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  • Street 1421 E Cary St.
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23219
  • Telphone (804) 868-0304
  • Opentime
  • Raging (17)
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Rolz introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.35 - $14.7 per person. We offer 11 menus, including The Buff, Pig Out, Shepherd's Pie, Chicken and Wafflez, Cheddar Chicken Jalapeno Alfredo Mac, Philly Beef and so on.
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Rolz reviews

By Ashley T. at 2015-03-05

This is my first review, and I thought it was necessary to do this considering there's only a couple on here and thought it would be helpful to others on how much I enjoyed my experience. I ordered the Alfredo Mac roll and my husband ordered the buff. They were both so delicious! The buff reminded me of California pizza kitchens appetizer the "avocado club egg roll" except the outside of the buff is breaded. The Alfredo Mac roll had a great combination of cheeses bacon and spice. The breaded texture has the perfect amount of crunch. The sauces they came with had so many great combinations of flavors. At first I will admit the rolls looked smaller than we thought, but don't be fooled they are very filling! I got the French fries as my side and they were cooked perfectly. My husband got the brown ride and quinoa, and it wasn't bad considering its brown rice and quinoa...

The man that delivered our food came pretty fast even during the hail and snow going on right now. He was also very nice and polite.

The food came in the usual take out containers but they neatly wrapped everything in foils. And it came with plastic silverware and napkins.
I highly recommend the food we had and trying this place out! You won't regret it!

By Jon B. at 2015-09-29

On the path towards finding great lunch spots that deliver downtown, I stumbled across Society feat Rolz. Prior to ordering from this restaurant, I'd heard many things about this place, which offered mixed reactions from reviewers. Nevertheless, I took a leap of faith and wanted to see if this place lived up to the hype that some reviewers gave it. How did my experience go? To find out, read below.

The Good:

Online Ordering- Because I despise involuntarily alerting my coworkers that I am ordering lunch, I truly appreciated the online ordering feature for this restaurant.
Delivery- The delivery came within a reasonable amount of time and the food was still hot.
Taste of the Ooey Gooey Buttercake- The taste of this item was so sweet, rich and amazing that I did not care about the amount of possible calories that small treat contained. I would truly recommend it to other customers.

On the Fence:

Taste of the Chicken Alfredo Rolz- To me, the taste was somewhat bland and nothing to make me want to eat that specific item again.

The Bad:

Price/Portion- The price of the two items that I ordered was a little over $10, but the portion size can be compared to that of an egg roll. For the same price, I could have gotten a burrito from Chipotle long with chips among other deals.

Overall- I enjoyed the online ordering feature, quick delivery and taste of the dessert item, but the price is a little high for the portion that they sell. I left my meal feeling a little hungry, but I would definitely order the Ooey Gooey Buttercake again sometime. THREE STARS

By Amanda S. at 2015-01-23

Rolz is decent, but nothing to write home about. I ordered the Philly, with a side of mac n' cheese for lunch. The delivery was quick and the driver was very courteous and friendly. The food looked amazing when I opened the box- it was packed well and in such a way that everything was still hot, but my taste buds were disappointed, especially considering the other two reviews are 5-star.

The philly was crispy and hot, so that was no problem- it was just bland. A few diced peppers and onions, or a little seasoning would have taken this to delicious levels, but unfortunately there was none of that. There is an option to add mushrooms, onions, or mushrooms and onions, but at $2 I find that the upcharge little excessive considering it's a small roll and it shouldn't cost that much to add what would quite literally be a tablespoon or less of vegetables. The remoulade that came on the side was good, but added nothing to the roll in terms of flavor.

The mac n' cheese was also bland. I know they have an option to get it in a roll or in a bowl and, cooked in a different way with added options, I'm sure it's delicious, but as a stand-alone side it's not that great. I found myself wishing I had gotten fries instead. It was especially greasy, and needed more cheese because there was a lack of creaminess. Finally, the little salad that was on the side was unannounced and would have been a welcome surprise if it were more than just greens. I'm not sure how I was supposed to eat it without any dressing or additional vegetables, but I ended up cutting up one half of the roll and eating them together.

Despite all this, the price is excellent for what you get and is a great deal compared with other downtown spots. There's also no minimum delivery, so I'm going to give them the benefit of the doubt and order again. The other rolz sound delicious, so maybe I just ordered the wrong thing. With a few tweaks, I think this place could be amazing, they seem to have a loyal following and other reviewers loved them. Maybe it's just me!

By Dominic B. at 2015-05-17

I stopped by Rolz for an early dinner during the week. Rolz is located inside of Society in Downtown Richmond. I ordered the Pig Out in a bowl (Slow cooked pulled pork, BBQ, Mac n cheese, onion strings, infused with crisp chicharonnes). Customers can get items on the menu in a roll, bowl, or quesadilla. The Pig Out was tasty, everything blended well together. The bowl portion size was a bit small for dinner. It's a good portion size for lunch but not dinner in my opinion. The fries at Rolz are excellent, crispy and hot. Rolz "Ooey Gooey Buttercake Rolz" for dessert is delicious. I could eat them all day long. I will be ordering "Ooey Gooey Buttercake Rolz" for delivery. Our server was very attentive and down to earth. Rolz deliver if you live in the Downtown Richmond area (within a certain radius). I give Rolz a 3.5 rating on my first visit.

