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Rosati's introduction
Estimated average consumption of $5.67 - $11.34 per person. We offer 66 menus, including 20 oz. Bottle, 2 Liter Bottle, Red Bull, French Fries, Mozzarella Sticks, Breaded Mushrooms, Cheesy Garlic Bread and so on.
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Rosati's reviews

By Gabe H. at 2016-11-14

This was my first Rosati's experience and I must say it was a delicious one. Was in town for my birthday and wanted to watch the UFC fight and eat pizza. You was very happy with my decision.

We arrived around 7:30 and we're seated very quickly. Ordered salad, mozzarella sticks and a deep dish pizza. The salad was your standard garden salad but very fresh and had some spinach to make it even. Ore delicious. What really stood out though was the bleu cheese dressing. It had big chunks of bleu cheese and was amazing!! Pizza had a nice buttery crust and tastes absolutely delicious.

Hung out and enjoyed the food and watched the fight. Also had one of their deep dish cookies for dessert. It was warm gooey and delicious. I'm really only dinging them one star because of the slow service from our server. I don't think it was completely his fault though. They assigned the tables kinda funky. He was clearly running a completely different section. On our left and right there were other tables both being serviced by two different servers so ours had to come around to get to us. All in though it was a great experience and I'd definitely recommend it.

By Stephanie R. at 2016-09-26

For the last couple of years, whenever we go to Chicago we try a new deep dish place. This summer we decided to stay closer to home and give Rosati's a try on a Tuesday night.
The atmosphere was pretty much on par with any Midwestern pizza restaurant opened in the last decade or two. They were not busy. We took a seat at the bar, and the bartender was pretty indifferent to our presence. He dropped off menus but didn't ask if we wanted any drinks or offer up any water. He disappeared for 10 minutes or so, and when he came back we were able to order drinks.
We ordered one of the Chicago-Style deep dish pizzas. I believe it was the Fabulous 4 minus green peppers, or maybe it was just a sausage pizza. In any case, the pizza was just OK to me. The sausage was decent, the tomato sauce was tangy, salty and a bit watery and the cheese was nothing to write home about. Overall it seemed to me that all of the elements of the pizza didn't marry up well.
The service was good enough only because when the bartender was away there was a server who was checking on the bar and would get us refills.
While we were there they started a game of hosted trivia, and we joined in. The side of the bar we were on was fairly chilly from the air conditioning, but when we would walk over to the other side of the bar to turn in our trivia sheets, it was uncomfortably hot over there from the sun beating in the windows, so staying on the cold side of the bar seemed to be the lesser of two evils.
So far for deep dish, I'll still be heading to Chicago to fulfill my cravings.

By Robert W. at 2016-09-09

Came here for the first NFL game of the season, Thursday Night, 9-18-16.

The place was packed full of football fans and there was tons of TVs.

I was happy with the wide selection of beers, pizzas and appetizers.

Our bartender Johnny was kind and made sure we got special pricing on our pizza and beer.

He made the evening fun.

Service was a little slow, but they were busy and football was on so it didn't bother me. I don't know why this place has a low average. The pizza slices are huge, the beer is cold, the ambience is awesome.

I definitely recommend giving it a try if you are on the East Side.

By Christopher B. at 2016-06-12

The Ballad of Rosati's Sports Pub

They'll sports you here at one o'clock,
They'll sports you here at three
And if you try to walk away,
They'll sports you while you pee

They've got 30 TV sets
all sportsing on the wall
Full of sporting sportsman
sportsing every sort of ball

"But I just came for pizza,
You're the only place in town
that makes your pies Chicago-style-
Could you please turn it down?"

"We'd like to help you, really,
But the volume goes no lower
than the decibels produced
By a John Deere riding mower.

And if you don't like sportsing
You must be some kind of commie
So eat your pizza, drink your beer
and run back home to mommy."

They sportsed me in my sports-hole,
They sportsed me on my face
They sportsed where no sunshine fell
Since Usain Bolt's first race

And so it went all afternoon
And so it went all day
Until they'd sportsed my brains out
And I sadly limped away

As for the lunch I had there,
I did not really love it
The sauce was very salty
and there was a whole lot of it

In short the service and the food
Will leave nobody cheering
So get your sportsing someplace else
Unless you're hard of hearing.

By Daniel B. at 2016-06-13

I had a wonderful time at Rosati's recently, so I was quite taken aback when I found out that its reviews were below average.

My family ordered a thin crust "Rosati's Monster" pizza, and also a side of jumbo wings. The service took a bit of time, but honestly, our waiter was very attentive and kept on checking in on us to see how we were doing. He also kept us updated on the status of our food, which we greatly appreciated.

The wings were very nice. We got them in Honey BBQ sauce and they were JUST RIGHT in terms of the sweetness levels. The size of them varied somewhat, but overall I would say they were on the "Jumbo" side.

