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Reshmi Sweets and Cafe

Reshmi Sweets and Cafe
  • Street 12170 Conant Ave
  • City Hamtramck
  • Region Michigan
  • Postcode 48212
  • Telphone (313) 366-2425
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Reshmi Sweets and Cafe introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.12 - $10.24 per person. We offer 135 menus, including 92. Chai, 93. Hot Tea, 94. Coffee, 95. Soda, 96. Bottled Water, 97. Mango Lassi, 98. Sweet Lassi and so on.
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Reshmi Sweets and Cafe reviews

By Brittany L. at 2016-11-29

I always stop by here whenever I'm in the neighborhood! The Matar Paneer is AMAZING, service is quick, and the staff is very kind.

By Ayesha N. at 2016-12-01

Very average food. Helpings are big and delivery is excellent. But food is not delicious. I tried bonoful, and their service sucks but food is much more tastier.
They need to change their recipes.

By Hayley S. at 2016-04-11

Super disappointed. The portion sizes were really small, every thing was lukewarm, and just not that great. Probably the worst indian food I've had. Samosas were also really small had didn't have much filling in them. The naan was soggy and oily.

Definitely won't be ordering food from here again.

By Sara K. at 2016-10-01

Found my new favorite Indian spot!! It was a bit of a wait but well worth it when it arrived! Best chicken tikka masala, meat samosa and butter chicken in my life!! First time trying butter chicken and it's my new fav dish! Plus when the delivery guy came, he wouldn't take my tip he just said to leave a review if I liked the food! And it didn't disappoint! I'm new to the area and it was my first time ordering, won't be my last!

By Jessica K. at 2016-01-28

Yuuuum. Really good food. Especially the naan and samosas.

They delivered exactly on time, and they have an awesome selection of food - was pleasantly surprised to find pasanda on the menu, which is my favorite, but hardly anywhere ever offers it. Coworker ordered chicken 65 which was pretty good, too. I'll definitely get food from here again.

By Ashlee R. at 2016-09-18

I always get excited when I find a place that will deliver to our home! Home delivery is hard to come by in our area. But when the food is delicious Indian food at 10pm on a Saturday night...well... that's even better This just became a staple in our home. The chicken tandoori was the best I've ever had.

By Myron M. at 2016-05-29

This was our first time ordering from here. They delivered in under 1 hour and the food was still HOT! Local places won't deliver outside of hmm, 2 miles, this place is in Hamtramck and we live in Ferndale.

Ok, so we purchased a rather large spread just to try them out.

Shingara: Didn't know what to expect. I like it. Puff pastry filled with some vegetables and potato concoction. Nice.

Vegetable Samosa: Similar to what you'll find at most restaurants that sell them. Mainly potato filled with a few vegetables. I like them so there really wasn't a wow factor, most Samosa's haven't been a WOW for me, I just like the dish itself.

Aloo Chop: Didn't have a clue as to what I should expect. It's deep fried so hey, couldn't be bad, right? Good different type of dish. The crust was nice.

Aloo Chaat: Anything with coriander has to be at the least, good. This was a good dish. the potatoes could've been cooked a bit longer, but otherwise it paired very well with the use of the naan. I'd order it again.

Chicken Tikka Masala: I didn't eat this, I'm non dairy and no meat/poultry. My wife on the other hand, she enjoyed this. Said it was "YUMMY".

Shrimp Biryani: Nice change from a typical Shrimp Fried Rice. I'm not sure if they're prepared the same, but the similarity was there. Now as far as the shrimp...amazing. They didn't use those small ones, they used nice sized shrimp and I had plenty of them in the dish. This was a WOW for me as most restaurants seem to use the smaller shrimps. Tasting the shrimp alone, you can tell they've seasoned them differently than that of the rice mixture.

Naan: A bit thick. I've been to a restaurant that made a similar bread but they called it a Roti. I don't know how similar and different they should be, but it was good, especially with the dishes we had.

Peshwari Naan: Not as sweet as I've had before, but it did the job.

