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Rice n Roll Bistro
Rice n Roll Bistro introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.07 - $14.14 per person. We offer 178 menus, including Japanese Soda, Soda, Sprecher Root Beer, Hot Green Tea, Iced Green Tea, Thai Lemon Iced Tea, Thai Iced Tea and so on.
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Rice n Roll Bistro reviews

By Andrew T. at 2016-12-08

Simply amazing ! Was in town for business and stopped in when literally walking by. I sat at the sushi bar and the chef's were fantastic. The rice, the heart of the sushi was very well made. Had the unagi Crunch, good for eel lovers. It was very sweet but it was perfect for my palette.

Also chef's made a piece of salmon belly for me, was super tender and will make me sit at the bar everytime. Eat here, and often I know I will when coming to MKE.

By Cody D. at 2016-12-18

Ordered delivery on a wintry night, food arrived hot and ahead of schedule.

We both ordered Thai dishes and it was very tasty and ingredients seemed very fresh.

Will be trying again.

By Mary W. at 2016-11-06

This is our MKE sushi go-to. We love it. The sushi is fresh; the owners make rolls with black rice, and they use wonderful vegetable wraps. The rolls are creative.
Our regular standing list includes: edamame, miso soup, tom Kha soup, sake sashimi, white tuna sashimi, black-rice awesome maki roll, and shrimp virgin fresh roll.
They are always so nice - eat in or take-out.
Thank you at Rice N Roll on Farwell.
Mary and Edward W.

By Suzanne O. at 2016-11-05

Wasn't planning on going here but after red light was closed, we wanted to stick with Asian food. Glad we stumbled upon this place because the food was great! And the service was super quick.

We were seated immediately and our orders were taken shortly after. They had a special for free edamame if you posted a picture related to the restaurant on social media, so we started with that. Our signature maki roll "double tap" followed. It was spicy and had white tuna so I was sold! We finished up with the drunken noodles which was a nice hearty finish. This is a "bistro" so portions are a bit smaller than more traditional restaurants, so keep
That in mind if you're sharing with a group.

Great first impression so I'll be back!

By Krishna A. at 2016-10-25

They now have new appetizer menu.
I tried the steamed bun with duck. It was an open face bun with roasted duck meat. Two Jalepeno slices in the sandwich/bun was a nice touch, but...
It was 3 star, at best. The roast duck meat was not bad but not amazing.
The steam bun was not as fluffy soft as it should be. Easy Tiger, which is very close by, has much superior steam bun. If you like steam buns, Easy tiger is the place to go to.

Tried Khashagoy again and it was delicious.
I would suggest ordering it with fried noodles on the side. This way they don't get soaked quickly and you can enjoy the crispness, longer.

By Mike P. at 2016-09-06

The food is excellent. Great rolls and probably the freshest and best sushi this side of California. Our particular faves are maguro, white tuna, yellow tail and scallops. My wife enjoys the tom yum soup with shrimp(medium spicy). The space is borderline divey with a hip vibe. The service is a little uneven but friendly. All in all, well we eat here at least twice a week. Monday & Tuesday happy hour 4:30-5:30 most rolls are 1/2 price.
The Drunken Noodles are fantastic and this may
Be my favorite restaurant in MKE.
They just need to get the service part down.
On our last visit we noticed they have stepped up the servic

By Stacie R. at 2016-11-11

My now go to sushi joint! My favorite place in milwaukee for sushi. Been here a couple of times and food doesn't disappoint. Only have had the sushi but need to try the Thai food as well. Went on a Monday to get half price sushi and was a little nervous to get a seat because the deal is only for 1hr. Had no problem getting a table and as we ate, the place filled up fast. Also noticed they have a good lunch deal for both sushi and Thai.
Will keep coming back!

By Alisa S. at 2016-07-25

Finally got around to Rice N Roll--glad I did!
Combing through the menu, I wondered how I could make a decision with so much to choose from. Apparently, if the waitress comes by the first time and you're not ready, it might be a solid 15 before they come again.

I loved sitting at the sushi bar and watching them work their magic, especially when it came to plating and presentation.

We ended up ordering bubble tea, an appetizer from the "specials" menu and a few sushi rolls. We ordered the crunchy California, the dragon, and east town monster. All of these delectable rolls hit the spot with no complaints. Can't wait to come back and try something completely different.

Also, I read they have a 1/2 off sushi happy hour? Yas!

By Olivia C. at 2016-08-06

Thai and Japanese?! Normally I'm very suspicious of places that offer two different types of food. Rice N Roll was a pleasant surprise.

My friend and I ordered the Virgin Rice Roll, Drunken Noodle with Tofu, Lakefront Roll, and the Clumsy Bueno.

The Virgin Rice Roll was pretty standard, a little dry without the sauce. The winner in this dish was the peanut sauce. The chopped peanuts added to the texture and flavor. If you want shrimp with the roll (it's just a piece of shrimp added on top), it costs extra.

The Drunken Noodle was flavorful and definitely something I'd order again. It packed a punch with the crushed chili peppers. The tofu absorbed the flavor which is always important.

