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Estimated average consumption of $9.57 - $19.14 per person. We offer 57 menus, including Gourmet Chicken Pot Pie, Baked Chicken Parmesan Pasta, Smoky Mountain Chicken, Chicken Portobello, Fresh Chicken & Broccoli Pasta, Premium Baby Back Ribs, Triple
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Ruby Tuesdays reviews

By Julia C. at 2016-08-20

Great services, great food, healthy salad bar.. with good coupon..can't ask for more.

By Bazza L. at 2016-11-26

Unquestionably the worst meal we've had in a very long time. In short, terrible food, sloppy service, dirty restaurant. Would never go back!

My wife and I took our young kids out for a quick Friday evening bite. Service was slow and sloppy. The waitress spilled waters all over us - accidents happen. But when asked whether any of the 3 soups were gluten free, she didn't know, and neither did anyone else. She made no real effort to help, just pointed us at their website (which didn't have the answer either). The kids' chicken tenders were so hard they were inedible, 6 of the 10 grapes had insect-looking holes in them, and the Caesar salad had more dressing than lettuce - horrendous. Halfway through the meal we were ready to leave, but the waitress was nowhere to be found for another 10 mins. Awful, awful experience. Not to be repeated by us at this sorry excuse for family restaurant.

By Gil R. at 2016-11-19

This place used to operate at an acceptable level for its class of restaurant but not anymore. The food is ok if you want bar food. I avoid the "entree" section as it's price never meets the expectations of the food quality. Servers are generally pleasant but service is slow AF and you can tell it's their first service gig here.

This particular location seems to be in trouble with getting volume. Can't say for sure though but the two recent times I've been there, lots of empty tables.

Flatware is never really clean (dishwasher spots) and the kitchen is slow. That makes for a "do not return" for me.

By Edward M. at 2016-01-17

We were traveling and needed a quick lunch so we stopped in. We were seated promptly and service was satisfactory, but the food was too undistinguished to warrant a return visit. We opted for the quesadilla and chicken flatbread respectively, both of which came with the salad bar. The salad bar featured a limited selection of over chilled ingredients none of which were noteworthy for their taste while the main plates were unformally just satisfactory with that look of ingredients from freezer packs assembled by number. The location is accessible.

By Leigh M. at 2015-10-23

I have never been to a Ruby Tuesday before this one, and what a great experience!

I met my dad and brother there on a Sunday around 6:00. Pretty empty time. I was expecting very "chain like" food, but was very impressed.

I love that they let you order three sides as a meal, AND they include the salad bar! The salad bar in itself was very fresh and very versatile. I left feeling full and non-guilty/gross.

My brother ordered the Salmon and my dad ordered a burger, both were pleased.

By Sam P. at 2016-06-29

Lesson learnt.i read other reviews but still decided to adventure. Bad idea. Food was cold when served. Service was slow. Cannot blame the server as she was the only one working this evening.
We had shrimp fondue which was a disaster. Then came the chicken bbq flatbread which had heavy dose of bbq sauce. May be this would taste good when warm. We finished with thai rolls which made me give an extra * to this place

By Dan M. at 2015-08-11

I came back here for yet another department lunch. The service was better than last time, which was a positive.

I ordered the spicy jalapeno pretzel cheeseburger. I opted for a side of broccoli rather than fries. The dish contained several pieces of broccoli that was solid. The broccoli seemed fresh and was cooked well. The burger was cooked medium like I ordered. The pretzel bread was bland. It was a little soft for my liking. The burger also came with crispy jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, and chipotle mayonnaise. I could hardly taste the jalapenos or the chipotle mayonnaise. It was an okay burger at best.

Will I go back? If I must like I said before.

By M B. at 2016-03-23

So let me say this outright - I am not a big fan of chain restaurants. I don't like Fridays, Applebees is not good stuff, and don't even get me started on crap like the Olive Garden. With all of that having been said, I ventured into Ruby Tuesday anyway because it was nearby, open, and had a salad bar. I honestly would have been better off going into the nearby Wegmans, buying a head of lettuce, and gnawing on it until the desire to stop someplace passed.