The pizza was wonderful. It was really packed with ingredients, but the pizza crust was solid enough to hold them all up. I've been disappointed with the number of New York thin crusts where the toppings just slide right off due to this issue. Also was not soggy. At times, the toppings might've been too much, as it was difficult to somewhat distinguish what exactly you were eating, but I won't ever blame a restaurant for trying to give me too much food! Overall, a very solid pizza.

The space itself was quite nice. They do the whole sports pub vibe quite well, as there are tons of TVs set up all over the place. Hopefully they have cleared up the issues they had with service before, because it seems that it has plagued them enormously.

I would love to try out their Deep Dish the next time I am in Milwaukee!

By ShaVonna H. at 2016-06-06

This is the 3rd time I ordered from Rosatis. The first time my daughter and I was looking for a place that delivered after midnight. I ordered the meatball sandwich and the 2for $5 pizza for her. I have been hoocked on their pizza ever since.

The delivery comes fast, with a order minimum of $10 is great. Today I got a call because I requested mushrooms on NY sausage slice and they said they couldn't do it. Which was understandable, also they said it will take one hour and fifteen minutes to deliver, it came in less.

The slices are huge and they taste amazing sauce is incredible, plenty meat and cheese on the pizza. I haven't ordered a full pizza yet and definitely want to try their deep dish pizza. And also their harvest salad sounds delicious. I wish more customers or workers will post more pictures because when I order delivery I like to see the food.

By Daniela C. at 2016-01-20

I'm a native Chicagoan and have been craving Chicago style deep stuffed pizza the last few days like crazy. I've tried a few different attempts in the Milwaukee area but I do think that this one came the closest to filling the void.

I ordered delivery - so I cannot comment on service or atmosphere - I can, however, comment on the look, feel and taste of the deep dish pizza I had from here yesterday.

The delivery time was fairly average, compared to other places I have gotten Chicago deep dish pizza at (about an hour) - and it cost about $25 for a large spinach (14 inches) - which I did think was a big pricey considering that I've order 16 inch deep dish elsewhere for $20 which included toppings and drinks. Price alone is why I docked one star.

The pizza itself was tasty. I appreciated the chunks of tomatoes on top, but did feel that there wasn't enough cheese. I also noticed (and appreciated) that the crust was appropriate in that it was flaky and buttery, but was disappointed that it didn't hold up well. When we received the pizza, it was falling apart, without even being cute. The lack of sufficient cheese (though it was more than I've had at other Milwaukee places trying to pass off a deep dish pizza) and the falling apart crust shell is why I docked the second shell.

If I can't drive to Chicago, I think for now Rosati's will fill my need. Just not too happy about the pricing.

By Jay S. at 2016-01-26

I ordered delivery from here tonight. The order got to my place about as quickly as the gentleman on the phone said it would. The man on the phone was okay, and the delivery driver was fine, but the food was not.

I ordered a slice of sausage pizza and a Chicken Parm Sandwich. Both arrived less than hot. The pizza did have a decent count of sausage but the crust of the "thin crust" was way too thick to be thin crust. Plus, the pizza was cold, The sandwich was on a nearly burnt hamburger bun. It was smaller than I expected and not very flavorful at all.

At least my hunger is sated. But my taste buds are not. I will likely not order from them again.

By Bartleby F. at 2016-08-08

Okay, there may be issues with the deep dish Chicago style pizza, I get that it's not quite right. But you guys, you have to have the pasta. All the pasta dishes are flat-out amazing! II mean seriously amazingly mouth entrancing delicious. Everyone should try the pasta!

By Jean-Paul M. at 2016-10-23

Ordered a pizza online and it cost me a few hundred dollars and lost memories.

Attempted to order a pizza online and while attempting to open and view their menu online I began to get pop-ups that wouldn't go away. Long story short, Geek Squad and Virus protection pinpointed the origin as rosatis online website.

Of course, Rosati's IT denied it could have possibly been the culprit.

Pizza was barely mediocre, and the headaches we encountered we will never eat this below average pizza ever again.

To boot, the people we worked with were less than empathetic, including the owners.

Hats off to you, Rosatis.

By Nancy R. at 2015-11-28

I had the Godfather Pizza on thin crust and it was delicious! Gooey, cheesy, garlicky--Gardineira!!--goodness on a crispy crust! Yum! They had a small draft beer selection heavy towards New Glarus. I had a Fat Tire. My server was very attentive and came to refill my beer as I was taking the last swig.

There is a rather significant downside. The prices. $17.95 for a 12" specialty pizza. $14.95 for a 12" cheese plus $2.00 a piece for every topping on a 12". 2 bucks for onions or green peppers? 2 bucks for sausage or pepperoni is ok, but veggies?

