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Saltgrass Steak House

Saltgrass Steak House
  • Street 801 State Highway 121
  • City Lewisville
  • Region Texas
  • Postcode 75067
  • Telphone (972) 316-0086
  • Opentime
  • Raging (54)
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Saltgrass Steak House introduction
Estimated average consumption of $13.92 - $27.84 per person. We offer 62 menus, including Range Rattlers, Seafood Fondeaux, Shrimp & Chicken Enbrochette, French Fried Onions, Fried Mushrooms, Artichoke & Spinach Dip, Chuck Wagon Cheese Fries and so on.
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Saltgrass Steak House reviews

By Manda C. at 2016-12-25

Dear Saltgrass in Lewisville, I have a crush on you. Do you like me too?? Circle yes, no or maybe.

Seriously guys, my husband and I had a fantastic experience this afternoon for Christmas lunch at this location. I am so happy that my 100th yelp review will be on Christmas Day and for such an awesome place! By the way, if anyone from Saltgrass is reading this, you are very lucky to have Daniel, whatever he is making can't possibly be enough so give that guy a raise because we were raving in the car about the best service we ever had.

This was our first visit, we arrived just before 1pm and it was packed. We decided in the car how long we would wait before we would A Christmas Story it at a Chinese buffet. They gave me one of those light up things and told us 25 min.

They were true to their word and seated us promptly... under a freezing vent. I had to ask if we could be moved because I could foresee our entire dining experience being miserable and the host was happy to accommodate us even though they were very busy with a lot of large reservations. We got a smaller table not under a vent in Daniel's section. He was immediately warm and accommodating and in the first two minutes I could tell he was an excellent server.

It was pretty loud in there but I have to say they are smart in their layout as we were just far away enough from other tables to have our privacy and hear each other so it didn't really bother me. The one thing I would like for them to change is that there are no prices on the drink menu. My husband got a $12 drink and we probably still would have ordered it but I don't really appreciate when places do that.

I asked if they had a brand of root beer and Daniel said he would have to check so I told him not to worry about it and got a Dr. Pepper. When he returned with our drinks he told me they did have that brand and offered to switch it out. That was sweet but I opted to just change it at the refill AND he remembered that waaaayyyy later even though he had a ton of tables.

Speaking of which, shout out to the entire staff at Saltgrass for keeping things moving. Every server I saw was hustling and helping each other out. Since I knew who our server was it was easy for me to spot that he and 4 different servers were working in teams to get all the large parties in our immediate area served in a timely fashion. Everyone had a smile on their face despite working Christmas and I hope all of your tables appreciated your hard work. I was VERY impressed with everyone I saw and frankly that just doesn't happen. I have been in the service industry for years and can always spot the weak link and I think management should be very proud of their team today.

They bring you a loaf of bread like Outback and have a sweet butter like Roadhouse. It was the best of both worlds and I found it delicious. For an appetizer we ordered the queso fresco for $9.29. The chips were excellent, the brisket in the queso was tender and tasty and the pico and jalapeno were on the side so that you could decide how spicy you wanted to make it- smart touch. It was a filling appetizer and worth the price. The food arrived before the app was gone- nice!

My husband got the Cheeseburger with fries for $10.99 and this thing was so big I could not have eaten it without unhinging my jaw. The patty was really thick and the bun was beautifully large and toasted to accommodate- I hate it when places have too small buns so I immediately liked that. It was very fresh and tasty. I sampled his fries and they were high quality.

Daniel was great about answering my questions so I could make the perfect choice and boy did I! The 9 oz Center Cut Filet and I are now besties! She was gorgeous, tender and there was zero fat (I kinda hate fat on my steak, I know I'm alone in this) and cooked exactly as I requested. I have a wrist injury right now and I cut it with no problem, that blew my mind! It came with a fresh house salad and a large baked potato that was soft and easy to mix. Guys, this was $28.99 and totally worth it because I think that was the best filet I have ever had, including my fav steakhouse. I told you, my new bestie. I was seriously happy with my meal.

We were so full we didn't realize we forgot to ask about dessert options until we were in the car, lol. I love dessert if you ever read my other reviews; so you have know that was a great meal if I forgot and didn't even care when I realized. :) So, I told you that Daniel was awesome, right? He's also a magician!! From the time we asked for to go containers to the time I looked up from my drink he had loaded our plates into the container in one flick of the wrist and into the bag on the table. Just, wow!