By G T. at 2015-12-06

Easy ordering and stress free delivery and a super nice delivery guy. The Mac burger on a ramen noodle bun had a wonderful flavor, the burger was a nice size and cooked perfectly but Good God....the salt, the salt was apocalyptic. I could feel my blood pressure skyrocketing with every bite. I ditched the top of the "bun" which helped a bit. I also tried a buffalo chicken was nicely cooked, smelled good but was 97% macaroni with a scattering of white chicken like bits, seriously.....Where's the Chicken?! My coworkers reported similar experiences with their orders. So, back off on the salt, step up on the chicken and you might have something.

By Tiffany H. at 2015-10-12

I ordered rolz after a late night of hanging out . They have a lot of good snacks on their menu for reasonable prices . I ordered chicken and waffles thinking it was literally going to be chicken and waffle. They delivered to my home in about 30-45 mins . The chicken and waffles were unexpectaly in like an egg roll form. And I guess that's where they got the name rolz. Lol . The food overall was 10 from a scale from 1-10 , 10 being the best .

By Matt M. at 2015-04-16

What can I say? I felt like an enormous fatty after I ate it but it was outstanding. I ordered the Jalapeno Chicken Cheesy Mac in a bowl (on a bed of brown rice and quinoa). I also got a side order of fries so I could try them out. Delivery only took about 15 minutes. So the bowl was very good, it was slightly cheesy, just enough to make all of the ingredients stick together. Well seasoned, well cooked, very good. Your options are that you can order any one of their rolz in a a variety of ways. You can get a roll, sandwich, quesadilla, or bowl (options are rice, mac n cheese, or fries as the base). The fries don't look like anything other than big crinkle cut fries but they're seasoned nicely. You can eat them without ketchup or anything, they're that good. My only regret is that it was entirely too much for me to eat!

By Bailey H. at 2015-08-06

One of a kind! Definitely something fun to try, couldn't have it too often though. Very yummy flavor combinations. I got the chicken Alfredo Mac, I was surprised I could get it prepared in another style other than an egg roll, so I got it as a bowl. It was very filling, couldn't even finish it. Having it in the bowl style made it seem like a fancy Mac n cheese, which was fine with me! Also got the butter cake, so rich, could only eat half, but delicious. Is this place healthy? Not so much. Is it good and worth trying? Yes!!

By Kimberly K. at 2015-11-25

I ordered take out and the rolls arrived fairly quick & were still very hot. I really enjoyed the texture of the roll but i was hoping for more seasoning/taste. I was also hoping that the dipping sauce for the buffalo rolz would have been ranch or something a little unexpected, instead the buffalo mac & cheese roll came with bland melted cheese sauce. overall, i dig the concept but i think they have been more flavorful...

By Paul B. at 2015-06-13

Ordered delivery tonight. Food was warm and on time. Unfortunately the food was very generic. I ordered two different rolls and the both tasted the exact same. Not to say they were bad, but nothing special. Eat here if you want to try something new, just don't expect the best meal you've had this week.

By Erin M. at 2015-06-04

Talk about a great idea!! Every comfort food you can think of, wrapped in a rol! They're so good, especially the Nana's Ooey Gooey Butter Cake Rol.

By Ben P. at 2015-02-03

This place is incredible. Their food is really good and the restaurant is very well designed and comfortable. The chicken and waffles are sooooooo goooood

By Gigi W. at 2015-04-21

This place is great! I got The Buff with sour cream fries and my friend got Chicken & Waffles with mac & chz. We were both very happy with our choices. The food arrived quickly and packed neatly. The delivery driver, Nick, was super friendly and professional. I will absolutely order from here again!

By Rachael H. at 2015-03-03

Ordered delivery from here last week. My fiance ordered the Chicken and Waffles Roll, I ordered the Buff roll. Very interesting because it's sort of like an egg roll but a wrap too. They are indeed smaller than the average wrap as other reviews had mentioned, but that's because the Rolls are NOT wraps. And besides, it's very filling anyway that my roll and side of mac & cheese (delicious) turned into 2 meals. Food arrived nice and hot wrapped in foil. My fiance spoke with the delivery guy and he was very friendly he said, he couldn't remember the guys name but it started with an R, maybe Ryan? Anyway apparently he was super nice and they delivered our food very quickly considering it was a snow day. I made sure to give him a decent tip.

By Casey S. at 2015-01-10

Just ordered from this place! Delivery time only took 20 minutes. Driver was extremely friendly! The online ordering site didn't give me an option to pick a side item. Within 1 minute after ordering, a staff member called me to apologize and helped me pick a side! The food is seriously amazing! Highly recommend.

By Bibas S. at 2015-06-02

Rollz is pretty decent they were the only other place that delivered besides chinese so i tried it and im glad i did i like the food delivery was a little slow but i think they were slammed that night overall good food portion size is a little small though. I would still recommend it.

By Kinsey H. at 2015-02-23

I was disappointed with Rolz. The pictures make the rolz look bigger than they really are. They are small little things. Like much smaller than a wrap or a sandwich or any other main dish I've ever had. They basically are the size of an appetizer, not a main dish. They taste good but not great so that doesn't really make up for it. (I had The Buff and fiancé had Chicken & Waffles and they were both just okay). It's a cool concept but they are NOT worth the money you pay for them based on the size. They gave us a lot of fries so it filled us up... but I would rather have a bigger roll instead of having overcompensation with fries. I wouldn't order again unless prices went down or the rolz got bigger. With that being said, they were very friendly and have SUPER quick delivery.

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