So we walked in around 8:45, knowing the restaurant closed at 10. We were the only people there other than two folks sitting at the bar (who departed fairly shortly thereafter). We ordered from the "fit" menu - a petite sirloin for me, with brussels sprouts and salad bar, and the hickory salmon for her, with zucchini and salad bar. The waitress very kindly asked how I wanted the steak cooked, and seemed to understand English when I responded that medium was my preference. In truth there was really no reason for her to have asked or for me to have answered.

What was delivered to me was nothing short of shoe leather. This sirloin had been cooked until it was way, way, WAY past well done. I have had jerky that was less cooked than this sirloin. My wife's salmon, similarly overcooked - horrible fishy flavor (worse than normal even for salmon). The waitress returned and asked how it was - in the interest of NOT being "those people" who stay until they want to be closed, we pointed out that my steak was an unnatural color of grey and that her salmon was not only not flaky, but more closely resembled the texture of a chicken breast (an overcooked one at that), but declined the offer to have the kitchen try again. The brussels sprouts were likewise cooked until absolutely inedible, with both they and the zucchini having the texture of hot plastic.

As far as the salad bar goes...its ok if you just want basic vegetables and little else - very limited choices, no real protein (apart from hard boiled eggs and what I BELIEVE was ham...really not sure, might have been bologna).

As a positive, the waitress did have the manager apply a "Staff discount" of 50% to our "food" which was very considerate. Didn't make up for the sadness we felt putting that stuff in our mouths, but was a nice thing to do anyway.

In closing, I'm sure that Ruby Tuesday has their place. I'd be willing to bet that any of the crap with a butt-ton of melted cheese on it is probably top notch, and the burgers are probably good as well. I would stay away from anything more complicated than french fries, and would have to say that the fit menu is a no-go for any but the most accepting and disgusting of eaters.

By Fake U. at 2016-06-24

Nice quiet little restaurant. The beef and ribs are always pretty good and I never hesitate to order them. The grill chicken it's a little off, it's like too tender, feels weird when chewing it. If you have ever had a grilled chicken sandwich from Wendy's it's very similar. Over all I like the place and the staff has always been good.

By Jim N. at 2016-07-10

My wife and I have stopped here a few times on our way to food shopping at Wegman's, which is next door.

Expectations on a chain restaurant of this type and price point are never of culinary excellence; however, even at the price, the experience here was somewhat disappointing.
The atmosphere is late nineties pub, definitely dated. The booths are worn and uncomfortable, the rest rooms are barely passable in cleanliness.

The service was prompt and cheerful. The salad bar is the only redemption. Most times the ingredients are plentiful, varied, and fresh; the dressing is flavorful. That is about where it ends, and why I gave the place two stars.

My wife ordered New Orleans Seafood, which is Tilapia covered with grilled shrimp and a Parmesan cheese sauce; her sides were mashed potatoes and broccoli. The portion was somewhat small, and the sauce was sparse. My wife considered it "okay," and considered the mashed potatoes "cold and pasty." I ordered blackened Tilapia with the same mashed potatoes and broccoli. The Tilapia was very dry and somewhat tasteless, even with the "Cajun spices." The mashed potatoes were sticky, pasty and cool; although they had some taste. We both agreed that the broccoli was the best part of the meal. For dessert, we chose to share the chocolate goblet sundae. Again, it was just okay.

I think we need to find a better place to hang out before food shopping.

By Crystal M. at 2015-11-19

Stopped here for dinner with my boyfriend. I ordered the petite sirloin and shrimp. I ordered my sirloin medium, it came out like a hockey puck. Absolutely disgusting. My shrimp and potatoes were good tho. My boyfriend got the Asiago Sirloin and shrimp, and he ordered his medium as well and it came out well done. The bartender was very nice, she had her manager comp both meals. Stars are just for the service; food would get no stars at all.