Fantastic meal, worth every penny. This place runs a tad higher than Outback and Roadhouse but the execution, taste, and great service make it worth it. They have cheaper items than what we got if you want to do lunch. This also makes a wonderful choice for a celebration!

By Jeff N. at 2016-12-02

Based on 2 visits
Extremely sloooooooow!
Not the servers but the time from ordering to receiving the food.
In town for business
First night party of 6.
Great male server who proclaimed as he introduced himself "I'm the best waiter in the world! I'll be taking care of you tonight" Nice start.
He described the macaroni and cheese as
"Life changing" -it wasn't!
He was constantly running. Good hustle but not very safe.
The food was good but it seemed like forever even with having an appetizer during the wait for food.
He forgot to bring my ("amazing"- his words) sweet potato. I guess I'll never know.
I was staying at the hotel next door and returned a few nights later. Captive with no car.
I figured the previous visit was an anomaly on the long wait for food.
This time I had a burger with a wedge salad. Both were good.
Long time to get my drink and my food.
My server was friendly and I suspect it is not her fault.
Both visits there were at least 2 managers
Walking around the dining room.
May I suggest that they use the little headset thingy to talk to the kitchen
Or maybe help them?
Could easily get to a 4 star if the speed
got fixed.

By Rachel S. at 2016-09-17

Had my rehearsal dinner here on 9/16/16. I live in Las Vegas so I was having to plan this remotely with my mother in law, who lives locally.

I picked this place because my cousin had her rehearsal dinner at a different Salt Grass in 2011 and it made such an impression that I knew if I had mine here, it would be great.

I am taking a star away because there was quite a bit of confusion about minimum head count for a private room and also minimum charges. You can't book a private room without at least 25 heads. We had 33 heads and the minimum was $1,000 in food and drink before tax, tip, and a $34 banquet fee. As well, there is a $250 deposit that they forgot to deduct from our final bill, which had to be ammended.

Food was fantastic. We were able to have a custom menu with 6 entrees, sides, and soup or salad, all for between $24-$31 each. Kids just eat off of the kids meal. Wine was served by the bottle and desserts can be added ala cart.

Overall, I was so happy with our choice to go with Salt Grass. I do wish one of the waitresses hadn't told one of our guests that he'd have to pay for a certain wine he wanted. I wish she would have asked us if we were okay with the additional charge first!

While only minor bumps, everyone was so impressed with the food and service. I would recommend!

By Michael F. at 2016-12-25

We came here after watching a movie with my family. I realize that it was Christmas however our experience sucked for lack of a better word. My wife and I decided to order drinks prior to ordering. She ordered a hurricane which tasted like nail Polish remover smells. OK fine hopefully the food and service outshines the bar experience. Not even close.

I ordered a burger, my only request was that it be cooked MEDIUM. Not an extreme request right? Of course our food comes out and of course my burger is WELL, and I mean rock hard like a hockey puck. Clearly my food had been sitting awhile as had everyone else's in my party. We know this due to the fact that the plates were extremely hot and the food was stone cold.

I returned my food explaining my displeasure to the manager. To his credit the wait staff as well as himself were pleasant and seemed to want to help me. He assured me that I would have my food correctly made and hot. I was adamant that I did not wish to wait forever since my party had their food already. Of course I waited forever and guess what? I never received my food. The least the manager could've done was brought me out hot fries while I waited or something.

He comped my wife and daughters food. OK I guess but I still left hungry / dissatisfied. Kitchen dropped the ball big time. I expect better from a place that is overpriced for what you receive. Have some more respect for your customers and not reheat held food and claim it's fresh. I went to Burger King after I left here since I never got to eat. And guess what? They got my order right the FIRST TIME.

By Kelly E. at 2016-12-10

My husband and I visited this restaurant for the first time for his 25th birthday last night. It was such a wonderful experience! It was definitely the best ribeye, best cocktail, best chocolate cake, best sides I've had at a Texas steakhouse since we moved here! But, what really made the evening was our waiter, Michael. He was incredible. He never left us wondering where he was, or needing a refill. He was so attentive, had a great personality and really enhanced our experience. He thanked my husband for his service in the military and he said Merry Christmas and God Bless us on our way out. It is so important to us to give our hard earned money to an establishment that isn't afraid to say these things. Thank you! We will definitely be back and definitely recommend to all of our friends and family!

