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Riverside Pizza & Seafood
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Estimated average consumption of $7.86 - $15.72 per person. We offer 50 menus, including Tossed, Greek, Tuna, Chicken, Crabmeat, Antipasto, Chef and so on.
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Riverside Pizza & Seafood reviews

By R. Karl H. at 2016-09-15

Wow! What a neighborhood gem. Despite its name, I asked for their specialty and had the tastiest, most perfectly cooked steak tip dinner over a bed of rice and Greek salad. I'm pretty sure I involuntarily vocalized with each bite of deliciousness. Meg Ryan, eat your heart out!

By Vu N. at 2016-06-30

The portions were generous. I liked the fries. Crispy outside and soft inside. Some of my fries were burnt though.
The meatball spaghetti could use some improvements. The sauce is very sour, and didn't have much other tastes. The meatballs didn't taste good either.
Service was slow. Took me about 20mins to get my order.
Parking outside was easy.

By Zoe Y. at 2016-06-07

I used to order from here all the time as a little kid. Recently in grad school, I remembered this place and decided to try it out again. It's just as good! Hits the spot when you want to order some no nonsense bar and grill food from your neighborhood restaurant.

By Toufik S. at 2015-11-07

It was the first Cambridge place to have a bite in for my friends and I. Food wise, we were hammered with the sizable dishes and fairly priced as well. Also there was a lot of food options with different meets which met my picky friends' preferences. Furthermore, Elina was very friendly to us and interested in our backgrounds. I like that they had electrical plugs so I charged my stuff while having a first friendly foody experience in Cambridge. We will try to go back here before we leave on Monday morning.

By Alisa P. at 2016-07-23

My family and I stopped in for lunch during our trip to Boston. The pizza was great. We were able to buy it by the slice. So everyone got what they want. Now one of my kids got the gyro and my husband got a burger and fries. He couldn't finish the fries. Great little place. Try it out !

By Chuck J. at 2016-01-18

Like the other reviewers commented, this is your neighborhood place! Hot and cold sandwiches, Greek sandwiches, steak tips, fresh seafood... Good portions.

The chicken parm sandwich was O.K., but the Gyro, steak tips, and fish n' chips were great. You can look into the kitchen, which was really really clean. I watched them make my fried fish from scratch.

If you like home Greek cooking this place may be OK with you. They have avgolemono soup regularly. I bet if you asked for grilled octopus, they would make it for you.

By Luis D. at 2014-02-04

Riverside Pizza is one of those places that every neighborhood needs. You can get pizza, hamburgers, a sub, pasta, onion rings or fries. There are lots of choices and the prices are great.

I stopped by with a huge appetite and ordered a large Italian sub with a small order of fries and I had enough for two meals. They make the food in about 10-15 minutes and you can pay by credit card and be on your way. The Italian sub was well made and the amount of fries in a small order is generous. There is seating at Riverside or you can take it to go, which I elected to do.

I am not sure how late they are open, but this is another great spot for after the bars or clubs.

By Michael Y. at 2015-06-02

Great place to eat , seafood , steak dinner , quality food and run by family , I am here three times a week and never disappointed!

By Jon L. at 2015-07-26

Walked from my hotel. Busy little pizza place, like you'd remember from your childhood, Friendly staff. Open kitchen. They knew most peoples name. Fresh seafood, we tried the fried clams. They were great. Also onion rings and a few other items. Everything was fresh, fairly priced, and quick. Check it out!

By Julie B. at 2014-07-16

As some of the other reviewers mentioned, this is definitely a neighborhood place and for that it's great. If you are looking for a decent meal, this is not the place to go.

We ordered the pasta and meatballs and the gyro plate. The pasta was way over cooked and sat in a pile of water 1 inch deep. The meatballs were clearly cooked either the day before or the day before that. Unimpressed. The gyro plate came with a salad which the dressing was tasty but the lettuce was all the hard, white parts from iceberg lettuce with a lone tomato slice as an accompaniment. The fries were good but it's the gyro itself that was inedible. The gyro meat was so dried out that when I held it in my fingers it stood out straight. I pulled almost all the meat out of it and enjoyed the "gyro" with just the pita bread and vegetables. The sauce that was on it was very good though.

I should have been suspicious when we were the only people in the entire place eating. Others were only having drinks. Find another restaurant unless you only want drinks and to watch a game.

By Neil G. at 2014-06-06

We live this place. We were regulars when we were in college. Keno is always on deck. The hot pastrami sub is the bomb. They have great pizza and try the baklava. The gyros are cooked to perfection and they have "the juice" (if you remember the SNL skit). I remember wanting to ask them for "the juice."

By Aubrey L. at 2014-06-26

Their pizza was very average. The middle if the pizza didn't taste all the way done... And it lacked the have a wow factor that made me want to go back.

By Robert P. at 2014-08-22

I came here with my family (the Palmers) because I thought let's mix it up a bit and try something else. The pizza was decent, but the crust was not so good. What really ruined the time, was how long it took to get our food. It was after lunch hour and they cooked one thing at a time, so id say we didn't eat for at least an hour and a half we sat down

By Ed H. at 2013-11-21

I know this is not NY pizza, but I didn't think it would be this bad. The pizza itself is very doughy and lacking flavor. If you are looking for bread dipped in a little sauce, you have found your spot, but if you are looking for a good slice... keep on walking.