My friend ordered the Lakefront Roll that had salmon, tuna, avocado and spicy sauce topped with mixed shrimp, crab, masago, black tobiko and wasabi mayo. I didn't try a piece but my friend really enjoyed it.

The Clumsy Bueno with shrimp tempura and avocado wrapped in soy paper and topped with spicy crab, masago, tempura crunchy bits, and unagi and spicy mayo. This was my favorite of the night. I'd recommend it! However is probably order an appetizer with it to make it a complete meal if you're only ordering the one roll.

If I lived in Milwaukee, I'd come back here. Hands down!

By Daniel K. at 2016-12-11

Nice Mix of Asian cuisine. Food is neighborhood joint quality. Service is adequate. Prices are reasonable. Not a place to come out of town to hit, but a good local establishment. Note: kid friendly.

By Tasha H. at 2016-08-06

Love!!! Food here is on point, and the presentation is beautiful. The service was a little off, but hey it's all about the food.

Virgin rolls: they got the flavors of a fresh roll right, but I think the star here is their sauce!! Perfect combo of sweet/savory peanut sauce.. Tasty.

Lake front roll: delicious fish/avo combo, and a hint of horseradish in the sauce. Yum.

Drunken noodles: these are delicious and spicy!! Lots of crunchy veg, chewy noodles, and egg.

FYI: their boba is of the slushie variety, it isn't milk tea.

I will definitely be back to try everything else on their menu!

By Bridget W. at 2016-09-18

I'm always a little hesitant if there are combo restaurants with Japanese, but in search of a solid sushi place, was happy to try.

Food: They have a large menu with an assortment of salad, soups, appetizer, traditional rolls, special rolls, sashimi. They also have Thai food and other Japanese entrees. I tried their chirashi (different types of sashimi on a bed of sushi rice). For the cost and the ungodly amount of rice on the plate, I would've expected more fish, so I was a little disappointed about that. But when I tasted the sashimi itself... oh my goodness. It brought me back to my visit to Japan, it tasted really fresh. They also had two pieces of tamagoyaki (rolled omelette) that were sweet and delicious. (But really, there was way too much rice.) My husband tried their Call Me Crazy and Red Boy rolls. Very pretty plating and super yummy. I will probably opt to trying more rolls next time instead of the chirashi. The pricing can really vary. Traditional rolls are generally a bit cheaper. Some of the signature rolls are $9, but it can go up to $15. Mine also come out with complimentary miso soup. I've never had such a big bowl of it, but again it tasted great! Well-balanced.

Drinks: They have beer, wine, bubble tea! Tried out their taro bubble tea. It's a smoothie. I've never had a bubble tea come out with whipped cream on top and a maraschino cherry... But the tapioca were perfectly chewy.

Service: We had a friendly server. I felt like he checked in on us an appropriate amount of times. Didn't feel like we were searching for him or that he was coming by too many times.

Ambiance: Very relaxed. Large windows with lots of natural light. There were a few tables outside too. Feels a little tight spacing, but with how busy I can imagine it might be, they make it work!

Overall, it's a great place to bring out for a date, catch up with a friend, eat solo for great sushi. Wouldn't really recommend groups of people. I am looking forward to trying out more of their menu!

By Stacey M. at 2016-12-20

Got to go for happy hour from 430-530 Monday or Tuesday! Half price on all rolls! The spicy crab and red boy are awesome! I would recommend the farewell if you like fried rolls with cream cheese.

By Joshua B. at 2016-09-23

Don't let the shitty name fool you, it's actually pretty good and semi-classy..

Kiddy corner from Comet Cafe, Rice N Roll offers Thai & Sushi, at solid prices and good quality.

Been here several times and never have had a bad plate. It gets nicely crowded during a Friday/Saturday night, but never seems overbearing. The interior is modern with maybe 18 or so tables. You'd think offering Thai and sushi would water down quality, but I think it only compliments each other. I'd this was a movie, I'd give it 2 thumbs up. They also have nice lunch specials which is a hot tip.

**Date Rate**
Ohh man, you can tell they dressed up especially for this date and have expectations.
Boom! Hit them with the Rice N Roll. Pair this place with your nice clothes (fedora anyone?) and they'll think you really went out of your way. Just don't bring up the cheesy name. Also, nice restrooms.

By Brianne S. at 2016-08-02

So - apparently this place has been a thing on the east side for awhile - though is in a new location. I stopped in for dinner with a work colleague last night, and wow. I almost never head up to the east side, mostly because I hate battling traffic and looking for parking, but this experience was worth the trek!

5:30 on a Monday was a bit early for dinner - but the place was jam packed. it also smells FANTASTIC in there - so many places smell overwhelmingly of bleach, or oddly, nothing at all on entry. The hostess greeted me right away, and when my colleague arrived we were seated quickly. As tiny as the space is, there are lots of tables, outside seating, and at least 8 bar stools. It's very loud in the dining room, some softer furnishings would help with that, but it wasn't too distracting once I adjusted.