By Eric S. at 2016-08-18

I think this place has the best steaks in Texas. Very clean juicy cuts. Mouthwatering. If anybody ever in Or near Dallas. This place is a must have.
A little pricey but well worth it. Waiter were nice and attentive.

By Angie H. at 2016-07-31

We love Saltgrass, but we did not have the positive experience that we usually do. We went for my husband's B-day, and were told by the server, "we don't really care about birthdays, but you can purchase a dessert if you want." It just seemed ann odd choice of words. Some of our sides were incorrect, and we asked for bread, and it was brought about the same time as our check. We usually love this location, but we might have to try the one on the Tollway next time.

By Audi S. at 2016-11-05

I'm giving 2 stars only because the service was not the worst I've had....
we got our drinks quickly which was great but then it all went down hill from there. I felt completely rushed the whole time we were there! We got there before 6 on a Friday night on purpose. You could tell they were anxious to "turn the tables"! Our order was taken.... 2 sips out of my wine glass and my salad was there, 4 bites into my salad and my entree was there.... really? Then when both of our rib eyes were cut they were RAW! We ordered Med-rare.... these were RAW! They didn't even have a nice sear! Veggies were RAW.... mashed potatoes were great though! We just moved to Coppell from Grapevine so this location was the closest, but next time we will definetly make the drive to grapevine!!!! The Grapevine location is impeccable!!!

By Carrie H. at 2016-06-30

We stopped by here on Father's Day weekend to give a little love to my husband.

Apparently the restaurant had moved because of road construction and it was on the other side of the highway closer to all the hotels and other food places. They were beyond busy because of it being Father's Day weekend so we had to wait about 45 minutes or so but it was worth it.

Our waiter was very good especially considering how many tables he was covering. He was very pleasant and our glasses were never empty. In the world of waiters he was in the top 5 of what we've had.

The food was great. My husband was quite happy with his Cowboy Ribeye, sautéed mushrooms, baked potato and something else I don't recall. :) I shared a plate of Pat's Ribeye with my daughter. I got the baked potato and she had a side of garlic mashed potatoes. We had queso for an appetizer and it was great in fact better than some of the Mexican food places we have visited. We finished up with deserts to go. For a full meal and desert for 4 people (two of us sharing a plate) it was around $120 after tip.

When the mood for a steak meal hits you we would definitely recommend this place.

By Jonny J. at 2016-12-23

I was there yesterday but overall Great service, great food, great experience! I will be back

By Peter T. at 2016-09-10

Yes I did check this place out. Twice. First time while interviewing for a job, my future coworkers took me there. I had the 6oz filet and it was great. On my next trip, that right I accepted the position with a great company that puts customer service first, I was back for training.

Went back to Saltgrass again. Had the steak again. It was as good as the first time.

One of my "bar buddies" ordered the desert. I think it was a carrot cake. There was enough to feed four. Ron split the desert up and the cake went three ways.

Staff it great. Food is great. Anddddd, of course the customers are great.

I will be back again before I leave this Friday.

You gotta check this place out.

Until next time.


By R L. at 2016-12-03

12/3/16 We complained to the manager he offered compensation, we said no. Our steaks were dry and chewy. My wife got sick when we got home.
Waitress Maria must have been new. Very inattentive, 5.00 tip reflected service, I normally tip 30%. We won't be going back. Manager take notice we paid with a corporate card of a 100 + year old company. You won't see our business anymore

By George N. at 2016-07-27

Good food, very fast service, and great atmosphere. I went with a business group, we had appetizers, steaks, drinks, etc. and everything tasted great and the service was perfect. Steaks were cooked perfectly, and the sides were just as promised. Good beer selection, and the wait staff continued coming back, to check in and see how we were doing. Would definitely go back.

By Al R. at 2015-08-23

UPDATE!!! Saturday 8/22/15 Dinner Service

The MOJO has returned!

I am SO HAPPY to write this update. Like many service businesses when you move locations it takes some time to regroup, train new talent, and get back into your routine.