By Coco M. at 2014-02-08

Amazing fresh seafood - fried clams are ridiculous - comes fresh from alive and kicking across the street. Hidden gem for seafood

By Anthony L. at 2012-07-22

The reviews aren't kidding when they say Riverside Pizza/Seafood is a "hometown" spot! I went here for the first time around suppertime (since living right down the street) a few weeks ago. After I ordered my sub (a simple tuna with cheese) I sat down and just observed the place.

At least five patrons (is that an obsolete word?) came in and began talking to the owner. They were updating the guy about their family and how their day went. It was cute. The other people seemed like they have lived in Cambridgeport their whole lives. What I'm trying to say here is that I think the bar scene would be super lame.

Anyways, on to the food: no complaints. I mean, how can one screw up a tuna sub? It took long to prepare, though. Maybe they were busy? Whatever, I had time to kill, it's fine.

Watch out: there's a minimum for credit cards! If you're not at the minimum yet, there's some (what I imagine) tasty baklava and cookies there!

By Alexa D. at 2012-02-21

I really dislike when a place does some things realllyyy well. And then some things are horrible.

This is a shining example of that. I went here because its quick and I like the pizza and jalepeno poppers. I order the poppers and go out on a limb and try their meatball sub.

Worst. Meatball. Sub. Ever.

I get back and boyfriend and I eat the poppers first. I give him half his hero and he makes a face. "I dont like it" he plainly states. I figure it cant be that bad. But it can.
Does Spam make meatballs? If so, I think they may use them here.

The thing that gets me most mad here is that Riverside doesn't need to have a shitty meatball sub on their menu. Everything else is so good, that they just shouldn't waste menu space putting something on that they simply shouldn't offer if they are going to do it so half assed. I couldn't take more than two bites before I canned it.

Subs=0 stars
Pizza=4 stars
Prices=5 stars

Come for Pizza, and Apps, stay away from anything not requiring pizza oven or fryer.

By Aaron F. at 2013-01-20

Riverside is unquestionably my favorite place to go in the Boston area. The pizza is good. Some of the fried seafood apps are good. Some of the subs are good. Don't order anything else, though. Everyone in the place look and act like they have been coming there every day for their entire lives. It is the least pretentious place that you can go to grab a beer alone or with some friends except for possibly your own living room, but that depends on your living room. Most of the drunkest, most debaucherous nights of my life have started or ended there.

Note: this is NOT the bar for you if you are looking for any of the following things
-Beer on draft
-Top shelf booze
-Selection/variety of drinks
-Current music
-The fairer sex, or any degree of gender-mixing
-Plates that aren't made out of paper
-A place that is open on Sunday

That said, here are the things/experiences that make me give the place 5 stars
-The Celtics beating the Heat in game 2 (?) of the conference finals and the owner bringing out free pizza for everyone.
-Going there with 10+ people with the full intention of spending as much money as possible (dinner, appetizers, drinks, everything) and having the bill come out to a little over $500. For some perspective, several of my friends ordered every beer on the menu in addition to whiskey. That's really cheap.
-Ironically ordering a round of spring flings and then ordering a second round directly afterwards. Word to the wise, don't order the spring fling or any other mixed drinks there.
-Ordering a scotch neat and receiving a glass filled to the brim with scotch (probably Johnny Walker red or black, which is the only one they have) and no ice. Easily 5-6 shots of whiskey for $5.
-Really legitimately good soul/R&B music at any time of night, even if everyone is just watching the Bruins game.

By E G. at 2010-10-27

I've lived nearby for 2 decades and don't go often, but the smell of fried foods makes me buy a pie whenever I walk by.

I've had pepperoni pizzas, Italian subs, Steak and cheese subs, and fries. All tasted good. You can also buy their homemade fried chicken by the piece. Very yummy.

By Sahil G. at 2010-07-29

I don't know why this place doesn't have 5 stars. It is exactly what it is, no frills awesome greasy pizza on the cheap.

The pizza is greekish style, so a nice thick crispy crust, seasoned and oily. Medium thickness pizza, great tasting sauce, and generous amounts of WHOLE mozz. It ends up wonderfully cheesy, greasy, and crispy all at once. IT'S A PARTY IN MY MOUTH.

GF and I got a large cheesy pizza and a large veggie sub with everything last week, for $16. Great deal for a locally owned joint. The pizza was perfect, and sub was great too.

The establishment itself has two sides, a bar, and a restaurant. the bar smells like a porta potty, sort of. I don't know how to describe it, but it isn't a bad smell. The restaurant smells like a bowladrome and filled with regulars and cops. I saw three cops when we were in there munching on various fried goods from the menu. They looked happy! AMAZING.

The service is awesome, very friendly, very kind, and they make sure you get your order how you want it. The sub was great, the pizza was great, and it's filled with regulars. I couldn't ask for more.

I don't know why this would not get 5 stars. It's cheap and it's good, the service is good too. It's not gourmet pizza, nor should anyone step into a place like this and expect it. Next time you are in the mood to down 4 slices of greasy pizza, come here.

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