The server was prompt and friendly, gave us the right amount of time to explore the menu, which is huge! There are thai offerings along side the sushi, an extensive soup and salad menu, entrees that look amazing, and lots of drink options. We stuck to sushi. I had the spicy tuna roll, the East Side Monster (words to that effect), and the spicy scallop roll. All were excellent - well prepared, beautifully plated, and completely, completely delicious. The East Side one was full of cilantro and jalapeños and achieved the best Mexican/Japanese fusion experience since the last time I had sushi in San Diego. Simply amazing. We went big with our orders, so over all it was a bit pricier than I was expecting, but it was so excellent that I would come back again and again.

4 stars - great food, great service, will return (1 star off for noise, no parking, and Coke products - bleh)

By Michelle O. at 2016-03-04

What happened here.. I was excited to come back after being away from Milwaukee for some time, but boy was I disappointed. Rice & Roll was doing so so well just a couple of months ago but everything has become worse this time round. There has definitely been a noticeable drop in quality.

I always get my usual Sexy Summer and Alaska roll but when the server brought them to my table today, I was shocked at how the size of the rolls had shrunk tremendously. The spicy salmon was also prepared poorly as the spicy-ness was way too overwhelming. I didn't finish either rolls. My last 5 visits, I finished my order in 10 minutes. Sorry Rice & Roll, you just lost a very loyal customer.

By Karolina P. at 2016-11-09

This is the best place in the world.
I could probably not give them 5because I think the space is made for tiny people. But very fortunately I am a tiny person and the food is just so great!!!! I am going there tonight and I can not wait!!!

By Jennifer R. at 2016-07-12

Rice and Roll Bistro has exceptional quality food for the price. Sushi, and Thai at the same place! Three things set it apart: 1. Fresh quality, attractively prepared, great value.

A friend and I ate here recently, grabbing a bite to eat while catching up and touching base. We chose to sit outside on the restaurant's patio. We did not choose the sushi on the menu, although it looked great. We both chose Thai dinner items and shared.

Many things caught my eye on the menu but I selected the Cashew Chicken, which had a variety of vegetables. I could choose to upgrade to brown rice, which I did. More bang for the nutritional buck.

The first thing I noticed was how beautiful it was. The carrots looked like flowerettes. Very visually appealing. The sauce was on point for me, not too spicy but a warmth of flavors. And I was astounded by how large my portion was. Oh my goodness. Yum!

Eating outside during the dinner hour may not be the best idea because at least one person in the dining party can get blinded by the setting sun. However, my friend and I didn't mind. It was a perfect evening to enjoy each other's company.

By Megan L. at 2016-02-10

God I hate to be such a Debbie-Downer on this one, especially since it seems to be a favorite by many people in MKE. However, for my fiancé and I, it did not live up to the hype.

We came in for our 5 year anniversary. My first impression was that it was small and full of hipsters. I felt the size and type of furniture wouldn't bode well for a comfortable evening and this ended up being true. I couldn't wait to leave actually.

My review of the food is strictly based upon the sushi because that's the only thing we came for.
These rolls are definitely more unique, but more saucy than any place I've ever been to.

The Raising Sun?! Holy sauce on that guy. If you appreciate the taste of actual fish, I'd avoid this roll all together.

We got about 5 rolls, two hand rolls and three types of sashimi. We asked for it in one of those awesome monster boats for the special occasion and they didn't disappoint. Our sushi came out and it looked beautiful.

I can't for the life of me remember the name of every roll. The only thing that I enjoyed and was truly memorable, was the rainbow roll. This didn't come with any sauce or embellishments. Eel is by far my favorite type of fish in/on rolls, but when they made our eel and avo hand rolls, the seaweed was chewy instead of crispy, so they must have made them first. Flavor was still there but I prefer my seaweed on my hand roll to be crunchier.

The fish didn't taste fresh for us, especially the sashimi. The sauces covered up the taste, aside from the eel, in all of our other rolls. This goes for the sashimi as well. It just wasn't up to par. The size of our yellowtail sashimi at $3.00 was a joke. The tuna had a grainy type of texture and didn't taste like the fresh tuna we had while on Maui.

We ended the night with a complimentary cheesecake, which was nice. It tasted good too! And they attempted to write happy 5th anniversary, so my hats off to that.

We won't be back.

By Eric T. at 2015-12-14

Came here for my birthday lunch and really liked the chill ambience. The decor gave off a very zen vibe, which made me feel welcomed.

The food was bomb, and priced pretty fairly as well! The salmon and eel tasted very fresh, and went well with the avocado.

I was hoping they would serve my sushi on a wooden board, but alas my instagram would have to wait until next time.

Additionally, if you check in on yelp you get a free bowl of edamame! It's a huge bowl!

If you're feeling adventurous, try their matcha creme brulee! It was kinda sweet, but it offered a new dimension to matcha desserts!

Overall, this place is a must try! I will be back for their 1/2 off sushi and hopefully I'll get it served on a wooden board.

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