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Rally's Hamburgers
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Estimated average consumption of $2 - $4 per person. We offer 69 menus, including Big Buford, Cheese Champ, Baconzilla, Bacon Roadhouse, Bacon Cheese Champ, Bacon Cheddar Crisp, Bacon Cheddar Crisp Double and so on.
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Rally's Hamburgers reviews

By Dee K. at 2016-09-12

5 stars for food, 3 stars for timeliness. Averages out to a 4 star. Their food is average in my opinion, but HOT DANG, their fries are literally the best I've ever had. My fiancé and I always get the XL fries, which comes in a cup. They taste like fried chicken and boy are they always piping hot and delicious! It makes the long wait worth the while. They do refill as well and they are quite timely about it.

They have a seating area out front, partially covered by a patio cover. The area tends to attract pigeons, as there are always bound to be fries and food left around and probably people feeding them.

By Daryl L. at 2016-09-17

Ok late night burger joint. Satisfys the late night rumble in your tummy.

Would have preferred eating on the patio, but was occupied with homeless people talking loudly and causing a scene.

I had the double cheeseburger and it hit the spot. I don't see the big rave on the fries.... they were ok.

If I was to choose between Rally's and Sonic, I think I would choose Sonic first.

By Keiki-O-Kalani A. at 2016-08-31

Popped my Rally's Cherry!

I have only seen and heard things about this establishment through television. I was watching Undercover Boss and they were playing a segment on Checkers & Rally's known as Rally's now. The company stands for great things, and from the looks of what I was watching I had gained a lot of respect for the CEO of the company due to how he treats his employees. So when I passed by this little food joint.... I couldn't resist. I had to try it.

From the looks of it... This place has been here for years. It went from popular to what the hell is rally's. It was about 12:17 am when I was passing through Anaheim and I stumbled upon the only lit building around. Rally's! It's a small location. It has a drive thru, and walk up window. Of course, being the lazy fat ash that I am, I went to the drive thru. Lawl!

Taking a glance at their menu they had everything a burger joint should. Burgers, Shakes, Sandwiches, Dessert and many more. I settled for the Baconzilla. YES! That burger came straight from gods ass. It was delicious. Butttttttt what was even more amazing was their FRIES!!!!!!!!! Oh man it was fresh and seasoned to perfection. I'd probably come back just for the fries. Ughhhhhhhhhhhh lol

My reasoning on gifting this place a 3 star rating is because of the customer service. The gentleman helping me seemed to be your typical ungrateful, rude fast food employee. He was very short, and didn't give me any condiments with my order. Like cmon now.... You just gon give me my bag without no sauce no nothing. Mmmhmmm the disrespect. Lol. And also there were a lot of rubbish laying around the building. They should definitely work on keeping the surrounding area cleanly for themselves and health related issues. Cmon now y'all are handling food!

Anyways... I hope when I visit next time I can grant you another star or two.

By Kiet N. at 2016-12-29

Honestly, only giving 5 stars because I really love the Rally's brand. To be frank, the location also provides decent fries and burgers, just not as good as other locations I have had the pleasure of trying. Their fries isn't quite as hot and fresh, quantity is a bit disappointing, and customer service really sucked.
Still, compared to other brands, Rally's fries are THE best, no comparisons needed. Even with this location.

By Angie M. at 2016-11-11

Ordered an XL fries, a burger from the value menu, and two cups of water. Well basically I waited in line for about 15 minutes when there were only 3 cars in front of me. When I got to the window the cashier did not even mention the "usual " sorry for the wait. Anyways, they handed me the order quickly, but forgot my two cups of water. I asked for them and the cashier said okay and handed me one cup of water. I then again said I asked for two please. I drove off and when I opened the bag to eat some fries, the XL fries wasn't even 3/4 full.... so much for XL 4.99 fries :/

By Britney M. at 2016-02-25

Woooohoooo SO excited to finally get to try this hole-in-the-wall place! I drove past it all the time and there always seems to be people in line for the drive through on sitting at the tables outside eating. With that being said- I HIGHLY recommend that you hit the drive through instead of walking up and ordering and sitting outside. Mostly because you will find some scuzzy looking people hanging around this area. Sometimes homeless people claim real-estate at the table and chairs right outside rally's. But if you don't mind eating with that kind of company then by all means go for it :p

I personally would rather drive thru and grub out in my car. Prices are not too bad here. You will prolly spend about $6 per person roughly. The fish sandwich was the BEST fish sandwich I have EVER had. Ever. Period. Case closed. It was amazing!! Double fish patty with a tarter based sauce and cheese. MmmmmmmmmmmmM. This might be a once a week trip. The French fries are great as well, seasoned to perfection.

By Erin B. at 2016-12-11

I just stood at the walk up line for a solid five minutes and not a single person acknowledged that I was there. A "We'll be right with you" could have made all the difference.

By Isaiah S. at 2016-12-09

Come here often since it's near my home and is open at late nights. The pricing seems to be pretty inconsistent and the surrounding area is terrible. They should just open up an inside or something. I would recommend the Baconzilla and the Koolaid slush. You have to get the fries if you come here. Would recommeend this to someone who is marking a quick late night run but if you have all these options and can go a little distance, I don't see why you would choose Rally's

By Ponpon K. at 2016-07-08

We came here for the fries since they're to die for. Sadly this is the only near by location to us.