By Bae C. at 2016-09-11

Overpriced and subpar tastes. The waiter was impatient and inattentive. Seated near the kitchen entrance and bathroom was malodorous and distant from the rest of the restaurant.

By B-Mama D. at 2015-12-05

I wouldn't give my dog the leftovers from this place. Just really bad, overpriced, subpar fast food. Staff was nice, but yuck.

By Karen L. at 2014-04-19

Having been here twice now and both times I enjoyed the dining experience. We were seated quickly at a booth and the waiter/waitress are friendly. The baby back ribs I had were very flavorful and the meat was so tender if fell off the bone. Washes down well with an Amstel or a Blue moon draft. Husband had a burger which he thought was pretty decent but he likes 25 burgers a bit better. Ruby's always has an awesome playlist as dining music as well. Look in the circulars in the paper, sometimes they have coupons for buy one get one half off or $5 off $15.

By Conner E. at 2013-10-28

Will not return.

Food is decent and generic, but that's not what I'm complaining about...the bar is what I'm complaining about.

I ordered Jameson on the rocks, and what was I given? House whiskey. I sent it back and told them to replace it, and they brought me back the same drink. This isn't the first instance I've heard of this particular Ruby Tuesdays replacing top shelf liquor with house liquor, and charging for the top shelf. Completely unethical and unacceptable.

By Mister T. at 2015-09-13

For my first time being at this restaurant chain, the service was subpar. I walked into almost an empty restaurant (way less than 50% capacity) on a Sunday evening. Ordered an appetizer that lord knows took how long to come out. With that said, it was obvious that the food came out much later. I wished our waiter informed us about a delay since he wasn't attentive from the start. The food though did save them in this review. the entrees weren't so bad. The rice pilaf did taste like it came out a bag though. Besides that, nothing impressed me enough to make another visit.

By Laura S. at 2014-12-30

Wait service isn't very good. The food is always disappointing.

By Mitch K. at 2012-02-13

I used to love going to Chili's, Ruby Tuesday, and TGI Friday's. However, now that I am old and in my 30's (ha ha) I'm beginning to really despise them for their generic feel and generic food. Having said that, I was in Bridgewater for business and figured I couldn't do wrong with going there for dinner.

So how was it?

I was a little disappointed in the salad bar as I thought they used to have more items in the past, and some of the items were out as it was later in the evening (9pm), but they still should have kept it stocked instead of letting it go empty. I had the New Orleans dish which was tilapia, shrimp, and a cream sauce, along with a loaded baked potato and some zucchini. I laughed at the zucchini as they were delicious but dripping with oil even though the menu said they had only something like 40 calories. No way! I should have received cheese biscuits but they were nowhere to be found. I had the blondie with ice cream for dessert and the blondie was good but the vanilla ice cream lacked flavor of any kind.

I'm glad I stopped going to places like this, if I had spent my own money I would have been disappointed. There's a little something for everyone here but nothing truly special. No cheese biscuits, a salad bar that was out of items, not going back.

By Mike M. at 2013-11-07

Late night service from our waitress was good. The manger who greeted our party opened with "I will be happy to seat you but we close in 30 minutes." We then stated that there are 5 in our party when 3 of us were already here and she responded with "Well are they on their way?" In a somewhat snotty attitude. Thank god the waitress was great to redeem the managements rude greeting. Food is always good here.

I just witnessed the same manager tell another patron who arrived 10 minutes prior to closing at 10 that the kitchen is closed. why in the world would a chain restaurant state hours are to a certain time and close their kitchen early?

By Melissa O. at 2014-08-30

My boyfriend and I went in to have burgers and beers. Bartender was none existent, burgers were mediocre at best. It used be such a great chain, now we probably won't eat there again unless it's free! The coupons are useless. You're still paying $50 for 2 people and you're getting crap.

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