We will definitely be ordering from them again. Maybe not as much as we did today, but definitely a go-to spot. Delivery from miles away 5/5, the food was hot when it came, and the delivery guy was good. Food Overall 4/5. Experience overall with Reshmi 4/5.

By Lisa D. at 2015-08-28

We really enjoyed the food and the courteous service. Our waiter was the teenaged nephew of the owner, and he forgot our tea, but he's new to this. We had dall soup, which was my daughter's favorite, but I liked the mullagatawny soup better. The owner gave it to us for free because he was out of the vegetable pakoras. The chicken tikka masala was amazing. My daughter had the vegetable curry and a samosa, which she said was the best she'd ever had. The owner suggested the biryani for our next visit. The tea was also amazing. It was like a spiced chai. The only bad thing was that it was a very small glass.
As to atmosphere, the paintings on the wall and the chandeliers are very beautiful, but none of the tables match. It looks like it was once a carry out restaurant. But we enjoyed the simplicity and homeyness. We'll be back.

By Juston M. at 2015-05-27

poor service, warm tap water to drink. the boneless lamb biryani turned out to be the left over chunks with bone of the lamb that i'm sure nobody else wanted to eat. they totally forgot or naan. my favorite part of indian meals is the lentils and these were the most bland lentils ever. no flavor at all. i had to add salt to make them palatable. also the next day, let's just say reshmi to the bathroom. i will never be back.
love, juston

By Wendy W. at 2016-04-21

DO NOT ORDER FROM HERE, ordered on a Wednesday at 7pm, after 9 pm I called and cancelled the order. I called and inquired about my order at 845, and was rudely told it was on the way before I even got my conf # out. Was suppose to arrive at 820-830. Pathetic enough it would take hr n half as it was but not even meet that timing? Pathetic doesn't cover it.

By Debanshu S. at 2015-08-13

Awesome food. I don't know what everyone else is talking about. If you want good quality Indian (east Indian) food for cheap, this is definitely the place you want to go. The service was not prompt, and that's why only 4 stars. But we went there to try quality East Indian food, and we were dearly satisfied. Great value for money!!!

By Mona L. at 2015-04-13

Great food. Try the goat korma! Best mango lassi in town. My friends also loved their food. We didn't love the wait time- each dish came out slowly. But it was worth the wait. We'll be back.

By Abid K. at 2014-11-28

People don't waste you time and money there... Poor service... Food ah no quality... Highly NOT Recommended...

By Arif K. at 2014-11-17

I've eaten here over 5-10 times and have always had a pleasurable time. I especially enjoyed and recommend their Chicken Tikka Biryani and Pulao.

By Monica B. at 2015-05-22

Enjoyed the place. The staff very nice and friendly. The food was amazing. Had the tikka biryani, goat kadai, chicken vindaloo, somosa.... All equally very good and full of flavor. The kadai was savory and spicy and ssoooo good. Would definitely come back . I would recommend this place, for sure! Oh and the mango lassi was refreshing.

By Chris C. at 2015-05-18

I went here last night. When i walked in, no one was at the counter.I did notice a waiter who did not bother greeting me as i came in. The waiter who is some young kid just just stared at me as he continued pouring some water at a table. I figured he must not work at the counter as i just stood there waiting. He finally came up to the counter and asked what I wanted. It makes sense to greet someone or let them know you will help them in a minute when they walk in even if you are busy instead of just staring at them.
I ordered the chicken tikka biryani. I was asked about spice levels. I got regular as it is and asked if it still spicy and was told yes. It was pretty bland to me and not spicy at all. I also noticed the biryani came with no raita. This is the first time ever I have bought biryani from a place and it does not include any raita/yogurt. It just included a bit of shredded salad. The portion did include a generous amount of chicken and the guy who rung me out when i cameback and picked up my food was much friendlier and appreciative of his customers.

By Coco M. at 2014-08-18

This is my favorite restaurant in hamtramck. They have yummy food, it's quiet and they have wifi

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