at which I'm paying $6 for a tiny sandwich, I expect some courtesy and straightforwardness along with it.

By Xianzheng G. at 2015-07-27

The dining environment here is good, not too noisy, and the staff are very friendly to customers. I ordered Angus Black Beef with some topings, although the size is just regular I think it is enough for my lunch. One thing they may improve is to grill the beef before rolling them with the breads, because the beef could taste better when heated. Overall given the price tag here I think it is one of the best place for students to eat in noons.

By RONALD W. at 2011-03-26

Good Quiznos location. Takes national coupons unlike the Pitt location.

Fast courteous service. Had the lobster and seafood sub yesterday for dinner. Great value for the money and really tasty.

By Alyssa D. at 2013-01-21

Good, fast food.

I stop here every so often when I'm walking on Craig for an inexpensive, but filling meal. Go for the sub combos, easily the best deal on the menu and make sure you ask them to toast it!

By Kevin K. at 2012-11-18

Let me start off by saying I've been to this Quiznos over 20 times, and that's a conservative estimate. Last year they had probably a 25% failure to make the right sandwich rate. But they have Improved this year to about 10% though. It can be a good place to eat if you follow a couple guidelines. First off, never tell them what you don't want on sandwich. Even though the ingredients are clearly listed behind them they will look at you like your speaking another language. Tell them " I want an x with just the y and z". Next, don't tell them what veggies you want before theyve cooked it. They will forget it or look at you weird. It's kind of a hassle because you have to keep track of your sub through the cooking process but that's just the way they do it. Follow those rules if you wanna have a good meal.

Also if the manager is reading this yelp review like any good manager should then Know this: every single time anyone orders a sub at your quiznos they are asked if they want it for here to go twice? Is the first one just for fun? That's a lack of communication that reflects poorly on every single customer that comes through.

By October S. at 2011-04-06

Better than the "other sub shop". The condiment station is definitely a plus.

By Ryan P. at 2008-07-29

A decent Quiznos location - no different from most of the other ones.

By Sabrina M. at 2009-10-14

I have to disagree with the previous reviewer; this Quiznos is actually REALLY different from all other Quiznos establishments! The owner, Mr. Dille takes a lot of pride in running his business, and it really shows. Not only is this one of the cleanest and quickest Quiznos I've ever been to, but it's also apparently one of the more successful in the region, so they get to try out fancy new stuff from HQ.

The staff are always friendly and welcoming, and they know their regulars which is nice. My boyfriend and I have very differing tastes on vegetables/condiments so when we share a sub the order can be quite tricky but they almost always get it right. The one time one of my orders took a little long (like... 4 minutes?) they even gave me a free sub coupon! This is definitely my go-to sandwich/sub place, although sadly since I only eat fish now I cannot go there as much as I used to.

Oh yes - and to prove my first point, I went to a Quizno's in New York this summer and they totally failed at wrapping my torpedo. They also didn't go "whoo torpedoooo!" when they packaged it.

By Marguerite M. at 2011-10-19

As far as fast food subs go... this place is pretty good. So far everything I've had from here was fresh and tasty. It's a very busy location, but the line moves through pretty quickly. If they'd just put pickles on my sandwiches without a hassle, instead of referring me to the pepper bar, I'd give them 5 stars. But they have pickles right in front of them for sandwiches that come with pickles, I don't know why it seems to be such a big deal to add them to my to-go sandwich so I don't have to open it up to add them. Other than that... I'm a fan!

By Carey M. at 2011-06-27

I get lunch often here before going to a weekly seminar at CMU. The sandwiches are tasty. Restaurant and bathrooms are clean. The staff is friendly. It seems to take quite a while to put together a sub, but I think most of that is due to the speed of the toaster. Not a bad option for S. Craig Street takeout. CMU wifi seems to work here.

By Mark P. at 2010-12-04

Great food, prices are more reasonable when you use their Q club coupons!

By Deb H. at 2012-10-08

Very friendly staff. Very clean inside and decorated with lots of fresh flowers. The food was excellent quality and served quickly. Loved the condiment bar. Sooo much better than Subway. We will be back.

By M Z. at 2012-01-04

BBQ pork sub rocks! I prefer it to Subway.

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