I am thrilled to announce this Saltgrass location has done exactly that! They have their grove back.

During the visit I was able to meet Chase the new General Manager and discussed the new location. Chase seems like a very passionate GM who truly wants his guests to have the best dining experience possible.

Our server was Mark a newer member to the team and you can tell they are serious about server talent! I was really happy to see our regular server Jay. Jay has has been there a long time and is a greater server. Friendly, knowledgeable, and makes sure you have a great experience.

I had the cowboy ribeye which I they cooked a PERFECT medium. I am loading a picture of it as well here. They nailed the great char on the outside while keeping the inside evenly cooked, juicy, tender, and just great steak flavor! My wife had the ribs which were cooked perfectly as well. Tender and full of BBQ flavor throughout. The meat fell off the bone very easy with nice juicy chunks of meat.

Please stop by and give them a shot I know you will like it. If you need anything I am sure the amazing servers and Chase will make it happen for you just give them a chance!

Thanks team Saltgrass for getting your MOJO back.

By Eugene G. at 2016-10-30

It is my favorite steakhouse close to home. The tenderloin is exquisite at medium and the coconut shrimp is excellent tasting. Portions are huge! Registered online and joined the club!

By V L. at 2016-10-13

Terrible experience. One would think you can't get a bad steak in Texas. Well, try this Saltgrass and you'll see is possible.

A pushy waiter that acted like his only concern was to turn tables fast. A very thin Pat's ribeye steak delivered cold... Better on the second try, but still thin. I felt like eating in a cheap dinner instead of a nice steakhouse...

The bill comes... charged extra for a side...waiter still acting like we're not leaving fast enough.

I would not recommend this establishment to anyone. Save your money and choose a real steakhouse.

By Justin R. at 2016-04-01

Read this before reading the review. I have tended bar and waited tables at multiple restaurants over the last 10 years. This restaurant failed on every step of service I have ever known. There bar rail has about 12 seats.

4/1/2016 I visited Saltgrass Lewisville while I was traveling on business. I walked into the restaurant and saw a full dinning room and tons of people standing the lobby waiting for a seat. I thought with a wait like this.. this place has to be good.

I waited and found a spot at the bar rail.

I was greeted by the bartender after being seated at the bar rail for 5 minutes. I asked about the beers on tap and picked a rye IPA. I was served a 23oz beer with 3 inches of head on it.

I ordered my entree. Kabob Midrare with mashed potatoes and a house salad. I asked for Italian. I was told that they do not have Italian but they do have balsamic vinaigrette. "sounds good"

I was asked if I wanted bread, I declined. I worked at a Texas Roadhouse for multiple years and I have been burned out on the idea of bread ever since.

The bartender walked up with a loaf of bread, butter and a side of ranch dressing. Stated that there was a mix up on the order and this was my dressing(then she walked away). A few minutes later my salad showed up with no dressing. I waited for 7 minutes for one of the 3 bartenders to check in on me. The bartender walked up and asked how my salad was. I asked for a side of balsamic vinaigrette. I got that dressing with in a minute.

A few minutes later my kabob came out. There were 4 pieces of steak that later I found out totaled 6ozs($18.99 entree). 1 of the 4 pieces was chewy(beyond consumable). I picked the chewy steak out of my mouth and put it on the plate. I pushed the plate toward the edge of the bar rail showing that I was done with it. (A different bartender then I was originally dealing with came up to me) I was asked if I would like to see the dessert menu as he took my plate away. I replied no and was given a check with about 1/4 of my beer left in my glass.

I paid my bill. As I was walking out I stopped and talked to a manager. I talked to him about my visit. Stated that I have in the industry for multiple years and this was the worst experience I have had at a restaurant. Went through each step they failed at but congratulated him on how fast they ran my credit card. He stated he would take it up with his bartenders.

By Liz M. at 2016-10-07

Beautiful steak that was cooked to perfection rare as I like it! For the price it was very good value as well with the side of bread and salad that came with the meal.

By Lien N. at 2016-02-17

My boyfriend & I came here for a Valentine's Day dinner date.

I have never been to Saltgrass before & I was very impressed with this one.

-Our waiter was Alexander. He was friendly & his knowledge of the menu from the food to the drinks was impressive.
He is also very good at up selling items. He checks up on us a decent amount of time & makes sure that we're having a pleasant time. If you do go to this location ask for Alexander.

