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Rookies Sports Bar

Rookies Sports Bar
  • Street 2351 Buffalo Rd
  • City Rochester
  • Region New York
  • Postcode 14624
  • Telphone (585) 429-4665
  • Opentime
  • Raging (10)
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Rookies Sports Bar introduction
Estimated average consumption of $8.03 - $16.06 per person. We offer 91 menus, including Rookies Soup & Salad, Soup of the Day (Bowl), Chili or French Onion (Bowl), Rookies Chef Salad, Rookies Greek Salad, Caesar Salad, Rookies Spinach Salad and so on
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Rookies Sports Bar reviews

By Emily R. at 2015-03-29

OK. It's a sports bar. Don't expect anything less. Tons of TVs, free hot and awesome popcorn, and great bartenders. The food is also really decent bar food and I've eaten there on multiple occasions. Get the wings or the pizza logs - both good.

The downside? The bathrooms are pretty old and can be gross and if there's a fight - nothing else will be on TV. Fight night here is not my favorite.

Needless to say - here every Saturday! Great hangout

By Jennifer O. at 2016-03-01

It has a different feeling than it did years ago. They used to be packed no matter what day it was, but not so much anymore. I don't like it when it's packed, so I kind of like it better now. Like the other reviews say, the bathrooms are filthy and so is the rest of the establishment. A little bleach and cleaner could go a long way. When they did a menu change they increased their prices by dollars. A side salad is $5.95!!! Where do they get off thinking that that's okay? Also their sides are exuberant as well. They are prices for appetizers, not sides.
However, I do like their food so that's why we come here every so often. I always get a wrap or a quesadilla and I hear that their wings are still really good (I don't eat wings). Another downside is that it costs $2 up charge if you want a side salad or tater tots or anything other than fries for that matter. $2??? Come on, this is a sports bar, a dirty sports bar, not an upscale joint. I'm torn about this place, we would come here more often if they would get their act together. I still have hope for this place

By Kaylynn A. at 2015-10-06

Came here on Sunday to watch the Bills game and celebrate my brother's birthday with some of his friends. We all left complaining about how horrible the waitress is!

The food was okay. I got the chicken souvlaki and it was actually pretty good! Brad got a burger with "bacon and bleu cheese" he was disappointed to find out it was bleu cheese dressing, not crumbly bleu. Someone got the French onion soup and said it was just okay, and my brother only ate half of his wrap (he's the kind of person that will eat his entire meal and half of mine!)

The service was horrible. We had to ask 3 times for boxes. We spent most of the time without drinks. Brad actually went up to the bar and ordered a drink and 2 waters, our awful waitress only brought the 1 drink. When you see a table of 6 with all empty drinks, maybe refill them? even when she brought the food she said "let me know if there are any mistakes, I know I made a mistake" That was very weird and unnerving to hear. Luckily, there was only a small mistake, she messed up 2 people's sides.

There were only 2 waitresses and 2 bartenders working. It was pretty crowded with every table filled.

The total came to about $120 for 6 people. That wasn't too bad. I probably wouldn't go back again, the awful service ruined the experience.

By Darren S. at 2016-05-07

First time so not really sure what to expect. Just had a pop because don't drink. No food today but have heard they have a few very good dishes. This place seems like a locals type of bar but will be going back to try some food also!! The waitress we had the jury is still out on we weren't there no more than 10 seconds and as soon as she puts the menu's down she is asking what we want to drink??!! She seems a bit puzzled that we would actually need to decide what we want to drink!! Lol!

By Gianna T. at 2015-06-14

Well, its been a long time since we've been in here. It was the last time. Its a dive. The menu changed 3-4 months ago. No upgrades except for the prices. $12.95 for a small nacho order with NO meat! We had 2 nonalcoholic drinks, fried mac n cheese appetizer, a burger with onion rings and a greek pizza. Nothing special. $41 and change!!!!!

The service was good but our server seemed embarrassed about the new menus. The place was practically empty despite the rain.

We left feeling super unsatisfied. Needless to say will not be visiting here again.

By Alex W. at 2016-05-28

If you offered me a free meal and drinks id still pass on going back here. While there food is still good there prices are over the top. The waitresses they have on staff might be the worst you could find. Zero personality and take forever to do anything except talk together at the corner of the bar. The bartenders can't handle making a good mixed drink if they tried, stick with beer it's safe. The "security" is a clown who cares more about playing quick draw and isn't quite about it. Max of 20 people will be there at 10-11pm on a Friday/Saturday night so if you want an empty bar to hang out at you found the spot....and no the small number of people doesn't change the speed of the terrible waitresses. Do yourself a favor and go anywhere else.

By Paul F. at 2015-08-12

Can someone tell me what this place is? Filthy bathrooms, projector TV's from the early 90's, free stale popcorn, sticky menus. You know they care about thier establishment when the menus are so old they're turning that nice shade of yellow behind the lamination. We took our 3 kids for a bite to eat, and decided to order nothing and leave based on the surplus of houseflies and piss flies. Went across the St to another place. Only thing this place is good for, is possibly the 80's football hero still sporting their starter jacket on sunday afternoons this fall.

By Ed B. at 2013-10-21

Pretty good beer specials during happy hour etc.

Get the Nachos, they are awesome, pretty decent wings as well. All in all, it is a pretty decent sports bar.

I will agree with the poster below, they do need to upgrade some of their TV projectors as some of them you can hardly make out what is on the screen.

In the last six months, however, service has gone down hill. They have severely reduced their staffing levels. In the past, you would have a waitress at your table about every 5 minutes, refilling your drinks etc. The past few times I have been in there, it has been upwards of 10-15 minuted between when my drink was empty to when I saw a waitress again. I must note, this has not been the waitress's fault, they are simply having to cover to many tables with too few staff.

One more thing, they reserve group tables for some sporting events, while this may seem like a nice service, if these are reserved for a 4:00 football game, they will have the tables blocked off for the 1:00 game, making it difficult to find a table that seats more than 4. Get rid of the reservations Rookies, you are a sports bar, not some 5 star black tie establishment.

By Tom F. at 2013-07-24

great hang out - decent wings when they actually cook them enough - but certainly needs an upgrade in their tv projectors too

By Denny D. at 2012-07-30

Rookies took on all the wing favorites in gates and won best wings and hottest wings. Hands down the best chicken wings in Rochester. All the food is homemade and delicious. The service was impeccable. Reasonable prices....overall a great dining experience

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