Food was okay. Fries was fresh and hot like always and we ordered the rally burger which is always a plus.
Workers wasn't pleasant didn't welcome us nor a smile, compared to McDonald services at least their worker are pleasant.
Tables were dirty. I don't think they even wipe them down. Trash was over flooded with trash. Hello!! At least empty it once a day.

I give it a one star because the food was decent other than that I won't be coming here at all.

By Stephanie W. at 2016-08-14

I have been to several Rally's and this one is a bit of a let down and that sucks because there are very few Rally's out here. Beware of the long wait times when you place a walk up order. Also it does help to keep an eye on the employees making your food. My boyfriend saw one of the workers using her cell phone when she was supposed to be making our food. The sad thing is she was wearing gloves that are supposed to increase the safety while she was on her phone. I noticed another employee wiping his hands on his pants. It's scary to think these people took a food handlers class.

Also the seating area is a hot trashy mess. They were bags all over and food all over the place.

By Fast Food P. at 2016-05-21

I ordered the Steakzilla for $4.99

The Beef was juicy, the Shaved Steak was delicious, the Swiss Cheese was plentiful and the Onion Tanglers were so very good.

A superb Meal from this Drive Thru.

By David P. at 2016-11-26

Always double check your order, they never get it right. Everyone there is completely unintelligible over the speaker in the drive-thru. I even speak several languages and the manager, who I suspected was actually Jar-Jar Binks is the worst! He's the undisputed king of the mumble people! I've been to different Rally's where the employees give a damn about what they do and it shows compared to this store.

By Ahmed S. at 2015-07-31

+ Delicious burgers/food
+ Best fries ever

- Outside seating is not too clean'
- Facility is a little "beat up"/old looking

Moving away from New Jersey several years ago, there were several things I missed. Checkers being one of them. When I found out recently that Rally's is the exact same thing, it was probably the highlight of my week.

Sadly this location (closest one to my home in Irvine) is the closest one. It took about 30 minutes to get here, but it was definitely worth it. The memories of Checkers in New Jersey immediately came back. The atmosphere was a little different since this particular location was probably not in the best of areas and the outdoor seating was pretty dirty.

The deep/highly seasoned fries were just as I remembered them and the burger I ordered was delicious. I will definitely be coming back.

By Diana T. at 2016-12-06

I went to try this place with my brothers today and we were so excited. We ordered our food and we waited for 30 minutes to get it and it wasn't busy. Like there was only us and 1 other person. Turns out they forgot to make our order and when we got home they gave me a small fries, when I ordered a medium. I felt like I got jipped and my first time experience with my brothers turned sour we all were excited to try it but we just ended up waiting a half hour for the food in the cold. It turns out they didn't even start the making the order on our food when we first placed it. If we didn't say anything we would have probably waited forever. They forgot to make our food and tried to pass it off as giving it to someone else! They did not! We were there waiting the whole time!! The food was good but this whole thing turned me off from the place honestly. I don't think I would go to a place that forgets to make your order, doesn't even show any signs of being sorry and makes someone else's order first when they forgot to make yours!

By Thuy H. at 2016-07-01

We order drive thru so not experiencing the surrounding situation. Our cashier was very nice and friendly. We were in and out in no time. As for the food, the fried was delicious. The burger was juicy but a little salty for my taste. Price are very reasonable compare to other fast food place. Definitely comeback.

By Melissa S. at 2016-12-07

Checking my bank account I find out they charged my card twice for two different prices. Called the bank they said it was two separate swipes. Crooks!!!!!!!!

By G G. at 2015-09-28

Was here the other day...the service is always super slow, the food is served cold and there are homeless camped out all around this place.

Its the only Rallys still around as far as I know but other than the fries, there is no reason to eat here ever.

By Deborah R. at 2016-09-19

The hamburgers are not put together with any kind of thought at all just thrown together I always get sick if I eat the chicken wings the only good thing is the fries

By Jessica J. at 2016-03-26

First time to this place. Drive thru hamburger place. The best food as people have said are the seasoned French fries. Its seasoned and crunchy. It's good. I got the fish burger. It's alright...Nothing out of the ordinary. The person that took our order didnt really have a smile on his face. He didn't even answer question about what was rally's burger. He didn't offer us ketchup and we forgot to ask for it. He didn't seem like he liked working there.

By Linda M. at 2015-09-02

This was a very disappointing meal. Went here with the husband to grab some dinner. We always drive by this place on our way to other places so we decided to try it out. Nope, nope, nope. Should've went somewhere else.

We ordered the spicy chicken sandwich, chili cheese fries, and garlic Parmesan fries. The sandwich was smaller than what I thought it would be. It was the size of Jack in the boxes $1 chicken sandwich, which taste better than what we got at Rallys. Everything was so salty. I couldn't finish my food and ended up throwing away all my food. So disappointing.

Will not be back ever!!!

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