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Salad Works

Salad Works
  • Street 7000 Forest Ave
  • City Richmond
  • Region Virginia
  • Postcode 23230
  • Telphone (804) 288-7141
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  • Raging (12)
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Salad Works introduction
Estimated average consumption of $7.28 - $14.56 per person. We offer 46 menus, including Bottled Water, Bottled Tea, Fountain Beverage, Bottled Soda, Fresh Brewed Tea, Triple X Vitamin Water, Soup of the Day and so on.
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Salad Works reviews

By Chris L. at 2016-11-12

They were generous with the pecans in my farmhouse salad. I wasn't too impressed with the lasagna soup but it was a good try. Service was great. Just wish they could take Apple pay or contact less payments in general.

By Jeanine M. at 2016-12-12

Don't waste your time. My company cafeteria is WAY better and cheap than this so I will not be back. The size of the salad is ridiculously small and the topping are so skimpy its laughable. I got 3 halves of baby tomatoes...that's 1.5 baby tomatoes total. The squash is hard so it has no taste and is hard to eat. The red onion was cut in all different shapes and sizes and most were bigger than id like in one bite. They are lucky Sweet Greens is no where near by or else they would be out of business.

By Jessika M. at 2016-11-28

I go here every so often because I LOVE the salads. the only issue i have with this place is inconsistent servings... sometimes i get my salads with just the right amount of fixings but lately ive been asking for extra fixings and because it seems like im getting less than a scoop of what i ask for.. even when i ask for extras, its much less that is should be. i understand that of course there is limit to how much is in each serving, but they are seriously skimping.. and it wouldn't be an issue if the salads weren't so pricy. i have no issue paying for a good salad, but to spend more on a salad with less fixings seems pretty silly.
overall the service is great, everyone is nice and welcoming :)

By Deborah B. at 2015-11-17

Limited to preconfigured salads or only one base, lettuce, spinach or spring mix plus five toppings. I get why ingredients are limited, but they could upgrade to a electronic ordering system with unlimited ingredients, then implement a formula that calculates the weight of each ingredient for the salad makers to add based on the number of ingredients chosen and the size ordered. This would limit costs while improving the ordering process and allowing unlimited selections for customers.

I ordered the Pick Two custom salad and sandwich, with wheat roll and a tea for $12. I ran out of spring mix and had a plate full of toppings. The location was nice and the service was average. The price was high, but the ingredients weren't organic. The food was average.

IMHO just visit a salad bar so you can build your OWN with unlimited ingredients and still pay less!

By Jese S. at 2016-05-31

I ate here every night for 2 weeks once I found this place. Everything was fresh and the staff was great. I had been calling nightly to see what their soups were until I figured out I could find them online. One night in particular I was so tired and sick that I called for the soups. I had to ask again because I was pretty sure they old me they had Organ and Carbon soup. Turned out it was Organic Harvest.

Stop in and give them a try. Dozens of combinations to choose from or make your own as well.

By Lauren B. at 2015-07-25

Herbivores, alas a place to pay homage to the green monster! I had never been to a salad works before this - neither did my companion, but we were excited for a healthy dinner (and an alternative to Chipotle).

Parking is super easy in this shopping area and at first glance we were happy to see a patio area not in direct sunlight. Walking in still smells of fresh paint- after all it's only been open 2 wks. We walked in and the staff were super friendly and offered to help us if we needed for this Build-your-own salad: a choice of lettuce, 5 toppings, and a dressing. I was happy to find almost all the dressings were gluten free (ask and they will tell you as it is not denoted on the menu).

I built a mixed green salad with bacon, avocado, walnuts, shredded carrot and cheese with basalmic vinaigrette. They mixed all my toppings in one bowl and placed on top my lettuce. Since I mentioned my gluten allergy I was able to switch my side roll for an apple/chip bag.

My companion however ordered a "themed" salad (southwest) with a panini (monterey chicken). His salad was the size of my large one - huge for a side salad. Panini came out hot and he was pleased with his salad.

We both agreed that we were happy with our choices (these salads were super filling)but felt the salad was missing something - nothing we could figure out. While they did not "wow" us, we were still very happy with the variety of combos we could choose. We did get a coupon for a BOGO that expires in a month so we can opt for trying another mix out. Also, they have a points program - free to sign up and every salad gets you points: earn enough points for discounts on your meals.

We both agreed we would come back again. Overall great service, healthy choices and a good meal.

By Holly J. at 2015-09-04

1st impression...very pleased. Staff courteous and helpful. Fresh ingredients for salad and balsamic vinegarette dressing. Great clam chowder soup. Outside seating kind of scary due to the set up of the entrance. I just hope they will continue to give good service and not die down after the hoopla.

By Carrie L. at 2016-03-13

Not my pref. I can make a much better and WAY CHEAPER salad at home! No wowo factor here. Found the selection to be limited, nothing looked super fresh either to be honest.

By Chontrelle P. at 2015-12-01

Just tried this location today and for $10 I was expecting the wow factor. I should have read the reviews before trying.....

By Caroleigh N. at 2015-07-07

If you are looking for a good salad, keep driving. This was my first visit ever to Saladworks, and I was in no way impressed. I did the you pick two here with a cup of soup and a half salad. The soup, chicken tortilla, was the highlight of the meal. In fact, it pretty much saved the meal and kept me from being so upset about the amount I paid for lunch here. The half salad was disgusting. The quality of the ingredients used here is very poor. The cheese on my salad was rubbery. Lettuce was not crispy or crunchy. The green goddess dressing tasted like some sort of paste with very little flavor. Nothing really stood out about the service either, everyone there looked like they were just there because they had to be. I tried to be healthy by trying Saladworks, but when you shell out $12 for a you pick two combo with a drink, the healthy thing becomes secondary and you actually wish you had eaten Mexican down the street.

By Wendy R. at 2015-10-09

It's nice to have such tasty, healthy options!! I got the Greek salad/Half sandwich combo with their recommended Balsalmic Vinaigrette and asked for extra feta and got the half Caprese panini and was pleasantly surprised with both!! Definitely give it a try!!!

By Becky B. at 2016-01-12

I really like Salad works the first couple of times I went to the Short Pump location. I came to this location once and they were very stingy with the toppings and found it to be too pricey for what you actually get. Probably won't be back anytime soon.

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