-The bread and butter was very yummy. The butter had a sweet flavor to it.

- They have a nice drink selection. I don't remember exactly the name of the drinks that we got. I got a margarita and it was delicious. My boyfriend got some kind of whiskey drink. It had a dark pink color to it. He said he liked it.

-For the appetizer we got the Queso Fresco. It was queso with pulled brisket and cilantro served with chips. It was very delicious. The queso was nice and creamy. I was a little disappointed that our waiter forgot to box it up for us when we didn't finish it.

- You get the choice of soup or salad to go with your meal. I got the potatoes soup. It was warm, creamy, and thick. It was even more yummy after Alex sprinkled fresh grounded black pepper all over it.

- My boyfriend & I both got the Maudeen's Fillet Oscar. It was a center cut fillet mignon topped with crab meat and served with fried asparagus spears and your side of choice. I chose the mashed potatoes. The steak was out of this world. It was warm & tender & perfect with the mashed potatoes.

-Their chocolate cake is also a must try.

-Is expensive

Conclusion: I would like to come back someday and try more of their food. Hopefully all the other waiters are just as good & friendly as Alex.

By Ryan P. at 2016-01-08

I don't eat steak often so when I do I REAALLY like it is be GREAT! I 'm I was in TEXAS for goodness sake. Don't they PRIDE themselves of GREAT STEAK and all THINGS YUMMY concerning red meat! Doesn't P.E.T.A stand for People Eating Tasty Meat? Well maybe NOT SO MUCH!

I was here to take a friend out to din-din for his b-day. We live 3000 miles apart so we always celebrate months later. He could pick anywhere he wanted to go and he picked this pace. It was close to where we all were staying for the basketball tournament.

We park and walk in and we could have laid side ways and did cart wheels the place was just that empty. We are taken to our seats and of course the first thing we each noticed separately was the fact we PASSED SEVERAL EMPTY tables and booths. Uuummm did you NOT see there was a seat closer to the front. Why must we be seated in the back near the kitchen in the dark corner? I HATE THAT!

We are given menus and asked what we wanted to drink. I got a Cadillac margarita and June Bug got a beer of some sort. We perused the menu and when our drinks came back we both took a sip. June Bug was not impressed with his beer so suffices to say he won't be ordering that or buying that EVA! My margarita was GOOD, typical tasting but GOOD!

We decided to order an appetizer of spinach artichoke dip which came with chips. When it arrived at the table it was hot. June Bug liked it but I was NOT impressed. It could have used more seasoning or something to me. Very Meh and I stopped eating it. It didn't help June Bug mixed in the maters that they had on top and I hate maters.

After the drink and appetizer meh taste I went with salmon and a double side of veggies. June Bug got a steak and a baked potato with all the fixins. It came with tortilla soup and he got a side of mushrooms and grilled onions.

We chatted until our food came and his soup SUCKED! He sent it back. My salmon was GOOD and moist NOT dry which is a good thing. All the veggies were YUMMY and I REALLY enjoyed my food. June Bug enjoyed his steak and potato with his side if button mushrooms and grilled onions.

My salmon was a bit on the small side but his steak was quite large as well as the potato was a nice size and they didn't skimp on the fixins'. The button mushrooms were probably the best thing EVA.

The service was a bit on the annoying side. We could hardly finish a sentence before our server was over asking was everything ok, can I get you anything, how is everything, are you ok, how's everything tasting, do you need a refill, are you ok, can I get you anything, would you like another fork, how's that steak, are the veggies cooked ok, do you have enough butter, how's the margarita, did you like the beer, how's that salmon tasting, do you like those mushrooms and onions, can I get you some more sour cream for your potato, would you like more bacon for the potato, would you like some more bread...It was like EVERY FIRCKIN 5 mins here he comes again. Had we been on a date he would have COMPLETELY RUINED IT! We just looked at each other in amazement to his drive-by's! I didn't think you could be OVERLY ATTENTIVE but apparently YOU CAN! I haven't even finished chewing my bite of food the last 7 times you came by.

Over all I was not too impressed. Too many mishaps and the constant drive-bys was annoying at best! Maybe we should have just asked him to stay and join us for dinner since he kept coming by anyway.


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