Nevertheless, Rosatti's is convenient for me and I really loved the pizza, so I'll be back for sure--but it would be nice if they would review these prices.

By World Traveler T. at 2016-07-23

The thin crust pizza is what you'll find at any location and is most acceptable with its crust and ample toppings.

The harvest salad used iceburg, oh well.

Good balance of service.

By JJ T. at 2016-04-12

So disappointed....their deep dish is absolutely NOT chicago style at all. I've never seen a crust like this passed off as deep dish. It is a regular crust (and not flaky, buttery at all as another reviewer claimed) with "high, turned-up sides". Check out pics. And those high turned up sides of the crust are hard and not appetizing at all. Then they pile on the toppings. Beyond the crust, my biggest issue was actually with the chunky tomato topping. They do not use a good pizza sauce on this style. Instead It seemed as if they just opened a can of Italian style stewed tomatoes and dumped it on top. VERY chunky tomato topping which none of us found appetizing and I was picking of at least half of them as it was just too much. Pizzaria Scotty does deep dish WAY better.

We also got the dough nuggets. The portion is HUGE!! Great size for the whole table. But super disappointed in these too.... they were really bland for the most part.

My 10 yr old son got the cheese penne. He liked it. The portion is massive. I think it's more kid friendly and not for adult tastes as much, the sauce is sweet and there was a TON of cheese on top and about 3 tons of parmasan cheese in the tomato sauce.

Service-wise, I'm not someone who needs my butt wiped for me or to check on me every 5 minutes but for a super slow monday night it was not very good. She would drop off food and scurry away before we had a chance to tell her we needed a drink etc. We were also charged wrong for our beer.

My best advice for this place: Watch a game here. The entire place is lined with big screen TVs. When we were there on a Monday night, the dining room was dead, most of the people were at the bar.

By Dee G. at 2016-10-04

Rosati's catered a board meeting for the organization I work for. The food was phenomenal and Taylor and Wendy were incredibly helpful and knowledgeable. The service was great, the delivery on time and the food was awesome. Rosati's East has a permanent place on our catering list.

By Vickie M. at 2016-09-25

We love this place! My friends and I come here every week without fail for dough nuggets and the great staff always make out night! Shannon is out favorite!

By Davina R. at 2016-03-25

Honestly, after my experience tonight I don't think I'll be giving this location anymore of my time.

Good food, HORRIBLE customer service. Poorly trained staff.

By Diaz M. at 2016-03-24

FREAKIN YES! Anyone who doesn't like this Chicago Style pizza can go kick rocks. They stayed true to their roots and keep the same ingredients i'm used to eating as a kid in Illinois. They are nationally known for their pizza for a reason. And the bar is happening on the weekends!! Great drink specials and hughe TV's to watch the games. I felt like I was back at home! The thin crust spinach, garlic mushroom and sausage is definitely the way to go! Freakin delicous. ANNNNND they deliver!

By Laura B. at 2016-08-12

We live near by and were excited to have a new restaurant to try. I must say I was not impressed. We went around 5pm and there was hardly anyone at the restaurant. We waited and waited as servers and other staff passed our table and no one stopped to take our order. After being ignored for nearly 20 minutes, we decided leave and walked out. This seems to be a common occurrence at this restaurant.

We did decide to try it one more time a month later and the food was mediocre at best. We had terrible service that time as well.

We will not be back.

By Erica T. at 2016-01-24

I'm always reluctant to try new pizza places, as my household is very critical when it comes to pizza quality. After our first Rosatti's experience (delivery on a busy Saturday night), it has immediately become our #1 choice in delivery. Customer service was smooth and pleasant, but it is the pie itself that matters most.
Key points:
-cooked thoroughly (golden brown cheese)
-great flakey, crispy crust (but not paper-thin)
-top-notch toppings! The pepperoni was flavorful and the mushrooms were thick and fresh.

By Angel S. at 2016-01-17

This restaurant is going to close soon. Our server hates his job. He told us that his kitchen staff and management has no interest in accommodating any guest requests. "Can I have a small salad instead of fries, even for an up charge?" His response was, "Our kitchen said not under any circumstances. I don't even like asking them for stuff anymore. It's not worth it."
He came to our table about 4 times after taking our order to confirm things that he forgot to confirm before walking away, such as: dressing and sauce options, confirmation of what type of bloody Mary's we ordered, what type of beer we wanted with the bloody's, etc. The restaurant was empty on a Sunday afternoon, about 4 tables sitting with two servers working from what I could see.
Our food isn't even here yet, so I will no doubt have more to share soon.
The Rosati's bloody is good, but it's served with a meatball which would be awesome if it wasn't ice cold.
UPDATE: Food was alright. Check presenter was greasy. Very greasy.

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